Conjugation of verbs in Interslavic

Konjugacija medžuslovjanskih glagolov
Конјугација меджусловјанских глаголов

With the help of this little program you can see the full conjugation of any verb in Interslavic. Enter the infinitive (always -ti, but -t and -t' are also allowed as input) in the left box. If the verb has an irregular present tense stem, you can add this stem (or the first person singular) in the second box, otherwise leave it blank. If the verb has a prefix, it is best to use a hyphen to separate them, f.ex. po-znati instead of poznati. The program deals with morphology only and does not distinguish between perfective and imperfective verbs (only imperfective verbs can have a participle on -ųći/-ęći, only perfective verbs a participle on -vši/-ši).

Insert a verb: Present tense stem (optional): Result in: Done?
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