The Interslavic-English dictionary currently has over 17,500 words. Every word on the list should be recognisable to the speakers of most, if not all, Slavic languages. In this version of the dictionary, all forms are given in the Latin orthography. Click here for a version in Cyrillic.

If nouns have a declension that is not merely a matter of adding endings after the form as given in the dictionary, the genitive singular form is given between brackets (with the exception of words on -ok and -ec, which always have the genitives -ka and -ca respectively). If both forms are not each other's direct neighbours in the dictionary, both forms are given separately, f.ex. pes (psa) has ps- as a separate entry.

The same goes also for verbs whose present tense stems cannot be derived regularly from the infinitive: in those cases the third person singular is given: brati (bere).

Disclaimer: Please remember that this is a work in progress. Don't be surprised if you find basic words missing, while on the other hand the list contains several rarely-used terms. This is because several words have been added from texts written in Interslavic. Also, because several people have worked on the dictionary simultaneously, it cannot be guaranteed that every single word has been researched properly.

a conj. and, but

a intj. ah

abažur m. lampshare

abdikacija f. abdication

abdikovati v.intr. ipf. abdicate

abeceda f. alphabet

Abhaz m.anim. Abkhaz

Abhazija f. Abkhazia

ablativ m. ablative

abo conj. or

abolicionist m.anim. abolitionist

abolicionizm m. abolitionism

abonement m. subscription, season ticket

abonent m. subscriber

abonovati ipf. subscribe, engage

abort m. abortion

abrakadabra f. abracadabra

abrikos m. apricot

absces m. abscess

abscisa f. abscissa

absencija f. absence

absint m. absinthe

absolutizm m. absolutism

absolutno adv. absolutely

absolutny adj. absolute, utter, sheer

absorbcija f. absorption

absorbovati ipf. absorb

abstrahovati ipf./pf. abstract

abstrakcija f. abstraction

abstrakt m. abstract, summery, abridgement

abstraktny adj. abstract

absurd m. absurdity

absurdnost f. absurdity

absurdny adj. absurd

aby conj. in order to, so as to

ače conj. although, though

ačekoli conj. although, though, even though

adadžo n. adagio

adamovo jabloko n. Adam’s apple

adaptacija f. adaptation

adapter m. adapter

adaptovati ipf./pf. adapt

adekvatny adj. adequate

adept m.anim. adherent, follower

adjutant m.anim. adjutant

administracija f. administration

administrativny adj. administrative

administrator m.anim. administrator

administrovati ipf. administrate

admiral m.anim. admiral

admiralstvo n. admirality

adopcija f. adoption

adoptovati ipf. adopt

adrenalin m. adrenaline

adres m. address

adresa f. address

adresat m.anim. addressee

adresovati ipf. address

adventist m.anim. adventist

advokat m.anim. lawyer, advocate, attorney, solicitor

advokatura f. bar (lawyers)

aerodrom m. aerodrome

aeronavtičny adj. aeronautical

aeronavtika f. aeronautics

aeroplan m. airplane, plane

aeroport m. airport

afazija f. aphasia

afektivny adj. affective

afera f. affair (adultery), affair (controversial situation)

Afganistan m. Afghanistan

afgansky adj. Afghan

Afrika f. Africa

afrikansky adj. African

Afroamerikanec m.anim. Afro-American

agencija f. agency

agent m.anim. agent

agentura f. agency

agitacija f. agitation

agitator m.anim. agitator

agitka f. leaflet (agitation)

agitovati v.intr. ipf. agitate

aglomeracija f. agglomeration

aglutinacija f. agglutination

aglutinativny adj. agglutinative

agnosticizm m. agnosticism

agnostik m.anim. agnostic

agonija f. agony

agonizovati v.intr. ipf. agonise, agonize

agrarny adj. agrarian

agregat m. aggregate

agresija f. aggression

agresivny adj. aggressive

agresor m.anim. aggressor

agrikultura f. agriculture

agronom m.anim. agriculturist

agronomičny adj. agronomic, agronomical

agronomija f. agronomy

ah intj. ah

aha intj. aha

ahoj intj. hello, hi!

aj intj. ah!, oh!

ajsberg m. iceberg

akacija f. acacia

akademičsky adj. academic

akademija f. academy

akademik m.anim. academician

akanje n. akanye

akcent m. accent, stress (accent)

akcentovati ipf. accentuate, stress (pronunciation)

akcentuacija f. accentuation

akceptacija f. acceptation, acceptance

akceptovati ipf. accept

akcija f. action; share

akcioner m.anim. stockholder

akciz m. excise

aklimatizacija f. acclimatization

aklimatizovati v.intr. ipf. acclimatize

akne n. acne, pimple

ako adv. as

ako conj. if, when;  ~ by as if; in case; if;  ~ li if; ~ ne unless

akolada f. accolade

akomodacija f. accommodation

akomodovati ipf. accommodate

akompanement m. accompaniment

akompaniator m.anim. accompanist

akompanovati ipf. accompany

akord m. chord

akordeon m. accordion

akr m. acre

akrobat m.anim. acrobat

akrobatika f. acrobatics

akrobatka f. acrobat

akrobatsky adj. acrobatic

aksamit m. velvet

aksamitny adj. velvet

aksialny adj. axial

aksioma f. axiom

akt m. act, deed

aktivist m.anim. activist

aktivistka f. activist

aktivitet m. activity

aktivizovati ipf. activate

aktivno adv. actively

aktivnost f. activity

aktivny adj. active

aktor m.anim. actor

aktorka f. actress

aktrisa f. actress

aktualizacija f. update

aktualizovati ipf./pf. update

aktualnost f. timeliness, current event, immediate interest

aktualny adj. current, timely, actual (current)

akula f. shark

akumulacija f. accumulation

akumulator m. accumulator

akumulovati ipf. accumulate

akurat adv. exactly

akuratnost f. accuracy

akuratny adj. accurate

akustičny adj. acoustic

akustika f. acoustics

akušerka f. midwife

akušersky adj. obstetric

akušerstvo n. obstetrics

akuzativ m. accusative

akvamarin m. aquamarine

akvarelist m.anim. aquarellist

akvarelj m. watercolor

akvarium m. aquarium

akvedukt m. aqueduct

alabastr m. alabaster

alarm m. alarm

Albanec m.anim. Albanian

Albanija f. Albania

Albanka f. Albanian woman

albansky adj. Albanian

albatros m.anim. albatros

album m. album

ale conj. but

alegoričny adj. allegorical

alegorija f. allegory

aleja f. avenue

alfabet m. alphabet

alfabetičny adj. alphabetical

alga f. alga

algebra f. algebra

algoritm m. algorithm

alhimija f. alchemy

alhimik m.anim. alchemist

alians m. alliance

alibi n.indecl. alibi

aligator m.anim. alligator

alimenty alimony

aliteracija f. alliteration

aljur m. allure

alkohol m. alcohol

alkoholičny adj. alcoholic

alkoholik m.anim. alcoholic

alkoholizm m. alcoholism

alkov m. alcove

allegro n. allegro

almanah m. almanac

almaz m. diamond

alo intj. hello

aloe n. aloe

alpejsky adj. alpine

alpinist m.anim. alpinist

alpinizm m. alpinism

Alpy Alps

alt m. alto; viola

altana, altanka f. gazebo

alternativa f. alternative

alternativny adj. alternative

altruist m.anim. altruist

altruističny adj. altruistic

altruizm m. altruism

aluminij m. aluminium

aluminijevy adj. aluminium

aluzija f. allusion, hint

alveolarny adj. alveolar

Alžirija f. Algeria

amater m.anim. amateur

ambar m. barn

ambasada f. embassy

ambicija f. ambition, aspiration

ambiciozny adj. ambitious

ambrazura f. porthole

ameba f. amoebe

Amerika f. America

Amerikanec m.anim. American

Amerikanka f. American woman

amerikansky adj. American

ametist m. amethyst

amfetamin m. amphetamine

amfiteatr m. amphitheatre, amphitheater

amin intj. amen

amnestija f. amnesty

amnestovati ipf./pf. amnesty

amonij m. ammonium

amonijak m. ammonia

amoralny adj. amoral

amortizacija f. amortization

amortizator m. shock absorber

amortizovati ipf./pf. amortize

amputacija f. amputation

amputovati ipf./pf. amputate

amunicija f. ammunition

anahroničny adj. anachronistic

anahronizm m. anachronism

analfabet m.anim. illiterate

analfabetizm m. illiteracy, analphabetism

analitično adv. analytically

analitičny adj. analytical

analitik m.anim. analyst

analiza f. analysis

analizovati ipf. analyse, analyze

analny adj. anal

analogičny adj. analogical, analogous

analogija f. analogy

anamneza f. anamnesis

ananas m. pineapple

anarhija f. anarchy

anarhist m.anim. anarchist

anarhizm m. anarchism

anatomičny adj. anatomical

anatomija f. anatomy

Andora f. Andorra

anekdota f. anecdote

aneksija f. annexation

aneksovati ipf./pf. annex

anemičny adj. anaemic

anemija f. anaemia

anestezija f. anaesthesia

angel m.anim. angel

anglicizm m. anglicism

Angličan, Angličanin m.anim. Englishman

Anglija f. England

anglijskojezyčny adj. English-speaking

anglijsky adj. English; ~ rožek English horn, cor anglais

anglosaksonsky adj. Anglo-Saxon

Angola f. Angola

anketa f. poll, survey, opinion poll; questionnaire

anomalija f. anomaly

anonimny adj. anonymous

antagonist m.anim. antagonist

antagonizm m. antagonism

Antarktida f. Antarctica

antena f. antenna

anti- prefix anti-

antičnost f. antiquity

antičny adj. antique

antihrist m.anim. antichrist

antikvariat m. antique shop, second-hand bookstore

antilopa f. antelope

antimon m. antimony

antipatija f. antipathy

antisemitizm m. antisemitism

antologija f. anthology

antropologija f. anthropology

anulacija f. annulation

anulovati ipf. cancel

anus m. anus

aorist m. aorist

aparat m. apparatus

apelacija f. appeal

apelacijny adj. appellate; ~ sud appeals court, court of appeal

apelant m.anim. appellant

apelovati v.intr. ipf. appeal

apendek m. appendix

apendektomija f. appendectomy

apetit m. appetite

aplodovanje n. uploading

aplodovati ipf. upload

aposteriorny adj. a posteriori

apostol m.anim. apostle

apostrof m. apostrophe

aprilj m. April

apriorny adj. a priori

Arab m.anim. Arab

Arabka f. Arab

arabsky adj. Arabic, Arab

arbiter m.anim. arbiter

arcivojevoda m.anim. archduke

arešt m. arrest

areštovati ipf. arrest

Argentina f. Argentina

argentinsky adj. Argentine

argon m. argon

argument m. argument

argumentacija f. argumentation

argumentovati v.intr. ipf. argue

arhaičny adj. archaic

arhaizm m. archaism

arheolog m.anim. archaeologist

arheologičny adj. archaeological

arheologija f. archaeology

arhiepiskop m.anim. archbishop

arhitekt m.anim. architect

arhitektura f. architecture

arhitekturny adj. architectural, architectonic

arhiv m. archive

arhivny adj. archival

arhivovati ipf./pf. archive

aristokracija f. aristocracy, nobility

aristokrat m.anim. aristocrat, nobleman

aristokratičny adj. aristocratic, noble

aristokratka f. aristocrat, noblewoman

aritmetika f. arithmetics

arka f. ark; Noeva ~ Noah’s ark

arktičny adj. Arctic; Arktičny okean Arctic Ocean

Arktika f. Arctic

Armenija f. Armenia

arměnsky adj. Armenian

armija f. army

arogancija f. arrogance

arogantny adj. arrogant

aromat m. aroma, fragrance

arsen m. arsenic

arsenal m. arsenal

artefakt m. artifact

arterija f. artery

artikulacija f. articulation

artilerija f. artillery

artist m.anim. artist

artističny adj. artistic

as m. ace (cards)

asfalt m. asphalt

asfaltobeton m. asphalt concrete

asimilacija f. assimilation

asimilovati ipf. assimilate

asociacija f. association

aspekt m. aspect

asteroid m. asteroid

astma f. asthma

astrolog m.anim. astrologer

astrologičny adj. astrological

astrologija f. astrology

astronavt m.anim. astronaut

astronom m.anim. astronomer

astronomičny adj. astronomical

astronomija f. astronomy

ataka f. attack

atakovati ipf. attack

ateist m.anim. atheist

ateizm m. atheism

atematičny adj. athematic

Atiny Athens

atlantičny adj. Atlantic; Atlantičny okean Atlantic Ocean

atlet m.anim. athlete

atletičny adj. athletic

atletika f. athletics

atmosfera f. atmosphere

atom m. atom

atrakcija f. attraction

atraktivny adj. attractive

atut m. trump

avangarda f. vanguard

avanpost m. outpost

avans m. advance

avansovati v.intr. ipf./pf. advance; promote

avansovy adj. in advance

Avar m.anim. Avar

avarija f. breakdown, accident

avarijny adj. emergency

avgust m. August

aviacija f. aviation

aviakarta f. airplane ticket, airline ticket, plane ticket

avialinija f. airline

aviator m.anim. aviator

avizo n. advice

avokado n. avocado

Avstralija f. Australia

avstralijsky adj. Australian

Avstrija f. Austria

Avstrijec m.anim. Austrian

avstrijsky adj. Austrian

avtentičny adj. authentic

avto n. car, auto

avtobiografičny adj. autobiographical

avtobiografija f. autobiography

avtobomba f. car bomb

avtobus m. bus

avtobusny: avtobusna linija f. bus line; avtobusna postojka bus stop

avtograf m. autograph

avtohton m.anim. autochthon

avtokracija f. autocracy

avtokrat m.anim. autocrat

avtomagistralj m. highway, motorway, freeway, autobahn

avtomat m. automat; sub-machine-gun

avtomatično adv. automatically

avtomatičny adj. automatic

avtomatika f. automatics

avtomatizacija f. automation

avtomatizm m. automatism

avtomatizovati ipf. automate

avtomobil m. automobile, car

avtomobilny adj. car

avtonomija f. autonomy

avtonomny adj. autonomous

avtopromysl m. car industry

avtor m.anim. author

avtoritarny adj. authoritarian

avtoritativno adv. authoritatively

avtoritativny adj. authoritative

avtoritet m. authority

avtoritetno adv. authoritatively

avtoritetnost f. authority

avtoritetny adj. authoritative

avtoritety authorities

avtorizacija f. authorisation, authorization

avtorizovati ipf. authorise, authorize

avtorka f. author, authoress

avtorsky adj. author’s; avtorsko pravo copyright

avtorstvo n. authorship

avtostop m. hitchhiking

avtostopnik m.anim. hitchhiker

avtostopovati v.intr. ipf./pf. hitchhike

avtostrada f. highway, motorway, freeway

avtostrahovka f. car insurance

avtozavod m. car factory

avtožir m. autogyro

azalija f. azalea

azbuka f. alphabet

Azerbajdžan m. Azerbaijan

Azija f. Asia

azijatsky adj. Asian

azimut m. azimuth

azot m. nitrogen

azotisty adj. nitrous

azotny adj. nitric

Azovsko morje n. Sea of Azov

azurny adj. lazure

adv. even

baba f. grandmother, grandma

babica f. grandmother

babin adj. grandma’s

babka f. knucklebone (game); old woman

babsky adj. womanish

babuška f. grandma

bacil m. bacillus

badminton m. badminton

bagatela f. trifle, triviality

bagatelizovati ipf. downplay, underestimate

bagaž m. baggage, luggage

bagno n. swamp

bahamsky adj. Bahamian

Bahamy Bahamas

bajati v.intr. ipf. babble, tell fables, narrate; practise sorcery, conjure

bajdarka f. kayak

bajka f. fairytale

bajt m. byte

bak m. forecastle; tank

bakalavr m. bachelor (degree)

baken m. beacon

bakenbardy sideburns, whiskers

baklažan m. aubergine

bakterija f. bacterium

bakteriologija f. bacteriology

bal m. ball (dance party)

bala f. bale

balada f. ballad

balalajka f. balalaika

balans m. balance

balansir m. equalizer

balansovati v.intr. ipf. balance

balast m. ballast

baldahin m. baldachin

balerina f. ballerina

balet m. ballet

balističny adj. ballistic

balistika f. ballistics

balkansky adj. Balkan

Balkany Balkans

balkon m. balcony

balon m. balloon

balotovati ipf./pf. ballot

baltičsky adj. Baltic; Baltičsko morje Baltic Sea

balustrada f. balustrade

balvan m. boulder; idiot, blockhead; idol

balzam m. balsam

balzamovati ipf./pf. embalm

bambus m. bamboo

banalny adj. banal, commonplace

banan m. banana

banda f. gang

bandaž m. bandage

bandit m.anim. gunman

banditizm m. racketeering

bandura f. bandura

bandžo n. banjo

banja f. bath

bank m. bank

banka f. bank; can, tin, jar

banket m. banquet

bankir m.anim. banker

banknota f. banknote

bankrot m. bankruptcy

baobab m. baobab

baptist m.anim. Baptist (Protestant)

baptizm m. Baptism

bar m. bar

baraban m. drum

barak m. barrack; hut

baran m.anim. ram

baranina f. mutton chop

barbaris m. berberis

bard m.anim. bard

barel m. barrel

bariera f. barrier

barikada f. barricade

barikadovati ipf./pf. barricade

barkarola f. barcarolle

barkas m. longboat

barmen m.anim. barman

barok m. Baroque

baroko n. Baroque

barometr m. barometer, weatherglass

baron m.anim. baron

baronesa f. baroness

barsuk m.anim. badger

barva f. colour, color

barvinok m. vinca

barvitelj m.anim. painter

barviti ipf. paint

barvivo n. paint

baryj m. barium

baryton m. baritone

barža f. barge

bas m. bass (voice)

basen m. swimming pool

Bask m.anim. Basque

Bask: Krajina ~ov f. Basque Country

basketbol m. basketball

baskijsky adj. Basque

basnj f. fairytale

basnjesloveny adj. terrific

basnjevy adj. fabulous

basta intj. basta

bastard m. bastard, crossbred

bastion m. bastion

bastovati v.intr. ipf. be on strike

batalion m. battalion

baterija f. battery

Bavarija f. Bavaria

bavarsky adj. Bavarian

baviti ipf. entertain

bavolna f. cotton

baza f. base (military); ~ danyh database

bazalt m. basalt

bazar m. bazaar

bazilik m. basil

bazilika f. basilica

bazilisk m.anim. basilisk

bazovati:  ~ na ipf. base on; ~ se na be based on

bděnje n. vigil, watch

bděti (bdi) v.intr. ipf. be awake

bditeljnost f. vigilance

bditeljny adj. vigilant

běda f. poverty; trouble

bědny adj. poor

bedrenec m.anim. ladybird

bedreny adj. crural

bedro n. hip

běg m. race; run; running

běgati v.intr. ipf. run; běgaj! go away!, bugger off!, fuck off!, piss off!, get lost!, beat it!

běglost f. fluency

běgly adj. fluent

běgstvo n. escape

běgti (běži) v.intr. ipf. run

běgun m.anim. trotter

bejsbol m. baseball

bělavy adj. whitish

bělěti v.intr. ipf. turn white

Belgija f. Belgium

belgijsky adj. Belgian

Bělgrad m. Belgrade

bělilo n. whitener

běliti ipf. whiten, bleach, blanch

Beliz m. Belize

bělmo n. leucoma

bělobrady adj. white-bearded

bělok m. protein

bělopery adj. white-feathered

Bělorus f. Belarus

Bělorus m.anim. Belarusian

bělorussky adj. Belarusian

bělost f. whiteness

bělovlasy adj. white-haired

bělozuby adj. white-toothed

běly adj. white

benzin m. gasoline

ber-   ➝   brati

Berlin m. Berlin

berylij m. beryllium

běs m.anim. demon, devil

besěda f. conversation, chat

besědovati v.intr. ipf. converse, chat

běsiti se v.refl. ipf. rage

běsnost f. rage, fury

běsny adj. furious

beton m. concrete

betonny adj. concrete

betonomešalka f. concrete mixer

bez prep. (kogo/čego) without; ~ malogo almost

bezbarvny adj. colourless, colorless

bezbolezno adv. painlessly

bezbolezny adj. painless

bezbožje n. godlessness, ungodliness, atheism

bezbožnik m.anim. atheist, unbeliever, godless person

bezbožny adj. godless, ungodly, impious, atheistic; outrageous

bezbrady adj. beardless

bezbranny adj. defenceless, defenseless, vulnerable

bezčestje n. dishonor, dishonour

bezčestny adj. dishonest; dishonorable, dishonourable, infamous

bezdětny adj. childless

bezdna f. abyss

bezdomny adj. homeless

bezdonny adj. bottomless

bezdoždje n. dry spell

bezdrěvny adj. treeless

bezdušny adj. soulless

bezdyšny adj. breathless

bezglavy adj. headless

bezhvosty adj. tailless, anurous

bezimenno adv. anonymously

bezimenny adj. nameless, anonymous

bezizhodny adj. hopeless (situation), desperate (situation)

bezkarnost f. impunity

bezkarny adj. with impunity

bezkolorny adj. colourless, colorless

bezkonečje n. perpetuity

bezkonečno adv. endlessly, perpetually

bezkonečnost f. infinity, perpetuality

bezkonečny adj. endless, infinite, perpetual

bezkoristny adj. non-profit

bezkostny adj. boneless

bezkrily adj. wingless, apterous

bezkrovny adj. bloodless

bezlěsny adj. treeless

bezlistny adj. leafless

bezljudny adj. uninhabited

bezměrnost f. boundlessness, immensity

bezměrny adj. vast, boundless, immense

bezmolvny adj. speechless

bezmozgy adj. brainless

bezmytny adj. duty-free, tax-free, toll-free

beznadějny adj. hopeless

beznogy adj. apodal

bezobstanovno adv. unceasing

bezolovny adj. lead free

bezopasnost f. safety, security

bezopasny adj. safe, secure

bezošibny adj. flawless

bezpametny adj. forgetful

bezpartijny adj. non-aligned (politician)

bezpečnost f. safety, security

bezpečny adj. safe, secure

bezpery adj. featherless

bezplatny adj. gratuitous, free of charge, for free

bezplodny adj. fruitless; infertile, sterile

bezpokoječi adj. disturbing, troubling, upsetting, bothersome

bezpokojenje n. disturbance

bezpokojiti ipf. disturb, trouble, upset, bother

bezpokojny adj. restless

bezpokojstvo n. unrest, trouble

bezpomočno adv. helplessly

bezpomočnost f. helplessness

bezpomočny adj. helpless

bezposrědnje adv. directly

bezposrědnji, bezposrědny adj. direct, immediate

bezprecedentny adj. unprecedented

bezprěryvno adv. continuously

bezprěryvny adj. continuous

bezpričinny adj. causeless

bezprikladny adj. unequalled, unparalleled, unexampled, unheard of

bezpriměrny adj. unequalled, unparalleled, unexampled, unheard of

bezrabotica f. unemployment

bezradostny adj. joyless, cheerless, dismal

bezrodny adj. infertile

bezrogy adj. hornless

bezruky adj. armless

bezsilny adj. powerless

bezsmyslica f. nonsense

bezsmyslny adj. pointless, senseless

bezsněžny adj. snowless

bezsonnica f. insomnia

bezsonny adj. sleepless

bezstrašny adj. fearless, dauntless, intrepid

bezstydnost f. shamelessness, effrontery

bezstydny adj. shameless

bezsumno adv. doubtlessly

bezsumny adj. doubtless, sure

bezšumnost f. quietness

bezšumny adj. silent, quiet

beztežno adv. weightlessly

beztežnost f. weightlessness

beztežny adj. weightless

bezumje n. insanity

bezumnik m.anim. fuckwit

bezumny adj. crazy, mad, insane, fuckwitted

bezusilje n. effortlessness

bezusilno adv. effortlessly

bezusilnost f. effortlessness

bezusilny adj. effortless

bezuslovny adj. unconditional, absolute

bezuspěšny adj. unsuccessful

bezutěšny adj. inconsolable

bezvěrje n. atheism, lack of faith

bezvěstny adj. lost without a trace

bezvětrje n. calm (wind)

bezvinny adj. innocent

bezvkusny adj. insipid, bland

bezvladnost f. powerlessness; paralysis

bezvladny adj. powerless

bezvlastje n. anarchy

bezvlasy adj. hairless

bezvodny adj. arid

bezvyhodny adj. hopeless (situation), desperate (situation)

bezzaščitny adj. defenceless, defenseless, vulnerable

bezzuby adj. toothless

bezzvučny adj. unvoiced (consonant), voiceless

běženec m.anim. refugee

běženica f. refugee

běženje n. escape

beževy adj. beige

Biblija f. Bible

biblijsky adj. biblical

bibliografičny adj. bibliographic

bibliografija f. bibliography

biblioteka f. library

bibliotekar m.anim. librarian

bič m. lash, whip

bičevati ipf. whip, scourge, flog, flagellate

bifštek m. beefsteak, steak

bilbord m. billboard

bilet m. ticket

binarny adj. binary

binoklj m. binoculars

biografija f. biography

biolog m.anim. biologist

biologičny adj. biologic

biologija f. biology

biskup m.anim. bishop

biskvit m. cookie, biscuit

bismut m. bismuth

biti (bije) ipf. hit, beat

bitje n. beating

bitka f. fight

bitva f. battle

Bizantija f. Byzantium

Bizantijska imperija f. Byzantine Empire

bizantijsky adj. Byzantine

biznes m. business

biznesmen m.anim. business man, business person

biznesny adj. business

bizon m.anim. American bison

bižuterija f. fashion jewelry

bjuleten m. bulletin

bjurokracija f. bureaucracy

bjurokrat m.anim. bureaucrat

bjurokratičny adj. bureaucratic

bjust m. bust

blago n. welfare, weal, good

blagodare prep. (komu/čemu) thanks to

blagodarim, blagodarju intj. thanks

blagodariti ipf. thank

blagodarjenje n. thanks

blagodarno adv. thankfully

blagodarnost f. gratitude, thankfulness

blagodarny adj. grateful, thankful

blagomilost f. favour, favor

blagomily adj. favourable, favorable

blagoprijetny adj. favourable, favorable

blagorodny adj. honorable (title)

blagosklonnost f. grace

blagosklonny adj. kindly disposed; favourable, favorable, beneficial, propitious

blagoslavjati ipf. bless, beatify

blagosloviti pf. bless, beatify

blagoslovjenje n. beatification; blessing

blagoslovny adj. beatific, beatifical, beatified

blagostanje n. prosperity, well-being

blagotvorny adj. beneficial

Blagověščenje n. Annunciation

blagovolěti (blagovoli) v.intr. ipf. show benevolence, show goodwill

blagovoljny adj. benevolence

blagozvučnost f. euphony

blagozvučny adj. euphonic

blagoželati (komu/čemu) v.intr. ipf. congratulate

blagy adj. blissful

blana f. membrane

blatny adj. muddy, marshy

blato n. mud, bog

blazn m.anim. jester, madman

blazniti se v.refl. ipf. behave like a fool

blaznovati v.intr. ipf. behave like a fool

blědněti v.intr. ipf. turn pale

blědost f. paleness

blědy adj. pale

blejati v.intr. ipf. bleat

blekdžek m. blackjack

blen m. henbane

blěsk m. flash

blěskati v.intr. ipf. flash, shine

blěskavica f. lightning, thunderbolt

blěskavy adj. brilliant

blěsklivy adj. brilliant

blěsknuti v.intr. pf. flash, shine

blěstěti v.intr. ipf. shine

blin m. pancake

bliz adv. almost

blizko adv. nearly, closely

blizko prep. (kogo/čego) near, close to

blizkost f. closeness, proximity

blizky adj. near, close

bliznec m.anim. twin;  ~i twin brothers; Blizneci Gemini

bliznečky twin sisters

bliznečsky adj. twin

blizno adv. nearly

blizši adj. nearer

bliže adv. nearer, closer

bližiti se v.refl. ipf. approach

bližnji, bližny adj. nearby

bljudce n. saucer

bljudo n. dish

bljunuti v.intr. pf. vomit

bljušč m. ivy

bljuvati v.intr. ipf. vomit

blog m. blog

bloha f. flea

blok m. bloc

blokada f. blockade

blokflejta f. recorder

blokovati ipf. block, obstruct

blondin m.anim. blonde

blondinka f. blonde

blud m. error, mistake

bluditi v.intr. ipf. wander, roam

bludny adj. erratic, erroneous

blukati v.intr. ipf. wander

boa f. boa

bob m. bean

bobovy adj. leguminous

bobr m.anim. beaver

bobrji adj. beaver; bobrja damba beaver dam

bočan m.anim. stork

bočka f. barrel

bočny adj. side, lateral; ~ pogled lateral view

bočva f. barrel

bodati ipf. pierce, stab; ~ se lock horns

bodec m. spike, prick

bodlivy adj. butting

bodnar m.anim. cooper

bodrost f. cheerfulness

bodry adj. cheerful, brisk, spirited

bog m.anim. god

bogač m.anim. tycoon

bogatěti v.intr. ipf. grow rich, become rich

bogatost f. richness, wealth

bogatstvo n. rich people; wealth, riches, richness

bogatši adj. richer

bogaty adj. rich, wealthy

bogatyr m.anim. hero

bogatyrsko adv. heroically

bogatyrsky adj. heroic

bogohulstvo n. blasphemy

Bogojavjenje n. Epiphany

bogokletva f. blasphemy

bogomolka f. praying mantis

Bogorodica f. Virgin Mary

bogoslovec m.anim. theologist

bogoslovje n. theology

bogoslužba f. worship

bogosluženje n. worship

bogouniziti v.intr. pf. blaspheme

bogounižajuči adj. blasphemous

bogounižanje n. blasphemy

bogounižati v.intr. ipf. blaspheme

bogounižny adj. blasphemous

bogyni (bogynje) f. goddess

bohanka f. loaf, bread loaf

Bohemija f. Bohemia

boj m. battle; combat

bojati se (boji) v.refl. ipf. be afraid, fear, be scared

bojazlivo adv. fearfully

bojazlivy adj. fearful

bojaznj f. fear, anxiety

bojazno adv. fearfully

bojazny adj. fearful, fearing

bojec m.anim. fighter, warrior, soldier

bojevati v.intr. ipf. fight

bojevnik m.anim. warrior, fighter, militant

bojevy adj. militant

bojkot m. boycott

bojkotovati ipf. boycott

bojny adj. battle, fighting, military; bojna glavica warhead

bok m. flank, side

bolest f. disease

bolestny adj. painful; sickly

bolěti (boli) v.intr. ipf. be sick

bolez m. disease

bolezno adv. painfully

boleznotvorny adj. pathogenic

bolezny adj. diseased; painful, achy

Bolgar-   ➝   Bulgar-

boliglav m. hemlock

bolinka f. bagpipes

Bolivija f. Bolivia

bolivijsky adj. Bolivian

bolj m. pain, ache

bolje adv. more; ~ ili menje more or less

boljnica f. hospital

boljno adv. sickly

boljny adj. ill, sick

boljšest f. majority

boljši adj. bigger, greater, larger

bolvan   ➝   balvan

bomba f. bomb; atomna ~ atomic bomb

bombardovati ipf. bomb, bombard

bonbon m. candy

bor m. boron; pine

borba f. wrestling

bordelj m. brothel

Bordo m. Bordeaux

bordovy adj. burgundy

borec m.anim. wrestler, fighter

boriti se v.refl. ipf. wrestle, fight, struggle

borovik m. boletus

borščevnik m. heracleum

Bosnija f. Bosnia

Bosnija i Hercegovina f. Bosnia and Herzegovina

bosnijsky adj. Bosnian

bosnjačsky adj. Bosnian

Bosnjak m.anim. Bosnian

bosonogy adj. barefooted

bosti (bode) pf. pierce, stab; ~ se lock horns

bosy adj. barefooted

bota boot

botaničny adj. botanical; ~ sad botanical garden

botanik m.anim. botanist

botanika f. botany

boz (bza) m. lilac, elder

božji adj. God’s; božja kravka ladybug, ladybird

božsky adj. divine

božstvo n. deity

brada f. beard

bradač m.anim. bearded man

bradaty adj. bearded

bradavica f. wart

bradavička f. nipple

bradobrivec m.anim. hairdresser, barber, friseur

brahtati se v.refl. ipf. flounder

Brajlovo pismo n. braille

brak m. flaw, defect

brakonier m.anim. poacher

brakonierstvo n. poaching

brana f. harrow

braniti ipf. defend

braslet m. bracelet

brat m.anim. brother;  ~ bliznec twin brother;  ~ ili sestra sibling; ~ja brethren

bratati se v.refl. ipf. fraternize

bratersky adj. brotherly; braterska ljubov brotherly love

brati (bere) ipf. take

Bratislava f. Bratislava

bratobijstvo n. fratricide

bratov adj. brother’s

bratstvo n. brotherhood

bravo intj. bravo

brazda f. furrow

brazditi v.intr. ipf. furrow

Brazilija f. Brazil

brazilsky adj. Brazilian

brěg m. shore

Brěg Slonovoj Kosti m. Ivory Coast

brěgovy adj. coastal

brěk m. wild service tree

breknuti v.intr. ipf. swell, bloat

brěme n. burden, load

brěmennost f. pregnancy

brěmenny adj. pregnant

brenčati v.intr. ipf. buzz, jingle

brend m. brand

brenknuti v.intr. ipf. jingle

brěst m. elm tree

brešljan m. ivy

brěza f. birch

brězenj m. March

brěžny adj. coastal

bridko adv. ugly

bridky adj. ugly; sharp

bridž m. bridge (game)

briket m. briquette

britansky adj. British

briti (brije) ipf. shave; ~ se shave

britva f. razorblade

brjuhaty adj. paunchy

brjuho n. belly

brlog m. den, lair, shakedown

Brno n. Brno

brod m. ford

broditi v.intr. ipf. wade; wander, rove

broj m. number

brom m. bromine

bronja f. armour, armor

bronza f. bronze

bronzovy adj. bronze; bronzova doba bronze age

brošura f. brochure

brov f. eyebrow

bršč m. borscht

brt f. wild beehive

brtnik m.anim. beekeeper (in the forest)

brukva f. rutabaga

brus m. grinding stone

brusiti ipf. grind

brusnica f. cowberry, lingonberry

brutalnost f. brutality

brutalny adj. brutal

bruto adv. brutto

brvno n. log, beam

bryzgati ipf. splash, gush

bryzgnuti pf. splash, gush

brzina f. speed, velocity

brzo adv. quickly, fast

brzy adj. quick, fast

buba f. bug

buben (bubna) m. drum

bublina f. bubble

bučati (buče) v.intr. ipf. wail

bud-   ➝   byti

buda f. shed

Budapest m. Budapest

bude/budut v.aux.ipf. there will be

budilnik m. alarm clock

budist m.anim. buddhist

buditelj m.anim. revivalist

buditi ipf. wake, awaken; ~ se wake up

budizm m. buddhism

budka f. hut

budovati ipf. build

buduči adj. future

budučnost f. future

budynok m. building

budžet m. budget

bufet m. buffet, sideboard

buhati v.intr. ipf. bang, burst, thump

buhnuti v.intr. pf. burst

buhta f. bay

bujno adv. rambunctiously

bujnost f. exuberance, lushness, rambunctiousness

bujny adj. exuberant, lush, luxuriant, rambunctious

buk m. beech

buket m. bouquet

bukva f. letter (alphabet)

bukvalno adv. literally

bukvalny adj. literal

bukvica f. betony

Bulgar, Bulgarin m.anim. Bulgarian

Bulgarija f. Bulgaria

bulgarizacija f. bulgarization

Bulgarka f. Bulgarian woman

bulgarsky adj. Bulgarian

bulj-bulj intj. blub-blub, glug-glug

bulka f. roll

bulvar m. boulevard

bumerang m. boomerang

bunker m. bunker

bunt m. rebellion, revolt, uprising, insurgence

buntovati se v.refl. ipf. rebel

buntovnik m.anim. rebel

buriti ipf. demolish

burja f. storm;  ~ větra windstorm; prašna ~ dust storm

burjan m. high grass, weed

burlivy adj. wild

burny adj. turbulent, stormy

butylka f. bottle

by particle would

byček (byčka) m.anim. steer

byčji adj. bovine

byk m.anim. bull; Byk Taurus

byl-   ➝   byti

bylina f. bylina (Russian epic poem); plant, herb

byly adj. former

bystro adv. quickly, fast

bystrost f. speed, velocity

bystry adj. quick, fast

byt m. everyday life

byti (jesm, jesi, jest, jesmo, jeste, sut; byl; budu) v.intr. ipf. be; exist, be there, be available; Byti ili ne ~? To jest pytanje To be or not to be? That is the question

bytje n. existence, being

bytost f. existence; entity

byvati v.intr. ipf. happen

byvol m.anim. buffalo

byvši adj. former, erstwhile

bz-   ➝   boz

bzděti v.intr. ipf. fart

bzdnuti v.intr. pf. fart

car m.anim. tsar, emperor

carica f. queen (chess); tsarina, emperess

Carigrad m. Istanbul

carsky adj. imperial, tsarist

carstvo n. empire

cědilo n. filter

cěditi ipf. strain

cegla f. brick

ceglina f. brick

cěliti v.intr. ipf. aim

cělj m. purpose, goal, target, aim, destination

cělkom adv. completely, at all

cělkovy adj. overall

cělo adv. entirely; in total

cělodenny adj. all-day

cělodnevny adj. all-day

cělost f. entirety

cělovanje n. kissing

cělovatelj m.anim. kisser

cělovati ipf. kiss

cěly adj. whole, entire, intact

cement m. mortar

cěna f. price, cost

cěniti ipf. appreciate

cěnnost f. value

cěnny adj. valuable

centigram m. centigramme, centigram

centilitr m. centilitre, centiliter

centimetr m. centimetre, centimeter

centr m. centre, center

centrala f. headquarters

centralny adj. central; centralna nervna sistema central nervous system; Centralny Komitet Central Committee

centrizm m. centrism

cenzura f. censorship

cenzurovati ipf. censor

cěp m. flail

cepelin m. zeppelin

cěsar m.anim. tsar, emperor

cěsarstvo n. empire

Cetinje n. Cetinje

cěvka f. tube

cibulica f. bulb

cibulivy adj. oniony

cibulja f. onion

cibuljevy adj. onion

cicka f. tit

cicky tits

cifra f. number

cigara f. cigar

cigareta f. cigarette

cikl m. cycle

cikličny adj. cyclic

cin m. tin

cink m. zinc

cirk m. circus

cirkulacija f. circulation

cirkulj m. compasses

citat m. quote, quotation, citation

citovati ipf. quote, cite

civil m.anim. civilian

civilizacija f. civilisation, civilization

civilizovany adj. civilized

civilny adj. civilian

cmokati v.intr. ipf. smack

colj m. inch

crkov f. church

crkovnoslovjansky adj. Church Slavonic

crkovny adj. ecclesiastical

crkva f. church

cukina f. zucchini, courgette

cukr m. sugar

cukrka f. sweet

cunami n.indecl. tsunami

cvekla f. beetroot

cvěliti v.intr. ipf. tease

cvěsti (cvěte) v.intr. ipf. bloom, blossom, flower

cvět m. flower; colour, color

cvětati v.intr. ipf. bloom, blossom, flower

cvětenj m. April

cvětenje n. bloom, blossoming, flowering

cvětnuti v.intr. ipf. bloom, blossom, flower

cvětny adj. floral; cvětna kapusta cauliflower; ~ pyl pollen

cvětuči adj. blooming, blossoming, flowering

cviliti v.intr. ipf. whine, wail, whimper

cvrček m.anim. cricket

cvrkati v.intr. ipf. chirp

cvrkot m. chirrup

čad m. smoke, fumes

čaditi v.intr. ipf. emit fumes

čaj m. tea;  ~na vrěčka tea-bag; ~ny paketik tea-bag

čajiljnja f. tearoom

čajka f. lapwing; seagull

čajnik m. teapot

čak adv. even

čao! intj. hello!, hi!, bye!

