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`Yn nediwn seint yn llinghedig, yn nediwn seint yn cor'

Subtitles from Blade

Blade. Yn weg anghor, llo nustr lles sunt caddad in ill llakew di sew grusad rhiddigl di llo. Ys def esser diruth.
Blade. Once again, our interests have fallen victim of his ridiculous crusade. He must be destroyed.

Gw h-es mal, Dragonetti. Ill Ambladur di'll Diwrn yscrif yn ochasiwn ynig. Nu serewn llo ffoll a wastarlla di uddigerllo.
You are wrong, Dragonetti. The Walker of the Day writes a unique opportunity. We would be fools to waste it by killing him.

Deacon Frost. Gw rhiffysath a pharlar nustr llinghedig, gw h-affronhath cas Erebus di ýsar lla otheir-llinghedig di llo ddyn, afe'gw rhen di rhispeith per treddidiwn?
Deacon Frost. You refuse to speak our language, you insult the house of Erebus by using the gutter-language of the humans, have you no respect for tradition?

Perch defew eo barcher alch gos k'es gwiw ply llong ca sew tarfin?
Why should I respect any thing that has lived longer than its purpose?

Eo wardd. E ke gos ddefew-gw nu-dd a ffager cu'll "dyn sorthmisclad" ci?
I keep. And what would you us to do with this half-breed?

Mefeirar-llo. Anglodder llo rhyn di sew DNA. Ys es ill clew nu afen circhad.
Study him. Unlock the secrets of his DNA. He is the key we have sought.

Ys es yn rhibuinantgos!
He is an abomination!

Perch wastewn-nu llo nustr wid sarwil di'll lyg di'll diwrn can sew sang nu h-offr yn eleithiwn alltr? Asseth di'll yscurs. Sa's temp nu wenen affor di llo yscal!
Why should we waste our lives cringing from the light of day when his blood offers us another choice. Enough talk. It is time we came out of the shadows!

Gw h-es affor di lla, Frost.
You are out of line, Frost.

Su-dd eo? O su-dd eo sulfent ill prif a ddiger alltfent ill cal ke nu thud afen pensad?
Am I? Or am I only the first to say aloud that which we all have thought?

Llo yscal ffagent nustr turn, Frost. Nu h-afen gwiwed ill modd ci am llo fil di llo h-an. Ki e'gw-dd a chalýnigar llo nustr fodd?
The shadows suit us, Frost. We have lived this way for thousands of years. Who are you to challenge our ways.

Yn berson ke's maled di wiwer di llo rhest. Lla edad sia gwenir es a nu, rhen di llo ddyn! Can lla wer tarfinal intr llo nustr rheid wen, ki wole'gw dduger ill assallt? Yn ffossil ffanad parad a rhumher clicfent fil yn os ffrael a'll sein prif di gheimfent?
A person who is sick of living off scraps. The age that is coming is ours, not the humans'! When the final war between our races comes, who do we want to lead the attack? A withered fossil ready to snap like a brittle bone at the first sign of change?

Gwath affor!!!
Get out!!!

Coidath, ddent gwegl. Gw h-ychweilewth sorth diwrn e ddiscobrith gw morth.
Careful, old fang. You could wake up some day and discover yourself dead.

Nghatha'gw rhen, llo ffoll di'w?! Ys gw threddira anc! Ys si probun a-dd ingwgar LaMagra sui!
Don't you see, you fools?! He will betray you also! He plans to invoke LaMagra itself!

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