In a capitalist society (I realize this is the internet, not America, but play along for a bit), something has value insofar as it makes money. The perception, then, is that anything that does not make money is valueless. The very notion is faulty, of course, but there are a lot of folks who feel that this is the case. As artists, it's our duty to let others know that our work has meaning, and that it should be valued. This isn't to say that, for example, a good conlang is as great a work as a best-selling novel. The idea is this: if money is how a work of art is valued, and how artists are valued, then created languages and languages creators should be allowed to compete—to be a part of the artistic community. By supporting a given language creator, you support the language creation community at large, and the community of artists, struggling and otherwise.

Again, the idea is not self-aggrandizement, or even to earn a living (ha!), but to help to prove that there is a market for what we do—that there are those out there who appreciate our efforts. We've got a long way to go, but who knows? Maybe some day under "Profession", one will actually be able to write "Language Creator" just as easily as one can now write "Writer", "Actor", or "Artist".

Because let it not be misunderstood: language creation may not be the kind of thing many people in the world care for, but nonetheless it is an art in its own right. For the average conlanger, it is more than just a hobby: it is a true passion, or even – speaking for myself, at least – a calling. And yes, creating a decent language is time-consuming business, and so is creating a good website for it. Not even to mention all the underlying work. I have always done it with great love and pleasure, but sometimes the thought occurred to me: isn't it strange that people get paid for writing texts that hardly anybody reads or computer programs that hardly anybody uses, but not for the stuff that really matters: work that has been read by thousands and hopefully given them a few moments of joy, perhaps even serves them well in real life?

Therefore, if you value my work, let me encourage you to make a small donation to this site. It will definitely help me doing even more of what I am actually doing.

Thank you in advance for your support!