čaplja f. heron

čar m. magic

čaroděj m.anim. sorcerer

čarodějnica f. sorceress

čarovati v.intr. ipf. perform magic

čarovnica f. sorceress, magician

čarovnik m.anim. sorcerer, magician

čarovny adj. magic

čary spell

čas m. time; do  ~a so far; v ~u during

časina f. hour

časom adv. sometimes, occasionally, now and then, at times

časoměr m. chronometer

časopis m. magazine, periodical

časoslov m. breviary, prayer book

časovanje n. conjugation

časovnik m. clock

časovy adj. temporary; časova zona time zone; ~ pas time zone

čaša f. cup

čaška f. cup, mug

čat m. chat (telephone, internet)

čečensky adj. Chechen

čečetka f. redpoll

Čečnja f. Chechnya

čedo n. child

Čeh m.anim. Czech

Čehija f. Czechia

čehoslovačsky adj. Czecho-Slovak

Čehoslovakija f. Czecho-Slovakia

čehoslovakizm m. czechoslovakism

ček m. cheque, check

čekaljnja f. waiting room

čekanje n. waiting

čekati v.intr. ipf. wait

čelesta f. celesta

čeličny adj. steel

čelik m. steel

čelja f. cell (prison, convent)

čeljad f. household servants

čeljust f. jaw

čelka f. fringe, bang, forelock

čelny adj. frontal

čelo n. front part; forehead

čem conj. than

čembalo n. harpsichord

čemerica f. veratrum

čempion m.anim. champion

čempionat m. championship

čemu adv. why, for what reason, what for

čemu-nebud adv. for any reason

čep m. plug

čepec m. bonnet (headgear)

čerep m. skull

čerešnja f. cherry (sweet)

česalo n. currycomb

česati (češe) ipf. comb, brush

česnok m. garlic

čest f. honour, honor; part;  ~ molvy part of speech;  ~ světa continent;  ~i molvy parts of speech; Čest! Hello!

čestěje adv. more often

čestica f. particle

čestično adv. partly, partially

čestigodny adj. respectable, estimable

čestiljubivy adj. ambitious

čestiti ipf. congratulate; honour, honor, pay honour to

čestka f. particle

čestnost f. virtue, integrity

čestny adj. honest, fair, honourable, honorable

često adv. often, frequently

čestota f. frequency

česty adj. frequent

češsky adj. Czech

četveraky num.diff. four kinds of

četverčeta quadruplets

četverka num.subst. four (substantive), group of four, foursome

četverny num.mult. quadruple, fourfold

četvero num.coll. foursome

četvrt m. quarter

četvrtina num.fract. one quarter, one fourth

četvrtok m. Thursday

četvrty num.ord. fourth

četyri num.card. four

četyrideset, četyrideseti num.card. fourty, forty

četyridesety num.ord. fortieth

četyrikratno adv. four times

četyrinadset num.card. fourteen

četyrinadsety num.ord. fourteenth

četyrista, četyristo num.card. four hundred

četyrivugolnik m. quadrilateral

četyrokutnik m. quadrilateral

či conj. if, whether

či particle particle introducing a question

čij (čija, čije) pron.poss. whose

čijkoli pron.poss. anyone’s, anybody’s

čij-libo pron.poss. anyone’s, anybody’s

čij-nebud pron.poss. anyone’s, anybody’s

Čile n. Chile

Čilijec m.anim. Chilean

Čilijka f. Chilean

čilijsky adj. Chilean

čim:  ~ raněje adv. as soon as possible;  ~ skorěje as soon as possible; ~ … tym … the … the …

čimno adv. as soon as

čin m. act, deed

činitelj m. factor

činiti ipf. do, perpetrate

činovnica f. officer

činovnik m.anim. official, officer, functionary

čip m. electronic chip; chip

čir m. blain; ulcer

čisliti ipf. count

čislny adj. numerical

čislo n. grammatical number; number

čislovnik m. numeral

čistina f. glade

čistiti ipf. clean

čistost f. cleanliness

čistota f. cleanliness, purity, chastity

čisty adj. clean, pure, chaste

čitaljnja f. reading room

čitatelj m.anim. reader

čitateljnik m. chrestomathy, reader (book)

čitati ipf. read

čitkody cheats

čiž m.anim. siskin

članok m. article

člen m. article; limb

člen m.anim. member

členistonogy (-ogo) m.anim. arthropod

členok m. article

členstvo n. membership

člověčji adj. human

člověčny adj. humane

člověčsky adj. human

člověčstvo n. mankind; humanity

člověk m.anim. human being

člověkolubje n. altruism

člověkolubovnik m.anim. altruist

člověk-pavuk m.anim. spider man

čmelj m.anim. bumblebee

čo   ➝   čto

čo-   ➝   čto-

čokolada f. chocolate

čoln m. boat

čolnok m. canoe

črěda f. flock

črěmha f. prunus

črěp m. crock

črěvo n. intestine

črěz prep. (kogo/čto) through, across, via

črězměrno adv. excessively, exceedingly, overly

črězměrnost f. excess

črězměrny adj. excessive

črka f. line

Črna Gora f. Montenegro

črněti v.intr. ipf. turn black, blacken

črnica f. black woman; blueberry, bilberry

črnik m.anim. black person

črnilo n. ink

črniti ipf. make black

črnobylj m. mugwort

črnoglednica f. pessimist

črnoglednik m.anim. pessimist

črnoglednost f. pessimism, negativism

črnogledny adj. pessimistic, negative

Črnogorjan, Črnogorjanin m.anim. Montenegrin

črnogorsky adj. Montenegrin

črnota f. blackness

črnuška f. love-in-a-mist

črny adj. black; črna dira black hole; črna vdova black widow; Črno morje Black Sea

črpak m. scoop

črpati (črpe) ipf. draw, obtain

črstvěti v.intr. ipf. become stale

črstvy adj. stale (bread)

črt m.anim. demon

črta f. feature

črtati ipf. draw

črtež m. design, draft, drawing

črtov adj. devil’s

črv m.anim. maggot

črvec m.anim. cochineal

črvenec m.anim. redskin

črveněti v.intr. ipf. turn red

črvenica f. redskin

črvenj m. June

črvenogrlka f. robin

črveny adj. red; Črvena Armija Red Army; Črvena Kapučka Little Riding Hood; črvene fasolje red beans; ~ krvinok red bloodcell

črvivy adj. wormy, maggoty, worm-eaten

črvjak m.anim. worm

črvotočina f. wormhole

čtiti ipf. honor, honour, revere

čto what;  ~ bolje besides, moreover, furthermore;  ~ vyše besides, moreover, furthermore; že by so that; ~ se tyče regarding, with regard to

čtokoli pron.indef. anything

čto-libo pron.indef. anything

čto-nebud pron.indef. anything, whatever

čub m. tuft

čubaty adj. cristate

čučati v.intr. ipf. squat

čudesny adj. miraculous

čuditi ipf. astonish, amaze, stupefy; ~ se wonder

čudno adv. wonderfully

čudny adj. wonderful; odd, peculiar

čudo (čuda/čudese) n. wonder, miracle

čudom adj. miraculously, by a miracle

čudotvorec m.anim. thaumaturge

čudovistny adj. monstrous

čudovišče n. monster

čudžezemec m.anim. foreigner

čudžezemny adj. foreign

čudži adj. foreign

čudžina f. abroad

čudžinec m.anim. foreigner

čudžinka f. foreigner

čuma f. pest (disease), pestilence, Black Death

čuti ipf. feel, sense

čutje n. feeling; sense

čutlivo adv. sensitively

čutlivost f. sensitivity, vulnerability

čutlivy adj. sensitive, vulnerable

čutny adj. tender

čuvanje n. attention; protection

čuvašsky adj. Chuvash

čuvati v.intr. ipf. be vigilant, be awake; protect (someone), look out for; ~ se look out for oneself, protect oneself

čuvstveno adv. emotionally

čuvstveny adj. emotional

čuvstvo n. feeling, emotion, sentiment

da conj. that

da intj. yes

da particle let

dača f. cottage

dadaizm m. dadaism

dagerotipija f. daguerreotype

Dagestan m. Dagestan

dakle adv. so

daktylologija f. fingerspelling

daktyloskopija f. dactyloscopy

daleko adv. far away

dalekogled m. binoculars

dalekoskok m. long jump

daleky adj. far, distant

daleměr m. rangefinder

dalj m. distance

dalje adv. further, farther

daljnji, daljny adj. remote

daljši adj. further, farther

Dalmatija f. Dalmatia

dalmatinsky adj. Dalmatian

daltonist m.anim. daltonist

daltonizm m. daltonism, colour blindness, color blindness

dama f. queen (cards); lady; queen (chess)

damast m. damask

dane (danyh) data

Danija f. Denmark

danina f. tribute

danj f. tax, tribute

danjevy adj. data

dannik m.anim. tributary

danok m. tax, tribute

dansing m. dancing

dansky adj. Danish

dany adj. given

dar m. gift, present, donation; talent; ~ krve blood donation

daritelj m.anim. donor; ~ krve blood donor

dariti ipf. bestow; donate

darmojed m.anim. sponger, good-for-nothing

darmovy adj. gratuitous

darovanje n. donation; ~ krve blood donation

darovati ipf. bestow; donate

darovity adj. gifted, talented

darvinist m.anim. Darwinist

darvinizm m. Darwinism

data f. date

dateljnik, dateljny padež m. dative

dati (da) pf. give

dativ m. dative

datoteka f. file (computer)

datovati ipf./pf. date

datulja f. date (fruit)

daunlodovanje n. downloading

daunlodovati ipf. download

davač m.anim. giver

davati ipf. give

davec m.anim. giver

daviti ipf. strangle

davno adv. long ago

davny adj. ancient

daže adv. even

dbati v.intr. ipf. care

debata f. debate

debatovati v.intr. ipf. debate

debelěti v.intr. ipf. grow fat

debely adj. plump, fat

debet m. debit

debjut m. debut

debjutant m.anim. debutante

debjutovati v.intr. ipf./pf. make one’s debut

deblokovati v.intr. ipf./pf. unblock

decembr m. december

děd m.anim. grandfather, grandpa; Děd Mraz Father Christmas

dědok m.anim. grandfather

dědov adj. grandfather’s

dedukcija f. deduction

deduktivny adj. deductive

defekt m. defect

defenestracija f. defenestration

deficit m. deficit, deficiency

definicija f. definition

definiovati ipf. define

definitivno adv. definitively

definitivny adj. definitive

defis m. hyphen

defisovanje n. hyphenation

defisovany adj. hyphenated

defisovati ipf. hyphenate

deformovati ipf. deform

degenerat m.anim. degenerate

degenerativny adj. degenerate

degenerovati v.intr. ipf./pf. degenerate

deget (degta) m. tar

degradacija f. degradation

degradovati ipf./pf. degrade

degustacija f. gustation

degustovati ipf./pf. taste

degylj m. garden angelica

dějanja happenings

dějanje n. action, happening; dějanja apostolov acts of the apostles

dějateljnost f. activity

dějati (děje) ipf. act;  ~ se happen; dějajuči premier-ministr acting prime minister

dekadent m.anim. decadent

dekadentsky adj. decadent

dekadentstvo n. decadence

dekembr m. December

deklamovati ipf./pf. declaim, recite

deklaracija f. declaration

dekolonizacija f. decolonisation, decolonization

dekolt m. décolletage, neckline, cleavage

dekoracija f. decoration

dekovati (komu/čemu) v.intr. ipf. thank

dekret m. decree

dekuju intj. thanks

dekujuči prep. (komu/čemu) thanks to

děl m. branch, section; piece; share

dělanja workings

dělatelj m.anim. worker

dělati ipf. do, make; work

dělba f. division

delegacija f. delegation

delegat m.anim. delegate

delfin m.anim. dolphin

delfinji adj. dolphin’s

delikatno adv. delicately

delikatnost f. delicacy

delikatny adj. delicate

delikt m. wrong

deliričny adj. deliric

děliti ipf. share, divide, part, separate; ~ se share (f.ex. on Facebook)

děljenje n. division

dělo n. affair (matter), issue

dělo (děla/dělese) n. act, deed; work; iměti ~ s deal with

deminutiv m. diminutive

demisija f. demission

demografičny adj. demographic

demografija f. demography

demokracija f. democracy

demokrat m.anim. democrat

demokratičny adj. democratic

demonstracija f. demonstration

demonstrativny adj. demonstrative

demonstrovati ipf. demonstrate

denj (dnja) m. day;  ~ poslě dnja day after day, day in day out; dnem during the day;  ~ oplakyvanja day of mourning; ~ rodženja birthday

denny adj. daily

dentist m.anim. dentist

deportacija f. deportation

deportovati ipf./pf. deport

depresija f. depression

depresivny adj. depressive

deprimovany adj. depressed

deprimovati ipf./pf. depress

desert m. dessert

deset num.card. ten

desetero num.coll. tensome

desetilětje n. decade

desetina num.fract. one tenth

desetka num.subst. ten

desety num.ord. tenth

desna f. gum

desnica f. right hand

desnoruky adj. right-handed

desny adj. right

despot m.anim. despot

despotičny adj. despotic

destabilizacija f. destabilization

destabilizovati ipf./pf. destabilize

destalinizacija f. destalinisation, destalinization

deševy adj. cheap

detalj m. detail

detaljevany adj. detailed

děte n. child, kid

detektiv m.anim. detective

detel m.anim. woodpecker

detelina f. clover

děti children

děti (děje/děne) ipf. put, do with; ~ se happen, take place

dětinče n. baby

dětinsko adv. childishly

dětinskost f. childishness

dětinsky adj. childish

dětinstvo n. childhood

detonator m. detonator

dětsky adj. children’s

dětstvo n. childhood

děva f. girl

Děva f. Virgo

devalvacija f. devaluation

děvče n. girl

děvčina f. girl

děver m.anim. brother-in-law

devet num.card. nine

devetdeset num.card. ninety

devetdesety num.ord. ninetieth

devetero num.coll. ninesome

devetina num.fract. one ninth

devetka num.subst. nine

devetnadset num.card. nineteen

devetnadsety num.ord. nineteenth

devetsot, devetsto num.card. nine hundred

devety num.ord. ninth

děvica f. virgin; Děvica Marija Virgin Mary

děvičji adj. virgin; Amerikanske Děvičje Ostrovy Virgin Islands U.S.; Britanske Děvičje Ostrovy British Virgin Islands; Děvičje Ostrovy Virgin Islands

děvičnik m.anim. virgin (sexually inexperienced male)

děvičstvo n. virginity

deviz m. motto

děvka f. girl

devon m. Devonian

děvstvo n. virginity

dezerter m.anim. deserter

dezertovati v.intr. ipf./pf. desert

dezinfekcija f. disinfection

dezinfikovati ipf./pf. disinfect

dezinformacija f. misinformation

dezinsekcija f. pest control

děža f. kneading trough

dežurny adj. on duty

dežurstvo n. duty

diagnostičny adj. diagnostic

diagnostika f. diagnostics

diagnoza f. diagnosis

diagram m. diagram

diahroničny adj. diachronic

diakon m.anim. deacon

diakritičny: ~ znak m. diacritic

dialekt m. dialect

dialektičny adj. dialectical

dialog m. dialogue

diamant m. diamond

diamantovy adj. diamond

diametr m. diametre, diameter

diapozitiv m. slide (photography), diapositive

diareja f. diarrhoea

diaspora f. diaspora

diavol (diavla) m.anim. devil

diavolsko adv. damn

dieta f. diet

digitalny adj. digital

digraf m. digraph

dihotomija f. dichotomy

diko adv. wildly

dikobraz m.anim. porcupine

dikost f. wildness

diktator m.anim. dictator

diktatura f. dictatorship

diktovati ipf./pf. dictate

dikvo adv. wildly

dikvost f. wildness

dikvy adj. wild, rambunctious

diky adj. wild, rambunctious

dilema f. dilemma

diler m.anim. dealer

dinamičny adj. dynamic

dinamika f. dynamics

dinamit m. dynamite

dinamo n. dynamo

dinar m. dinar

dinastija f. dynasty

dinozavr m.anim. dinosaur

dioda f. diode

diplom m. diploma

diplomacija, diplomatija f. diplomacy

diplomat m.anim. diplomat

diplomatičny adj. diplomatic

dira f. hole

diravy adj. leaky, holey

direktiva f. guideline, directive

direktor m.anim. director

dirigent m.anim. conductor

dirkovač m. hole punch, perforator

disciplina f. discipline

disertacija f. dissertation

diskreditovati ipf./pf. discredit

diskretny adj. discrete

diskriminacija f. discrimination

diskriminovati v.intr. ipf./pf. discriminate

diskusija f. discussion

diskusijny adj. controversial

diskutovati v.intr. ipf. discuss

diskvalifikacija f. disqualification

diskvalifikovati ipf./pf. disqualify

displej m. display

distancevati se v.refl. ipf./pf. distance oneself

distribucija f. distribution

divan m. couch, divan

divina f. game, wildfowl

diviti ipf. surprise, astonish; ~ se wonder, be surprised

divny adj. curious, strange; divnějši stranger

divo adv. wildly

divo (diva/divese) n. wonder

divost f. wildness

divy adj. wild, rambunctious

dizajn m. design

dizelj m. diesel

dlanj m. hand, palm

dlato n. chisel

dlja prep. (kogo/čego) for

dnes adv. today, nowadays; do ~ to date

dnešnje adv. currently

dnešnji, dnešny adj. current, present day, today’s

dnevnica f. sitting-room

dnevnik m. diary, journal

dnevny adj. daily

dniti se v.refl. ipf. dawn

dnj-   ➝   den

dno n. bottom

do prep. (kogo/čego) to, till, towards

doba f. twenty-four hours, day and night, nychthemeron, (formal) day; age, era, period

dobaviti pf. add

dobavjati ipf. add

doběgati: ~ do (kogo/čego) v.intr. ipf. reach (by running)

dobrěti v.intr. ipf. become good

dobro adv. well, fine

dobro n. weal, good, welfare

dobrobyt m. comfort; welfare

dobročinnost f. charity, philanthropy

dobročinstvo n. benefaction, good deed

dobroděj m.anim. benefactor

Dobrodošli! intj. Welcome!

dobrodušny adj. good-natured

dobronaměrny adj. well-intentioned

dobropogledny adj. good-looking

dobrost f. goodness

dobrota f. kindness, goodness, benignity

dobrovoljec m.anim. volunteer

dobrovoljny adj. voluntary

dobry adj. good; Dobra noč! good night!; Dobro jutro! Good morning!; Dobro utro! Good morning!; Dobry denj! Good afternoon!; Dobry večer! Good evening!

dobyti (dobude) pf. get, obtain; win, conquer, gain; ~ ponovno regain

dobytok m. livestock

dobyvatelj m.anim. conqueror

dobyvati ipf. get, obtain; win, conquer, gain; ~ ponovno regain

dočasny adj. temporary

dočera f. daughter

dočerka f. daughter

dočersky adj. daughterly; dočerska ljubov daughterly love

doči (dočere) f. daughter

dodati (doda) pf. add; upload

dodatno adv. additionally, in addition

dodatny adj. additional

dodatočno adv. additionally, in addition

dodatočny adj. additional

dodatok m. addition, accessory; appendix

dodava f. uploading

dodavati ipf. add; upload

dodnes adv. to this day, up until now

dodo m.anim. dodo, dront

doganjati ipf. catch up with

dogarjati ipf. burn down

dogledati ipf. mind, look after, tend to

dogleděti (dogledi) pf. mind, look after, tend to

dognati (dogone) pf. catch up with

dogoditi se v.refl. pf. happen

dogorěti pf. burn down

dogovarjati ipf. negotiate, contract, settle, agree upon; ~ se agree

dogovor m. contract, agreement; treaty

dogovoriti pf. negotiate, contract, settle, agree upon; ~ se agree

dogovorny adj. conventional, contractual

dohnuti v.intr. ipf. breathe

dohod m. income, revenue

dohoditi v.intr. ipf. arrive

dojdti (dojde; došel) v.intr. pf. arrive

dojehati (dojede) v.intr. pf. arrive, get to, commute

dojem m. impression

dojezd m. arrival

doježdžati v.intr. ipf. arrive, get to, commute

dojiti ipf. milk

dok m. dock

dokaz m. piece of evidence, proof

dokazati (dokaže) pf. finish telling; prove

dokazyvati ipf. prove

dokladati ipf. add

dokolě adv. until when, how long

dokolě conj. while, as long as

dokonati pf. complete

dokonce adv. even

dokončenje n. completion

dokončeny adj. perfect

dokončiti ipf. complete

dokonyvati ipf. complete

doktor m.anim. doctor

doktorat m. doctorate

doktrina f. doctrine

dokud adv. whither, to where

dokument m. document

dokumentacija f. documentation

dokumentovati ipf./pf. document

dol m. bottom, lower part; do  ~u down, downwards, underneath (direction); na  ~ down, downwards, underneath (direction); na ~u downstairs, underneath

dolar m. dollar [$]

dolbti (dolbe) ipf. poke, gouge, chisel, hollow out

dolg m. debt

dolgo adv. long

dolgočasiti ipf. bore; ~ se be bored

dolgočasje n. boredom

dolgočasnica f. bore

dolgočasnik m.anim. bore

dolgočasny adj. boring, dull, tedious

dolgočašeny adj. bored

dolgodenstvo n. summer solstice

dolgohvosty adj. long-tailed

dolgost f. length; ~ žitja lifespan, life expectancy

dolgota f. longitude

dolgotrajny adj. long-lasting

dolgověčnost f. longevity

dolgověčny adj. longevity

dolgoživeny adj. long-lived

dolgoživost f. longevity

dolgoživostny adj. longevity; dolgoživostno raziskyvanje longevity research

dolgy adj. long

dolina f. valley

dolnolužičsky adj. Lower Sorbian

dolnosrbsky adj. Lower Sorbian

dolny adj. lower, bottom; dolno oblěčenje underwear

doložiti pf. add

dolžen (dolžna, dolžno) adj. obliged, obligated, bound to, due

dolžen byti v.aux.ipf. must, have to, ought to, should, be obliged to, be due, owe

dolžina f. length, longitude

dolžiti ipf. lengthen

dolžnik m.anim. debtor

dolžnost f. job, task, post

dolžny adj. due; should, ought to, bound to

dom m. house, home, abode; do  ~a to home;  ~a at home; v ~u at home

domašnji, domašny adj. domestic; domašnji zvěr pet; domašnje životno pet

domče n. small house

doměška f. admixture

dominacija f. domination

dominanta f. dominant (muz.)

Dominikanska Republika f. Dominican Republic

dominovati ipf. dominate

domněvati ipf. suppose, opine, think likely, have an opinion

domorodny adj. domestic; indigenous; ~ spor domestic altercation

domosěd m.anim. stay-at-home

domov adv. to home

domovina f. homeland

domovy adj. house; ~ arešt house arrest, home detention

domysl m. guess, conjecture

domysliti se v.refl. pf. guess

domysljati se v.refl. ipf. guess

domyslny adj. clever, shrewd

donesti pf. report, inform

donositelj m.anim. informer; talebearer

donositi ipf. report, inform

dopis m. letter (mail)

dopisnik m.anim. correspondent

dopisyvanje n. correspondence

dopisyvatelj m.anim. correspondent

dopisyvati ipf. correspond

dopoka conj. as long as; ~ ne till, until

dopolniteljny adj. complementary

dopolniti pf. complement, supplement

dopolnjati ipf. complement, supplement

dopolnjenje n. complement; object, complement

dopolnjeny adj. complemented

dopolzati v.intr. pf. reach crawling

dopolzti v.intr. pf. reach crawling

doprva adv. only, just now, only now, up until, before, until

dopustiti pf. allow, permit; admit, grant admittance

dopuščati ipf. allow, permit; admit, grant admittance

dorastati v.intr. ipf. grow up, become an adult

dorasti (doraste) v.intr. pf. grow up, become an adult

dorastla (dorastloj) f. grown-up

dorastlost f. adulthood

dorastly adj. adult

dorastly (-ogo) m.anim. grown-up

dorazuměti se v.refl. pf. communicate

dorazuměvanje n. communication

dorazuměvati se v.refl. ipf. communicate

doručati ipf. deliver, hand over

doručiti pf. deliver, hand over

dosada f. boredom

dosaditi pf. annoy; bore; ~ se be bored

dosadny adj. annoying; bored; boring

dosadžati ipf. annoy; bore; ~ se be bored

dosegajemy adj. achievable

dosegati ipf. reach, attain, achieve

dosegnenje n. achievement

dosegnuti pf. reach, attain, achieve

doseženje n. achievement

doseženy adj. achieved; state-of-the-art

doska f. plank, board; skakanna ~ diving board

doskonaliti ipf. perfect

doskonalost f. perfection

doskonaly adj. perfect

doslědno adv. consistently

doslědnost f. consistency

doslědny adj. consistent

doslovno adv. literally

doslovny adj. literal

dost adv. quite, rather, enough

dostati (dostane) pf. get, receive; download

dostatočno adv. enough, sufficiently

dostatočnost f. sufficiency

dostatočny adj. sufficient

dostatok m. prosperity; wealth, affluence

dostava f. downloading

dostavati ipf. get, receive, obtain; suffice; download

dostavitelj m.anim. provider, supplier; ~ internetnej služby internet service provider (isp)

dostaviti pf. provide, supply; deliver

dostavjati ipf. provide, supply; deliver

dostavka f. supply; ~ i popytka supply & demand

dostigati ipf. overtake; reach, achieve, attain

dostignuti pf. overtake; reach, achieve, attain

dostojenstvo n. dignity; rank, title, position

dostojnik m.anim. dignitary

dostojnost f. dignity

dostojny adj. dignified, distinguished; eminent, leading; stately; worthy, deserving

dostup m. access

dostupnost f. availability, accessibility

dostupny adj. affordable; available, accessible, reachable, easy to reach

dosyta adv. enough

doščeny adj. made of planks

dotknuti pf. touch; ~ se touch

dotolě adv. insomuch, so far, that far

dotud adv. that way

dotykati (dotyče) ipf. touch; ~ se touch

dovědati se v.refl. ipf. hear, learn, find out

dověděti se (dově) v.refl. pf. hear, learn, find out

dověriti pf. trust

dověrjati ipf. trust

dověrje n. confidence

dověrjenje n. trust

dověrny adj. confidential

dovesti do/k dovede pf. lead to

dovezti pf. import

dovnutra adv. inside (goal)

dovnutra prep. (kogo/čego) inside (goal)

dovod m. argument, ground; reason

dovoditi do/k ipf. lead to

dovoljno adv. enough

dovoljny adj. sufficient

dovoz m. delivery; import

dovoziti ipf. import

dovoznik m.anim. importer

dovršati ipf. complete

dovršenost f. completeness

dovršeny adj. complete

dovršiti pf. complete

dozad adv. backwards

dozor m. patrol

dozrěly adj. adult, mature, ripe

dozrěny adj. aged, matured; dozrěno vino aged wine

dozrěti v.intr. pf. age, mature, ripen

dozrěvati v.intr. ipf. age, mature, ripen

dozvaljati ipf. let, permit, allow; dozvaljaje se it is allowed; ne dozvaljaje se it is not allowed

dozvolimy adj. allowable

dozvoliti pf. let, permit, allow

dozvoljenje n. licence, license

dozvoljeny adj. allowed

dožd m. rain

doždevy adj. rainy; ~ črvjak earthworm, rainworm

dožditi v.intr. pf. rain

doždlivy adj. pluvious

doždnik m. umbrella

dožiti (dožive) pf. live out

dožitny adj. lifelong

doživeti ipf. live out

drabina f. ladder

draga f. way, road

dragocěnnost f. preciousness

dragocěnny adj. precious

dragoukazatelj m. signpost

dragy adj. dear, expensive

drakon m.anim. dragon

drama f. drama

dramatičny adj. dramatic

dramaturgija f. dramaturgy

drapati (drape) ipf. scratch

drapnuti pf. scratch

drastičny adj. drastic

drati   ➝   dreti

dražlivy adj. irritable

dražniti ipf. tease, irritate

dražny adj. road; ~ znak traffic sign

drěmati (drěme) v.intr. ipf. doze

drěmlivost f. drowsiness

drěmlivy adj. drowsy

drěmnuti v.intr. pf. doze

drěmota f. nap, doze, slumber

drěn m. cornel, dogwood

dresura f. animal training

dreti (dere) ipf. tear, rend, flay, lacerate, tear up; ~ grlo scream, shout, yell, bawl

drěvěny adj. wooden;  ~ dom wooden house; ~ dyhovy instrument woodwind instrument

drěvny adj. ancient; tree

drěvo (drěva/drěvese) n. tree; wood; Za drěva lěs ne viděti Can’t see the forest for the trees

drěvorěženje n. tree cutting

drěvorub m.anim. lumberjack

drganje n. twitch, lurch

drgati v.intr. ipf. twitch, lurch

drgnuti v.intr. pf. shudder, shiver, tremble

drkanje n. masturbation

drkati v.intr. ipf. wank, jerk off, masturbate

drkatnik m.anim. masturbator

drn m. turf

drobiti ipf. crush, crumble

drobjenec m. gravel

drobny adj. tiny, small; drobne change

dročenje n. masturbation

dročinik m.anim. masturbator

dročiti v.intr. ipf. wank, jerk off, masturbate

dropja f. bustard

drozd m.anim. thrus, throstle

droždže yeast

drug m.anim. friend

drugar m.anim. comrade

drugoredny adj. secondary, second-rate

drugy adj. other, another

drugy num.ord. second

družba f. friendship

družba m.anim. best man

družica f. maid of honour

družina f. team

družiti se v.refl. ipf. make friends

družka f. friend

družny adj. friendly; joint, cooperative

družstvo n. society

drva firewood

drvosěk m.anim. woodcutter, lumberjack

drzati v.intr. ipf. dare, venture

drzky adj. bold, daring, audacious

drznuti v.intr. pf. dare, venture

drzost f. boldness, audacity

držak m. handle

držalo n. handhold

držati ipf. hold, keep

držati (drži) v.intr. ipf. shudder, shiver, tremble; ~ se něčego hold onto something, cling to something

država f. state, country

državnik m.anim. statesman

državnost f. statehood

državny adj. state

držka f. handle

dub m. oak

dubiti ipf. tan

dubliti ipf. backup

dubljenje n. backup

dubovy adj. oaken

duda f. fife

dudar m.anim. bagpipe player

dudy bagpipes

duel m. duel

duga f. rainbow

duh m. mind

duh m.anim. ghost, spirit

duhovenstvo n. clergy

duhovnik m.anim. clergyman, priest

duhovny adj. spiritual

dumati ipf. ponder

Dunaj m. Danube

dunuti v.intr. pf. blow

dupa f. ass

duplikat m. duplicate

durenj m.anim. fool

durěti v.intr. ipf. grow stupid

durno adv. stupidly

durnost f. stupidity

durny adj. stupid, silly, foolish

duš m. shower, douche

duša f. soul

dušenje n. suffocation

duševny adj. mental

dušiti ipf. strangle, choke, suffocate, smother, stifle

dušlivy adj. suffocating

dušny adj. sultry, suffocated

duti (dme) ipf. blow

duty adj. hollow

duzina f. dozen

duže adv. a lot

duži adj. great

dva (dvě) num.card. two

dvadeset, dvadeseti num.card. twenty

dvadesety num.ord. twentieth

dvanadset num.card. twelve

dvanadsety num.ord. twelfth

dvasto num.card. two hundred

dveri door

dvernik m.anim. doorman

dvěstě num.card. two hundred

dvigati ipf. move; ~ se move

dvignuti pf. move

dviženje n. movement

dvoboj m. duel

dvojaky num.diff. dual, twofold, two kinds of

dvojce: ~ toliko adv. twice as much

dvojčany adj. binary

dvojče n. twin

dvojčeta twins

dvoje num.coll. pair, twosome

dvojica f. pair

dvojica num.subst. two

dvojina f. dual

dvojiti ipf. double, duplicate

dvojka f. pair, duo, group of two

dvojka num.subst. two

dvojnik m.anim. doppelgänger, double, look-alike

dvojno adv. doubly

dvojny adj. double; dvojna komnata double room;  ~ standard double standard; ~ agent double agent

dvojostry adj. double-edged; ~ meč double-edged sword

dvojstveny: dvojstveno čislo n. dual

dvojtočka f. colon (punctuation)

dvor m. court (e.g. of a king); yard (courtyard), courtyard

dvorjan, dvorjanin m.anim. nobleman

dvorjansky adj. noble

dvorjanstvo n. nobility

dvucifreny adj. double-digit

dvuetapovy adj. two-stage

dvuetažny adj. two-story, doubledecker

dvuetažny avtobus m. doubledecker bus

dvuglaska f. diphthong

dvuglavy adj. two-headed

dvujezyčnost f. bilingualism

dvujezyčny adj. bilingual

dvukolesny adj. two-wheel

dvukratno adv. twice

dvukratny adj. double

dvulicevy adj. insincere, double-faced, two-faced, deceitful

dvuličny adj. insincere, double-faced, two-faced, deceitful

dvumotorovy adj. twin-engine

dvupěv m. duet

dvusmyslnost f. ambiguity

dvusmyslny adj. ambiguous

dvustranny adj. bilateral, two-sided

dvustupny adj. two-stage

dvutonovy adj. two-ton

dvuvlastje n. diarchy

dvuvyměrny adj. two-dimensional

dvuznačnost f. ambiguity

dvuznačny adj. ambiguous; consisting of two digits

dvuženec m.anim. bigamist

dvuženstvo n. bigamy

dyh m. breath

dyhanje n. breathing

dyhati v.intr. ipf. breathe

dyhavica f. dyspnoea

dyhovy: ~ instrument m. wind instrument

dyhtěti v.intr. ipf. pant

dym m. smoke

dymiti v.intr. ipf. smoke; ~ cigaretoju smoke a cigarette

dymnik m. flue, stovepipe

dynja f. melon

dyšati v.intr. ipf. breathe

dyšnik m. trachea

dyšno grlo n. trachea

džaz m. jazz

džban m. pitcher

džbanok m. jug

džem m. jam

džentelmen m.anim. gentleman

džin m. genie, jinn

džinsy jeans

džoker m.anim. joker (cards)

Džordžija f. Georgia

džudo n. judo

džungla f. jungle

edem m. edema, oedema

edukacija f. education

edukacijny adj. educative

efekt m. effect

efektivnost f. effectiveness, efficiency

efektivny adj. effective, efficient

egalitarny adj. egalitarian

Egipčan, Egipčanin m.anim. Egyptian

Egipt m. Egypt

egiptsky adj. Egyptian

egoist m.anim. egoist

egoističny adj. egoistic

egoizm m. egoism

egotizm m. egotism

egzistencija f. existence

egzistovanje n. existence

egzistovati v.intr. ipf. exist

egzotičny adj. exotic

eho n. echo

ejakulacija f. ejaculate

ejakulovati v.intr. ipf. ejaculate

ekipa n. crew, squad, team

ekolog m.anim. ecologist, environmentalist

ekologičny adj. ecological, environmental

ekologija f. ecology

ekonom m.anim. economist

ekonomičny adj. economic

ekonomija f. economy

ekonomika f. economy, economics

ekran m. screen, monitor

ekskavator m. backhoe

ekskluzivny adj. exclusive

ekskursija f. excursion

ekspansija, ekspanzija f. expansion

ekspedicija f. expedition

eksperiment m. experiment

eksperimentalny adj. experimental

eksperimentovati v.intr. ipf. experiment

ekspert m.anim. expert

eksploatacija f. exploitation

eksploatovati ipf. exploit

eksplodovati v.intr. ipf. explode

eksplozija f. explosion

eksplozivny adj. explosive

eksponencialny adj. exponential

eksport m. export

eksportovati ipf. export

eksterier m. exterior

ekstragovati ipf./pf. extract

ekstrakt m. extract

ekstrapolacija f. extrapolation

ekstremist m.anim. extremist

ekstremističny adj. extremist

ekstremizm m. extremism

ekumeničny adj. ecumenical

Ekvador m. Ecuador

ekvadorsky adj. Ecuadorian

ekvator m. equator

ekvivalent m. equivalent

ekvivalentny adj. equivalent, tantamount

elastičnost f. elasticity

elastičny adj. elastic

elegantny adj. elegant

električnost f. electricity

električny adj. electric

elektrifikacija f. electrification

elektrokucija f. electrocution

elektron m. electron

elektroničny adj. electronic; elektronična pošta email

elektronika f. electronics

elektrostancija f. power plant, power station

elektrošok: ~ovo oružje n. taser

elektrotehnika f. electrical engineering

element m. element

elementarny adj. elementary

eliminovati ipf./pf. eliminate

elisa f. propeller

elita f. elite

elizija f. elision

emancipacija f. emancipation

embargo n. embargo

emigracija f. emigration

emigrant m.anim. emigrant, emigré

emigrovati v.intr. ipf. emigrate

eminencija f. eminence (title)

emisija f. emission

emocija f. emotion

emocionalny adj. emotional

enciklopedičny adj. encyclopaedic, encyclopedic

enciklopedija f. encyclopaedia, encyclopedia

endemičny adj. endemic

energetičny adj. energy

energetika f. energetics

energičny adj. energetic

energija f. energy

entitet m. entity

entuziast m.anim. enthusiast

entuziastično adv. enthusiastically

entuziastičny adj. enthusiastic, enthused

entuziazm m. enthusiasm

entuziazmovati ipf. enthuse

enzim m. enzyme

eparhija f. eparchy

epicentr m. epicenter; ~ zemjetresenja earthquake epicenter

epičsky adj. epic

epidemija f. epidemic

epigraf m. epigraph

episkop m.anim. bishop

episkopalny adj. episcopal

epitet m. epithet

epizod m. episode

epoha f. epoch, era, age

era f. era, age

erotičny adj. erotic

erupcija f. eruption

esej m. essay

eskadron m. force

eskalacija f. escalation

eskalovati v.intr. ipf./pf. escalate

eskortovati ipf. escort

esperantist m.anim. Esperantist

esperanto n. Esperanto

esperantsky adj. Esperanto

estetičny adj. aesthetic, aesthetical

estetika f. aesthetics

Estonija f. Estonia

estonsky adj. Estonian

estrada f. stage, estrade

estuarij m. estuary

etap m. stage, phase

etaž m. storey

etičny adj. ethical

etika f. ethics

etiketa f. etiquette

etimologičny adj. etymological

etimologija f. etymology

Etiopija f. Ethiopia

etiopsky adj. Ethiopian

etničnost f. ethnicity

etničny adj. ethnic; etnična čistka ethnic cleansing

etnograf m.anim. ethnographer

etnografija f. ethnography

evakuacija f. evacuation

evakuovati ipf. evacuate

evangelje n. gospel

eventualno adv. eventually

eventualny adj. eventual

Evfrat m. Euphrates

evolucija f. evolution

Evrazija f. Eurasia

evro n. euro [€]

Evropa f. Europe

Evropejec m.anim. European

Evropejka f. European

evropejsky: Evropejska Unija f. European Union; Evropejsky Sojuz European Union

evropejsky, evropsky adj. European

fabrika f. factory

fabrikant m.anim. manufacturer

fabrikovati ipf. fabricate

fagot m. bassoon

fajka f. pipe (tobacco)

fajl m. file (computer)

faklja f. torch

faks m. fax

fakt m. fact

faktičny adj. factual

faktor m. factor

faktura f. invoice

fakultativny adj. optional

fakultet m. faculty

falsifikacija f. falsification

falsifikovati ipf./pf. falsify

falšivy adj. false, fake

fanat m. fan

fanatično adv. fanatically

fanatičny adj. fanatic

fanfara f. fanfare

fantastičny adj. fantastic

fantastika f. fantasy (genre)

fantazija f. fantasy

fantom m.anim. phantom

faraon m.anim. pharaoh

farba f. paint, dye

farbovati ipf. paint, dye

farsa f. farce

fartuh m. apron

fasada f. facade

fasolja f. common bean, kidney bean, haricot

fašist m.anim. fascist

fašističny adj. fascist

fašizm m. fascism

fatalny adj. fatal

fatamorgana f. fata morgana

faulj m. foul

faza f. phase

fazan m.anim. pheasant

fazovanje n. phasing

federacija f. federation

federalny adj. federal

federativny adj. federative

fehtovanje n. fencing

fejerverk m. firework

feminizm m. feminism

feniks m.anim. phoenix

fenomen m. phenomenon

fermer m.anim. farmer

festival m. festival

feudalizm m. feudalism

feudalny adj. feudal

fevruar m. February

fialka f. violet

figa f. fig

figura f. figure, shape

fikcija f. fiction

fiktivny adj. fictional

filial m. subsidiary

filialny adj. subsidiary

film m. film, movie; dokumentalny ~ documentary

filmografija f. filmography

filmovati ipf./pf. film

filolog m. philologist

filologija f. philology

filozof m.anim. philosopher

filozofija f. philosophy

filtr m. filter

filtrovati ipf. filter

financije finances

finančnik m.anim. financier

finansist m.anim. financier

finansovati ipf. finance

finansovy adj. financial

finik m. date (fruit)

finitny adj. finite (verb)

Finlandija f. Finland

finsky adj. Finnish

fioletovy adj. purple, violet

firma f. company, firm

fitilj m. wick, candlewick

fizičny adj. physical

fizika f. physics

fizioterapija f. physiotherapy

fizioterapist m.anim. physiotherapist

fjuzelaž m. fuselage

flamingo m.anim. flamingo

flaška f. flash drive

flavorizacija f. flavourisation, flavorization

flegma f. phlegm

flegmatičny adj. phlegmatic

flejta f. flute

flejta-pikolo f. piccolo

fleka f. stain, spot

fleksibilny adj. flexible

fleksija f. inflection

flirtovati v.intr. ipf. flirt

fljaška f. bottle

flomaster m. marker pen

flota f. fleet

flotilja f. flotilla

fluor m. fluorine

fokus m. focus; trick

folklor m. folklore; folklore

folklorny adj. folkloric

fon m. background

fond m. fund

fonema f. phoneme

fonetičny adj. phonetic

fonetika f. phonetics

fonologija f. phonology

forma f. form

formalizacija f. formalisation, formalization

formalizovati ipf. formalise, formalize

formalnost f. formality

formalny adj. formal

format m. format

formovanje n. formation, forming, shaping

formovati ipf./pf. form, shape

formula f. formula

formular m. form

formulovati ipf. formulate

fortepiano n. piano

fortifikacija f. fortification

forum n. forum

fosfor m. phosphorus

fotka f. photo

fotografičny adj. photographic

fotografija f. photo, photography

fotografovati ipf. photograph

fragment m. fragment

fragmentacija f. fragmentation

frak m. tail-coat, dress-coat

frakcija f. faction

Francija f. France

Francuz m.anim. Frenchman

francuzskojezyčny adj. French-speaking

francuzsky adj. French

frank m. franc

franksky adj. Frankish

fraze n.indecl. cliche

fraznik m. phrasebook

freska f. fresco

freudovsky adj. Freudian

frizer m.anim. hairdresser, barber, friseur

front m. front

frustracija f. frustration

frustrovany adj. frustrated

frustrovati ipf./pf. frustrate

fundacija f. foundation

fundament m. foundation

fundamentalističny adj. fundamentalist

fundamentalizm m. fundamentalism

funikulor m. funicular railway

funkcija f. function

funkcionalny adj. functional

funkcionovati v.intr. ipf. function

funt m. pound [lb]; pound [£]

furgon m. van

futbol m. football, soccer

futro n. fur

fuzija f. fusion

gabardin m. gabardine

gače (gačij) underpants, panties, briefs, knickers, drawers

gad m.anim. reptile; snake

gadati v.intr. ipf. tell fortunes

gadji adj. reptile; serpentine

gadny adj. loathsome

gadžet m. gadget

gaj m. grove

Gajana f. Guyana

gajansky adj. Guyanese

gajdy bagpipes

galaktika f. galaxy

galanterija f. haberdashery

galantny adj. gallant, courteous

galera f. galley

galerija f. gallery

galeta f. galette

Galicija f. Galicia (Eastern Europe)

galicizm m. gallicism

galij m. gallium

Galisija f. Galicia (Southern Europe)

galon m. gallon

galop m. gallop

galopovati v.intr. ipf./pf. gallop

galuz f. branch

galuzka f. twig

galvanizacija f. galvanisation, galvanization

galvanizm m. galvanism

galvanizovati v.intr. ipf./pf. galvanise, galvanize

galvanometr m. galvanometer

gama f. scale (music)

gamaša f. gaiter

gambit m. gambit

Gana f. Ghana

gangrena f. gangrene

gangster m.anim. ganster

gansky adj. Ghanaian

garancija f. guarantee

garant m.anim. guarantor

garantovany adj. guaranteed

garantovati ipf. guarantee, ensure

garaž m. garage

gardenija f. gardenia

garderoba f. wardrobe, cloakroom

gargulja f. gargoyle

garnirovati ipf. garnish

garnitura f. garniture

garnizon m. garrison

gasilo n. fire extinguisher

gasitelj m.anim. fireman, firefighter

gasiti ipf. extinguish

gaslo n. slogan

gasnuti v.intr. ipf. fade

gastrit m. gastritis

gastronom m.anim. gourmet

gaubica f. howitzer

gavran m.anim. raven, rook

gaz m. gas

gaza f. gauze

gazela f. gazelle

gazeta f. newspaper

gazovati v.intr. ipf. step on the gas

gazovati ipf./pf. gas; gazovana voda soda water

gazovod m. gas pipeline

gde   ➝   kde

gej m.anim. gay (homosexual)

gel m. gel

gen m. gene

generacija f. generation

general m.anim. general

generalizacija f. generalisation, generalization

generalizovati ipf./pf. generalise, generalize

generalno adv. generally

generalny adj. general; ~ sekretar secretary-general

generator m. generator

generičny adj. generic

generovati ipf./pf. generate

genetičny adj. genetic

genetika f. genetics

geneza f. genesis

genialnost f. genius

genialny adj. brilliant, ingenious

genij m.anim. genius

genitiv m. genitive

genocid m. genocide

genoterapija f. gene therapy

genovy: genovo ozdravjenje n. gene therapy

geograf m.anim. geographer

geografičny adj. geographic

geografija f. geography

geolog m.anim. geologist

geologičny adj. geological

geologija f. geology

geometrija f. geometry

geopolitičny adj. geopolitical

gepard m.anim. cheetah

geranj m. geranium

gerb m. coat of arms

geriatričny adj. geriatric

geriatrija f. geriatrics

germanizacija f. germanisation, germanization

germansky adj. Germanic

gest m. gesture

gestikulovati v.intr. ipf. gesticulate

geto n. ghetto

gigabajt m. gigabyte

gigant m.anim. giant

gigantsky adj. gigantic, giant

gitara f. guitar

glad m. hunger

gladiti ipf. iron, smooth; stroke, caress

gladkost f. smoothness

gladky adj. smooth, even, slippery

gladny adj. hungry

gladovati v.intr. ipf. starve

gladovka f. hunger strike; držati gladovku hunger-strike

glagol m. verb

glagolica f. Glagolitic alphabet

glagoličny, glagolsky adj. Glagolitic

glagolny: ~ vid m. verbal aspect

glas m. voice; vote; na ~ aloud

glasiti ipf. state, claim, say (text), be worded

glaska f. phoneme, sound (phon.)

glasnik m. loudspeaker

glasno adv. loudly, aloud

glasny adj. loud; glasne struny vocal cords

glasovanje n. voting

glasovatelj m.anim. voter

glasovati v.intr. ipf. vote

glava f. chapter; chief; head; na glavu naseljenja per capita

glavar m.anim. chieftain

glavaty adj. large-headed

glavica f. head (nail)

glavnik m.anim. chief, boss

glavnja f. firebrand

glavno adv. mainly, chiefly, primarily, mostly

glavnokomandovač m.anim. commander-in-chief, top commander

glavny adj. main, chief, principal, major; glavna stranica homepage; ~ grad capital city

glavolomka f. puzzle

gledač m.anim. spectator, onlooker, viewer

gleděti (gledi) v.intr. ipf. look, watch, look at; gledeči na regarding; ne gledeči na disregarding

gledišče n. viewpoint, vantage point

glednuti v.intr. pf. glance

glezenj m. ankle

glina f. clay, loam, soil, earth

gliněny adj. earthen, clay

glist m.anim. helminth, roundworm

globalizacija f. globalisation, globalization

globalizovati ipf./pf. globalise, globalize

globalny adj. global; globalno potepljenje global warming

globus m. globe (model of the Earth)

glodati ipf. gnaw

glog m. hawthorn

glub m. depth

glubina f. depth

glubiny adj. pervasive

gluboko adv. deeply

gluboky adj. deep

glubši adj. deeper

glug-glug intj. blub-blub, glug-glug

gluhnuti v.intr. ipf. become deaf

gluhoněmy adj. deaf-mute, deaf-and-dumb

gluhota f. deafness

gluhuněmota f. deaf-and-dumbness

gluhy adj. deaf

glupec m.anim. fool, stupid person, dimwit, fuckwit

glupěti v.intr. ipf. become stupid

glupničsky adj. nerdy

glupnik m.anim. nerd, fucker

glupo adv. stupidly

glupost f. nonsense, stupidity

glupy adj. stupid, dumb, silly, foolish, fuckwitted

glušiti ipf. muffle

gnat m. bone

gnati (gone) ipf. drive, chase

gnědy adj. bay, sorrel, chestnut; gněde vuglje lignite, brown coal

gnesti (gnete) ipf. mash, crush

gnet m. oppression

gněv m. anger

gněvati ipf. anger, make angry; ~ se be angry

gněvlivy adj. easy to anger

gněvny adj. angry

gnězditi se v.refl. ipf. nest

gnězdko n. socket (electricity), power plug

gnězdo n. nest

gnida f. nit

gnilost f. rottenness

gnily adj. rotten, spoiled

gniti (gnije) v.intr. ipf. rot

gnitje n. rot

gnoj m. pus; shit, dung, manure

gnojišče n. dung heap

gnojiti ipf. manure; ~ se fester

gnojivo n. fertiliser, fertilizer

gnom m.anim. dwarf, gnome

gnusny adj. gruesome; heinous, nasty, disgusting, repugnant, abhorrent, abominable, revolting

gnuti v.intr. ipf. bend (intr.)

go pron.pers. him, it

god m. year

godišnica f. anniversary

godišnje adv. yearly

godišnji, godišny adj. yearly

goditi se v.refl. ipf. be suitable

godnost f. worth

godny adj. deserving, worthy

godovati v.intr. ipf. feast

godovno adv. yearly

godovy adj. yearly

gody years

gogolj m.anim. goldeneye

gojiti ipf. heal

golěnj f. shin, shank

golf m. golf

goliti ipf. bare, denude, lay bare, strip naked; shave; ~ se shave

golk m. noise

golobrady adj. beardless

gololed m. black ice

goloslovny adj. unfounded, unsubstantiated

golota f. nudity, nakedness

goltanje n. swallowing

goltati ipf. swallow; ~ solzy sob

goltka f. pharynx

goltnuti pf. swallow

goltok m. gulp, swallow

golub m.anim. dove, pigeon

golubica f. dove, pigeon (female)

golubji adj. dove’s, pigeon’s

goly adj. naked, nude, bare

gon m. drive

gonec m.anim. courier

gong m. gong

gonišče n. racetrack

goniti ipf. drive

gonitva f. pursuit

gonka f. race

gonščik m.anim. racer; ~ avtomobiljev car racer

gora f. mountain; do gory up, upwards

gorčica f. mustard

gorčiti v.intr. ipf. taste bitter

goreče adv. hot

goreči adj. hot

gorečka f. fever

gorečnja f. heat

gorělka f. brandy

gorěti (gori) v.intr. ipf. burn, be on fire

goricvět m. pheasant’s eye

gorila f. gorilla

goristy adj. hilly

gorjan, gorjanin m.anim. mountaineer

gorka f. hill

gorknuti v.intr. ipf. become bitter

gorkost f. bitterness

gorky adj. bitter

gorlivy adj. ardent, zealous; keen, eager

gornik m.anim. miner

gornolužičsky adj. Upper Sorbian

gornosrbsky adj. Upper Sorbian

gorsky adj. mountain;  ~ lanec mountain range; gorsko pasmo mountain range

gorše adv. worse

gorši adj. worse

goršiti ipf. make worse

gospod m.anim. lord

gospodar m.anim. lord (of the house); landowner

gospodarstvo n. housekeeping; economy

gospodica f. miss, unmarried woman

gospodin m.anim. gentleman, lord, mister, master, sir

gospodja f. mistress

gospodynja f. lady

gost m.anim. guest

gosteprijemny adj. hospitable, welcoming, guestfriendly

gosteprijemstvo n. hospitality

gostiljnja f. sitting-room

gostinec m. inn

gostinica f. hotel

gostinnost f. hospitality

gostinny adj. hospitable, welcoming, guestfriendly

gostiti ipf. host

gotičsky adj. Gothic (architecture)

gotovina f. cash

gotoviti ipf. prepare

gotovo adv. done

gotovy adj. ready, prepared

gotsky adj. Gothic (Germanic)

govedina f. beef

govedji adj. beef

govedo n. cattle

govněny adj. shitty, lousy, crappy

govno n. shit

govor m. speech, talk

govoritelj m.anim. speaker

govoriti ipf. say, speak, talk

Graal: Svety ~ m. Holy Grail

grab m. hornbeam

graběž f. plunder, looting

grabiti v.intr. ipf. plunder; rake; grab, seize

grabje rake

grad m. hail; town

gradišče n. hill fort

gradnica f. citizen

gradničsky adj. citizen

gradničstvo n. citizenship, citizenry

gradnik m.anim. citizen

gradonačelnik m.anim. mayor

gradsky adj. city, town

gradžan, gradžanin m.anim. citizen, city-dweller

gradžani citizenry

gradžanka f. civilian

gradžansky adj. civil, civilian

gradžanstvo n. citizenship, citizenry

grafičny adj. graphic

grafitka f. lead pencil

grah m. pea

grahovy adj. pease

gram m. gramme, gram

gramatičny adj. grammatical

gramatika f. grammar

gramofon m. gramophone

gramota f. deed, charter, official document

gramotnost f. competence; literacy

gramotny adj. competent, knowledgeable; literate

granatomet m. grenade launcher

granica f. border

graničiti v.intr. ipf. border

granit m. granite

grant m. grant

gravirovati ipf. engrave

gravitacija f. gravitation

grb m. hump

grbač m.anim. hunchback

grbaty adj. humpy

grbiti se v.refl. ipf. stoop

grditi ipf. disparage

grdost f. pride, dignity

grdy adj. proud

grebenj m. comb

grebti ipf. dig; rake; scrape

Grecija f. Greece

greča f. buckwheat

grečsky adj. Greek

grěh m. sin

grěhovny adj. sinful

grejpfrut m. grapefruit

Grek m.anim. Greek

greměti (gremi) v.intr. ipf. thunder

grěšiti v.intr. ipf. err, be mistaken, make a mistake, transgress; sin

grěška f. error, mistake, typo

grěšnica f. sinner

grěšnik m.anim. sinner

grěšny adj. sinful, peccable

grěti (grěje) ipf. warm, heat

grez f. dirt, mud

greznuti v.intr. ipf. get bogged down

grib m. mushroom

grifon m.anim. gryphon

gril m. grill

grip m. influenza

gripovy adj. influenza

griva f. mane

grivna f. hryvnia [₴]; fine

grlica f. turtledove

grlo n. throat

grn m. pot

grnčar m.anim. potter

grnčarstvo n. pottery (trade)

grnec m. pan

grnuti ipf. gather

grob m. grave; coffin

grobar m.anim. grave digger

grobišče n. graveyard, cemetery

grobokopatelj m.anim. grave digger

grohtati v.intr. ipf. grunt

grom m. thunderbolt

gromada f. crowd; pile

gromaditi ipf. accumulate

gronostaj m.anim. ermine

groš m. coin

groši money

groteskovy adj. grotesque

groza f. danger

grozba f. threat

grozd m. bunch, cluster (e.g. grapes)

grozdinka f. raisin

grozdje n. grape

groziti v.intr. ipf. threaten

grozny adj. dangerous; fearsome

grst f. fist

grtanj f. larynx

grubost f. roughness

gruby adj. rough; Gruby Nacionalny Produkt [GNP] Gross National Product [GNP]

grud f. chest, breasts

grud m. pasture

gruda f. frozen ground

grudny adj. pectoral

grupa f. group; grupy troops

grupovati ipf. group

grupovy adj. group

gruša f. pear

gruševy adj. pear

Gruzija f. Georgia

gruzinsky adj. Georgia

gryzati ipf. gnaw

gryzti ipf. bite

guba f. lip; mushroom; sponge

gubernator m.anim. governor

gubiti ipf. destroy; lose; gubi se! go away!, bugger off!, fuck off!, piss off!, get lost!, beat it!; ~ težinu lose weight

guma f. rubber

gumno n. floor

gus m.anim. goose

gusak m.anim. gander; gander

guse n. gosling

gusenica f. caterpillar

gusji adj. goose

guslar m.anim. psaltery player

gusli psaltery

gusljar m.anim. violinist

guslje violin

gustěti v.intr. ipf. thicken

gustiti ipf. make dense

gustje n. thicket

gusto adv. densely

gustost f. density

gustota f. density

gusty adj. dense, thick

gušča f. thicket

Gvatemala f. Guatemala

gvatemalsky adj. Guatemalan

Gvineja f. Guinea

gvozd m. nail

gybati v.intr. ipf. sway

gybkost f. flexibility

gybky adj. flexible

gybnuti v.intr. pf. sway

ha! intj. ha!

haček m. caron

Haiti m.indecl. Haiti

haitiansky adj. Haitian

hak m. hook

halucinacija f. hallucination

halucinovati v.intr. ipf. hallucinate

halupa f. shack, cottage

halva f. halva

hamak m. hammock

hamburger m. hamburger

hameleon m.anim. chameleon

handbol m. handball

hantelj f. dumbbell

haos m. chaos, turmoil

haotično adv. chaotically

haotičny adj. chaotic

harakter m. character

harakterističny adj. characteristic

harakteristika f. characteristic

harakterizovati ipf. characterize

harem m. harem

harfa f. harp

harmoničny adj. harmonic

harmonija f. harmony

harmonika f. harmonica

harmonizovati v.intr. ipf. harmonise, harmonize

harpun m. harpoon

harta f. chart

hašiš m. hashish

hata f. hut

hazard m. hazard

hebrejsky adj. Hebrew

hegemonija f. hegemony

hej intj. hey

heker m.anim. hacker

hektar [ha] m. hectare

hektolitr m. hectolitre, hectoliter

hektometr m. hectometre, hectometer

helij m. helium

helikopter m. helicopter

helma f. helmet

hemičny adj. chemical

hemija f. chemistry

hemikalija f. chemical

hepa f. liver

hepatit m. hepatitis

hepovy adj. liver

heroin m. heroin

heroina f. heroin

heroj m.anim. hero

herpes m. tetter, herpes

heterogennost f. heterogeneity

heterogenny adj. heterogeneous

hiacint m. hyacinth

hidravličny adj. hydraulic

hiena f. hyena

hierarh m.anim. hierarch

hierarhičny adj. hierarchic

hierarhija f. hierarchy

hieroglif m. hieroglyph

hieroglifny adj. hieroglyphic

higiena f. hygiene

higieničny adj. hygienic

hihot m. giggle, chuckle

hihotati se v.refl. ipf. giggle, chuckle

himera f. chimera

himersky adj. chimerical

himn m. hymn, anthem

hinduizm m. Hinduism

hiperlink m. hyperlink

hipersvez f. hyperlink

hipnotizovati ipf. hypnotize

hipnoza f. hypnosis

hipopotam m.anim. hippo, hippopotamus

hipoteka f. mortgage

hipotetičny adj. hypothetic, hypothetical

hipoteza f. hypothesis

hirugičny adj. surgical

hirugija f. surgery

hirurg m.anim. surgeon

historičny adj. historic, historical

historija f. history

historik m.anim. historian

hlad m. cold, chill

hladěti v.intr. ipf. cool down, go cold

hladilnik m. refrigerator

hladiti ipf. cool, cool down, chill, refrigerate; ~ se cool off

hladno adv. cold

hladnost f. coldness

hladny adj. cold, chilly; hladnějši colder

hladženje n. refrigeration

hlapčik m.anim. little boy

hlapec m.anim. boy, fellow, guy

hlapstvo n. boyhood

hlěb m. bread

hlěv m. pigsty

hlipati v.intr. ipf. sob

hlipnuti v.intr. pf. sob

hlor m. chlorine

hloroform m. chloroform

hmelj m. hop

hmeljny adj. drunken

hmuriti ipf. furrow; ~ se turn gloomy, become overcast; frown

hobi m.indecl. hobby

hobist m.anim. hobbyist

hobot m. trunk (elephant)

hoč-   ➝   hotěti

hod m. motion, pace, gait

hodba f. walking

hodec m.anim. walker

hoditelj m.anim. walker

hoditeljka f. walker

hoditi v.intr. ipf. go, walk

hodnik m. walkway

hodulja f. stilt

hodženje n. walking

hokej m. hockey; ~ na ledu ice hockey

Holandija f. Holland

holandsky adj. Dutch

holera f. cholera

holesterol m. cholesterol

holm m. hill

homjak m.anim. hamster

homogenizovati ipf. homogenize, homogenise

homogennost f. homogeneity

homogenny adj. homogeneous

homonim m. homonym

homoseksualist m.anim. homosexual, gay

homoseksualny adj. homosexual, gay

homut m. horse collar

Honduras m. Honduras

hondurassky adj. Honduran

hor m. chorus, choir

horeografija f. choreography

horizont m. horizon

horizontalny adj. horizontal

horoskop m. horoscope

horugva f. flag, banner

hot, hoti conj. although, though; hot by at least

hotel m. hotel

hotěti (hoče) v.aux.ipf. want

hovati (hovaje) ipf. hide

hrabrec m.anim. brave person

hrabrost f. bravery

hrabry adj. valiant, brave

hram m. temple

hranitelj m.anim. custodian

hraniti ipf. protect

hranjenec m.anim. protégé, ward

hrapati v.intr. ipf. snore

hrapavy adj. coarse

hrapnuti v.intr. pf. snore

hrčati v.intr. ipf. rattle

hrček m.anim. hamster

hrebet m. back, backside; spine, spinal column

hrebetny adj. spinal; ~ mozok spinal cord, pith (animal)

hrěn m. horseradish

hrěnovy adj. horseradish

hrěnviršla f. Vienna sausage, Frankfurt sausage

hrestomatija f. chrestomathy, reader (book)

hrešč m. cartilage

hriply adj. hoarse, raucous

hristijan, hristijanin m.anim. Christian

hristijanizacija f. christianisation, christianization

hristijanka f. Christian

hristijansky adj. Christian

hristijanstvo n. Christianity

Hristos m.anim. Christ

hrom m. chromium

hromati v.intr. ipf. limp

hroměti v.intr. ipf. go lame

hromost f. lameness

hromy adj. lame

hronika f. chronicle

hronikar m.anim. chronicler

hronologičny adj. chronological

hronologija f. chronology, timeline

hrt m.anim. greyhound

hrupati v.intr. ipf. crunch

hrupkavy adj. crunchy, crispy

hrust m. brushwood

hrustati v.intr. ipf. crunch

hrušč m.anim. cockchafer

Hrvat m.anim. Croat

Hrvatija f. Croatia

hrvatsky adj. Croatian

htěti (hče) v.aux.ipf. want

htivy adj. greedy

hudnuti v.intr. ipf. lose weight

hudožnica f. artist

hudožnik m.anim. artist

hudožno adv. artistically

hudožny adj. artistic

hudožstvo n. art

hudy adj. slim, skinny, meagre, meager, thin

huj m. dick, cock, prick, penis

hujesos m.anim. cocksucker

hula f. curse

huligan m.anim. hooligan

huljenje n. curse

humanističny adj. humanistic

humanitarny adj. humanitarian

humanizm m. humanism

humor m. humour, humor

humorističny adj. humourous, humorous

hunta f. junta

hura intj. hurrah, hurray

husit m.anim. Hussite

hvala f. glory, acclaim

hvala prep. (komu/čemu) thanks to; Hvala! Thank you!

hvalebny adj. laudatory

hvaliti ipf. praise; congratulate

hvastati se v.refl. ipf. boast, brag, swagger

hvat m. grip, grasp

hvatati ipf. grab, grasp, seize

hvějati (hvěje) ipf. shake; sway; ~ se waver

hvilja f. moment, instant;  ~ nazad a moment ago; ~ tomu a moment ago

hvoja f. needle (tree); coniferious tree

hvojny lěs m. conifer forest

hvorěti v.intr. ipf. be sick

hvoroba f. disease, illness; ~ srdca heart disease

hvorobno adv. sickly

hvorost f. sickness

hvory adj. ill, sick, diseased

hvost m. tail

hvošč m. horsetail

hyba f. fault, error, mistake, flaw

hybiti v.intr. ipf. err, blunder, fail

hytrec m.anim. clever person

hytrica f. clever woman

hytro adv. cleverly

hytrost f. cleverness

hytry adj. clever, shrewd, resourceful; sly, cunning

i conj. and;  ~ … i … both … and …; I slěpa veverica poněkogda najde orěh Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut

ibis m.anim. ibis

ibo conj. because, since

ideal m. ideal

idealist m.anim. idealist

idealističny adj. idealistic

idealizacija f. idealisation, idealization

idealizm m. idealism

idealizovati ipf./pf. idealise, idealize

idealny adj. ideal, perfect

ideja f. idea

identičnost f. identity

identičny adj. identical; identični blizneci identical twins

identifikacija f. identification

identifikator m. identifier

identifikovati ipf. identify

identitet m. identity

ideografija f. ideography

ideolog m.anim. ideologue

ideologičny adj. ideological

ideologija f. ideology

idila f. idyll

idiličny adj. idyllic

idiom m. idiom

idiot m.anim. idiot

idiotizm m. idiocy

idiotsky adj. idiotic

idol m.anim. idol

idolopoklonnik m.anim. idolater

idti (ide; šel) v.intr. ipf. go

igla f. needle

iglasty adj. coniferous; ~ lěs conifer forest

iglica f. needle

iglu n.indecl. igloo

ignorovanje n. ignoration

ignorovati ipf. ignore

igo (iga/ižese) n. yoke

igra f. game; hazardna  ~ gambling; roljeva ~ roleplaying game

igrač m.anim. player, gamer

igračka f. player, gamer; toy

igrašny: igrašna karta f. playing card

igrati ipf. play

igrek m. letter Y

igrišče n. playground

igrivy adj. playful

iguana f. iguana

igumen m.anim. hegumen, abbot (of an orthodox monastery)

igumenja f. abbess (of an orthodox monastery), mother superior

ikati v.intr. ipf. hiccup

ikava f. hiccup

ikra f. spawn

il m. clay, silt

ili conj. or; ~ … ili … either … or …

Ilir m.anim. Illyrian

iljm m. elm

ilovy adj. slimy

ilustracija f. illustration

ilustrovati ipf. illustrate

iluzija f. illusion

iluzionist m.anim. illusionist

iluzorny adj. illusory

ime n. appellation; name; noun; v ~nu in the name of

imeniteljnik, imeniteljny padež m. nominative

iměnje n. property, possession

imennik m. noun

imennik m.anim. namesake

imenno adv. namely

imenovati ipf. call, name

iměti, imati (imaje) v.aux.ipf. must, have to; have, possess, own

imigracija f. immigration

imigrant m.anim. immigrant

imigrovati v.intr. ipf. immigrate

imperator m.anim. emperor

imperatorica f. empress

imperfekt m. imperfect tense

imperializm m. imperialism

imperija f. empire

implantovati ipf./pf. implant

imponovati ipf. impress

imponujuči adj. impressive

import m. import

importovati ipf. import

improvizacija f. improvisation, improvisation

improvizovati v.intr. ipf. improvise, improvize

impuls m. impulse, impetus

impulsivny adj. impulsive

imuči adj. wealthy

imunitet m. immunity

imunny adj. immune

imutok m. property

inače adv. otherwise, else

inako adv. otherwise, in another way

inaky adj. another kind of

inamo adv. elsewhere, to somewhere else

inavguralny adj. inaugural

incest m. incest

incident m. incident

inde adv. elsewhere, somewhere else

indeks m. index

indigo n. indigo

Indija f. India

Indijan, Indijanin m.anim. American Indian

Indijanka f. American Indian woman

indijansky adj. American Indian

indijsky adj. Indian; Indijsky okean Indian Ocean

individ m.anim. individual

individualnost f. individuality

individualny adj. individual

indoarijsky adj. Indo-Aryan

indoevropejsky adj. Indo-European

indoiransky adj. Indo-Iranian

Indonezija f. Indonesia

indonezsky adj. Indonesian

industrialny adj. industrial

indyk m.anim. turkey

infekcija f. infection

infinitiv m. infinitive

inflacija f. inflation

informacija f. information

informant m.anim. informer

informativny adj. informative

informovany adj. informed, aware

informovati ipf. inform, notify; dobro informovany knowledgeable

infračrveny adj. infrared; infračrveno světlo infrared light

infrastruktura f. infrastructure

ingredient m. ingredient

Inguš m.anim. Ingush

Ingušetija f. Ingushetia

ingušsky adj. Ingush

inicializacija f. initialisation, initialization

inicializovati ipf./pf. initialise, initialize

iniciativa f. initiative

inje n. hoarfrost

injekcija f. injection

inkubator m. incubator

inočij pron.poss. somebody else’s, someone else’s

inočto pron.indef. something else

inogda, inogdy adv. at another time

inohod m. amble

inokto pron.indef. someone else, somebody else

inoliky adj. of another size

inoplanetjan, inoplanetjanin m.anim. alien

inoskazanje n. allegory

inostranec m.anim. foreigner

inošto   ➝   inočto

inovacija f. innovation

inovativny adj. innovative

inovrěmenno adv. at another time

inozemec m.anim. foreigner

inozemny adj. foreign

insekt m.anim. insect

inspiracija f. inspiration

inspirovati ipf./pf. inspire

instalacija f. installation

instalovati ipf. install

instinkt m. instinct

institucija f. institution

institut m. institute

instrument m. instrument, tool

instrumental m. instrumental

instrumentalny adj. instrumental

integracija f. integration

integritet m. integrity

integrovati ipf./pf. integrate

intelektual m.anim. intellectual

intelektualny adj. intellectual

intensivny adj. intensive, intense

interakcija f. interaction, interplay

interaktivny adj. interactive

interes m. interest

interesno adv. interestingly

interesny adj. interesting

interesovati ipf. interest; ~ se take an interest, be interested

interfejs m. interface; ljudskomašinovy ~ human-machine interface

interier m. interior (of a building); ~ny dizajn interior design

interlingvist m.anim. interlinguist

interlingvističny adj. interlinguistic

interlingvistika f. interlinguistics

internacionalizm m. internationalism

internacionalizovati ipf. internationalize

internet m. internet

internetny adj. Internet

interpretacija f. interpretation

interpretovati ipf. interpret

interpunkcija f. punctuation

interrogativny: ~ zaimennik m. interrogative pronoun

interval m. interval

intervencija f. intervention

intervju n.indecl. interview

intriga f. intrigue

intrigovati ipf. intrigue

intrigujuči adj. intriguing

introspekcija f. introspection

intuicija f. intuition

intuitivny adj. intuitive

inudy adv. to another place

invalid m.anim. disabled person

invalidsky: ~ vozok m. wheelchair

invazija f. invasion

inventarizacija f. inventarisation, inventarization

investicija f. investment

investor m.anim. investor

investovati ipf. invest

iny adj. other, another, different

inženjer m.anim. engineer

inženjerstvo n. engineering

ion m. ion

iračsky adj. Iraqi

Irak m. Iraq

Iran m. Iran

iransky adj. Iranian

irbis m.anim. snow leopard

iridij m. iridium

iris m. iris (flower); iris (eye)

Irlandija f. Ireland

irlandsky adj. Irish

ironičny adj. ironic

ironija f. irony

iskalnik m. search engine

iskatelj m.anim. seeker

iskati (išče) ipf. search, seek, look for

iskra f. spark, flash

iskrenost f. sincerity

iskreny adj. sincere, frank

iskriti v.intr. ipf. sparkle

islam m. Islam

islamsky adj. Islamic

Islandija f. Iceland

islandsky adj. Icelandic

istina f. truth

istinlivo adv. truthfully

istinlivy adj. truthful

istinno adv. truly

istinnost f. reality, truthfulness

istinny adj. true, real, actual (real)

istnovati v.intr. ipf. exist

isto adv. certainly

isty adj. certain, sure

Isus m.anim. Jesus

Isus: ~ Hristos m.anim. Jesus Christ

išč-   ➝   iskati

Išpanija f. Spain

išpansky adj. Spanish

itak adv. so

Italija f. Italy

Italijan, Italijanin m.anim. Italian

italijansky adj. Italian

iteracija f. iteration

iva f. willow

iver m. chip

ivovy adj. withy

iz- prefix out of

iz prep. (kogo/čego) from, out of;  ~ drugoj strany on the other hand; ~ jednoj strany on the one hand

izba f. chamber

izbava f. salvation, redemption

izbavitelj m.anim. saviour, rescuer

izbaviti pf. rescue, deliver

izbaviti (kogo/čego) pf. rid of, relieve of; ~ se get rid of, remove

izbavjati ipf. rescue, deliver

izbavjati (kogo/čego) ipf. rid of, relieve of; ~ se get rid of, remove

izbavjenje n. salvation, redemption

izběgati v.intr. ipf. escape, flee

izběgati (kogo/čego) v.intr. ipf. avoid

izběgomy adj. avoidable

izběgti v.intr. pf. escape, flee

izběgti (kogo/čego) v.intr. pf. avoid

izbica f. small room

izbirajemost f. electability, eligibility

izbiramy adj. electable, eligible

izbiranje n. electing

izbiratelj m.anim. elector

izbirateljstvo n. electorate

izbirati ipf. choose, elect, select

izbiti (izbije) pf. strike out, knock out

izbivati ipf. strike out, knock out

izbljuvati v.intr. pf. vomit

izboj m.anim. robber

izbombardovati pf. bomb

izbor m. choice, selection, election;  ~ ljudij people’s choice; ~y elections

izborny:  ~ koledž m. electoral college;  ~ komitet election committee; ~ podvod electoral fraud

izbrany adj. chosen

izbrati (izbere) pf. choose, elect, select

izbudovati pf. build

izbuh m. explosion, outburst

izbuhati v.intr. ipf. explode

izbuhlivy adj. explosive, volatile

izbuhnuti v.intr. pf. explode

izbyti (izbude) pf. deposite of

izbytok m. surplus

izbyvati ipf. deposite of

izcěliti v.intr. pf. recover (from a disease)

izcěljati v.intr. ipf. recover (from a disease)

izčezati v.intr. ipf. disappear; izčezaj! go away!, bugger off!, fuck off!, piss off!, get lost!, beat it!

izčeznenje n. disappearance

izčeznuti v.intr. pf. disappear

izčisliti pf. calculate

izčisljati ipf. calculate

izčisljenje n. calculation, account

izčistiti pf. clean

izčrkanje n. deletion

izčrkati ipf. delete, cross out

izčrknuti pf. delete, cross out

izčrpati (izčrpe) pf. exhaust

izčrpyvati ipf. exhaust

izdajnik m.anim. traitor

izdaleka adv. from afar, from a distance

izdanje n. edition

izdatelj m.anim. publisher

izdateljstvo n. publishing house

izdati (izda) pf. give out; publish, issue; ~ zamuž marry off (to a man)

izdavati ipf. give out; publish, issue;  ~ se seem; ~ zamuž marry off (to a man)

izdělati pf. make

izdojiti pf. milk

izdolbti pf. hollow out, chisel, gouge; gouge, chisel, hollow out

izdržlivy adj. resistant

izdumati pf. think out

izganjanje n. expulsion

izganjati ipf. expel, banish, oust, exile

izgladiti pf. smooth out

izglasiti pf. voice

izglašati ipf. voice

izglavje n. bolster

izgled m. appearance

izgledati v.intr. ipf. look like, appear; look out

izgledka f. viewpoint

izglednuti v.intr. pf. look out

izgnanec m. exile

izgnanje n. banishment, exile

izgnanstvo n. banishment, exile

izgnati (izgone) pf. expel, banish, oust, exile

izgniti (izgnije) v.intr. pf. rot

izgoda f. advantage

izgodny adj. advantageous

izgojiti pf. heal

izgorěti v.intr. pf. burn

izgovarjati ipf. pronounce

izgovor m. pronunciation

izgovoriti pf. pronounce

izgovorka f. pretext

izgreby tow

izguba f. loss

izgubiti pf. destroy; lose

izgubiti težinu v.intr. pf. lose weight

izgynuti v.intr. pf. perish

izhod m. exit; outcome; ~ luny moonrise

izhoditi v.intr. ipf. exit, quit

izhodny: ~ kod m. source code

izidti (izide; izšel) v.intr. pf. exit

izigranje n. winning

izigratelj m.anim. winner

izigrati pf. win

izigryvati ipf. win

izimati ipf. take out

iziskati (izišče) pf. gain, acquire, obtain; ~ ponovno regain

iziskyvati ipf. gain, acquire, obtain; ~ ponovno regain

izjasniti pf. clarify

izjasnjati ipf. clarify

izjasnjenje n. clarification

izjaviti pf. reveal, disclose, detect; ~ se turn out

izjavjati ipf. reveal, disclose, detect; ~ se seem

izjavjenje n. detection

izjehati (izjede) v.intr. pf. leave (by transport)

izjeti (izojme) pf. take out

izjezd m. departure

izježdžati v.intr. ipf. leave (by transport)

izkalkulovati pf. calculate

izkazanje n. overview

izkladati ipf. lay out

izključajuči adv. excluding

izključati ipf. turn off, switch off; exclude, except

izključenje n. exception; exclusion; s ~m except, with the exception of

izključiteljno adv. exclusively, exceptionally

izključiteljny adj. exclusive, exceptional

izključiti pf. turn off, switch off; exclude, except

izključno adv. exclusively, solely

izkljuvati ipf. pluck out

izkonavči adj. executive

izkopati pf. dig out, dig up, excavate

izkopyvati ipf. dig out, dig up, excavate

izkoreniti pf. uproot, extirpate

izkorenjati ipf. uproot, extirpate

izkoristati pf. take advantage of

izkoristiti pf. take advantage of

izkoristyvati ipf. take advantage of

izkositi pf. mow down

izkrajiniti pf. deport

izkrajinovati ipf. deport

izkrikanje n. ejaculate

izkrikati ipf. ejaculate; exclaim

izkriknuti pf. exclaim

izkrviti pf. bleed out; ~ do smrti bleed to death

izkup m. ransom

izkupati pf. bathe

izkupiti pf. ransom

izkus m. trial, test, experiment

izkusiti pf. experience, undergo

izkusny adj. skilful, skillful, experienced

izkušati ipf. experience, undergo

izkušenje n. experience

izkušenost f. experience

izkušeny adj. experienced

izkydati ipf. throw out, discard, chuck out

izkydnuti pf. throw out, discard, chuck out

izlagati ipf. expound, lay out, set forth

izlěčiti pf. heal, cure

izlet m. excursion

izlišek m. surplus

izlišnji, izlišny adj. superfluous, unnecessary, redundant

izliti (izlije) pf. pour out

izlomiti pf. break out

izloviti pf. fish out

izložiti pf. expound, lay out, set forth

izmagateljstvo n. extortion

izmagati ipf. extort

izmama f. fraud

izmamitelj m.anim. defrauder

izmamiti pf. defraud

izmamjati ipf. defraud

izmamnica f. defrauder

izmamnik m.anim. defrauder

iz-medžu prep. (kogo/čego) from between, from among

izměna f. change

izměniti pf. change, exchange

izměnjati ipf. change, exchange

izměnjenje n. change

izměriti pf. measure

izmesti (izmete) pf. sweep out

izměstiti pf. displace

izměščati ipf. displace

izměščenje n. displacement

izmětati ipf. sweep out; izmětaj se! go away!, bugger off!, fuck off!, piss off!, get lost!, beat it!

izmirati v.intr. ipf. go extinct

izmočiti v.intr. pf. urinate

izmogti pf. extort

izmoriti pf. exhaust

izmrěti v.intr. pf. go extinct

izmučeny adj. exhausted

izmysl m. invention

izmyslitelj m.anim. inventor

izmysliti pf. invent, think up

izmysljati ipf. invent, think up

izmysljenje n. fiction

izmysljeny adj. fancy; fictional, imaginary

iz-nad prep. (kogo/čego) from above

iznahodlivo adv. resourcefully

iznahodlivost f. resourcefulness

iznahodlivy adj. resourceful

iznahodnost f. resource

iznajeti (iznajme) pf. rent, rent out

iznajmati ipf. rent, rent out

iznemogti v.intr. pf. collapse

iznenada adv. suddenly, abruptly, by surprise, all of a sudden

iznenadsko adv. abruptly, by surprise, all of a sudden

iznesti pf. carry out

izniknuti v.intr. pf. disappear

izniščenje n. destruction, annihilation

izniščiti pf. destroy, annihilate

iznositi ipf. carry out

iznova adv. again

iznuda f. extortion

iznuditi pf. extort

iznudžati ipf. extort

iznuriti v.intr. pf. emerge

iznurjati v.intr. ipf. emerge

izobara f. isobar

izobličati ipf. unmask

izobličiti pf. unmask

izobraziti pf. depict, portray

izobražati ipf. depict, portray

izobraženje n. image, depiction

izoglosa f. isogloss

izojdti v.intr. pf. quit

izolacija f. isolation

izolator m. insulator

izolovany adj. isolated

izolovati ipf. isolate

izopačati ipf. disfigure, distort, deform

izopačiti pf. disfigure, distort, deform

izorati (izore) pf. plough, plow

izpadati v.intr. ipf. fall out

izpekti pf. bake

izpepeliti pf. burn to ashes

izphati pf. push out; luxate, dislocate

izpihati ipf. push out; luxate, dislocate

izpiti (izpije) pf. drink

izplačati pf. pay out

izplašiti pf. frighten

izplata f. payout

izplatiti ipf. pay out

izplatny: ~ spisok m. payroll

izplěti (izplěje/izplěve) pf. weed out

izpljunuti pf. spit out

izpljuvati ipf. spit out

izpluti (izplove) v.intr. pf. sail out, leave port

izplyvati v.intr. ipf. swim out; emerge, come to the surface

izplyvti v.intr. pf. swim out; emerge, come to the surface

iz-pod prep. (kogo/čego) from under

izpolniti pf. complete, fulfill, execute, carry out

izpolnjati ipf. complete, fulfill, execute, carry out

izpolzati v.intr. ipf. crawl out

izpolzti v.intr. pf. crawl out

izpověd f. statement

izpovědati ipf. confess

izpověděti (izpově) pf. confess

izprašati ipf. beg

izprati (izpere) ipf. wash (clothes), launder; ~ mozg brainwash

izpraviti pf. amend

izpravjati ipf. amend

izprazdniti pf. empty, clear out, vacate

izprazdnjati ipf. empty, clear out, vacate

iz-prěd prep. (kogo/čego) from before

izpregati ipf. unharness

izpregti pf. unharness

izprobovanje n. trial

izprobovati pf. try out

izprobovyvati ipf. try out

izprodany adj. sold out

izprositi pf. beg

izprva adv. at first

izpuditi pf. chase away

izpukly adj. projecting, protruding

izpustiti pf. let out, release, launch, discharge

izpuščati ipf. let out, release, launch, discharge

izpytati pf. question; test

izpytyvati ipf. question; test

izrabiti pf. do, make

izrabotati pf. produce, manufacture, develop (tr.), engineer

izrabotyvati ipf. produce, manufacture, develop (tr.), engineer

izradžati v.intr. ipf. degenerate

Izraelec m.anim. Israeli

Izraelj m. Israel

izraelsky adj. Israeli

izrasti (izraste) v.intr. pf. grow

izravniti pf. level out; ~ se line up

izravnjati ipf. level out; ~ se line up

izraz m. term, phrase, expression

izraziti pf. express

izraznost f. emphasis, expressiveness

izrazny adj. expressive

izražati ipf. express

izraženje n. expression

izrěčenje n. saying, maxim

izrěkati ipf. say, utter

izrěkti pf. say, utter

izrězati (izrěže) pf. cut out

izroditi v.intr. pf. degenerate

izrodok m.anim. degenerate

izrodženje n. degeneration

izrodženy adj. degenerate

izrubati pf. chop away

izrubyvati ipf. chop away

izrvati (izrve) pf. tear out

izryvati ipf. tear out

izsěkti ipf. cut out

izseliti pf. emigrate

izseljati ipf. emigrate

izseljenec m.anim. emigrant, emigré

izseljenica f. emigrant, emigrée

izseljenje n. emigration

izslati (izslje) pf. send out, dispatch

izslavjati ipf. put into words; ~ se express oneself verbally

izslědok m. result, outcome, total

izslědovanje n. exploration

izslědovatelj m.anim. explorer

izslědovati ipf. explore

izsloviti pf. put into words; ~ se express oneself verbally

izsmějati (izsměje) pf. mock, ridicule

izsmějivanje n. mockery

izsmějivati ipf. mock, ridicule

izsměška f. mockery

izsměšnik m.anim. mocking-bird

izsměvka f. mockery

izsohnuti v.intr. pf. dry out, dry up

izsosati pf. suck out

iz-srěd prep. (kogo/čego) from among

izstava f. display

izstava, izstavka f. display, exhibition, exposition

izstaviti pf. expose, display

izstavjati ipf. expose, display

izstavjenje n. exposure

izstavka f. display-window

izstrěl m. shot, gunshot

izstrěliti pf. shoot, fire

izstupati v.intr. ipf. come forward, step forth, appear (on stage etc.); withdraw, step out

izstupiti v.intr. pf. come forward, step forth, appear (on stage etc.); withdraw, step out

izsunuti pf. protrude

izsunutje n. protrusion

izsunuty adj. protruding

izsušati ipf. dehydrate, dry out

izsušiti pf. dehydrate, dry out

izsuvati ipf. protrude

izsyhati v.intr. ipf. dry out, dry up

izsylanje n. dispatching

izsylati ipf. send out, dispatch

izsypati pf. pour out

izsysati ipf. suck out

izšiti (izšije) pf. embroider

izšivati ipf. embroider

izškoliti pf. educate

izteg m. extract, excerpt

iztegati ipf. pull out

iztegnuti pf. pull out

iztěkati v.intr. ipf. flow out, leak out; elapse, expire

iztekti v.intr. pf. flow out, leak out; elapse, expire

iztežek m. extract (chem.)

iztirati ipf. erase

iztkati pf. weave

iztočiti pf. perforate

iztočnik m. source, spring (water), origin

iztočnoslovjansky adj. East Slavic

iztočny adj. east, eastern; Iztočna Evropa Eastern Europe

iztok m. east; spring (source); Blizky Iztok Middle East; Daleky Iztok Far East; Srědnji Iztok Middle East

iztolkti pf. pound

iztratiti pf. spend, expend

iztresati ipf. shake out

iztresti pf. shake out

iztreti (iztre) pf. erase

iztrgati ipf. extract, pull out

iztrgnuti pf. extract, pull out

iztrpěti (iztrpi) pf. endure

iztvarjati ipf. produce

iztvor m. product

iztvoriti pf. produce

iztvorjenje n. production

izučati ipf. train

izučiti pf. train

izumiranje n. dying out

izumirati v.intr. ipf. die out, become extinct

izumitelj m.anim. inventor

izumrěly adj. extinct

izumreti (izumre) v.intr. pf. die out, become extinct

izvaljnjati ipf. fire (terminate employment), sack, discharge, dismiss, discard

izvědy reconnaissance

izvesti (izvede) pf. derive

izvěstitelj m.anim. reporter

izvěstiti pf. inform, report

izvěstje n. news

izvěstnik m.anim. reporter, newsman, newsreporter

izvěstny adj. well-known, reputed, notorious

izvěstoglasitelj m.anim. news anchor

izvěstoglašenje n. news briefing

Izvěstovanje n. Annunciation

izvěščati ipf. inform, report

izvezti pf. carry off (by transport); export

izvihnuti pf. dislocate, sprain

izviniti pf. forgive; izvini, izvinite sorry, excuse me; ~ se apologise, apologize

izvinjajuči adj. apologetic

izvinjati ipf. forgive; ~ se apologise, apologize

izvinjenje n. apology

izvlěkti pf. extract

izvně adv. from outside

izvnutra adv. from inside, from within

izvod m. conclusion, deduction, inference; outlet

izvoditi ipf. derive

izvodlivost f. feasibility

izvodlivy adj. feasible, viable

izvodženje n. derivation

izvolimost f. electability

izvolimy adj. electable

izvoliti pf. elect

izvoljenje n. election

izvoljeny adj. elected

izvoljniti pf. fire (terminate employment), sack, discharge, dismiss, discard

izvoljny adj. election

izvor m. spring (source)

izvoz m. export

izvoziti ipf. carry off (by transport); export

izvračati ipf. distort, pervert

izvračeny adj. deviant

izvratiti pf. distort, pervert

iz-za prep. (kogo/čego) from behind

izznačati ipf. define, mark out

izznačenje n. definition

izznačiti pf. define, mark out

izzov m. challenge, provocation

izzvati (izzove) pf. challenge, provoke

izzyvati ipf. challenge, provoke

iže conj. that; whether

iže pron.rel. which

ižica f. izhitsa

izžeti (izžne) pf. reap

ja (mene/me, mně/mi, mnoju) pron.pers. I

jablanj f. apple tree

jabločny adj. apple

jabloko n. apple

jad m. poison

jadovity adj. toxic, poisonous

jagne n. lamb

jagnetina f. lamb meat

jagnetji adj. lamb’s

jagniti se v.refl. ipf. yean

jagoda f. berry; strawberry

jagodny adj. berry

jaguar m.anim. jaguar

jajca testicles, balls

jajce n. egg

jajcebělok m. eggwhite, egg-white

jaječko n. testicle

jaječny adj. egg; ~ krem custard

jak-   ➝   kak-

jalovec m. juniper tree

jalověti v.intr. ipf. become sterile

jalovica f. sterile female animal

jalovy adj. sterile (animal)

jama f. pit, cave, cavern

Jamajka f. Jamaica

jamajsky adj. Jamaican

januar m. January

Japonec m.anim. Japanese

Japonija f. Japan

japonsky adj. Japanese

jar m. ravine; spring

jard m. yard (length unit)

jarka f. young sheep

jarky adj. radiant

jarmo n. yoke

jarost f. fury

jarovy adj. spring

jasenj m. ash tree

jasla-sadok m. nursery, crèche, manger

jasli crib

jasněti v.intr. ipf. brighten up

jasno adv. clearly, distinctly

jasnost f. clarity

jasnota f. clarity

jasnovidec m.anim. clairvoyant, seer

jasnovidka f. clairvoyant, seeress

jasnovidnost f. clairvoyance

jasny adj. clear, bright, light; distinct

jastreb m.anim. hawk

jaščer m.anim. lizard

jaternica f. lizard

jatrov f. sister-in-law (husband’s brother’s wife)

java f. reality; wakefulness, waking state; na javu in a waking state; in reality

javiti se v.refl. ipf. appear

javjati se v.refl. ipf. find oneself

javjenje n. appearance; phenomenon

javno adv. publicly

javny adj. public

javor m. sycamore

javorovy adj. sycamore

jaz m. dam

jaz m.anim. ide

jazvec m.anim. badger

je ipf. there is

je   ➝   byti

jebalice n. fuckface

jebanje n. fuck, fucking

jebany adj. fucked

jebatelj m.anim. fucker

jebati (jebe) ipf. fuck

jebeno adv. damn

ječati (ječi) v.intr. ipf. whine

ječmenj m. barley

ječmenny adj. barley

jed-   ➝   jehati

jeda f. food

jedak m.anim. eater

jedanje n. eating

jedatelj m.anim. eater

jedati v.intr. ipf. eat

jedenje n. eating

jedin (jedna, jedno) num.card. one; ~ drugogo each other, one another

jedinačka f. only child in a family [daughter]

jedinak m.anim. only child in the family (son)

jedinec m.anim. loner

jedinica f. unit

jedinnadset num.card. eleven

jedinnadsety num.ord. eleventh

jedino adv. only, merely; ~ pytanje vrěmene only a question of time

jedinost f. singleness

jedinovy adj. only one

jedinstveny adj. singular; unique, sole; jedinstveno čislo singular

jedinstvo n. unity, oneness, accord

jediny adj. only, single, alone

jedivo n. food

jedlivy adj. edible, comestible

jednako adv. however, yet

jednakovy adj. identical

jednakože, jednakže adv. however, yet

jednaky adj. same

jednina f. singular

jednobožstvo n. monotheism

jednočasno adv. simultaneously

jednočasny adj. simultaneous

jednoglasno adv. unanimously

jednoglasny adj. unanimous

jednojezyčny adj. monolingual

jednokratno adv. once

jednokratny adj. single, unique, one-time

jednonočka f. one-night stand

jednonočny adj. one-night; ~ seks one-night seks

jednonogy adj. one-legged

jednoobrazny adj. uniform

jednooky adj. one-eyed

jednopoly adj. same-sex

jednorodnost f. homogeneity

jednorodny adj. homogeneous

jednorog m.anim. unicorn

jednoruky adj. one-armed

jednosložny adj. monosyllabic

jednosměrny adj. one-way

jednost f. unity, oneness, accord

jednostajnost f. monotony

jednostajny adj. monotonous

jednostranno adv. unilaterally, one-way, one-sidedly

jednostranny adj. unilateral, one-way, one-sided

jednovrěmenno adv. simultaneously

jednovrěmenny adj. simultaneous

jednoznačno adv. explicitly, unambiguously, unequivocally

jednoznačny adj. synonymous; explicit, unambiguous, unequivocal

jednoženstvo n. monogamy

jedomy adj. edible, comestible

jedrny adj. nuclear; robust; jedrna energija nuclear energy; jedrna sposobnost nuclear capability;  ~ reaktor nuclear reactor; jedrno odstrašenje nuclear deterrent

jedro n. nucleus, core

jedva adv. hardly, barely

jedvab m. silk

jego pron.pers. him, it

jego pron.poss. his, its

jegov pron.poss. his, its

jehati (jede) v.intr. ipf. go (by transport), ride

jej pron.pers. to her

jej pron.poss. her, hers

jejin pron.poss. her, hers

jela f. spruce

jelec m.anim. dace

jelene n. fawn

jelenina f. venison

jelenj m.anim. deer

jelenji adj. deer’s

jelito n. intestine

jelo n. food

jemela f. mistletoe

Jemen m. Yemen

jemu pron.pers. to him

jen m. yen [¥]

jer conj. because

jerbo conj. because; ~ za because of

jerebina f. sorbus

jerej m.anim. Orthodox priest

jeremiada f. jeremiad

jesenj f. autumn, fall

jesennji, jesenny adj. autumnal

jesetr m.anim. sturgeon

jesetrina f. sturgeon

jesi   ➝   byti

jesm   ➝   byti

jesmo   ➝   byti

jeste   ➝   byti

jestestvo n. being, existence; nature, essence

jesti (je) ipf. eat

jestli conj. if;  ~ trěba if necessary; ~ ne unless

jestvovati v.intr. ipf. exist

jesut   ➝   byti

ješče adv. still, even, yet; ~ dva two more

jeti (jme) ipf. take

jetra liver

Jevrej m.anim. Jew

jevrejskoslovjansky adj. Judeo-Slavic

jevrejsky adj. Jewish

jezda f. drive, ride, driving, riding

jezdec m.anim. knight (chess); rider

jezditi v.intr. ipf. go, ride

jezerny adj. lake

jezero n. lake

jezuit m.anim. Jesuit

Jezus m.anim. Jesus

jezyček (jezyčka) m. uvula

jezyčkovy adj. uvular

jezyčny adj. language

jezyk m. language; tongue

jezykoslovec m.anim. linguist

jezykotvoritelj, jezykotvorec m.anim. language creator, conlanger

jezykotvorjenje, jezykotvorstvo n. language creation, conlanging

jezykověd m.anim. linguist

jezykovědstvo n. linguistics

jezykoznanje n. linguistics

jezykoznavec m.anim. linguist

jezykoznavstvo n. linguistics

jež m.anim. hedgehog

ježdny: ježdna čest f. roadway, traffic area

ježina f. bramble, blackberry

ježiti ipf. bristle; ~ se bristle

jidiš m. Yiddish

jih pron.pers. them

jih pron.poss. their

jihny pron.poss. their

jim pron.pers. to them

jod m. iodine

joga f. yoga

jogurt m. yoghurt

Jordanija f. Jordan

jordansky adj. Jordanian

ju pron.pers. her

jubilej m. anniversary, jubilee

judaizm m. Judaism

jug m. south

Jugoslavija f. Yugoslavia

jugoslavizm m. Yugoslavism

jugoslavsky adj. Yugoslavian

julij m. July

junak m.anim. young man; brave lad

junec m.anim. young bull

junij m. June

junior m.anim. junior

junoš, junoša m.anim. youngster

juny adj. young, juvenile

Jupiter m. Jupiter

jurisdikcija f. jurisdiction

jurok m.anim. brambling

jutrenja f. matins

jutrišnji, jutrišny adj. morning

jutro n. morning

južno adv. southwards

južnoafrikansky adj. South African; Južnoafrikanska Republika South Africa

južnoamerikansky adj. South American

južnoevropejsky adj. Southern European

južnokorejsky adj. South Korean

južnoslovjansky adj. South Slavic

južny adj. southern; Južna Amerika South America; Južna Koreja South Korea; južna polsfera southern hemisphere; Južny okean Southern Ocean; Južny polus South Pole

k, ko prep. (komu/čemu) to, towards

kabaček (kabačka) m. zucchini

kabala f. kabbalah

kabalističny adj. cabbalistic

kabare, kabaret m. cabaret

kabarga f. musk deer

kabelj (kablja) m. cable

kabina f. cabin, cab (truck, lorry)

kabinet m. cabinet

kačer m.anim. drake

kad f. vat

kadilnica f. censer

kadilo n. incense

kaditi v.intr. ipf. cense

kadmij m. cadmium

kadolb m. torso

kadry personnel, cadre

kafe n.indecl. café

kajati se v.refl. ipf. repent

kak, kako adv. as; how

kak, kako prep. like; kako možno ranějše as early as possible; kako možno skorěje as soon as possible; kako toliko as soon as; kako by as if; kako … tako i … both … and …; kako se govori so to speak; kako se tvrdi allegedly

kakao n.indecl. cacao, cocoa

kakati v.intr. ipf. poop, poo

kakoby adv. in a way, kind of, as it were, sort of

kakokoli adv. anyway

kako-libo adv. anyway

kako-nebud adv. anyway

kakost f. quality

kakostny adj. qualitative

kaktus m. cactus

kaky pron.indef. what kind of

kakykoli pron.indef. any kind of

kaky-libo pron.indef. any kind of

kaky-nebud pron.indef. any kind of

kal m. excrement; mud

kalcij m. calcium

kalendar m. calendar

Kalifornija f. California

kaligraf m.anim. calligrapher

kaligrafičny adj. calligraphic

kaligrafija f. calligraphy

kalij m. potassium

kalina f. viburnum, snowball tree, guelder-rose

kaliti ipf. anneal

kalka f. calque

kalkulacija f. calculation

kalkulovati ipf. calculate

kalny adj. murky

kaluža f. pool, puddle

kameněti v.intr. ipf. turn into stone, be petrified

kamenisty adj. stony

kamenj m. stone

kamenny adj. stone; kamenna doba stone age

kamenolom m. quarry, stone-pit

kamenovati ipf. stone

kamera f. camera

kameraman m.anim. cameraman

kamion m. truck, lorry

kamo adv. whither, where (in what direction), whereto

kamokoli adv. to anywhere

kamo-libo adv. to anywhere

kamo-nebud adv. to anywhere

kampanija f. campaign

kamuflaž m. camouflage

Kanada f. Canada

kanadsky adj. Canadian

kanal m. canal, channel

kanalizacija f. sewage, canalisation, canalization

kanalizovati ipf. canalise, canalize

kanarka f. canary

kancelarija f. chancellary

kandidat m.anim. candidate

kandidatura f. candidacy

kandidovati ipf. put forward as a candidate

kanibal m.anim. cannibal

kanibalizm m. cannibalism

kanibalsky adj. cannibalic

kanja f. parasol mushroom; buzzard

kanoe n.indecl. canoe

kanon m. cannon

kanoničny adj. canonical

kanonizovati ipf. canonise, canonize

kapati v.intr. ipf. drip, drop

kapela f. chapel

kaper m.anim. privateer

kaperstvo n. privateering

kapital m. capital; akcionerny ~ joint-stock capital

kapitalist m.anim. capitalist

kapitalističny adj. capitalist

kapitalizm m. capitalism

kapitan m.anim. captain

kapitulacija f. capitulation

kapitulovati ipf. capitulate

kapja f. drop

kapjušon m. hood

kapnuti v.intr. pf. drip, drop

kapriz m. whim

kapriz m.anim. freak

kaprizny adj. freaky, freakish

kaprizovati v.intr. ipf. freak out

kapsula f. capsule

kapuca f. hood

kara f. punishment, penalty, fine

karabin m. gun

karaibsky adj. Caribbean

karamel m. caramel

karantina f. quarantine

karas m.anim. crucian (carp)

karate n.indecl. karate

karati ipf. punish; scold, rebuke, reprimand, reproach

kardinal m.anim. cardinal (church)

kareta f. carriage

karfiol m. cauliflower

kariera f. career

karierist m.anim. careerist

karies m. caries

karlik m.anim. dwarf

karnaval m. carnival

karny adj. disciplinary

karo n. diamonds (cards)

karp m.anim. carp

karta f. card; map

kartina f. picture

kartofelj (kartoflja) m. potato

karton m. cardboard, carton

kastracija f. castration

kastrovati ipf./pf. castrate

kaša f. porridge

kašelj (kašlja) m. cough

kašljati v.intr. ipf. cough

kaštan m. chestnut

kaštanovy adj. brown, chestnut

Kašub m.anim. Kashubian, Cashubian

kašubsky adj. Kashubian, Cashubian

kat m.anim. executioner

katalansky adj. Catalan

katalog m. catalogue

Katalonija f. Catalonia

Katar m. Qatar

katarsky adj. Qatari

katastrofa f. disaster, catastrophe

katastrofičny adj. catastrophic

kate n. duckling

katedrala f. cathedral

kategoričny adj. categorical

kategorija f. category

kategorizacija f. categorization

kategorizovati ipf./pf. categorize

katka f. duck

katočka f. duckling

katolicizm m. Catholicism

katoličsky adj. Catholic

katolik m.anim. Catholic

kava f. coffee

kavalerija f. cavalry

kavarnja f. café

kavka f. jackdaw

Kavkaz m. Caucasus

kavovy adj. coffee

kazahsky, kazašsky adj. Kazakh

Kazahstan m. Kazakhstan

kazarna f. barracks

kazati (kaže) ipf. order; tell, say; ~ se seem

kazino n. casino

kaziti ipf. spoil, mar

kazniti ipf. punish

kaznj f. punishment, penalty, fine

kaž-   ➝   kazati

každodenny adj. daily

každogodišnje adv. annually

každogodišnji, každogodišny adj. annual

každoročno adv. annually

každoročny adj. annual

každy adj. each, every

kde adv. where

kdekoli adv. anywhere, wherever

kde-libo adv. anywhere, wherever

kde-nebud adv. anywhere, wherever

kelner m.anim. waiter

Kelt m.anim. Celt

keltsky adj. Celtic

kemping m. camping

kenguru m.anim. kangaroo

keramičny adj. ceramic

keramika f. ceramic, pottery (material)

kěšenj f. pocket

khaki n.indecl. khaki

kilim m. rug, carpet, kilim

kilobajt m. kilobyte

kilogram m. kilogramme, kilogram

kilometr m. kilometre, kilometer

kinematografija f. cinematography

kino n. cinema

kinooperator m.anim. cameraman

kiosk m. kiosk

Kipr m. Cyprus

kirilica f. Cyrillic alphabet

kiriličsky, kirilsky adj. Cyrillic

kita f. bouquet, bunch, nosegay

Kitaj m. China

Kitajec m.anim. Chinese

Kitajka f. Chinese

kitajsky adj. Chinese

kivi n.indecl. kiwi

klada f. log

kladec, kladez m. water well, draw-well

kladivo n. hammer

klanjati se v.refl. ipf. bow, bend down

klarnet m. clarinet

klas m. ear (bot.); class

klasa f. class

klasičny adj. classical, classic; klasična muzika classical music

klasifikacija f. classification

klasifikovati ipf. classify

klasiti se v.refl. ipf. ear

klasny: klasna komnata f. classroom

klasti (klade) ipf. put, lay

klati (kolje) ipf. cleave, stab, split, sting, thrust, prick; slaughter

klatiti ipf. rock, shake

klavesin m. harpsichord

klaviatura f. keyboard

klavir m. piano

klaviš m. key

klečati (kleče) v.intr. ipf. kneel

klej m. glue

klejiti ipf. glue

klejky adj. sticky, gluey

kleknuti v.intr. pf. kneel

klen m. maple

klěnj m.anim. chub

klenovy adj. maple

klěskanje n. applause

klěskati ipf. applaud

klěšč m.anim. tick

klěšča f. claw (of a crab); klěšče pliers, tongs

kleti (klne) v.intr. ipf. curse, swear

klětka f. cage; cell; ~ krve blood cell

klětočny adj. cell; klětočna terapija cell therapy; klětočno ozdravjenje cell therapy

kletva f. swear word; curse

kleveta f. slander

klevetati v.intr. ipf. slander

klevetnik m.anim. slanderer

klicati ipf. click

klicati (kliče) ipf. shout, call, cheer, cry

klička f. alias, nickname, name (e.g. of a dog)

klient m.anim. client; ~i clientele

klientsky adj. client

klientstvo n. clientele

klik m. click; shout, cry, shriek, scream, cheer

klika f. clique, faction, cabal, coterie

kliknuti pf. click; shout, call, cheer, cry

klima f. climate

klimaks m. climax

klimat m. climate

klimatizacija f. air-conditioning

klimatizator m. air-conditioner

klimatsky adj. climatic; klimatsko potepljenje climate-warming

klin m. wedge

kliničny adj. clinical

klinika f. clinic

kliše n.indecl. cliche

ključ m. key

ključar m.anim. caretaker, housekeeper, locksman, steward

ključnica f. collarbone, clavicle

ključnik m.anim. caretaker, housekeeper, locksman, steward

ključny adj. key, cardinal, fundamental; ključna kost collarbone, clavicle; ključno slovo keyword

kljukva f. cranberry

kljun m. beak

kljunuti pf. peck, pick, pluck

kljusati v.intr. ipf. trot, lope

kljuvati ipf. peck, pick, pluck

klobuk m. hat

klok m. tuft

klokot m. gurgling

klokotati v.intr. ipf. gurgle

klon m. clone

kloniti ipf. bow, bend, incline; ~ se bend down

kloun m.anim. clown

klozet m. closet

klub m. club

klubok m. clew, tangle

kmotr m.anim. godfather

kmotra f. godmother

knegynja f. princess (prince’s wife)

knez m.anim. prince

knežič m.anim. prince

knežna f. princess (daughter)

knežny adj. princely

knežstvo n. principality, duchy

kniga f. book

knigarnja f. bookshop

kniževnost f. literature

kniževny adj. literary

knižka f. booklet

knopka f. button

knot m. wick, candlewick

koala f. koala

koalicija f. coalition

kobalt m. cobalt

kobčik m.anim. red-footed falcon

kobra f. cobra

kobyla f. mare

kočerga f. poker

kod m. code

kodifikacija f. codification

kodifikovati ipf./pf. codify

kodovati ipf. encode, encrypt

kofein m. caffeine

kogda, kogdy adv. when

kogda, kogdy conj. in case, when

kogdakoli, kogdykoli adv. whenever, anytime, ever

kogda-libo, kogdy-libo adv. whenever, anytime, ever

kogda-nebud, kogdy-nebud adv. whenever, anytime, ever

kogo whom

kohezija f. cohesion

koj which

koj pron.rel. which

kojkoli pron.indef. whichever

koj-nebud pron.indef. any

kokain m. cocaine

koketka f. coquette, flirt

koketny adj. coquettish, flirtatious

koketovati v.intr. ipf. flirt

kokodakati v.intr. ipf. cackle

kokoška f. hen, chicken

kokot m.anim. rooster

koktejl m. cocktail

kol m. stake

kol (kla) m. fang, tusk, canine tooth

kolač m. cake

kolaps m. collapse

kolbasa f. penis; sausage

kolěbati ipf. rock, cradle, swing; ~ se hesitate

kolěbka f. cradle

koleda f. Christmas carol

koledž m. college

kolega m.anim. colleague

kolěja f. rail, track, rut

kolektiv m. collective

kolektivny adj. collective

kolěno n. knee

kolhoz m. kolkhoz

kolibri m.anim. hummingbird

količek m. peg

koliko adv. how much

koliko conj. as many;  ~ ja věm as far as I know; ~ ja znaju as far as I know

kolikokoli adv. any amount of, any number of

koliko-libo adv. any amount of, any number of

koliko-nebud adv. any amount of, any number of

kolikoraky adj. how many sorts of

kolikost f. quantity, amount

kolikrat adv. how many times

koliky adj. how big

koljce n. ring

koljko-   ➝   koliko-

kolo (kola/kolese) n. wheel

kolo prep. (kogo/čego) next to, by, around

kolokrěslo n. wheelchair

kolona f. column, pillar; convoy

kolonialny adj. colonial

kolonija f. colony

kolonizacija f. colonisation, colonization

kolonizovati ipf./pf. colonise, colonize

kolor m. colour, color

kolorovati ipf. colour, color

kolovati v.intr. ipf. go round, circulate

kolovrat m. spinning-wheel

kolpak m. globe

Kolumbija f. Colombia

kolumbijsky adj. Colombian

kolzati se v.refl. ipf. glide, slide

kolzky adj. slippery

koma f. coma; comma

komanda f. team, squad

komar m.anim. mosquito

kombinacija f. combination

kombinatorny adj. combinatiorial

kombinovati ipf. combine

komentar m. comment

komentovati ipf. comment

komercialny adj. commercial

kometa f. comet

komfort m. comfort

komfortno adv. comfortably

komičny adj. comical

komik m. comic

komin m. chimney

kominjar m.anim. chimney-sweep

komisar m.anim. commissioner

komisija f. commission

komitet m. committee

komnata f. room

kompakt-disk m. compact disk

kompanija f. company

kompas m. compass

kompatibilnost f. compatibility

kompatibilny adj. compatible

kompensacija f. compensation

kompensovati ipf./pf. compensate

kompetentnost f. competence

kompetentny adj. competent

kompeticija f. competition

kompetitivny adj. competitive

kompjuter m. computer

kompjuterizovany adj. computerized

kompjuterizovati ipf. computerize

kompjuterny adj. computer

kompjuterovanje n. computing

kompjuterovati v.intr. ipf. compute

kompleks m. complex

kompletnost f. completeness

kompletny adj. complete

komplikacija f. complication

komplikovany adj. complicated

komplikovati ipf. complicate

komponent m. component

komponovati ipf. compose

kompozicija f. composition (music)

kompozitor m.anim. composer

kompromis m. compromise

kompromisny adj. compromise

komunikacija f. communication

komunikovati v.intr. ipf. communicate

komunist m.anim. communist

komunističny adj. communistic

komunizm m. communism

koncentracija f. concentration

koncentrovati ipf. concentrate

koncepcija f. concept

konceptualny adj. conceptual

koncert m. concert; concerto

končati ipf. end, finish, complete; ~ se come to an end

končina f. ending

kondicional m. conditional

kondicioner m. air-conditioner

konec m. end; v koncu finally; ~ tydnja weekend

konečnik m. anus

konečno adv. finally, at last

konečnost f. finiteness, finality

konečny adj. final, end, ultimate

konfederacija f. confederation

konferencija f. conference

konfiskovati ipf. confiscate

konflikt m. conflict

konfrontacija f. confrontation

Kongo n. Congo

kongolezsky adj. Congolese

kongres m. congress

koničina f. clover

konina f. horse meat

konj m.anim. horse; knight (chess)

konjak m. cognac

konjar m.anim. hostler, ostler

konjugacija f. conjugation

konjunkcija f. conjunction

konkluzija f. conclusion

konkretno adv. specifically

konkretny adj. concrete

konkurencija f. competition

konkurencijny adj. competitive

konkurent m.anim. competitor

konkurovati v.intr. ipf. compete

konkurs m. competition, contest

konnica f. cavalry

konnik m.anim. horseman

konny adj. equestrian, mounted

konopja f. hemp, marihuana

konopjany adj. hempen

konotacija f. connotation

konserva f. canned food, tinned food

konservativec m.anim. conservative

konservativnost f. conservativeness

konservativny adj. conservative

konservatizm m. conservativism

konservovany adj. conserved

konservovati ipf. preserve, conserve

konsilium m. council

konsistencija f. consistence

konsky adj. horse’s

konsonant m. consonant

konspiracija f. conspiracy

konspirator m.anim. conspirator

Konstantinopol m. Constantinople

konstitucija f. constitution

konstitucijny adj. constitutional

konstrukcija f. construction

konstruovati ipf. construct

konsul m.anim. consul

konsulat m. consulate

konsultacija f. consulting

konsultant m.anim. consultant

konsumerizm m. consumerism

kontakt m. contact

kontekst m. context

kontinent m. continent

kontingent m. force

kontinuum n. continuum

konto n. account

kontrabanda f. smuggled goods; smuggling

kontrabandnik m.anim. smuggler

kontrabandny adj. smuggled

kontrabandovanje n. smuggling

kontrabandovati ipf. smuggle

kontrabas m. double bass

kontracepcija f. contraception

kontrakcija f. contraction

kontrarevolucija f. counterrevolution

kontrast m. contrast

kontratenor m.anim. countertenor

kontrola, kontrolj f. control

kontrolovati ipf. control; supervise

konvencija f. convention

konvencionalny adj. conventional

konvent m. convent

konvoj m. convoy

kooperacija f. cooperation

kooperovati v.intr. ipf. cooperate

koordinacija f. coordination

koordinata f. coordinate

koordinator m.anim. coordinator

koordinovati ipf./pf. coordinate

kopa f. heap

kopač m. excavator

kopaljnja f. mine, sand-pit

kopanje n. digging

kopati ipf. dig

kopějka f. kopek

kopija f. copy

kopijovati, kopirovati ipf. copy

kopje n. spear

kopot f. soot

kopr m. dill

kopriva f. nettle

koprivny adj. nettle

koprovy adj. dill; koprova supa dill soup; koprove ogurky dill pickles

koptsky adj. Coptic

kopytnik m. wild ginger

kopyto n. hoof

kora f. bark, treebark; crust

korab m. ship

korabnica f. sailor

korabnik m.anim. sailor

korabokrušenec m.anim. castaway

korabokrušenje n. shipwreck

koral m.anim. coral

Koran m. Quran, Koran

kordon m. cordon

Koreja f. Korea

korejsky adj. Korean

korekcija f. correction

korektny adj. correct

korektor m.anim. corrector, proofreader

korelativ m. correlative

korenisty adj. rooty

koreniti se v.refl. ipf. take root

korenj m. radical; root

korespondencija f. correspondence

korespondent m.anim. correspondent

koriandr m. coriander

korica f. cinnamon

koričnevy adj. brown

koridor m. corridor

korigovati ipf. correct

korist f. profit, benefit

koristati ipf. use, benefit

koristiti ipf. use, benefit

koristnik m.anim. user

koristny adj. useful, helpful, profitable, favourable, favorable

koriti ipf. scold, reproach

korka f. peel

kornijsky adj. Cornish

korok m. cork

korona f. crown

koronacija f. coronation

koronovati ipf. crown

korporacija f. corporation, company

korporativny adj. corporate

korpus m. corps, corp (mil.)

korupcija f. corruption

korveta f. corvette

koryfej m.anim. coryphaeus

koryto n. bed (river); trough

kos m.anim. blackbird

kosa f. scythe; braid, plait

kosar m. mower

kosba f. mowing

kositi ipf. mow

kosm m. hair lock

kosmaty adj. hairy, shaggy

kosmičny adj. space; kosmična stancija space station; ~ korab spacecraft, spaceship

kosmonavt m.anim. cosmonaut

kosmos m. space

kosooky adj. cross-eyed

Kosovo n. Kosovo

kosovsky adj. Kosovar

kost f. bone

Kostarika f. Costa Rica

kostarikansky adj. Costa Rican

kostel m. church building

kostěnka f. drupe

kostěny adj. made of bone

kostjum m. costume; klasičny ~ business suit

kostka f. block, dice, cube

kostlivy adj. bony

kostny adj. bone;  ~ mozok bone marrow; kostno jedro bone marrow

kosy adj. oblique, slanting

koš m. basket; ~ odpadov garbage can

košarka f. basketball

košenje n. mowing

košerny adj. kosher

koštovati ipf. cost

košulja f. shirt

kot m.anim. cat, tom-cat

kote n. kitten

kotel m. kettle, cauldron, caldron

kotiti se v.refl. ipf. kitten

kotka f. she-cat

kotlar m.anim. brazier

kotlet m. cutlet

kotlina f. basin

kotlovina f. basin

kotory   ➝   ktory

kotva f. anchor

kovač m.anim. blacksmith

kovaljnja f. smithy

kovanje n. forging

kovati ipf. forge

kovčeg m. coffin

koverec m. rug, carpet

koverta f. envelope

kovina f. metal

kovny adj. malleable

kovylj m. feather grass

koza f. goat

kozačsky adj. cossack

kozak m.anim. cossack

kozel (kozla) m.anim. billy goat; ~ odpuščenja scapegoat

kozina f. goat meat

kozji adj. goat’s; kozja brada goatee; salsify

Kozorog m.anim. Capricorn

kozyr m. trump

koža f. hide, skin, leather

koženy adj. leather

kožuh m. fur coat

kožuhar m.anim. furrier

krab m.anim. crab

krabka f. box

kradež f. theft, thievery

kradom adv. stealthily, furtively, surreptitiously

kradža f. theft, thievery

krah m. bust

kraj m. country; edge

krajec m. slice (of bread)

krajevid m. landscape, landscaping

krajina f. region, area; land, country (geography)

krajnec m.anim. extremist

krajno adv. extremely; ~ opasny extremely dangerous

krajnost f. extreme

krajny adj. extreme, utmost; ~ termin deadline

krakati v.intr. ipf. caw

kralica f. queen

kralik m.anim. rabbit

kralj m.anim. king (cards); king (chess); king

kraljev adj. king’s

kraljeva f. queen

kraljevsky adj. royal; kraljevska boa boa constrictor; ~ udav boa constrictor

kraljevstvo n. kingdom

krasa f. beauty

krasavec m.anim. beauty

krasavica f. beauty

krasiti ipf. decorate

krasivost f. beauty

krasivši adj. beautifuler

krasivy adj. beautiful

krasnějši adj. beautifuler

krasnica f. beauty

krasnorěčivost f. eloquence

krasnorěčivy adj. eloquent

krasnost f. beauty

krasny adj. beautiful, pretty

krasopis m. calligraphy

krasopisec m.anim. calligrapher

krasota f. beauty

krasta f. scab

krastavy adj. mangy, scabious

krasti (krade) ipf. steal; ~ se sneak

kratko adv. briefly

kratkonogy adj. short-legged

kratkost f. shortness, brevity

kratkotrajny adj. short-lasting, short-lived, ephemeral

kratkovidnik m.anim. nearsighted person

kratkovidnost f. nearsightedness

kratkovidny adj. nearsighted

kratky adj. short, brief

-kratno suffix times

krava f. cow

kravata f. tie, necktie

kravji adj. cow’s

krč m. cramp

krčiti ipf. contract

krčma f. tavern

kreativnost f. creativity

kreativny adj. creative

kreda f. chalk

kredenc m. buffet, sideboard

kredit m. credit

krěhky adj. frail, fragile

krem m. body cream

kremenisty adj. silicious

kremenj m. flint, flintstone

kremenny adj. flint

Kremlj m. Kremlin

kremnij m. silicon

kremovy adj. creamy

kreol m. Creole

kreolsky adj. Creole

krěpěti v.intr. ipf. become stronger

krěpiti ipf. strengthen, make stronger

krěpkost f. vigour, vigor

krěpky adj. firm, solid, strong, vigorous

krěpost f. fortress, stronghold

kresalo n. tinderbox

kresati ipf. produce sparks

krěslo n. armchair, seat

krest m. baptisement, baptism, christening

krestitelj m.anim. baptist (person who baptizes)

krestiti ipf. baptise, baptize, christen

krestny: krestna mati f. godmother; ~ otec godfather

krestovy: ~ pohod m. crusade

kreščenje n. baptisement, baptism, christening

kreten m.anim. moron, idiot, cretin

kretensky adj. idiotic, cretinous

krevetka f. shrimp, prawn

kričati (kriči) ipf. shout, scream, yell, cry

krijumčariti ipf. smuggle

krik m. shout, scream, yell, cry

kriket m. cricket (sport)

kriknuti pf. shout, scream, yell, cry

krilaty adj. winged, alar

krilo n. wing

kripta f. crypt

kristal m. crystal

kristalizovati ipf./pf. crystallize

kristalny adj. crystal

kriterij m. criterion

kritičny adj. critical, crucial

kritik m.anim. critic

kritika f. criticism

kritikovati ipf. criticise

kriva (krivoj) f. curve

krivda f. falsehood; wrong, wrongdoing

krivditi v.intr. ipf. lie

krivina f. curve

kriviti ipf. curve, bend, twist

krivoboky adj. lopsided

krivonogy adj. bow-legged

krivoprisežničstvo n. perjury

krivošija f. torticollis, stiff neck

krivota f. crookedness, curvature

krivověrnik m.anim. heretic

krivověrstvo n. heresy

krivy adj. crooked, twisted, bent, curved, awry; false; wrong; guilty

kriza f. crisis

križ m./f. cross

križenosec m.anim. cross-bearer, crucifer

križevka f. crossword puzzle

križišče n. intersection

krjakati v.intr. ipf. quack

krma f. fodder

krmiti ipf. feed

krmjenje n. meal, feeding

krmny adj. feeding; krmna trubka feeding tube

kroček m. perineum, taint

kroha f. crumb

kroj m. style (clothes); cut

krojač m.anim. tailor

krojiti ipf. cut

krok m. step

kroket m. croquet; croquette

krokodil m.anim. crocodile

kromě prep. (kogo/čego) except; ~ togo besides, moreover, furthermore

kronika f. chronicle

kronikar m.anim. chronicler

kropilo n. sprinkler, aspergillum

kropiti v.intr. ipf. sprinkle

krošiti ipf. crumble, chop into pieces; ~ se crumble

krot m.anim. mole

krotiti ipf. tame

krotky adj. tame, gentle, meek

krotost f. meekness

krov f. blood

krovny adj. blood; krovna infekcija blood infection;  ~ pritisk blood pressure; krovno těljče blood corpuscle

krtovina f. molehill

krug m. circle

krugla f. ball

kruglomet m. assault rifle, machine gun

krugly adj. round; ~ stol round table

krugovy adj. circular

krupa f. groats

krušina f. buckthorn

krutiti ipf. twist, twirl, whirl; ~ se spin

kruty adj. cruel

kruženje n. spin, whirl

kružiti ipf. spin, whirl; ~ se spin, whirl

krv   ➝   krov

krvavy adj. bloody; krvavši bloodier

krvinok m. blood cell

krviti v.intr. ipf. bleed

krvopijec m.anim. bloodsucker

krvoprolitje n. bloodshed

krvotok m. hemorrhage

Krym m. Crimea; Crimea

krysa f. rat

kryti ipf. hide, conceal, cover; ~ se hide oneself

krzno n. fur

ksenofob m.anim. xenophobe

ksenofobija f. xenophobia

ksilofon m. xylophone

kto who

ktokoli pron.indef. anyone, anybody

kto-nebud pron.indef. anyone, anybody

ktory pron.indef. which

ktory pron.rel. which

ktorykoli pron.indef. any

ktory-libo pron.indef. any

ktory-nebud pron.indef. any

kub m. cube

Kuba f. Cuba

Kubanec m.anim. Cuban

kubansky adj. Cuban

kubičny adj. cubic

kubok m. cup (sport)

kudělj f. tow, distaff

kuder m. curl

kudlaty adj. hairy, shaggy

kudravy adj. curly, curly-haired

kudy adv. which way

kudykoli adv. any way, whatever way

kudy-libo adv. any way, whatever way

kudy-nebud adv. any way, whatever way

kufer (kufra) m. suitcase

kuhar m.anim. cook

kuharka f. cook

kuharsky adj. culinary, gastronomic

kuharstvo n. gastronomy

kuhati ipf. cook

kuhenny adj. kitchen

kuhnja f. kitchen, cuisine

kukati v.intr. ipf. cuckoo

kukla f. doll, puppet

kukolj m. cockle

kukučka f. cuckoo

kukuruza f. corn

kulemet m. machine gun

kulik m.anim. wading bird

kulinarny adj. culinary

kulja f. bullet, ball, sphere

kuljgati v.intr. ipf. limp

kuljgavy adj. lame

kulminacija f. climax

kulminovati v.intr. ipf. climax

kultivar m. cultivar

kultura f. culture

kulturny adj. cultural

kum m.anim. godfather

kuma f. godmother

kuna f. marten

kup m. purchase

kupa f. pile

kupaljnja f. bathroom

kupanje n. bathing

kupati ipf. bathe; ~ se take a bath

kupec m.anim. buyer; merchant, trader

kupelj f. bath

kupina f. bramble, blackberry

kupiti pf. buy

kupja f. purchase

kupola f. cupola, dome

kupon m. coupon

kupoprodaž f. purchase agreement

kupovatelj m.anim. buyer

kupovati ipf. buy

kur m.anim. rooster

kura f. hen, chicken

kurec m. penis, dick

kuretina f. chicken (meat)

kurgan m. tumulus

kuriozny adj. curious, funny, odd

kuriti ipf. smoke

kurivo n. smokes, fags, tobacco

kurji adj. hen’s

kurnik m. coop, hennery

kuropatva f. partridge

kurort m. resort

kurs m. course

kursiv m. italics

kursivny adj. italic

kursor m. cursor

kurva f. whore

kus m. piece, chunk, slice; scut

kusati ipf. bite

kusnuti pf. bite

kusok m. piece

kust m. bush, shrub

kustomizovanje n. customisation, customization

kustomizovati pf. customise, customize

kusy adj. bobtailed, tailless; short

kut m. corner

kutny adj. corner

kuvalda f. sledgehammer

Kuvejt m. Kuwait

kuzen m.anim. cousin (male)

kuzina f. cousin (female)

kuznja f. smithy

kvadrat m. square

kvadratny adj. square

kvakati v.intr. ipf. croak

kvalifikovati ipf. qualify

kvalitet m. quality

kvantitativny adj. quantitative

kvantovy: kvantova mehanika f. quantum mechanics

kvarc m. quartz

kvartal m. quarter

kvartira f. flat, apartment, quarters, lodgings

kvas m. kvass, quass; yeast

kvasiti v.intr. ipf. ferment

kvestija f. question, matter, issue

kvičati (kviče) v.intr. ipf. squeak

kvintesencija f. quintessence

kvitancija f. receipt

kviz m. quiz

kvokati v.intr. ipf. cluck

kvorum m. quorum

kydati ipf. throw

kydnuti pf. throw

kyhati v.intr. ipf. sneeze

kyhnuti v.intr. pf. sneeze

kyj m. stick

Kyjev m. Kiev

kyjevsky adj. Kievan

kyla f. hernia

kymati v.intr. ipf. nod

kymnuti v.intr. pf. nod

kypěnje n. ebullition

kypěti (kipi) v.intr. ipf. boil over

kyrgyzsky adj. Kyrgyz

Kyrgyzstan m. Kyrgyzstan

kyslina f. acid

kyslorod m. oxygen

kysly adj. sour, acidic; kysle ogurky dill pickles

kysnuti v.intr. ipf. turn sour

kyt m.anim. whale

kyvati v.intr. ipf. nod

kyvnuti v.intr. pf. nod

labed m.anim. swan; diky ~ wild swan

labedji adj. swan’s

laboratorija f. laboratory, lab

lager m. camp

lagodno adv. gently, mildly, leniently, placably

lagodnost f. gentleness, mildness, meekness, leniency

lagodny adj. gentle, mild, meek, lenient, placable, smooth, suave, sweet, agreeable, accommodating

laj m. bark

lajanje n. barking

lajati (laje) v.intr. ipf. bark

lajno n. dung, turd, droppings, shit

lakomec m.anim. scrooge, miser

lakomstvo n. greed, avarice

lakomy adj. greedy, avaracious, covetous

lakoničny adj. laconic, laconical

lakot (lakta) m. elbow

lama f. llama

lamanje n. breaking

lamati ipf. break

lampa f. lamp

lancuh m. chain

lanec m. chain

lanj f. hind; fallow deer

lanji adv. yesteryear, last year

lansky adj. last year’s

lapa f. paw

lapati ipf. paw

lapka f. quotation mark

Laplandija f. Lapland

laser m. laser

lasica f. weasel

laska f. favour, favor, grace; flattery, blarney; kindness; tenderness

laskati ipf. caress, fondle, pet; flatter

laskavy adj. flattering; gentle; kind; tender

laso n. lasso

lastovica f. swallow

latati ipf. patch

lateks m.anim. latex

latinica f. Latin alphabet

latinsky adj. Latin

Latvija f. Latvia

Latyš m.anim. Latvian

latyšsky adj. Latvian

lava f. lava

lavanda f. lavender

lavina f. slide, avalanche

lavka f. bench

lavr m. laurel

lavreat m.anim. laureate, prizewinner

laziti v.intr. ipf. climb; crawl

laznja f. bathhouse

lb-   ➝   lob

le adv. just; only

lěčebny adj. medicinal

lěčenje n. treatment, cure

lěčiljnja f. hospital

lěčitelj m.anim. healer

lěčiti ipf. heal, cure

led m. ice

leděněti v.intr. ipf. freeze

leděniti ipf. freeze

leděny adj. ice; leděna gora iceberg; leděna svěča icicle

lednik m. glacier

ledolomač m. icebreaker

ledovec m. glacier

ledovity adj. icy

ledva adv. hardly, barely

ledvica f. kidney

ledvičny adj. kidney; ~ kamenj kidney stone

legalizovati ipf. legalise, legalize

legalny adj. legal

legati ipf. hatch

legenda f. legend

legendarny adj. legendary

legija f. legion

legion m. legion

legitimny adj. legitimate, lawful

legko adv. easily

legkomysljny adj. frivolous

legkost f. lightness

legkověrny adj. credulous, gullible

legky adj. easy, light, slight; legke pěnezy easy money

legovišče n. den, lair

legše adv. easier

legši adj. easier

legti v.intr. ipf. lie down; hatch

lehitsky adj. Lechitic

lejka f. sprinkling can

lejtenant m.anim. lieutenant

lěk m. medicine, drug

lěkar m.anim. physician, doctor

lěkarka f. doctor

lěkarsky adj. medical

lěkarstvo n. medicine, drug

lekcija f. lecture, lesson, class period

leksičny adj. lexical

leksika f. lexicon

leksikon m. lexicon

lektor m.anim. lecturer

lelek m.anim. nightjar

lemeš m. ploughshare

len (ljna) m. linen

lenišče n. linen field

lěniti se v.refl. ipf. be lazy

lěnivec m.anim. lazy person

lěnivo adv. lazily

lěnivost f. laziness, indolence

lěnivy adj. lazy, indolent

lěnjest f. laziness

lěnji adj. lazy

leopard m.anim. leopard; sněžny ~ snow leopard

lepetanje n. babble, prattle

lepetati v.intr. ipf. babble, prattle

lěpilo n. glue

lěpiti ipf. stick, glue; ~ se cling

lěpje adv. better

lěpkost f. stickiness

lěpky adj. sticky, adhesive

lěpo adv. nicely, prettily, handsomely

lěpota f. beauty

lepra f. leprosy

lěpši adj. better

lěpy adj. pretty, handsome

lěs m. forest, wood

lěsisty adj. wooded

lěska f. hazel

leskati v.intr. ipf. shine

lesknuti v.intr. pf. shine

lěsnik m.anim. forester

lěsny adj. forest;  ~ orěh hazelnut;  ~ požar forest fire; ~ rog French horn

lěsok m. grove

lest f. ruse, wile, trick

lěstvica f. ladder

lešč m.anim. bream

leščina f. hazel

let m. flight; ~ova kabina flight deck

lěta years

letač m.anim. aviator

lětalo n. aircraft, airliner

lětanje n. flight

lětati v.intr. ipf. fly; lětajuča myš bat

letěti (leti) v.intr. ipf. fly

letišče n. airport

-lětje n. year

lětnji, lětny adj. summery, summer; lětnji solncevrat summer solstice

lěto n. summer

letok m. leaflet, flyer

lětopis m. chronicle, annals

lětopisec m.anim. chronicler, annalist

lětovati v.intr. ipf. spend the summer

lětovišče n. summer residence

lev (ljva) m.anim. lion; Lev Leo

lěvak m.anim. left-handed person

lěvica f. left hand; leftwing

levji adj. lion’s

lěvoruky adj. left-handed

lěvy adj. left; na lěvo to the left

lězti v.intr. ipf. climb; crawl

ležati (leži) v.intr. ipf. lie, recline

ležiped m. recumbent bicycle

ležišče n. bed

ležkovina f. bedding

lganje n. lying

lgar m.anim. liar

lgarka f. liar

lgati (lže) v.intr. ipf. lie

li conj. whether, if

li particle question particle

Liban m. Lebanon

libansky adj. Lebanese

liberalizacija f. liberalisation, liberalization

liberalizm m. liberalism

liberalizovati ipf. liberalise, liberalize

liberalny adj. liberal

Libija f. Libya

libijsky adj. Libyan

libovoljny adj. optional, arbitrary

lice (lica/ličese) n. cheek; face

liceměr m.anim. hypocrite

liceměriti v.intr. ipf. cant

liceměrje n. hypocrisy

liceměrka f. hypocrite

liceměrno adv. hypocritically

liceměrny adj. hypocritical

licencija f. licence, license

ličinka f. larva

lično adv. personally

ličnost f. personality

ličny adj. personal

lider m.anim. leader

lift m. lift, elevator

liga f. league

ligatura f. ligature

lignit m. lignite, brown coal

Lihtenštejn m. Liechtenstein

lihva f. usury, moneylending, gombeen; interest, profit

lihvar m.anim. moneylender, usurer, loan shark

lihvarsky adj. usurious

lihvarstvo n. usury

lihy adj. evil, bad; odd, weird; superfluous

liker m. liqueur

likvidacija f. liquidation, abolition, dissolution, disposal

likvidator m.anim. liquidator

likvidovati ipf./pf. liquidate, abolish, dispose of, eliminate

lilovy adj. lilac

limfa f. lymph

limitovati ipf. limit

limon m. lemon

limonada f. lemonade

limuzina f. limousine

lin m.anim. tench

linearny adj. linear

lingvističny adj. linguistic

linija f. line

linijka f. ruler, straightedge

linjati v.intr. ipf. moult, molt

link m. link

linza f. lens

lipa f. linden, lime tree

lipan m.anim. grayling

lipenj m. July

lise n. fox cub

lisica f. fox

lisička f. chanterelle

lisji adj. fox’s

list m. leaf; sheet

listje n. foliage

listny adj. foliar

listok m. petal

listopad m. fall of leaves; November

listovka f. leaflet, flyer

lišaj m. lichen; tetter, herpes

lišiti ipf. deprive

litera f. letter (alphabet)

literarny adj. literary

literatura f. literature

literaturny adj. literary; ~ jezyk literary language

liti (lije) ipf. cast (metal), found (metal); pour

litij m. lithium

litovsky adj. Lithuanian

litr m. litre, liter

liturgičny adj. liturgical

liturgija f. liturgy

Litva f. Lithuania

Litvanec m.anim. Lithuanian

Litvanka f. Lithuanian

liva f. downpour

livada f. meadow

livny adj. pelting

lizanje n. licking

lizati (liže) ipf. lick

liznuti pf. lick

ljaljka f. doll

ljn-   ➝   len

ljněny adj. linen, flaxen

ljstiti ipf. flatter, cajole

ljstivy adj. sly, cunning

ljuba f. love, darling, sweetheart

ljubezno adv. lovably, amiably, affably, courteously

ljubezny adj. kind, lovable, amiable, affable, courteous

ljubimec m.anim. favourite, favorite

ljubimy adj. beloved

ljubitelj m.anim. lover; amateur

ljubiti ipf. love, like, be fond of; ne ~ dislike

ljubljana f. Ljubljana

ljubopytnost f. curiosity

ljubopytny adj. curious, inquisitive

ljubost f. delight, pleasure

ljubov f. love, affection

ljubovnica f. lover

ljubovnik m.anim. lover

ljubovno adv. lovingly

ljubovny adj. love, amorous; loving

ljuby (-ogo) m.anim. darling, sweetheart

ljud m. folk, common people

ljudi people

ljudny adj. populous

ljudobijstvo n. genocide

ljudojed m.anim. cannibal

ljudojedsky adj. cannibalistic

ljudojedstvo n. cannibalism

ljudovy: ljudova sila f. people power

ljudožerec m.anim. cannibal

ljudožersky adj. cannibalistic

ljudožerstvo n. cannibalism

ljudskost f. humanity

ljudsky adj. humane, human, people’s

ljudstvo n. humanity, mankind, humankind; citizenry

ljuljati ipf. rock

ljuljka f. pipe (tobacco)

ljutnja f. lute

ljutost f. ferocity

ljuty adj. fierce, ferocious

ljuty (-ogo) m. February

ljv-   ➝   lev

ljve n. lion cub

ljvica f. lioness

lob (lba) m. skull

lobanja f. skull

lobi m.indecl. lobby

lobist m.anim. lobbyist

loboda f. orache

lobovati v.intr. ipf. lobby

lod f. ship

lodka f. boat

logaritm m. logarithm

logično adv. logically

logičny adj. logical

logika f. logic

logopedija f. logopedics, speech therapy

logovati se v.refl. ipf. log in, log on

loj m. suet, tallow

lojalist m.anim. loyalist

lojalnost f. loyality

lojalny adj. loyal

lojiti ipf. tallow

lokalitet m. locality

lokati ipf. lap up

lokativ m. locative

loknuti pf. lap up

lokomotiva f. locomotive

lom m. crowbar; scrap, debris

lomiti ipf. break

lomjenje n. breaking

lomlivy adj. breakable, fragile, brittle

London m. London

lono n. lap; womb

lopata f. shovel, spade

lopatka f. shoulder blade, scapula

lopuh m. burdock

lori m.anim. lory

los m.anim. elk, moose

losion m. lotion

loskotati (loskoče) ipf. tickle

losos m.anim. salmon

lososina f. salmon (meat)

loše adv. badly

loši adj. bad

loterija f. lottery

lov m. hunt; catch (fish)

lovec m.anim. bishop (chess); hunter

lovečsky adj. hunter’s

lovhata f. hunting lodge

lovišče n. hunting ground

lovitelj m.anim. hunter

loviti ipf. catch; hunt, fish for; ~ rybu fish

lovitva f. hunt

lovjenje n. hunting

lovny adj. hunting

loza f. branch, twig, vine; vinna ~ grapevine

lož (lži) f. lie

lože n. bed

ložica f. spoon

ložička: čajna ~ f. teaspoon

ložišče n. bearing

ložka f. spoon; stolova ložica tablespoon

ložnost f. falsehood; falsity

ložny adj. false

luč m./f. ray, beam

lučiti ipf. beam

lučše adv. better

lučši adj. better

ludy adj. crazy, mad, insane

luk m. bow (weapon); arch; onion

luka f. meadow

lukavstvo n. slyness, trickery

lukavy adj. sly, cunning, deceitful

lukovica f. bulb

lukovy adj. onion

Luksemburg m. Luxembourg

luksemburžsky adj. Luxemburgish

luminescencija f. luminescence

luna f. moon

lunatik m.anim. sleepwalker

lunny adj. moon; lunno světlo moonlight

lupina f. peel

lupiti ipf. peel

luska f. scale (fish)

luskati ipf. shell

luščina f. shell

luščiti ipf. shell

luteransky adj. Lutheran

lužičsky adj. Sorbian

lyko n. bast; fibre, fiber

lysěti v.intr. ipf. go bald

lysina f. baldness

lyska f. coot

lysy adj. bald

lyža f. ski

lž-   ➝   lgati; lož

lžec m.anim. liar

lživost f. mendacity

lživy adj. lying, mendacious

mačeha f. stepmother

Madagaskar m. Madagascar

Madjar m.anim. Hungarian

Madjarija f. Hungary

madjarizacija f. Magyarisation, Magyarization

Madjarka f. Hungarian

Madjarska f. Hungary

madjarsky adj. Hungarian

magazin m. magazine; shop

magičny adj. magical

magistr m.anim. master

magnat m.anim. magnate

magnet m. magnet

magnetičny adj. magnetic

magnetofon m. tape recorder

magnezij m. magnesium

mah m. stroke, quick movement

mahati v.intr. ipf. wave, swing, wag, beckon, brandish;  ~ glavoju shake one’s head; ~ hvostom wag one’s tail

mahinacija f. machination, dealing

mahnuti v.intr. pf. wave, swing, wag, beckon, brandish; ~ glavoju shake one’s head

maj m. May

majak m. lighthouse

majonez m. mayonnaise

major m.anim. major

majsky: ~ hrušč m.anim. cockchafer

majstr m.anim. master

majstrovsky adj. masterly, masterful; majstrovsko dělo masterpiece

mak m. poppy; diky ~ wild poppy

Makedonec m.anim. Macedonian

Makedonija f. Macedonia

makedonsky adj. Macedonian

makijaž m. make-up

makovka f. poppyhead

maksimalno adv. at most

maksimalny adj. maximal

maksimum m. maximum

malajsky adj. Malay

Malajzija f. Malaysia

malarija f. malaria

malenjkost f. trifle

malenjky adj. tiny

malěti v.intr. ipf. decrease, lessen

malina f. raspberry

malinovy adj. raspberry

maljar m.anim. painter

maljevati ipf. paint

malo adv. few, little, a bit, a little

malodušny adj. faint-hearted, pusillanimous

malokrvje n. anaemia

malolětny adj. minor, underage

maloljudny adj. sparsely populated

maloměrny adj. undersized

malomolvny adj. taciturn

malost f. smallness; trifle

malovažny adj. unimportant, of little importance

malověrny adj. sceptical

malovodny adj. shallow

malpa, malpica f. monkey, ape

Malta f. Malta

maltretovati ipf. mistreat, maltreat

maly adj. small, little

mama f. mummy, mommy, mum, mom

mamin adj. mother’s

mamiti ipf. cheat, delude, fool, deceive, hoodwink

mamlivy adj. deceptive

mamut m.anim. mammoth

mandat m. mandate, term of office

mandolina f. mandolin

manera f. manner

maněrka f. flask

manevr m. maneuver

manevrovati ipf./pf. maneuver

manevry maneuvers

mangan m. manganese

mango n. mango

manifest m. manifesto

manipulacija f. manipulation

manipulovati ipf. manipulate

manžeta f. cuff

mapa f. map

marakasy maracas

marakuja f. passion fruit

marcipan m. marzipan

marec m. March

marena f. madder

marginalizacija f. marginalization

marginalizovati ipf./pf. marginalize

marginalny adj. marginal

marihuana f. marihuana

marimba f. marimba

marionetka f. puppet, marionette

marka f. stamp, postage stamp

marker m. marker pen

marlivo adv. diligently

marlivost f. diligence

marlivy adj. diligent

marmelada f. marmalade

Maroko n. Morocco

Mars m. Mars

Marsian, Marsianin m.anim. Martian

marš m. march

maršal m. marshal

marširovati v.intr. ipf. march

maršrut m. route, itinerary

maršrutka f. fixed-route taxi

marža f. margin (profit)

masa f. mass

masakrovati ipf. massacre

masaž m. massage

masirovati ipf. massage

masivny adj. massive

maska f. mask

maskovati ipf./pf. mask

maslina f. olive

maslinovy adj. olive; ~ olej olive oil

masljak m. slippery jack

maslo n. butter

masovy adj. mass, massive

mast f. ointment

mastiti ipf. apply ointment

masturbacija f. masturbation

masturbovanje n. masturbating

masturbovati v.intr. ipf. masturbate, wank

mašina f. machine, engine

mašinalno adv. mechanically

mašinist m.anim. typist

mašinopisec m.anim. typist

mašinostrojenje n. machine building

mat m. mate (chess)

matčina f. motherland, homeland

matematik m.anim. mathematician

matematika f. mathematics

material m. material

materialny adj. material

materica f. uterus

materija f. matter

materin adj. mother’s

materinsky adj. motherly

materinstvo n. motherhood, maternity

matersky adj. motherly; materska klětka stem cell; materska ljubov motherly love

mati (matere) f. mother

matka f. mother

matrica f. matrix

matuška f. priest’s wife

mavzolej m. mausoleum

maz f. smear, cream

mazati (maže) ipf. smear, besmear, stain, soil; stain, dirty

mazilo n. ointment, unguent

mazivo n. smear, lubricant

me pron.pers. me

mebelj m. furniture

meblovati ipf./pf. furnish

mecosopran m. mezzosoprano

meč m. sword; ball

mečkati ipf. mash, crumple

mečta f. dream (wish), daydream

mečtatelj m.anim. dreamer

mečtateljny adj. dreamy

mečtati v.intr. ipf. dream (wish), daydream

med m. honey

měd m./f. copper

medalist m.anim. medallist

medalistka f. medallist

medalj f. medal

medbrat m.anim. nurse

medicina f. medicine

medija media

meditacija f. meditation

meditovati v.intr. ipf. medidate

medliti v.intr. ipf. delay, linger, stall, procrastinate, be slow

medlo adv. slowly

medly adj. dim, faint, feeble; slow

mědny, měděny adj. copper; mědny dyhovy instrument brass instrument

medonosny adj. melliferous

medovar m.anim. mead maker

medovina f. mead

medovy adj. honey

medsestra f. nurse

medunka f. lungwort (pulmonaria)

meduza f. jellyfish

medvěd m.anim. bear

medvěd-grizli m.anim. grizzly bear

medvědica f. she-bear

medvědik m. teddy-bear

medvědji adj. ursine; medvědje objetje bearhug

medvědny adj. bearish

medvědže n. bear cub

medvědžina f. bear meat

medža f. boundary

medžny adj. frontier

medžu prep. (kogo/čto) between (direction), among (direction); (kym/čim) between, among, amongst;  ~ drugymi among other things, inter alia; ~ inymi among other things, inter alia

medžudržavny adj. interstate, multinational

medžugorje n. land between mountains

medžugradny adj. intercity

medžugradsky adj. intercity

medžukontinentalny adj. intercontinental

medžukulturny adj. intercultural

medžuljudsky adj. interhuman

medžumetje n. interjection

medžunarodny adj. international

medžuplanetarny adj. interplanetary

medžurěčje n. land between rivers

medžuregionalny adj. interregional

medžuslovjansky adj. Interslavic

medžusobny adj. interchangeable, mutual

medžutym adv. however

medžuvlastje n. interregnum

medžuvrěme n. time interval, meantime

medžuvrěmenno adv. meanwhile

medžuzvězdny adj. interstellar

megabajt m. megabyte

měh m. bellows

mehaničny adj. mechanical

mehanik m.anim. mechanic

mehanika f. mechanics

mehanizm m. mechanism

měhur m. bladder

měhurny adj. bladder

měhurok m. bubble

mejnstrim m. mainstream

mekati v.intr. ipf. bleat

mekčeti v.intr. ipf. become soft

mekčiti ipf. soften

mekko adv. softly, gently

mekkost f. softness

mekky adj. soft

meksikansky adj. Mexican

Meksiko n. Mexico

mekše adv. softer

mělina f. shoal

mělj f. shoal

mělky adj. shallow

mělnik m.anim. miller

melodičny adj. melodic, melodious

melodija f. melody

memorandum n. memorandum

memorial m. memorial

měna f. change, exchange

mene pron.pers. me

menedžer m.anim. manager

menj m.anim. burbot

měnjati ipf. change, exchange

měnjati se v.refl. ipf. alternate, vary, fluctuate

menje adv. less, smaller

menju m.indecl. menu

měnlivy adj. changeable

menstruacija f. menstruation, period

menši adj. lesser, smaller

menšinstvo n. minority

mentalnost f. mentality

mentalny adj. mental

mentor m.anim. mentor

měra f. measure, extent, degree

meridian m. meridian

měrilo n. criterion, standard

měriti v.intr. ipf. aim; measure

měrjenje n. measurement

měrka f. ruler (for measuring)

Merkurij m. Mercury

měrny adj. measuring; rhythmic, rhythmical

měrodajny adj. relevant; authoratitive, decisive

mesar m.anim. butcher

mesarnja f. butchery, butcher’s shop

měsec m. month; moon

měsečina f. monthly salary

měsečnica f. menstruation, period

měsečnik m. monthly

měsečno adv. monthly

měsečny adj. monthly; moon, lunar; měsečna gazeta monthly newspaper;  ~ žurnal monthly magazine; měsečno světlo moonlight

mesisty adj. meaty, fleshy

měsiti ipf. knead

mesnik m.anim. butcher

mesny adj. meat

meso n. meat

mesojed m.anim. carnivore

mesojedny adj. carnivorous

Mesopotamija f. Mesopotamia

mesožerec m.anim. carnivore

mesožerny adj. carnivorous

městečko n. borough

mesti (mete) ipf. sweep

městnik, městny padež m. locative

městnost f. area, locality

městny adj. local; měste izbory local elections

město n. place, site; ~ rodženja birthplace

městoime n. pronoun

městopoloženje n. location

městoviti ipf. situate

městovjenje n. siting

mešalka f. mixer, agitator

měšanec m.anim. hybrid, half-breed, mongrel; multi-racial person, half-blood

měšanina f. hodgepodge, mishmash, jumble

měšanje n. interference

měšatelj m. blender, mixer

měšati ipf. mix, blend

měščan, měščanin m.anim. bourgeois

měščanstvo n. bourgeoisie

měšek m. bag, sack

met m. throw

meta f. aim, target, goal; mint

metabolizm m. metabolism

metafor m. metaphor

metal m. metal

metaličny adj. metallic

metalurgija f. metallurgy

metati ipf. throw, toss

mětati ipf. sweep;  ~ monetu toss a coin; ~ těnj na cast a shadow

metenje n. sweep

meteorit m. meteorite

meteorolog m.anim. meteorologist

metež m. insurgency, rebellion, mutiny

metežny adj. mutinous

meti (mne) ipf. crumple

metla f. broom

metnuti pf. throw, toss; ~ těnj na cast a shadow

metoda f. method

metr m. metre, meter

metrika f. metric

metro n. metro

metropolija f. metropolis

mezalians m. misalliance

mězga f. sap

mgla f. mist, fog, haze

mglati v.intr. ipf. fog, fog up

mglisty adj. foggy

mi pron.pers. to me

mig m. wink, blink; v  ~ in a blink; v ~ oka in a blink of an eye

miganje n. winking

migati v.intr. ipf. wink, blink

migdalj m. almond

mignuti v.intr. pf. wink, blink

migracija f. migration

mikrobus m. minibus

mikrogram m. microgramme, microgram

mikroskop m. microscope

mikroskopičny adj. microscopic

mikrovalny: mikrovalna peč f. microwave oven

mikrovolnovy: mikrovolnova peč f. microwave oven

miliard num.card. milliard, billion [10^9]

milicija f. militia

miligram m. milligramme, milligram

mililitr m. millilitre, milliliter

milimetr m. millimetre, millimeter

milion num.card. million

militantny adj. militant

militarizm m. militarism

milja f. mile

milosrdje n. mercy, charity

milosrdny adj. merciful

milost f. grace, favour, favor

milostivy adj. gracious

milostynja f. alms

milovany adj. beloved

milovati ipf. caress, fondle; cherish; love

mily adj. sweet, nice, pleasant

mim m.anim. mime artist

mimičny adj. mimic

mimika f. body language, gesture

mimo prep. (kogo/čego) past, by

mimohodeči adv. in passing

mimohodny adj. incidental

mimohodom adv. incidentally, by the way, in passing

mimovoljno adv. involuntarily, unintenionally

mimovoljny adj. involuntary, unintentional

minaret m. minaret

mineral m. mineral; ~na voda mineral water

minet m. blow job

miniatura f. miniature

minibus m. minibus

minimalizovati ipf./pf. minimise, minimize

minimalny adj. minimal

minimum n. minimum

ministerstvo n. ministry; Ministerstvo Finansov Ministry of Finances; Ministerstvo Obrany Ministry of Defense; Ministerstvo Pravosudja Ministry of Justice; Ministerstvo Vnutrišnjih Děl Ministry of Internal Affairs; Ministerstvo Vněšnjih Děl Ministry of Foreign Affairs

ministr m.anim. minister

minovati ipf. elapse, pass, pass by

Minsk m. Minsk

minulost f. past

minuly adj. past

minus conj. minus

minuta f. minute

minuti pf. elapse, pass, pass by

mir m. peace; quiet

miraž m. mirage

miriti ipf. reconcile

mirny adj. peaceful

misija f. mission

misionar m. missionary

miska f. bowl

mističny adj. mystic

mistifikacija f. hoax, mystification

mistik m.anim. mystic

mit m. myth

mitičny adj. mythical

mitologičny adj. mythological

mitologija f. mythology

mizantrop m.anim. misanthrope

mizantropija f. misanthropy

míljny: miljny kamenj m. milestone

mjau intj. meow

mjuzikl m. musical

mlačenje n. thrashing, threshing

mladčica f. toddler

mladčik m.anim. toddler

mlade n. cub

mladec m.anim. youngster, boy

mladečstvo n. boyhood

mladenec m.anim. adolescent

mladensky adj. adolescent

mladěti v.intr. ipf. become younger

mladež f. youth (collective)

mladežny adj. youth, youngsters’

mladica f. youngster

mladost f. youth (young years)

mladostno adv. youthfully

mladostnost f. youthfulness

mladostny adj. youthful

mladoženih m.anim. bridegroom

mladoženka f. bride

mladši adj. junior, younger

mlady adj. young

mlat m. maul

mlatba f. thrashing, threshing

mlatiti ipf. thrash, thresh, hammer

mlatok m. hammer

mlavy adj. faint, feeble

mlěčaj m. spurge

mlěčny adj. milky; Mlěčna draga Milky Way; Mlěčny put Milky Way

mlěkar m.anim. milkman

mlěko n. milk

mlěti (melje) ipf. grind

mlězivo n. colostrum

mljaskati v.intr. ipf. smack

mlo adv. faintly

mlost f. nausea, faintness

mly adj. faint, feeble

mlyn m. mill

mlynar m.anim. miller

mně pron.pers. to me

mněnje n. opinion

mněti (mni) ipf. think, believe, suppose, opine, have an opinion, think likely

mněvati ipf. think, believe, suppose, opine, have an opinion, think likely

mnih m.anim. monk

mniška f. nun

mnogo adv. much, many, a lot of; very, a lot, highly

mnogobarvny adj. colorful, colourful

mnogobožstvo n. polytheism

mnogocentričny adj. multi-centered

mnogočislny adj. numerous

mnogojezyčny adj. multilingual

mnogokratno adv. many times

mnogokratny adj. multiple

mnogokulturny adj. multicultural

mnogokutnik m. polygon

mnogolětny adj. perennial, long-years, long-term, long standing, lasting many years

mnogoljudny adj. crowded, populous

mnogonožky myriapoda

mnogoraky adj. manifold, diversified, various

mnogorěčivy adj. loquacious

mnogoslovny adj. loquacious

mnogosložny adj. polysyllabic

mnogostranny adj. versatile

mnogovugolnik m. polygon

mnogy adj. much, many, numerous

mnoju   ➝   ja

množina f. plural

množinstvo n. majority

množiteljny: ~ čislovnik m. multiplicative numeral

množiti ipf. multiply

množstveny: množstveno čislo n. plural

množstvo n. crowd

mobilizacija f. mobilisation, mobilization

mobilizovati ipf. mobilise, mobilize

mobilnost f. mobility

mobilny adj. mobile; ~ telefon mobile phone, cell phone

moč f. power, might; urine; influence

močar m. swamp, marsh

močarny adj. swampy, marshy, boggy

močevina f. carbamide, urea

močiti ipf. soak; ~ se urinate, pee

močněti v.intr. ipf. grow strong, grow stronger

močno adv. powerfully

močnost f. mightiness; power

močny adj. powerful

moda f. fashion, trend

model m. model

modernizacija f. modernisation, modernization

modernizovati ipf. modernise, modernize

moderny adj. modern

modifikacija f. modification

modifikovati ipf./pf. modify

modistka f. milliner

modny adj. fashionable, trendy

modrěti v.intr. ipf. turn blue

modrina f. bruise

modriti ipf. make blue

modrooky adj. blue-eyed

modry adj. blue

mogti v.aux.ipf. can, may, be able

moguči adj. powerful, mighty

mogutny adj. powerful, mighty

mogyla f. grave, barrow

moh (mha) m. moss

moj pron.poss. my

moknuti v.intr. ipf. get wet

mokrěti v.intr. ipf. get wet

mokrica f. woodlouse

mokrišče n. swamp, wetland

mokriti ipf. soak

mokrost f. wetness

mokrota f. dampness, moisture, humidity

mokry adj. wet

molčalivy adj. taciturn

molčanje n. silence

molčati v.intr. ipf. be silent

molčno adv. silently

molčny adj. silent

Moldavija, Moldova f. Moldova

moldavsky adj. Moldavian

molekula f. molecule

molekularny adj. molecular

molestovati ipf. molest

molitevnik m. prayer book

moliti se v.refl. ipf. pray

molitva f. prayer

molj m.anim. moth

molknuti v.intr. ipf. fall silent, stop speaking

molnja f. lightning

molva f. speech

molviti ipf. speak

moment m. moment

momentalno adv. at the moment

monah m.anim. monk

monahynja f. nun

Monako n. Monaco

monarh m.anim. monarch

monarhija f. monarchy

monastyr m. monastery, cloister

moneta f. coin

Mongolija f. Mongolia

mongolsky adj. Mongolian

monisto n. necklace, beads

monogram m. monogram

monolit m. monolith

monolitny adj. monolithic

monolog m. monologue

monopol m. monopoly

monoteizm m. monotheism

montaža f. assembly, installation

montovanje n. assembly

montovati ipf. assemble, install

monument m. monument

monumentalny adj. monumental

moped m. moped

mor m. plague, pestilence

mora f. nightmare

moral m. moral

moralizovati v.intr. ipf. moralise, moralize

moralnost f. morality

moralny adj. moral

morati v.aux.ipf. must, have to

Moravija f. Moravia

moravsky adj. Moravian

morda f. muzzle

morfem m. morpheme

morfin m. morphine

morfologija f. morphology

moriti ipf. starve (tr.); exhaust, tire, fatigue; ~ se get tired

morjak m.anim. sailor, seaman

morje n. sea

morjeplavatelj m.anim. seafarer, navigator

morjeplavstvo n. seafaring, navigation

morny adj. nightmarish

morsky adj. sea, maritime, marine; morska stěna seawall; morska trava seaweed; morska vodorast seaweed; morska zvězda starfish;  ~ konik seahorse; morsko dno seabed

morva f. mulberry (fruit)

morž m.anim. walrus

moskovsky adj. Moscovian

Moskva f. Moscow

most m. bridge

mošna f. purse, pouch; scrotum

motati ipf. reel, wind, spool

motiv m. motive

motivacija f. motivation

motivovati ipf. motivate

motok m. skein

motor m. motor, engine; dizelny ~ diesel engine

motovilo n. niddy-noddy

motto n. motto

motvuz m. string, cord, rope

motyka f. mattock, hoe

motylik m.anim. butterfly

motylj m.anim. butterfly

Mozambik m. Mozambique

mozg m. brain

mozgovy adj. brain; mozgova proteza brain prosthesis; ~ udar stroke, apoplexy, cerebrovascular accident

mozočny: mozočna kost f. marrowbone

mozolj f. corn, callus

mož-   ➝   mogti

može adv. perhaps, maybe; ~ byti perhaps, maybe

možlivo adv. possibly, perhaps

možlivost f. possibility, occasion

možlivy adj. possible

možno adv. possibly, perhaps, it is possible; ~ najskorěje as soon as possible

možnost f. possibility, opportunity, occasion

možny adj. possible, feasible

mračiti se v.refl. ipf. darken, get dark

mračnost f. gloom

mračny adj. dark, obscure, gloomy, dismal, murky, grim, somber

mrak m. darkness, gloom

mramor m. marble

mravišče n. ant-hill

mravji adj. ant; mravja kopa ant-hill

mravka f. ant

mravojed m.anim. anteater, ant bear; afrikansky ~ aardvark

mraz m. frost

mrazilka f. freezer

mrazina f. ice cream

mraziti ipf. freeze

mrazny adj. frosty

mrazosušati ipf. freeze-dry

mrazosušenje n. freeze-drying

mrazosušeny adj. freeze-dried

mrazosušiti pf. freeze-dry

mraženy adj. frozen

mrčati ipf. grumble

mrdati v.intr. ipf. stir, budge, move, wiggle

mrdnuti v.intr. pf. stir, budge, move, wiggle

mrěža f. net, network

mrknuti v.intr. ipf. grow dark

mrkva f. carrot

mrmjati ipf. mutter, grumble, mumble

mrša f. carrion

mrščina f. wrinkle

mrščiti ipf. wrinkle;  ~ brvi frown; ~ se frown

mršejed m.anim. scavenger

mrtvec m.anim. dead person, corpse, cadaver

mrtvečina f. carrion

mrtvěti v.intr. ipf. go numb; deaden

mrtvozornik m.anim. coroner

mrtvy adj. dead; extinct

mrzavec m.anim. villain, scoundrel, rogue

mrzko adv. nastily

mrzkost f. abomination, vileness, baseness, disgusting thing

mrzky adj. disgusting, filthy, nasty, abominable, despicable, detestable, abhorrent, loathsome; foul, vile, odious, heinous, nefarious, vicious, sleazy

mrznuti v.intr. ipf. freeze (intransitive)

msta f. revenge

mstitelj m.anim. avenger

mstiti ipf. avenge, revenge

mstivy adj. revengeful

mša f. mass

mu pron.pers. to him, to it

mučanje n. mooing

mučati v.intr. ipf. moo

mučenica f. martyr

mučeničstvo n. martyrdom

mučenik m.anim. martyr; torturee

mučenje n. torture

mučiljnja f. torture-chamber

mučitelj m.anim. torturer

mučiteljny adj. agonising, agonizing

mučiti ipf. torture; ~ do smrti torture to death

mudak m.anim. asshole

mudo n. testicle

mudrec m.anim. sage

mudrěti v.intr. ipf. grow wise, become wiser

mudrost f. wisdom

mudry adj. wise

muha f. fly

muholovka f. flycatcher; flytrap

muhomor m. fly agaric

muka f. agony, torture, torment; flour

mukanje n. mooing

mukati v.intr. ipf. moo

mulj m. silt

multikulturny adj. multicultural

mumija f. mummy

musěti (musi) v.aux.ipf. must, have to

muskul m. muscle

muskus m. musk; ~na krysa muskrat

musliman, muslimanin m.anim. Muslim, Moslem

muslimanka f. Muslim, Moslem

muslimansky adj. Muslim, Moslem

muška f. midge

mut f. sediment, dregs, feculence

mutant m.anim. mutant

mutiti ipf. obfuscate, muddy up, make turbid; trouble, disturb

mutněti v.intr. ipf. become clouded, become turbid

mutnost f. turbidity

mutny adj. turbid, troubled, muddy

muzej m. museum

muzika f. music

muzikalny adj. musical; muzikalna grupa band, music group

muzikant m.anim. musician

muž m.anim. man; husband

mužev adj. man’s, husband’s

mužiti se v.refl. ipf. marry (with a man), get married (with a man)

mužskost f. manhood, virility

mužsky adj. male, masculine, virile; ~ rod masculine

mužstvo n. manhood, masculinity

my (nas, nam, nami) pron.pers. we

myliti ipf. soap, lather; mislead, confuse, deceive; ~ se be mistaken, err, be wrong

mylnica f. soap dish

mylo n. soap

mys m. cape (headland), promontory

myslimo adv. conceivably

myslimy adj. conceivable, thinkable

myslitelj m.anim. thinker

mysliti ipf. think;  ~ o think about; myslim, myslju I think

myslj f. thought, idea

mysljenje n. thinking

mysljenny adj. mental

myš f. mouse; kompjuterna ~ computer mouse

myšasty adj. mouse-coloured

myšca f. muscle

myšelovka f. mousetrap

myškovati v.intr. ipf. catch mice

myti ipf. wash

mytnica f. duty (tax type)

myto n. toll

na prep. (kogo/čto) onto, unto; (kom/čem) on, at, upon;  ~ dolgo for a long time; ~ prěkor in defiance of

nabajati v.intr. pf. babble, tell fables, narrate; practise sorcery, conjure

naběg m. raid, incursion

nabirati ipf. gather, collect, scoop

nabiti (nabije) pf. stuff, fill, load (gun), tamp

nabivati ipf. stuff, fill, load (gun), tamp

naboj m. cartridge

nabožny adj. pious, devout

nabrati (nabere) pf. gather, collect, scoop

nabreknuti v.intr. pf. swell, bloat

nabrěžna f. quay

nabuhati v.intr. ipf. swell up

nabuhnuti v.intr. pf. swell up

nabyti (nabude) pf. acquire

nabyvati ipf. acquire

nabzděti v.intr. pf. fart

nacionalist m.anim. nationalist

nacionalističny adj. nationalistic

nacionalizacija f. nationalisation, nationalization

nacionalizm m. nationalism

nacionalizovati ipf. nationalise, nationalize

nacist m.anim. Nazi

nacističny adj. Nazi

nacizm m. Nazism

načaditi v.intr. pf. emit fumes

načelnik m.anim. chief, leader, head, superior;  ~ policije chief of police; ~ štaba chief-of-staff

načelo n. beginning

načeti (načne) pf. begin (tr.), start (tr.); ~ se begin (intr.), start (intr.)

načetje n. beginning

načetok m. beginning

načinati ipf. begin (tr.), start (tr.); ~ se begin (intr.), start (intr.)

načrpati pf. scoop up, fill up

načrtati pf. draw

načto adv. why, what for

nad- prefix super-

nad prep. (kogo/čto) above, over; (kym/čim) above, beyond, over

nadalje adv. henceforward

nadarmo adv. in vain

nadati (nada) pf. bestow, confer, give

nadavati ipf. bestow, confer, give

naděja f. hope; iměti naděju hope

nadějati se (naděje) v.refl. ipf. hope

nadějny adj. reliable, trustworthy

nadělati pf. do a lot of, make a lot of

naděti pf. stuff (meat etc.); don, put on

naděvati ipf. stuff (meat etc.); don, put on

nadglavišče n. zenith

nadgledati ipf. oversee, supervise, inspect

nadgleděti (nadgledi) pf. oversee, supervise, inspect

nadigrati pf. defeat, outplay

nadigryvati ipf. defeat, outplay

nadkvartira f. penthouse

nadkvartirny adj. penthouse

nadljudsky adj. super-human

nadměrno adv. excessively, exceedingly, overly

nadměrnost f. excess

nadměrny adj. excessive

nadnacionalny adj. supranational

nadobyčajny adj. extraordinary

nadohnenje n. inspiration

nadohnuti pf. inspire

nadoproščeny adj. over-simplified

nadpis m. header, title; inscription

nadražje n. station

naduti (nadme) pf. blow up

naduty adj. arrogant, vain, presumptuous; bloated

naduvati ipf. blow up

nadužiti pf. abuse, misuse

naduživati ipf. abuse, misuse

nadyhati ipf. inspire

nadzirati ipf. oversee, supervise

nadzor m. supervision, surveillance

nadzornik m.anim. supervisor

nafta f. oil, petroleum

naftoprovod m. oil pipeline

naganjati ipf. prod, shoo; ~ strah někomu strike fear into somebody, put somebody in fear

naglo adv. suddenly

nagly adj. abrupt, hasty; sudden; ~ kolaps sudden collapse

nagnati (nagone) pf. prod, shoo; ~ strah někomu strike fear into somebody, put somebody in fear

nagnojiti pf. manure

nagnuti pf. bend

nagoda f. chance, opportunity

nagorno adv. above

nagorny adj. uphill, upland

nagost f. nudity

nagota f. nudity

nagotky calendula, marigold

nagovoriti ipf. talk a lot

nagrada f. award, prize, reward; Nobelova ~ Nobel prize

nagraditi pf. reward

nagradžati ipf. reward

nagrěti (nagrěje) pf. heat, warm

nagrěvati ipf. heat, warm

nagromaditi pf. accumulate

nagromadžati ipf. accumulate

nagromadženje n. accumulation

nagy adj. naked

nagybati ipf. bend

nahmuriti pf. furrow

nahmurjeny adj. overcast

nahoditi ipf. find; ~ se be found, be located, be situated

nahodka f. find

nahodnost f. genesis, origin, source

nahvatati pf. pick up, snatch

naigrati pf. record, tape

naigryvati ipf. record, tape

naivnik m.anim. sucker, naive person

naivnost f. naiveté

naivny adj. naive

naj- prefix most

najblizši adj. nearest

najbliže adv. nearest

najbogatši adj. richest

najbolje adv. most

najboljši adj. biggest, greatest, largest

najčestěje adv. generally, most often

najdalje adv. furthest, farthest

najdaljši adj. furthest, farthest

najdivnějši adj. strangest

najdti (najde; našel) pf. find

najedati se v.refl. ipf. eat one’s fill, satisfy one’s hunger, stuff oneself

najem m. hire, hiring, rent

najemnica f. mercenary, hireling, wageworker

najemnik m.anim. mercenary, hireling, wageworker

najemny adj. hired, rented;  ~ rabotnik hiree, wageworker; ~ ubijca contract killer, hitman

najesti se (naje) v.refl. pf. eat one’s fill, satisfy one’s hunger, stuff oneself

najeti (najme) pf. hire, rent; employ

najezd m. incursion, raid

najezdnik m.anim. invader

naježiti pf. bristle; ~ se bristle

najglubši adj. deepest

najgorše adv. worst

najgorši adj. worst

najhladnějši adj. coldest

najkrasivši adj. beautifulest

najkrasnějši adj. beautifulest

najkrvavši adj. bloodiest

najlegši adj. easiest

najlěpje adv. best

najlěpši adj. best

najlučši adj. best

najmalo adv. least

najmatelj m.anim. hirer, leaseholder, lodger, tenant

najmati ipf. hire, rent; employ

najmě adv. especially, particularly

najmekši adj. softest

najmenje adv. least

najmenši adj. smallest

najmnogo adv. most

najnizši adj. lowest

najpozdněje adv. at the latest

najpozdnějši adj. latest

najprostějši adj. easiest, simplest

najprvo adv. first of all

najraněje adv. at earliest

najranši adj. earliest

najsmrteopasny adj. deadliest

najsmrtnějši adj. deadliest

najstarějši, najstarši adj. eldest

največe adv. most

največši adj. greatest, biggest, largest

najveliky adj. greatest, biggest, largest

najvyše adv. most

najzimnějši adj. coldest

najzly adj. worst

nakalati ipf. pin onto

nakapati v.intr. pf. drip

nakaz m. command, mandate, order, warrant;  ~ na arešt arrest warrant; pod ~om under the command of

nakazati (nakaže) pf. command, order

nakazyvati ipf. command, order

naklad m. circulation (newspaper); edition, publication; expenses

nakladati ipf. impose; load up

naklanjati ipf. bend, incline

naklati: ~ na (nakolje) pf. pin onto

naklon m. incline, slope

nakloniti pf. bend, incline

naklonjenje n. mood (grammar)

naklonjeny adj. inclined, keen

naklonnost f. inclination, tendency

nakolěnnik m. kneecap

nakonec adv. at last, in conclusion, for the last time

nakopati pf. dig up

nakopyvati ipf. dig up

nakovaljnja f. anvil

nakrmiti pf. feed

nakryti pf. cover

nakryvati ipf. cover

nakydati ipf. throw on

nakydyvati ipf. throw on

nalagati ipf. load up; impose

nalegati v.intr. ipf. lean against

nalegti v.intr. pf. lean against

nalet m. air-raid

naležati (naleži) v.intr. ipf. belong, pertain

naležity adj. fitting, proper

naliti (nalije) ipf. pour, pour out

nalivati pf. pour, pour out

nalivka f. fruit liqueur

nalivny: nalivno pero n. fountain pen

naložiti pf. load up; impose

naložnica f. concubine, paramour

nam pron.pers. to us

namastiti pf. grease, oil

namaščati ipf. grease, oil

namazati (namaže) pf. anoint

namazyvati ipf. anoint

naměr m. intention, plan

naměriti pf. intend, plan

naměrjati ipf. intend, plan

naměstnik m.anim. governor

namětka: naglavna nametka f. headscarf

namočiti pf. soak

namokriti pf. soak

namontovati pf. install

namordnik m. muzzle

namotati pf. wind up

namotyvati pf. wind up

namyliti pf. soap

namyljati ipf. soap

nanesti pf. bring

nanizati (naniže) pf. string

nanos m. silt, deposit, drift, driftage, alluvium

nanositi ipf. bring

nanovo adv. again, over, over again, anew

naočila glasses, spectacles

naopak adv. reversely, awry, contrarily, by contrast, vice versa, inside out, upside down

naostriti pf. sharpen

napad m. attack, assault; fit

napadati ipf. attack, assault; molest; napadany od tolpy assaulted by mob

napadnik m.anim. forward

napadny adj. striking, conspicuous, bright, showy

napajati ipf. give to drink; water; power

napamet adv. by heart, by rote

naparfumovati pf. perfume

napasti (napade) v.intr. pf. attack, assault

napasti (napase) pf. pasture, graze, put out to pasture; ~ se graze

napastnik m.anim. assaulter

napeti (napne) pf. stretch, strain, pull tight

napetost f. strain, tension

napety adj. tense, tight

napěv m. melody, tune

naphati pf. cram

napihati ipf. cram

napinati ipf. stretch, strain, pull tight

napirati v.intr. ipf. press, push against

napis m. inscription, legend

napisati (napiše) pf. write, write down

napiti se (napije) v.refl. pf. get drunk; have a drink

napitok m. beverage, drink

napivati se v.refl. ipf. get drunk; have a drink

napljuvati v.intr. pf. spit

naplyv m. influx

napoj m. beverage, drink

napojiti pf. give to drink; water

napojnica f. tip (gratuity)

napolniti pf. fill; ~ perami feather

napominati ipf. rebuke

napomněnje n. rebuke

napomněti (napomni) pf. rebuke

napor m. pressure; exertion

naposlěd adv. at last, in conclusion, for the last time

naposlědok adv. at last, in conclusion, for the last time

napr. adv. f.ex.

napravdu adv. really, in fact

napraviti pf. direct; correct, repair, set right, make good; make, commit, render; ~ se head for, make one’s way

napravjati ipf. direct; correct, repair, set right, make good; make, commit, render; ~ se head for, make one’s way

napravo adv. to the right

naprazdno adv. idly, in vain

naprazdny adj. idle, vain

naprěd adv. ahead, forward; beforehand, in advance

naprěti (napre) v.intr. pf. press, push against

napreženje n. strain, tension

napriklad adv. for example, for instance

napriměr adv. for example, for instance

naprostrina f. bedspread

naprotiv prep. (kogo/čego) opposite, across from

naprstok m. thimble

napruženje n. tension

napružiti pf. stretch, pull tight

napustiti pf. let in (water/smoke)

napuščati ipf. let in (water/smoke)

narastati v.intr. ipf. increase, rise, grow, accrue

narasti (naraste) v.intr. pf. increase, rise, grow, accrue

narcis m. daffodil

narcističny adj. narcissistic

narcizm m. narcissism

narěčena (narěčenoj) f. fiancée

narěčeny (-ogo) m.anim. fiancé

narěčje n. adverb; dialect, vernacular

narěkanje n. lamentation

narěkati v.intr. ipf. complain, lament; give a name

narěkti pf. give a name

narězati (narěže) ipf. carve up, chop up, carve into, cut into, incise, incize, slice up

narkoman m.anim. drug addict, drugster

narkotik m. drug, narcotic

naročito adv. intentionally

naročity adj. intentional

narod m. nation, people

naroditi pf. give birth to, bring forth, yield

narodnost f. nationality

narodny adj. national; narodna vojna people’s war

narodobijstvo n. genocide

narodopis m. ethnography

narodopisec m.anim. ethnographer

narodženje n. birth

narožny adj. corner, angular

naručje n. armful, arms

naručka f. bracelet

naručny: ~ časovnik m. wristwatch

narušati ipf. infringe, violate

narušenje n. infringement, violation

narušiti pf. infringe, violate

narvati (narve) pf. pick (flowers), gather (flowers)

narysovati pf. draw

naryvati ipf. pick (flowers), gather (flowers)

nas pron.pers. us

nasad m. plantation

nasaditi pf. plant

nasadžati ipf. plant

nascati (nasci) v.intr. pf. piss

nasědka f. brood-hen

nasěkati ipf. chop up

nasěkomo n. insect

nasěkti pf. chop up

naseliti pf. populate

naseljati ipf. populate

naseljenje n. population

naseljeny adj. populated

nasilje n. violence

nasilnik m.anim. brutal person, tyrant

nasilno adv. forcefully, violently

nasilnost f. forcefulness

nasilny adj. forceful, violent

nasilovanje n. rape

nasklon m. trend

naskoro adv. lately

naskroz adv. through

naslada f. enjoyment

nasladiti pf. give pleasure to; ~ se enjoy, gloat, take pleasure in

nasladžati ipf. give pleasure to; ~ se enjoy, gloat, take pleasure in

naslěditi pf. inherit

naslědne following

naslědnica f. inheritess

naslědnik m.anim. heir, inheritor; successor

naslědnost f. succession

naslědny adj. next

naslědok m. result

naslědovanje n. imitation

naslědovati ipf. inherit; imitate

naslědstvo n. heritage, inheritance, legacy

naslušati se v.refl. pf. hear a lot of, hear enough of

nasmeška f. jibe

nasmoliti pf. tar

nasos m. pump

naspati se (naspi) v.refl. pf. sleep well, have a good sleep

nastati (nastane) v.intr. pf. come (e.g. time), arrive (e.g. time)

nastavati v.intr. ipf. come (e.g. time), arrive (e.g. time)

nastaviti pf. set up; set; adjust; lengthen, extend

nastavjati ipf. set up; set; adjust; lengthen, extend

nastavjenja settings

nastavjenje n. setting, tuning, adjustment

nastavok m. extension, add-on

nastěnny adj. wall

nastěž adv. wide open

nastignuti pf. catch up with

nastojati (nastoji) v.intr. ipf. insist

nastojčivy adj. persistent

nastoječi adj. present

nastolny: nastolna lampa f. table lamp; nastolna světilka table lamp

nastradati se v.refl. pf. suffer a lot

nastrajati ipf. tune, tune up; dispose (someone’s attitude)

nastrašiti pf. frighten, scare

nastražiti se v.refl. pf. prick up one’s ears

nastrojenje n. mood, humour, humor; dobro ~ good mood

nastrojevy adj. moody

nastrojiti pf. tune, tune up; dispose (someone’s attitude)

nastrojky settings

nastupati v.intr. ipf. step on; advance, come, set in; nastupajuči upcoming, imminent, impending

nastupiti v.intr. pf. step on; advance, come, set in

nastupnica f. successor

nastupnik m.anim. successor

nastupny adj. following, next, upcoming

nasučny adj. essential, vital (of vital importance); urgent

nasyčati pf. saturate, satiate

nasyčenje n. saturation

nasyp m. embankment

nasypati pf. pour (dry substance), strew

nasytiti pf. saturate, satiate

naš pron.poss. our; ~a era Common Era

našeptati (našepče) pf. whisper

našijnik m. necklace

našiti (našije) pf. sew on

našivati ipf. sew on

nategati ipf. pull tight, draw tight, stretch out

nategnuti ipf. pull tight, draw tight, stretch out

natěšiti se v.refl. pf. enjoy fully

natet m.anim. uncle

natipkati pf. type

natirati ipf. rub in

natisk m. pressure

natiskati ipf. press

natisknuti pf. press

natočiti pf. turn (on a lathe); sharpen, grind

natoliko adv. so much, that much

natolkati se v.refl. ipf. collide

natolkti se v.refl. pf. collide

natreti (natre) pf. rub in

natrij m. sodium

natroniti pf. succeed

natronjenje n. succession

natrpěti se (natrpi) v.refl. pf. suffer a lot

natruditi se v.refl. pf. work hard

natuga f. effort, exertion

naturalističny adj. naturalistic

naturalizm m. naturalism

naturalny adj. natural

natvoriti pf. create a lot of

natvrdženje n. hard-on

naučiti pf. teach; ~ se learn

naučnik m.anim. scientist

naučny adj. scientific, scholarly

nauka f. science; learning, doctrine

naušnica f. earring

naušnik m. earmuff

naušniky headphones

navaga f. navaga

naval m. huge quantity, crowd

navěditi pf. visit

navědžati ipf. visit

navěky adv. forever

navěsiti pf. hang up a number of something

navesti (navede) pf. incite, induce, put up to, bring about; quote

navěšati ipf. hang up a number of something

navet adv. even

navětrny adj. windward

navezati (naveže) v.intr. pf. refer; tie on

navezyvati v.intr. ipf. refer; tie on

navigacija f. navigation

navigator m.anim. navigator

naviti (navije) pf. wind

navivati ipf. wind

navlačka f. pillow-case

navlaka f. pillow-case

navlažiti pf. moisten, moisturise, moisturize

navlěkati ipf. put on, pull on, slip over

navlěkti pf. put on, pull on, slip over

navoditi ipf. incite, induce, put up to, bring about; quote

navodnica f. quotation mark

navodniti pf. irrigate

navodnjati ipf. irrigate

navodnjenje n. flood

navoščiti pf. wax

navražiti v.intr. pf. tell fortunes

navyk m. habit

navyše adv. moreover

navznak adv. backwards, on one’s back

nazad adv. ago, back, backward

nazadno adv. backwardly, backwards

nazadnost f. backwardness

nazadny adj. backward

nazdravica f. toast

nazdraviti v.intr. pf. toast, drink a toast

nazdravjati v.intr. ipf. toast, drink a toast

nazemny adj. ground-based, land-based

naznačati ipf. fix, set; mark; point out; specify

naznačeny adj. fixed

naznačiti pf. fix, set; mark; point out; specify

nazva f. name, designation, title

nazvany adj. called

nazvati (nazove) pf. name, call

nazyvati ipf. name, call; ~ se be named

ne adv. not

ne intj. no;  ~ bude there won’t be; ~ bylo there was/were not

neadekvatnost f. inadequacy

neadekvatny adj. inadequate

neandertalec m.anim. Neanderthal man

nebesky adj. blue

nebesny adj. celestial, heavenly; nebesno tělo celestial body

nebezpečnost f. danger

nebezpečny adj. dangerous

neblagodarny adj. ungrateful

nebo (neba/nebese) n. sky, heaven

nebodrap m. skyscraper

nebogy adj. miserable, wretched

nebojazlivost f. fearlessness, dauntlessness, intrepidity

nebojazlivy adj. fearless, dauntless, intrepid

nebojaznik m.anim. fearless person

nebožčik m. deceased person, dead person

nebsky adj. heaven’s

nebystry adj. slow

nebytje n. non-existence

nebyvaly adj. unprecedented

něčemu adv. for some reason

nečestivy adj. impious

nečestny adj. dishonest, unfair

něčij pron.poss. somebody’s

nečistota f. dirt, filth

nečisty adj. dirty, filthy

něčo   ➝   něčto

něčto pron.indef. something

nedaleky adj. near

nedavno adv. recently, lately

nedavny adj. recent

nedbalost f. neglect, negligence

nedbaly adj. neglectful, sloppy

nedějuči adj. inactive, defunct

nedělja f. Sunday

nedobry adj. bad, not good; unkind

nedomolvka f. something left unsaid

nedonosok m.anim. prematurely born child

nedopustimy adj. inadmissible

nedorazuměnje n. misunderstanding

nedorazuměti pf. misunderstand

nedorazuměvati ipf. misunderstand

nedorazvity adj. underdeveloped

nedoslědno adv. inconsistently

nedoslědnost f. inconsistency

nedoslědny adj. inconsistent

nedostatočno adv. insufficiently, not enough

nedostatočnost: ~ srdca f. heart failure

nedostatok m. shortage, lack, scarcity, dearth; defect, shortcoming

nedostavati v.intr. ipf. lack, be missing

nedostojny adj. unworthy

nedostupny adj. inaccessible, unavailable, unreachable

nedotykajemost f. inviolability

nedotykajemy adj. inviolable

nedoumje n. perplexity, consternation

nedověra f. disbelief

nedovršenost f. incompleteness

nedovršeny adj. incomplete

nedržavny adj. non-governmental

nedug m. ailment

nedvižimost f. real estate

neefektivny adj. ineffective, inefficient

neformalny adj. informal

negativny adj. negative

negodny adj. improper, unfit; useless, worthless; unworthy, undeserving

negodovanje n. indignation

negotovy adj. premature

negramotnost f. ignorance; illiteracy

negramotny adj. illiterate, unlettered; incompetent, ignorant

negybky adj. stiff, rigid

nehaj particle let, may; Nehaj sila bude s toboju! May the Force Be With You!

nehati pf. neglect, give up, quit, let go of

neizběžno adv. inevitably

neizběžnost f. inevitability, unavoidability

neizběžny adj. inevitable, unavoidable, inescapable

neizgoda f. disadvantage, drawback

neizgodny adj. disadvantageous

neizgovorlivy adj. unpronounceable

neizměnny adj. invariable, unalterable

neizměrimy adj. immeasurable, immense

neizvěstny adj. unknown

nejasny adj. unclear, vague

nejestvujuči adj. non-existent, defunct

nejlon m. nylon

nejlonovy adj. nylon

někako adv. somehow

někaky adj. some kind of

někamo adv. to somewhere

nekaznivost f. impunity

nekaznivy adj. with impunity

někde adv. somewhere

někogda, někogdy adv. at one time, some time, some time or other, ever, once (upon a time)

někoj pron.indef. some, a certain

několiko adv. some, several, a few, a number of, a certain amount of;  ~ dnjev nazad a few days ago;  ~ dnjev tomu a few days ago; ~ razov several times

několikokratno adv. a few times

nekompetencija f. incompetence

nekompletny adj. incomplete

nekonsistencija f. inconsistency

nekrasny adj. ugly; nekrasna katočka ugly duckling

někto pron.indef. someone, somebody

něktory adj. some

někudy adv. some way

nelegalny adj. illegal

neljudsky adj. inhuman

nelogičny adj. illogical

nemaje, ne imaje adv. there is/are no, there is/are not

nemalo adv. almost

nemaly adj. sizable

Němcija f. Germany

Němec m.anim. German

němečsky adj. German

něměti v.intr. ipf. fall silent, become speechless, grow dumb, be struck dumb

nemilosrdno adv. mercilessly, relentlessly

nemilosrdny adj. merciless, relentless

nemilost f. disfavour, disfavor

nemilostivy adj. ungracious

nemily adj. unpleasant, hateful

neminujemost f. inevitability, unavoidability

neminujemy adj. inevitable, unavoidable

nemirny adj. restless, fidgety, fretful, itchy

Němka f. German

nemnogo adv. few, little

nemnogy adj. few

nemnožko adv. a little bit

nemoč f. weakness, impotence

nemočny adj. impotent

nemoralny adj. immoral, depraved

němost f. dumbness

němota f. dumbness

nemožlivost f. impossibility

nemožlivy adj. impossible

nemožno adv. impossibly

nemožnost f. impossibility

nemožny adj. impossible

nemudry adj. unwise, silly

němy adj. dumb, mute

nenadějny adj. unreliable

nenaměrjeny adj. unintentional, unintended

nenarušimy adj. untouchable

nenasytnik m.anim. glutton

nenasytnost f. insatiability, sitomania, voracity

nenasytny adj. insatiable

nenaučny adj. unscientific

nenaviděnje n. hatred

nenaviděti (nenavidi) ipf. hate, loathe

nenavist f. hatred

nenavistny adj. hateful, odious

neniščimy adj. indestructible

nenormalno adv. abnormally

nenormalnost f. abnormality

nenormalny adj. abnormal

neobhodimost f. necessity, indispensability

neobhodimy adj. necessary, indispensable, essential, requisite

neobjasnimy adj. inexplicable

neobjetny adj. boundless

neobrazovany adj. uneducated

neobyčno adv. unusually

neobyčny adj. unusual

neobzrimy adj. boundless, vast

neočekyvano adv. unexpectedly, suddenly

neočekyvanost f. unexpectedness, suddenness

neočekyvany adj. unexpected, sudden

neodčudžajemy, neodčudžimy adj. unalienable

neoddělimy adj. inseparable

neodgovorno adv. irresponsibly

neodgovornost f. irresponsibility

neodgovorny adj. irresponsible

neodložny adj. urgent

neodpovědalnost f. irresponsibility

neodpovědalny adj. irresponsible

neodstupny adj. persistent, unyielding

neodvratimy adj. inevitable, indivertible

neoficialno adv. unofficially

neoficialny adj. unofficial

neograničeny adj. unlimited

neohota f. aversion, disinclination, dislike

neohotno adv. unwillingly, reluctantly, willy-nilly

neohotny adj. unwilling, reluctant, willy-nilly

neolit m. Neolithic

neolitičny adj. Neolithic

neologizm m. neologism

neon m. neon

neopisujemy adj. indescribable

neoprěděljeno adv. indefinitely, indeterminately

neoprěděljeny adj. indefinite, indeterminate

neoskvrnjeny adj. undefiled

neosnovany adj. unfounded

neosporimy adj. indisputable, undisputed

neostražno adj. carelessly

neostražny adj. careless

neoznačeny adj. unmarked

neoznačiteljny: ~ zaimennik m. indefinite pronoun

Nepal m. Nepal

nepalsky adj. Nepalese

nepametny adj. immemorial, ancient

neparny adj. odd (number); neparno čislo odd number

nepisany adj. unwritten

neplodny adj. infertile, sterile, fruitless

nepodatlivy adj. stubborn

nepodobny adj. dissimilar

nepogoda f. bad weather

nepokoj m. trouble

nepokojiti ipf. worry

nepokorny adj. recalcitrant, disobedient, rebellious

nepolnomožnica f. disabled person, handicapped person

nepolnomožnik m.anim. disabled person, handicapped person

nepolnomožnost f. disability, handicap

nepolnomožny adj. disabled, handicapped

nepolnosposobnica f. disabled person, handicapped person

nepolnosposobnik m.anim. disabled person, handicapped person

nepolnosposobnost f. disability, handicap

nepolnosposobny adj. disabled, handicapped

nepolny adj. incomplete, not full

nepomočny adj. unhelpful

nepopravny adj. incorrect

neporedny adj. messy, untidy, disorderly

neporedok m. mess, disorder, confusion

neporočny adj. immaculate

neporušimost f. inviolability

neporušimy adj. inviolable

neposěda f. restlessness, fidget

neposědlivy adj. restless, fidgety, fretful, itchy

neposlušati ipf. disobey

neposlušiti pf. disobey

neposlušnost f. disobedience, insubordination

neposlušny adj. disobedient, naughty, insubordinate, contumacious

neposrědnje adv. directly, immediately

neposrědnji, neposrědny adj. direct, immediate

neposrědnost f. immediacy

nepostojanny adj. unsteady, inconstant, changeable

nepotrěbny adj. unnecessary, unneeded

nepovaga f. disrespect

nepoznajemy adj. unrecognisable, unrecognizable

nepraktičnost f. impracticality

nepraktičny adj. unpractical

nepravda f. untruth

nepravdivy adj. untrue, unreal

nepravdopodobny adj. improbable, unlikely

nepravilny adj. incorrect, wrong

nepravy adj. incorrect, wrong; unjust

neprědvidimy adj. unpredictable

neprědvidlivy adj. unpredictable

neprěhodny adj. intransitive

neprěstanno adv. unceasingly, incessantly

neprěstanny adj. unceasing, incessant

neprigledanje n. disregard, neglect

neprigledati ipf. disregard; neglect

neprigleděti (neprigledi) pf. disregard; neglect

nepriglednost f. negligence

neprigodnost f. unfitness

neprigodny adj. unsuitable, unfit

neprijatelj m.anim. enemy

neprijateljsky adj. hostile

neprijateljstvo n. enmity, hostility

neprijemlivy adj. unacceptable

neprijemny adj. unpleasant, troublesome

neprijetnost f. unpleasantness, trouble

neprijetny adj. unpleasant, troublesome

neprimětny adj. indiscernible, imperceptible, unnoticeable

neprirodny adj. unnatural; artificial

nepristojnost f. indecency, obscenity

nepristojny adj. indecent, inappropriate, obscene

nepristupnost f. inaccessibility

nepristupny adj. inaccessible, inapproachable

nepritomny adj. absent-minded; unconscious

neprivykly adj. inaccustomed

neprodyšny adj. airtight

neprohodny adj. impassable

nepromokajemy adj. waterproof

neprosty adj. complicated

neprozračimost f. opacity

neprozračno adv. opaquely

neprozračnost f. opaqueness

neprozračny adj. opaque

neprvonačelny adj. unoriginal

Neptun m. Neptune

nerabotny adj. non-working

neracionalny adj. irrational

nerado adv. unwillingly, reluctantly, grudgingly

neravnost f. unequality

neravny adj. uneven, unequal, crooked, erratic

nerazlučny adj. inseparable

nerazuměnje n. incomprehension

nerazumlivy adj. incomprehensible

nerazumny adj. unreasonable, foolish, silly

nerazvity adj. undeveloped, backward

nered m. mess, disorder

nerednost f. irregularity

neredny adj. irregular; messy, disorderly

neregularno adv. irregularly

neregularnost f. irregularity

neregularny adj. irregular

nerv m. nerve

nervny adj. nervous

nervoznost f. nervosity

nervozny adj. nervous

nesamovoljny adj. involuntary

nesčisljeny adj. countless

nesgoda f. accident

neskromny adj. immodest

neslavny adj. inglorious

neslyhany adj. unheard of

nesmělo adv. shyly

nesmělost f. shyness

nesměly adj. shy

nesmyslny adj. senseless

nesnosny adj. unbearable, intolerable, pesky, obnoxious

nesoglasje, nesuglasje n. disagreement, discord

nesovršeny adj. imperfect; ~ vid imperfective aspect

nespokojny adj. nervous, rambunctious

nespokojstvo n. unrest

nesposobny adj. unable, incapable

nespravědlivy adj. unjust

nesručny adj. awkward, clumsy

nestabilnost f. instability

nestabilny adj. unstable

nestaly adj. unstable, erratic

nestera f. niece

nesti ipf. carry (on foot), bear; wear

nesti jajca ipf. lay eggs

nesumněno adv. undoubtedly

nesvědomo adv. unconsciously

nesvědomost f. unconsciousness

nesvědomy adj. unconscious

nesvezany adj. unconnected

neščestje n. misfortune, unhappiness; tragedy

neščestlivo adv. unfortunately

neščestlivy adj. unfortunate

neščestny adj. unlucky, unhappy, sorry; ~ slučaj accident

neškodlivy adj. harmless, innoculous

něšto   ➝   něčto

netij m.anim. nephew

netočny adj. inexact, inaccurate

netolerantnost f. intolerance

netolerantny adj. intolerant

netopyr m.anim. bat

netrězvy adj. not sober, drunk

netrpimost f. intolerance

netrpimy adj. insufferable, intolerable, unbearable; intolerant

netrpjenje n. impatience

netrplivy adj. impatient

neubojazno adv. fearlessly

neubojazny adj. fearless

neučeny adj. uneducated

neučtivy adj. impolite, uncivil

neudačnik m.anim. unlucky person, loser, outsider

neudačny adj. unsuccessful

neudobno adv. uncomfortably, inconveniently

neudobny adj. uncomfortable, inconvenient

neudobstvo n. inconvenience, discomfort

neugasimy adj. inextinguishable

neuk m.anim. ignoramus; ignorant

neuměnje n. inability, incapability

neuměrny adj. immoderate, untempered, excessive

neuměstny adj. inappropriate, irrelevant

neumny adj. unintelligent, stupid, dumb

neumolimy adj. implacable, inexorable, relentless

neumorjeno adv. tirelessly

neumorjenost f. tirelessness

neumorjeny adj. tireless

neumyslno adv. unintentionally

neumyslny adj. unintentional, unintended

neurodžaj m. crop failure

neuspěh m. failure, fuckup

neuspěšny adj. unsuccessful

neustalo adv. tirelessly

neustalost f. tirelessness

neustaly adj. tireless

neustrašno adv. fearlessly

neustrašnost f. fearlessness, dauntlessness, intrepidity

neustrašny adj. fearless, dauntless, intrepid

neustuplivy, neustupny adj. stubborn, tenacious, unyielding, persistent

neutěšimy adj. inconsolable

nevažno intj. doesn’t matter

nevažny adj. unimportant

nevdečny adj. ungrateful

nevědomy adj. unknown

neveliky adj. minor, small, smallish

nevěrje n. unbelief, atheism

nevěrnik m.anim. infidel, atheist

nevěrnost f. infidelity, disloyalty

nevěrny adj. incorrect; unfaithful, disloyal

nevěrojetny adj. improbable, unlikely, incredible, unbelievable

nevěsta f. bride

nevěstinsky adj. bride’s

nevěža f. boor, ill-mannered person

nevidimo adv. invisibly

nevidimy adj. invisible

nevinnost f. innocence, chastity

nevinny adj. innocent, chaste

nevinovaty adj. innocent, not guilty

nevojnovy adj. peaceful

nevolja f. captivity, slavery; necessity

nevoljnica f. slave

nevoljnik m.anim. slave

nevoljny adj. involuntary; unfree

nevrolog m.anim. neurologist

nevrologičny adj. neurological

nevrologija f. neurology

nevromorfny adj. neuromorphic

nevtralizacija f. neutralisation, neutralization

nevtralizovati ipf./pf. neutralise, neutralize

nevtralnost f. neutrality

nevtralny adj. neutral

nevtron m. neutron

nezabudka f. forget-me-not

nezabytny adj. unforgettable

nezadbata f. neglect

nezadbati se v.refl. pf. neglect

nezadbatlivy adj. neglectful

nezadbatnost f. negligence

nezadbyvati se v.refl. ipf. neglect

nezadovaljati ipf. displease, dissatisfy

nezadovoliti pf. displease, dissatisfy

nezadovoljeny adj. discontented, displeased, dissatisfied

nezakonny adj. illegal

nezaležno adv. independently

nezaležnost f. independence

nezaležny adj. independent

nezasluženy adj. unworthy

nezavisno adv. independently

nezavisnost f. independence

nezavisny adj. independent

nezdravy adj. unhealty

nezgrabny adj. awkward

nezly adj. not bad, quite good

neznačny adj. insignificant, inconsequential, negligible

neznajemy adj. unknown, unfamiliar

neznanje n. ignorance

neznany adj. unknown

než conj. than

neželi conj. than

neženjenec m.anim. bachelor (unmarried man)

neživy adj. inanimate

něžnost f. tenderness

něžny adj. tender

ni- prefix none-

ni … ni … conj. neither … nor …

ničemu adv. for no reason

ničij pron.poss. nobody’s

ničo   ➝   ničto

ničto pron.indef. nothing

niderlandsky adj. Dutch

Niderlandy Netherlands

Nigerija f. Nigeria

nigerijsky adj. Nigerian

nijedin (nijedna, nijedno) pron.indef. no, not any, none, naught

nikako adv. in no way

nikaky adj. not any

nikamo adv. to nowhere

Nikaragua f. Nicaragua

nikaraguansky adj. Nicaraguan

nikde adv. nowhere

nikelj m. nickel

nikogda, nikogdy adv. never

nikoliko adv. a zero amount of

nikotin m. nicotine

nikto pron.indef. no one, nobody

nikudy adv. no way

Nil m. Nile

nilsky konj m.anim. hippopotamus, hippo

niša f. niche

niščeči adj. destructive

niščenec m.anim. destructee

niščenje n. destruction

niščimy adj. destructable

niščitelj m. fighter aircraft

niščitelj m.anim. destroyer, destructor

niščiteljsky adj. destructive

niščiti ipf. destroy, annihilate

niščivo adv. destructively

niščivost f. destructiveness

niščivy adj. destructive; niščivo kritikovanje destructive criticism

niševy adj. niche

ništo   ➝   ničto

nit f. thread

nitka f. thread

niva f. field

nizanje n. lowering

nizati (niže) ipf. string

nizina f. lowland

nizinny adj. lowland

nizko adv. low

nizkost f. lowness; meanness, baseness

nizky adj. low; mean, base

nizši adj. lower

niže adv. down, lower

nižnost f. inferiority

nižny adj. inferior

njego   ➝   jego

njej   ➝   jej

njemu   ➝   jemu

njih   ➝   jih

njim   ➝   jim

nju   ➝   ju

njuans m. nuance

njuh m. scent, flair; iměti ~ za něčto have a nose for sth.

njuhati v.intr. ipf. nuzzle, sniff, snuff

njuhnuti v.intr. pf. nuzzle, sniff, snuff

no conj. but

noč f. night

nočeju adv. at night

nočevati v.intr. ipf. spend the night

nočis adv. tonight, this night

nočleg m. night’s lodging, accommodation for the night

nočnik m.anim. night person

nočny adj. nocturnal; ~ klub nightclub

noga f. leg, foot

nogavica f. trouser leg, pant leg

nogavice trousers, pants

nogavka f. trouser leg, pant leg

nogavky trousers, pants

nogot (nogta) m. nail, fingernail

nomer m. number, numeral

nominacija f. nomination

nominativ m. nominative

nominovati ipf. nominate

non-stop adv. non-stop

nora f. burrow

norka f. mink

norma f. norm

normalno adv. normally

normalnost f. normality

normalny adj. normal

norovisty adj. balky

Norvegija f. Norway

norvežsky adj. Norwegian

nos m. nose

nosač m.anim. porter, baggage carrier

nosilka stretcher, sedan-chair, litter; bier

nositelj m.anim. carrier, bearer

nositi ipf. carry (on foot), bear; wear

nosny adj. nasal

nosok m. toecap; spout

nosorog m.anim. rhinoceros

nosovka f. handkerchief

nosovy adj. nasal; ~ ubrusok handkerchief

nostalgičny adj. nostalgic

nostalgija f. nostalgia

nošenje n. carrying, wearing

nota f. note (music)

notacija f. notation

notarija f. notary, notary public

notorično adv. notorically

notoričny adj. notoric

noty sheet music

Nova Zelandija f. New Zealand

novak m.anim. greenhorn

novembr m. November

novina f. news item; novelty

novinka f. novelty

noviny news

novogodišnji: novogodišnja jelka f. Christmas tree; novogodišnje drěvo Christmas tree

novohebrejsky adj. Modern Hebrew

novonarodženy adj. new-born

novoprišelec m.anim. newcomer

novorodženec m.anim. newborn

novoslověnsky adj. Neoslavonic

novost f. newness; novelty; ~i news

novotvor m. neologism; novelty

novozelandsky adj. New Zealandic

novy adj. new

nozdra f. nostril

nož m. knife

nožice scissors

nožnica f. sheath, scabbard

nrav m. custom; nature, character, temper

nrěst m. spawning

nrěstilišče n. spawning ground; hatchery

nrěstiti se v.refl. ipf. spawn

nu intj. well

nuda f. boredom

nuditi ipf. bore; ~ se be bored

nudny adj. boring

nudža f. poverty, destitution; necessity; need; want, desire; requirement

nuklearny adj. nuclear; nuklearna fuzija nuclear fusion

nula num.card. zero

nulovy num.ord. zero

numeričny adj. numerical

nužny adj. necessary, needed, imperative

nyně adv. now, nowadays, currently

nyněšnji, nyněšny adj. current

nyrec m.anim. diver

nyrjanje n. dive, diving

nyrjatelj m.anim. diver

nyrjati v.intr. ipf. dive

nyrka f. kidney

nyrkovy adj. kidney; ~ kamenj kidney stone

nyrnuti v.intr. pf. dive

o intj. oh

o, ob prep. (kom/čem) about

oaza f. oasis

oba (obě) num.card. both

obače adv. however

obadva (obědvě) num.card. both

obagriti pf. paint in red

občeslovjansky adj. common Slavic

občežitje n. community, communal life

obči adj. common

občina f. community

občiti v.intr. ipf. associate; ~ s consort with

občudovanje n. admiration

občudovatelj m.anim. admirer

občudovati ipf. admire

obdariti pf. endow

obdarjati ipf. endow

obdarjeny adj. gifted, talented, endowed; dobro ~ well-endowed

obdirati ipf. peel, skin, strip

obdiv m. admiration

obdivjati ipf. admire

obdobje n. period

obdreti (obdere) pf. peel, skin, strip

obdumati pf. think over

oběčanje n. promise

oběčati pf. promise

oběčivati ipf. promise

oběd m. dinner, lunch

obědati v.intr. ipf./pf. dine, eat lunch

obědny adj. dinner, lunch

oběgati pf. run around

obělěti v.intr. pf. turn white

oběliti pf. whiten

obezčestiti pf. disgrace; dishonour, dishonor

obezčeščenje n. disgrace

obezglaviti pf. decapitate

obezglavjati ipf. decapitate

obezhrabriti pf. discourage

obezhrabrjati ipf. discourage

obezpokojiti pf. disturb, trouble, upset, bother

obezsiliti pf. disempower

obezsiljati ipf. disempower

obezuměti v.intr. pf. go crazy, go mad, lose one’s head, lose one’s senses, run amuck

obezuměvati v.intr. ipf. go crazy, go mad, lose one’s head, lose one’s senses, run amuck

obgledati ipf. look around, check out, watch from all sides

obgleděti (obgledi) pf. look around, check out, watch from all sides

obglodati pf. gnaw at

obgovarjati ipf. discuss, debate, talk over

obgovoriti pf. discuss, debate, talk over

obgryzati ipf. gnaw

obgryzti pf. gnaw

obhod m. detour, bypass; patrol, round

obhoditi ipf. go around, circumvent;  ~ se manage, make do with, get by;  ~ se bez do without; ~ se s treat, behave toward

obhodny: obhodna draga f. bypass road

obhvačati ipf. embrace, clasp

obhvatiti pf. embrace, clasp

obida f. offence, offense

obiděti pf. offend, insult

obidžati ipf. offend, insult

obilje n. abundance, plenty

obilno adv. abundantly

obilny adj. abundant

obimati ipf. embrace, hug, clasp

objasniti pf. explain

objasnjati ipf. explain

objasnjenje n. explanation

objav m. symptom

objava f. announcement

objaviti pf. reveal; declare (war); disclose; ~ se reveal oneself; appear, find oneself

objavjanje n. revelation

objavjati ipf. reveal; declare (war); disclose; ~ se reveal oneself; appear

objedati se v.refl. ipf. overeat

objediniti pf. unite as one, combine

objedinjati ipf. unite as one, combine

objedinjenje n. unification

Objedinjeno Kraljevstvo n. United Kingdom

objedinjeny adj. united; objedinjeno jointly

objehati (objede) pf. make a detour

objekt m. object; prisposobjeny ~ facility (building)

objektiv m. lens

objektivnost f. objectivity

objektivny adj. objective

objem m. volume, capacity

objesti se (obje) v.refl. pf. overeat

objeti (obojme) pf. embrace, hug, clasp

objetje n. embracement, embrace, hug, bearhug

objezd m. tour

objezditi pf. go round, travel round, make a detour

obježdžati ipf. go round, travel round, make a detour

obkaljati ipf. surround

obkoliti pf. surround

obkradati ipf. rob

obkrasti (obkrade) pf. rob

oblačati ipf. clothe, dress, don, put on

oblaček (oblačka) m. cloudlet

oblačenje n. attire, vestments

oblačiti pf. clothe, dress, don, put on

oblačny adj. cloudy

oblagati ipf. cover; surround, circle, put round

oblajati pf. bark at

oblajivati ipf. bark at

oblak m. cloud

oblamyvati ipf. break off

oblast f. region, area, oblast; field (of knowledge etc.), domain

oblastny adj. regional

oblěčenje n. clothing

oblěčeny adj. dressed, clad

obleděněti v.intr. pf. freeze

oblegčati ipf. ease, lighten, relieve, alleviate

oblegčenje n. relief, alleviation, easement

oblegčiti pf. ease, lighten, relieve, alleviate

oblěkati ipf. clothe, dress; don, put on

oblěkti pf. clothe, dress; don, put on

oblet m. fly-off

oblětati ipf. fly round

obletěti (obleti) pf. fly round

obličje n. face; outward appearance; v obličju prava in the face of the law; v obličju trudnostij in the face of difficulties

oblik m. shape, form, figure

oblinjati pf. moult, molt

obliti (oblije) pf. pour over

oblivati ipf. pour over

oblizati (obliže) pf. lick

oblizko adv. nearby

oblizny adj. nearby

oblizyvati ipf. lick

obljubjeny adj. popular

oblomiti pf. break off

obložiti pf. cover; surround, circle, put round

obložka f. cover (book, magazine)

oblupiti pf. peel

obluščiti pf. shell

obly adj. round

oblysěti v.intr. pf. go bald

obman m. con, cheat; fraud

obmannik m.anim. con artist, cheater, swindler, scammer

obmanuti pf. con, cheat, delude, deceive, hoodwink; fool

obmanyvatelj m.anim. con artist, cheater, swindler, scammer

obmanyvati ipf. con, cheat, delude, deceive, hoodwink; fool

obmazati (obmaže) pf. stain, dirty; besmear

obmazyvati ipf. besmear

obmedžati ipf. confine

obmedženje n. limitation, restriction

obmedženy adj. limited, restricted, confined

obmedžiti pf. confine

obměn m. exchange

obměniti pf. exchange

obměnjati ipf. exchange

obmotati pf. coil around

obmotka f. winding

obmotyvati ipf. coil around

obmrlost f. necrosis

obmrly adj. necrotic

obmysliti pf. devise, figure out, ponder, contemplate

obmysljati ipf. devise, figure out, ponder, contemplate

obmysljenje n. contemplation

obnarodovati ipf./pf. divulgate, promulgate

obnavjati ipf. renew, refurbish

obnavjati pf. restore

obnažati ipf. denude, expose; ~ se strip

obnažiti pf. denude, expose; ~ se strip

obnesti pf. carry round; wear out

obniziti pf. lower

obnižati ipf. lower

obniženje n. lowering

obnjuhati pf. sniff

obnjuhyvati ipf. sniff

obnositi ipf. carry round; wear out

obnova f. renewal

obnoviti pf. renew, refurbish; restore

obnovjenje n. renewal

obobčati ipf. generalise, generalize

obobčenje n. generalisation, generalization

obobčiti pf. generalise, generalize

obod m. rim (wheel)

obogačati ipf. enrich

obogatěti v.intr. pf. grow rich

obogatiti pf. enrich

obognjeodparnjati ipf. fireproof

obognjeodporniti pf. fireproof

oboj m. oboe

obojaky num.diff. twofold

obojdti (obojde; obšel) pf. go around, circumvent;  ~ se manage, make do with, get by; ~ se bez do without

oboje num.coll. both of

obora f. enclosure, fold, pen

oboravnost f. neutrality

oboravny adj. neutral

oborvanec m.anim. ragamuffin

obosobjenje n. isolation

obosobjenost f. isolation

obozrěti se (obozri) v.refl. pf. look around, view, survey

obožanje n. adoration

obožati ipf. adore

obožati pf. worship

oboživanje n. worship

oboživati ipf. worship

obrabotati pf. process

obrabotyvati ipf. process

obračanje n. conversion

obračati ipf. convert (sbd. to a religion); convert (sth. into sth.); direct (attention), turn (attention); turn around; reverse; rotate, revolve (tr.);  ~ se convert (to a religion); turn (into sth.); turn (intr.), turn around; ~ se k address, appeal to

obračenje n. reversal, inversion

obradovati pf. please, gladden, make happy; ~ se rejoice, be glad, be happy

obrana f. defence, defense

obraniti pf. defend

obranjati ipf. defend

obranny adj. defensive; ~ mehanizm defence mechanism

obrastati: ~ něčim (obraste) v.intr. pf. become overgrown with

obrasti: ~ něčim (obraste) v.intr. pf. be overgrown with

obrat m. circulation; revolution; turn, turnover; twist

obratitelj m.anim. revolutionary

obratiti pf. convert (sbd. to a religion); convert (sth. into sth.); direct (attention), turn (attention); turn around; reverse; rotate, revolve (tr.);  ~ se convert (to a religion); turn (into sth.); turn (intr.), turn around; ~ se k address, appeal to

obratno adv. reversely, vice versa

obratny adj. contrary; opposite; reverse

obraz m. picture, image, painting

obrazec m. model, pattern; sample

obrazny adj. pictorial, figurative, metaphorical

obrazok m. picture

obrazovanje n. education; formation

obrazovany adj. educated, learned

obrazovateljny adj. educational

obrazovity adj. picturesque

obred m. ceremony, rite, ritual

obredny adj. ceremonial

obrěmeniti pf. burden

obrěmenjati ipf. burden

obrězanje n. circumcision

obrězanost f. circumcision

obrězati (obrěže) pf. circumcise

obriti (obrije) pf. shave; ~ se shave

obrnuti pf. turn (tr.); reverse; rotate, revolve (tr.); ~ se turn (intr.); turn around

obrok m. quitrent, feudal tax

obrub m. hem; border, edging

obruč m. hoop

obručka f. wedding ring

obrušati se v.refl. ipf. collapse, give way

obrušiti se v.refl. pf. collapse, give way

obrvati (obrve) pf. pick, pluck, tear off

obrys m. outline

obrysovati ipf. outline

obryvati ipf. pick, pluck, tear off

obryvok m. scrap (of paper)

obryzgati ipf. splash sb/sth (with water)

obsada f. siege

obsaditi pf. besiege

obsadžati ipf. besiege

obscati (obsci) pf. piss on

obscennost f. obscenity

obscenny adj. obscene

obseg m. scope, coverage, perimeter

obsegati ipf. encompass, envelop, include, cover

obsegnuti pf. encompass, envelop, include, cover

obsějati (obsěje) pf. sow (a field)

obsějivati ipf. sow (a field)

obsěkati ipf. truncate

obsěkti pf. truncate

observacija f. observation

observatorija f. observatory

observovati ipf. observe

obsežny adj. comprehensive, exhaustive

obsidian m. obsidian

obslědovanje n. survey

obslědovany adj. surveyed

obslědovatelj m.anim. surveyor

obslědovati ipf. survey

obsluga f. handling, operating, operation

obslugovati ipf. handle, operate

obslužiti pf. handle, operate

obsohnuti v.intr. pf. dry (intr.); wither, become dry; pine away

obsrati pf. shit on

obsrědina f. environment

obstajati v.intr. ipf. exist; stay, spend time

obstanavjati ipf. stop; ~ se stop

obstanoviti pf. stop; ~ se stop

obstupati ipf. surround

obstupiti pf. surround

obsvětliti pf. highlight

obsvětljati ipf. highlight

obsyhati v.intr. ipf. dry (intr.); wither, become dry; pine away

obsypati pf. strew

obsypyvati ipf. strew

obširno adv. extensively, at length

obširnost f. extensivity

obširny adj. extensive, ample, wide

obšitje f. hem (clothes)

obšivka f. hem (clothes)

obtestovati pf. test

obtežati ipf. burden

obtežiti pf. burden

obtirati ipf. wipe, rub dry, towel; ~ se dry oneself, rub oneself dry

obtreti (obtre) pf. wipe, rub dry, towel; ~ se dry oneself, rub oneself dry

obučati ipf. instruct, teach, train

obučenje n. training, instruction, tuition

obučiti pf. instruct, teach, train

obuh m. butt-end (of an axe)

obustranny adj. from both sides

obuti se (obuje) v.refl. pf. put on one’s shoes

obuv f. footwear

obuvati se v.refl. ipf. put on one’s shoes

obuvka f. shoe

obuvnik m.anim. shoemaker

obuzdati pf. bridle

obuzdyvati ipf. bridle

obvadnjati ipf. irrigate, water

obvažati ipf. think over, think through, consider

obvažiti pf. think over, think through, consider

obvesti (obvede) pf. lead around, encircle, enclose, surround

obvěstiti pf. announce

obvěščati ipf. announce

obvezati (obveže) ipf. tie sth. round

obvezati (obveže) pf. oblige

obvezny adj. mandatory, obligatory, compulsory

obvezok m. duty, obligation, commitment

obvezyvati ipf. tie sth. round; oblige

obviniti: ~ za pf. accuse of, blame for

obvinjati: ~ za ipf. accuse of, blame for

obvinjenje n. accusation, blame

obviti (obvije) pf. wind around

obvivati ipf. wind around

obvod m. periphery, circumference

obvoditi ipf. lead around, encircle, enclose, surround

obvodniti pf. irrigate, water

obyčaj m. custom

obyčajno adv. commonly, ordinarily, typically, usually, conventionally

obyčajny adj. ordinary, common; customary, conventional, usual

obyčno adv. usually, typically

obyčny adj. common, ordinary, usual

obydva (obydvě) num.card. both

obyvatelj m.anim. inhabitant; resident

obyvati ipf. inhabit, reside

obzir: bez  ~a na prep. (kogo/čto) regardless; s ~om na with regard to

obzirati se v.refl. ipf. look around, view, survey

obzor m. field of vision; review

obžegti (obžže) pf. scorch

obžerstvo n. gluttony

obžigati ipf. scorch

obžirati se v.refl. ipf. gormandise, gormandize, overeat, pig out

obžrati se (obžre) v.refl. pf. gormandise, gormandize, overeat, pig out

ocelj f. steel

oceljevy adj. steel

ocěniti pf. appreciate, rate, value, assess, estimate, evaluate

ocěnjati ipf. appreciate, rate, value, assess, estimate, evaluate

ocěnjenje n. assessment, evaluation

ocěnka f. mark, rating, score, valuation, estimation, assessment, appraisal, evaluation

ocet (octa) m. vinegar

očariti pf. enchant

očarovany adj. enchanted, bewitched

očarovateljny adj. charming

očarovati pf. bewitch, beckon, charm, enchant, fascinate

očarovati (komu/čemu) pf. cast a spell

očarovyvati ipf. bewitch, beckon, charm, enchant, fascinate

očarovyvati (komu/čemu) ipf. cast a spell

očekyvanje n. expectation

očekyvati ipf. expect

očevidec m.anim. eyewitness

očevidno adv. of course, obviously

očevidny adj. obvious

oči eyes

očistitelj m.anim. purifier

očistiti pf. clean, cleanse, purify

očiščati ipf. cleanse, purify

očiščenje n. cleansing, purification

očny adj. eye

očrkati ipf. circumscribe

očrknuti pf. circumscribe

očrniti pf. blacken, defame, tarnish, asperse

očrnjati ipf. blacken, defame, tarnish, asperse

od prep. (kogo/čego) by; of, from, away from, since;  ~ davna for a long time, for ages;  ~ nyně henceforth, henceforward, from now on;  ~ početka from the beginning, initially;  ~ sejčas henceforth, henceforward, from now on; ~ strany by

oda f. ode

odbačati: ~ v lěvo/v pravo) v.intr. ipf. turn left/right

odběgati v.intr. ipf. run off

odběgti v.intr. pf. run off

odbirati ipf. take away; select

odbiti (odbije) pf. beat off, hit back (ball); reflect; repel; ~ se be reflected; have an effect

odbivati ipf. beat off, hit back (ball); reflect; repel; ~ se be reflected; have an effect

odblěsk m. reflection, gleam

odbočiti: ~ v lěvo/v pravo) v.intr. pf. turn left/right

odbor m. selection

odbrati (odbere) pf. take away; select

odbyti se (odbude) v.refl. pf. happen, take place

odbyvati se v.refl. ipf. happen, take place

odčajano adv. desperately

odčajany adj. desperate, hopeless; discouraged, disheartened, downcast, despondent

odčajati pf. cast down; discourage, dishearten, dispirit, drive to despair; ~ se become disheartened, despond; despair, lose heart

odčajivati ipf. cast down; discourage, dishearten, dispirit, drive to despair; ~ se become disheartened, despond; despair, lose heart

odčiniti pf. undo, break (a spell)

odčinjati ipf. undo, break (a spell)

odčitati pf. read (e.g. meters, temperature), scan

odčityvati ipf. read (e.g. meters, temperature)

odčudžati ipf. alienate, estrange

odčudžiti pf. alienate, estrange

odčuvati ipf. feel, sense

oddaliti pf. move away, pull away, remove, estrange, alienate; ~ se move away, drift away, draw away, stray, digress, become estranged

oddaljati ipf. move away, pull away, remove, estrange, alienate; ~ se move away, drift away, draw away, stray, digress, become estranged

oddaljenje n. alienation, distance, removal

oddaljeny adj. remote, distant

oddanje n. return, restitution

oddanost f. dedication, commitment

oddany adj. devoted, faithful, committed

oddati (odda) pf. give away

oddavati ipf. give away

odděl m. department; force

odděliti pf. separate

odděljati ipf. separate

odděljenje n. section

odděljeny adj. separated, parted

oddělno adv. separately

oddělny adj. separate

oddirati ipf. rip off

oddohnuti v.intr. pf. rest

oddreti (oddere) pf. rip off

oddyh m. rest

oddyhati v.intr. ipf. rest

odědža f. clothes, clothing

oděti (oděne) pf. clothe, dress

oděty adj. dressed

oděvati ipf. clothe, dress

oděž f. clothes, clothing

odglas m. echo

odgnuti pf. fold back, bend back, deflect, straighten, unbend

odgovarjajuči adj. corresponding

odgovarjati ipf. answer, reply; dissuade

odgovor m. answer, reply

odgovoriti pf. answer, reply; dissuade

odgovorno adv. responsibly

odgovornost f. responsibility

odgovorny adj. responsible

odgrebati ipf. rake away

odgrebti pf. rake away

odgryzati ipf. bite off

odgryzti pf. bite off

odgybati ipf. fold back, bend back, deflect, straighten, unbend

odhod m. departure

odhoditi v.intr. ipf. go away, walk away, leave, backtrack

odhodženje n. backtracking

odidti (odide; odšel) v.intr. pf. go away, walk away, leave, backtrack; ~ od abandon

odigrati se v.refl. pf. happen, take place

odigryvati:  ~ rolju ipf. play a role; ~ se happen, take place

odimanje n. subtraction

odimati ipf. take away; subtract; amputate

odinud adv. from somewhere else, from elsewhere

odjaviti se v.refl. pf. log off, log out

odjavjati se v.refl. ipf. log off, log out

odjebati: odjebi se! intj. go away!, bugger off!, fuck off!, piss off!, get lost!, beat it!

odjehati (odjede) v.intr. pf. go away, leave

odjeti (odojme) pf. take away; subtract; amputate

odjezd m. departure

odježdžati v.intr. ipf. go away

odkazanje n. abdication

odkazati (odkaže) pf. refuse (something to somebody), deny (something to somebody); ~ se abdicate

odkazyvati ipf. refuse (something to somebody), deny (something to somebody); ~ se abdicate

odkladati ipf. put away, put off, put aside, put back; suspend, postpone, delay

odklanjati ipf. decline (proposal), reject, dismiss (proposal), deflect

odklejati ipf. unstick; ~ se come off

odklejiti pf. unstick; ~ se come off

odključati ipf. disconnect (tr.); ~ se disconnect (intr.)

odključiti pf. disconnect (tr.); ~ se disconnect (intr.)

odkloniti ipf. decline (proposal), reject, dismiss (proposal), deflect

odklonjenje n. aberration

odkogda, odkogdy adv. for as long as

odkogda, odkogdy conj. ever since

odkryti pf. discover, disclose, uncover, open, reveal, unveil, detect

odkrytje n. discovery, find

odkrytka f. postcard

odkryvanje n. detection

odkryvatelj m.anim. discoverer

odkryvati ipf. discover, disclose, uncover, open, reveal, unveil, detect

odkud adv. whence, wherefrom, from where

odkud-nebud adv. from anywhere

odkudykoli adv. from anywhere

odkudy-libo adv. from anywhere

odkusiti pf. bite off

odkušati ipf. bite off

odkydati ipf. reject

odkydnuti pf. reject

odlamyvati ipf. break off

odlěpiti pf. unstick; ~ se unstick

odlěpjati ipf. unstick; ~ se unstick

odlětati v.intr. ipf. fly away

odletěti (odleti) v.intr. pf. fly away

odličati ipf. distinguish

odličiti pf. distinguish

odlično adv. excellently

odličny adj. excellent

odliv m. ebb, low tide

odlogovati se v.refl. ipf./pf. log off, log out

odlomiti pf. break off

odlomok m. excerpt, fragment, snippet, chip, splinter

odložiti pf. put away, put off, put aside, put back; suspend, postpone, delay

odmesti (odmete) pf. sweep away

odmetati ipf. put aside, throw away; refuse, reject

odmětati ipf. sweep away

odmetenje n. rejection

odmetnuti pf. put aside, throw away; refuse, reject

odmstiti pf. revenge, avenge

odněkud adv. from somewhere

odnesti pf. carry away; abduct, kidnap; ~ se k relate to

odnikud adv. from nowhere

odnositeljno adv. relatively

odnositeljny adj. relative; ~ zaimennik relative pronoun

odnositi ipf. carry away; abduct, kidnap; ~ se k relate to, feel about, concern, treat, behave toward

odnosno adv. relatively

odnosno prep. (kogo/čego) about, concerning, regarding

odnošenje n. relation, relationship, attitude, ratio, proportion; po odnošenju k regarding, with regard to; v odnošenju k regarding, with regard to

odobriti pf. approve, approbate, sanction

odobrjati ipf. approve, approbate, sanction

odobrjenje n. approval, approbation

odojdti (odojde)   ➝   odidti

odolěti pf. withstand, resist, overcome, bear up, overpower

odolěvati ipf. withstand, resist, overcome, bear up, overpower

odomašniti pf. domesticate, tame

odomašnjati ipf. domesticate, tame

odomašnjenje n. domestication

odomašnjeny adj. domesticated

odonud adv. thence, from over there

odosobniti pf. depersonalize

odosobnjati ipf. depersonalize

odovud adv. from here

odpadati v.intr. ipf. fall off

odpadky refuse, waste materials, scraps

odpadnik m.anim. renegade, apostate

odpady garbage, trash

odpasti (odpade) v.intr. pf. fall off

odpečetati pf. print, unseal

odpečetok m. print

odpečetyvati pf. print, unseal

odpeti (odpne) pf. unbutton, unclasp, unfasten

odphati pf. push off, push away

odpihati ipf. push off, push away

odpiliti pf. saw off

odpiljati ipf. saw off

odpinati ipf. unbutton, unclasp, unfasten

odpirati: ~ se v.refl. ipf. resist

odpis m. write-off

odpisati (odpiše) pf. write off; reply (in writing), write back; odpiši vsim reply to all (e-mail)

odpisyvati ipf. write off; reply (in writing), write back

odplačati ipf. repay, requite; retaliate, pay back; pay off

odplata f. repayment; reward, retribution; payback

odplatiti pf. repay, requite; retaliate, pay back; pay off

odplesti (odplete) pf. unweave, unplait, unbraid, untwine

odpletati ipf. unweave, unplait, unbraid, untwine

odpluti (odplove) v.intr. pf. sail away

odplyvati v.intr. ipf. swim away, sail away, drift away

odplyvti v.intr. pf. swim away, drift away

odpočeti (odpočne) v.intr. pf. rest, relax

odpočinok m. rest, relaxation

odpočivati v.intr. ipf. rest, relax

odpor m. resistance

odpornost f. resistance

odporny adj. resistant

odpověd f. answer, reply

odpovědalno adv. responsibly

odpovědalnost f. responsibility

odpovědalny adj. responsible

odpovědati ipf. answer, reply

odpovědati (komu/čemu) ipf. correspond, be equivalent of

odpověděti (odpově) pf. answer, reply

odpovědnik m. counterpart

odprašati ipf. dust, dust off; ~ se excuse oneself, ask for permission to leave

odprašiti pf. dust, dust off

odprava f. sending, shipping, dispatch, check-in; odpravny punkt starting point

odpraviti pf. perform (duties); send away, dispatch; ~ se depart

odpravjati ipf. perform (duties); send away, dispatch; ~ se depart

odpravjenje n. departure

odprěti se (odpre) v.refl. pf. resist

odprositi se v.refl. pf. ask for permission to leave; excuse oneself

odpuditi pf. chase away, drive away

odpusk m. holiday, vacation, annual leave

odpust m. dismissal, discharge

odpustiti ipf. forgive, absolve

odpustiti pf. let go

odpuščati ipf. let go; forgive, absolve

odpuščenje n. absolution, remission (sins)

odračati ipf. delay, postpone, put off

odraditi pf. advise against

odradžati ipf. advise against

odraz m. reflection

odraziti pf. reflect; repel; ~ se be reflected

odrazlika f. contrast; v odrazlikě od unlike, in contrast to, in distinction to

odražati ipf. reflect; repel; ~ se be reflected

odrěčenje n. disclaimer; renunciation

odrěčny adj. negative (reply etc.)

odred m. detachment (mil.)

odrěkati ipf. cancel, annul, deny; ~ se give up, renounce, repudiate, disown

odrěkti pf. cancel, annul, deny; ~ se give up, renounce, repudiate, disown

odrěz, odrězok m. piece (of material), segment

odrězati (odrěže) pf. sever, cut off

odrězyvati ipf. sever, cut off

odročiti pf. delay, postpone, put off

odroda f. biological form, variety (biology), mutation

odrubati pf. chop off

odrubyvati ipf. chop off

odrvati (odrve) pf. tear away

odryti pf. dig up

odryvati ipf. dig up; tear away

odsěděti pf. sit through, serve (a sentence), do time

odsědžati ipf. sit through, serve (a sentence), do time

odsěkati ipf. cut off, chop off

odsěkti pf. cut off, chop off

odskakati v.intr. ipf. jump aside, jump off, rebound

odskočiti v.intr. pf. jump aside, jump off, rebound

odslanjati ipf. uncover, unveil

odslati (odslje) pf. send away, send off

odsloniti pf. uncover, unveil

odslužiti pf. serve out

odsohnuti v.intr. pf. wither away

odstati v.intr. pf. lag behind, fall behind

odstava f. paragraph

odstavati v.intr. ipf. lag behind, fall behind

odstaviti pf. put aside, set aside

odstavjati ipf. put aside, set aside

odstraniti pf. delete, remove; discard; discharge, dismiss; eliminate

odstranjati ipf. delete, remove; discharge, dismiss; eliminate

odstranjati pf. discard

odstrašati ipf. scare off, frighten away

odstrašiti pf. scare off, frighten away

odstrěliti pf. shoot off

odstrigati ipf. shear away

odstrigti pf. shear away

odstup m. cession; indentation; interval

odstupanje n. digression, deviation; backtracking

odstupati v.intr. ipf. step aside, step away, give way; backtrack, retreat, withdraw (intr.); deviate, differ, digress; resign, step back, abdicate; yield, cede

odstupiti v.intr. pf. step aside, step away, give way; resign, step back, abdicate; backtrack, retreat, withdraw (intr.); deviate, differ, digress; yield, cede; ~ od abandon

odstupjenje n. abdication

odstupnik m.anim. renegade, defector; renegade, apostate

odsučstvo n. absence, lack

odsud adv. hence, from here

odsunuti pf. shove away, push off

odsutny adj. absent, missing, lacking

odsuvati ipf. shove away, push off

odsyhati v.intr. ipf. wither away

odsylati pf. send away, send off

odščepiti pf. split off, chip off

odščepjati ipf. split off, chip off

odščepok m. chip, splinter

odšlupati pf. peel

odšlupyvati ipf. peel

odtajati pf. thaw, unfreeze

odtegati ipf. pull away, drag away

odtegnuti pf. pull away, drag away

odtěkati v.intr. ipf. flow away; run away

odtekti v.intr. pf. flow away; run away

odtěnok m. shade, tint, undertone

odtirati ipf. rub away

odtisk m. impression; print; copy; ~ prsta fingerprint

odtiskati ipf. print

odtisknuti pf. print

odtreti (odtre) pf. rub away

odtud adv. thence, from there

odučati ipf. wean off

odučeny adj. weaned

odučiti pf. wean off

odurěti v.intr. pf. grow stupid

odvadnjati ipf. dehydrate

odvaga f. courage, bravery

odvažny adj. brave, courageous, adventurous

odvesti (odvede) pf. lead away, abduct, kidnap

odvět m. backlash

odvezti pf. bring away; deport

odvinuti pf. screw off

odvivati ipf. screw off

odvlačivati ipf. drag away; distract

odvlěčenje n. distraction

odvlěčeny adj. distracted

odvlěkati ipf. drag away

odvlěkti pf. drag away; distract

odvoditi ipf. lead away, abduct, kidnap

odvodniti pf. dehydrate

odvoziti ipf. bring away; deport

odvoženje n. deportation

odvračati ipf. avert, divert, prevent, turn away (tr.); disgust, abhor; distract

odvračenje n. disgust, aversion, abhorrence

odvratiti pf. avert, divert, prevent, turn away (tr.); disgust, abhor; distract

odvratlivy adj. disgustful

odvratno adv. disgustingly, abhorrently

odvratny adj. disgusting, abhorrent, repulsive, obnoxious

odvrganje n. denial

odvrgati ipf. deny, refuse, reject

odvrgnuti pf. deny, refuse, reject

odvrtka f. screwdriver

odvsud adv. from everywhere, from all around

odzavisiti pf. wean

odzavisny adj. weaned

odznaka f. insignia, distinguishing mark

odzvati (odzove) pf. withdraw, call back, recall (e.g. from office); ~ se respond

odzyv m. response

odzyvati ipf. withdraw, call back, recall (e.g. from office); ~ se respond

odže adv. so

oficer m.anim. officer

oficialno adv. officially

oficialny adj. official

ofis m. office

ogarok m. candle-end

ogladiti pf. iron, smooth

oglasiti pf. announce, declare, herald

oglašati ipf. announce, declare, herald

oglašenje n. announcement, heralding, declaration

oglavnik m. halter

ogled m. inspection, examination

ogledati ipf. watch, observe

ogleděti (ogledi) pf. watch, observe

ogluhnuti, oglušeti v.intr. pf. become deaf

oglupěti v.intr. pf. become stupid

oglušiti pf. muffle

ognišče n. fireplace, hearth

ognjeny adj. fiery

ognjeodporny adj. fireproof

ognojiti pf. manure

ogoliti pf. bare, denude, lay bare, strip naked; shave; ~ se shave

ogon m. tail

ogonj (ognja) m. fire

ogorčati ipf. distress, exasperate

ogorčiti pf. distress, exasperate

ogovarjanje n. gossip

ogovarjati ipf. slander; gossip about

ogovor m. slander

ogovoriti pf. slander; gossip about

ograbiti pf. plunder

ograbjati ipf. plunder

ograda f. fence

ograditi pf. fence, enclose

ogradžati ipf. fence, enclose

ogradženje n. barrier

ograničati ipf. limit

ograničenje n. limit, limitation

ograničeny adj. limited

ograničiti pf. limit

ogražati ipf. endanger

ogrěti pf. warm up

ogrěvati ipf. warm up

ogrlica f. necklace

ogromny adj. enormous, huge, tremendous, terrific; grand

ogroziti pf. endanger

ogroženje n. endangerment

ogroženy adj. endangered

ogurok m. cucumber

ohati v.intr. ipf. groan

ohladěti v.intr. pf. go cold, cool down

ohladiti pf. cool, chill

ohladžati ipf. cool, chill

ohladženje n. cooling

ohota f. desire

ohotnik m.anim. volunteer

ohotno adv. willingly

ohotnost f. willingness

ohotny adj. willing

ohrana f. protection

ohraniti guard, protect, preserve

ohranjati ipf. guard, protect

ohranny adj. protective

ohroměti v.intr. pf. go lame

oj! intj. aw!, oh!, ouch!

oje (oja/ojese) n. thill, shaft

okameněti v.intr. pf. be petrified; turn into stone

okameniti pf. turn into stone; stone

okamenjati ipf. turn into stone; stone

okarina f. ocarina

okazati (okaže) pf. show, render;  ~ se turn out; okazalo se as it turned out

okazija f. occasion

okazyvati ipf. show, render;  ~ se turn out; okazyvaje se as it turns out

okean m. ocean

Okeanija f. Oceania

oklevetati pf. slander

okno n. window

oko (oka/očese; pl. oči) n. eye

okolice environment, surroundings

okoličny adj. surrounding, neighbouring, neighboring

okolina f. surroundings, vicinity

okolnost f. circumstance; na vsaku ~ just in case

okolny adj. surrounding; okolna priroda environment

okolo prep. (kogo/čego) approximately, about; around

okonny adj. window

okop m. trench

okotiti se v.refl. pf. kitten

okovany adj. chained, shackled, fettered

okovati pf. shackle, fetter

okovy chains, bonds, shackles, fetters

okrajina f. outskirts; periphery

okrajny adj. peripheral

okrěpnuti v.intr. pf. become stronger

okrestiti pf. baptise, baptize

okropiti (kym/čim) pf. sprinkle with

okropjati (kym/čim) ipf. sprinkle with

okrug m. district, county

okrugliti pf. make round, round off

okrugljati ipf. make round, round off

okruglost f. roundness

okrugly adj. round

okrutnost f. cruelty

okrutny adj. cruel

okružati ipf. surround, encircle

okružiti pf. surround, encircle

okružny: okružna draga f. bypass road

oksid m. oxide

oktobr m. October

okuljary glasses, spectacles

okunj m.anim. perch

okupacija f. occupation

okupant m.anim. occupant

okupovati ipf. occupy

olej m. oil

oligarh m.anim. oligarch

oligarhija f. oligarchy

olimpijsky adj. olympic; olimpijske igry olympic games

olivka f. olive

oljha f. alder

olověny adj. leaden

olovka f. pencil; barvna ~ coloured pencil

olovny adj. leaded

olovo n. lead

oltar m. altar

omal adv. almost

omam m. fraud, cheat

omamiti pf. cheat, delude, fool, deceive, hoodwink

omamnik m.anim. cheat, cheater

oman m. elecampane, horse-heal, elfdock

omar m.anim. lobster

omastiti pf. apply ointment

omesti (omete) pf. sweep clean

omětati ipf. sweep clean

omiljemy adj. favourable, favorable

omiljeny adj. favourite, favorite

omladěti v.intr. pf. become younger

omladiti pf. rejuvenate

omladžati ipf. rejuvenate

omlet m. omelette

omlěti v.intr. pf. faint

omlěvati v.intr. ipf. faint

omrtvěti v.intr. pf. go numb

omrziti pf. sicken, disgust

omrzlivy adj. disgustful

omrzno adv. disgustingly

omrzny adj. disgusting, disgusted

omržajuči adj. sickening, disgusting

omržati ipf. sicken, disgust

omrženje n. disgust, detestation

omuženy adj. married (with a man)

omužiti pf. marry (a man), marry off (to a man); ~ se marry (with a man), get married (with a man)

on (jego, jemu, njim) pron.pers. he

ona (ju, jej, njeju) pron.pers. she

onako adv. like that, in that way

onaky adj. that kind of

onamo adv. to yonder, to over there

ondatra f. muskrat

onde adv. yonder, over there

one pron.pers. they (feminine, neuter)

oněměti v.intr. pf. be struck dumb, fall silent, become speechless, grow dumb

onesměliti pf. discourage

onesměljati ipf. discourage

oni (jih, jim, njimi) pron.pers. they (masculine or mixed)

onlajn, on-lajn adv. online

ono (jego, jemu, njim) pron.pers. it

onogda, onogdy adv. recently, lately, not long ago, the other day; then, at that time

onogdašnji, onogdašny adj. contemporaneous

onoj (ona, ono) pron.dem. yonder

onoliko adv. that much, that many

onoliky adj. that big

onuča f. foot rag

onudy adv. yonder way, that way over there

opačny adj. wrong

opadati v.intr. ipf. drop off, fall off, go down, subside, abate, ebb away

opakovanje n. packaging

opakovati pf. pack, package, wrap

opakovka f. packaging

opakovyvati ipf. pack, package, wrap

opaliti pf. singe

opaljati ipf. singe

opalok m. cigarette butt

opariti pf. scald

oparjati ipf. scald

opasno adv. dangeriously, perilously

opasnost f. danger, peril

opasny adj. dangerous, perilous; opasna burja deadly storm; opasno prědprijetje perilous undertaking

opasti (opade) v.intr. pf. drop off, fall off, go down, subside, abate, ebb away

opat m.anim. abbot

opatka f. abbess, mother superior

opatstvo n. abbey

opcija f. option

opcionalny adj. optional

opeka f. care

opekati ipf. take care of

opeklina f. burn (injury)

opekun m.anim. caregiver; guardian; trustee

opekunstvo n. guardianship; trusteeship

openjka f. honey agaric

opera f. opera

operacija f. operation (med.)

opereta f. operetta

operiti se v.refl. pf. fledge, feather

operjati se v.refl. ipf. fledge, feather

operjenje n. plumage, fledge, feathering

opet adv. again

opica f. monkey, ape

opij m. opium

opirati se v.refl. ipf. lean against something, rest on something; rely on something

opis m. description

opisateljny adj. descriptive

opisati (opiše) pf. describe

opisyvati ipf. describe

opiti (opije) pf. make drunk, fuddle, inebriate; ~ se get drunk

opivati ipf. make drunk, fuddle, inebriate; ~ se get drunk

oplačeny adj. paid

oplakati (oplače) pf. mourn, grieve, cry over, lament over

oplakyvanje n. mourning, grief

oplakyvati ipf. mourn, grieve, cry over, lament over

oplěti (oplěje/oplěve) pf. weed

opljunuti pf. spit at

opljuvati ipf. spit at

oploditi pf. fertilise, fertilize, inseminate

oplodžati ipf. fertilise, fertilize, inseminate

oplodženje n. fertilisation, fertilization, insemination

oplodženy adj. fertilised, fertilized, pregnant

opluti (oplove) pf. sail around

oplyvati ipf. sail around

opora f. support, rest

oporedčati ipf. order

oporedčeny adj. well-ordered

oporedčiti pf. order

oporny adj. supporting

opozdniti pf. delay; ~ se be late

opozdnjati ipf. delay; ~ se be late

opozdnjenje n. delay

opozicija f. opposition

opoznati pf. identify

opoznavati ipf. identify

opraščati ipf. simplify

oprava f. frame, framework, rim (glasses)

opravdanje n. acquittal; justification, excuse

opravdati pf. acquit; justify, excuse

opravdyvati ipf. acquit; justify, excuse

opraviti pf. rectify, adjust, set right; set, mount

opravjati ipf. rectify, adjust, set right; set, mount

opravniti pf. entitle

opravnjati ipf. entitle

opravnjeny adj. entitled

oprazdniti pf. drain, empty, clear out, vacate, void

oprazdnjati ipf. drain, empty, clear out, vacate, void

oprěděliti pf. define, determine, specify

oprěděljati ipf. define, determine, specify

oprěděljeno adv. definitely

oprěděljeny adj. definite

oprěti se (opre) v.refl. pf. lean against something, rest on something; rely on something

opretno adv. neatly

opretnost f. neatness

opretny adj. neat

oprostiti pf. simplify

oproščenje n. simplification

oproščeny adj. simplified

oprovrgati ipf. refute

oprovrgnuti pf. refute

optika f. optics

optimalny adj. optimal

opublikovati pf. publish

opuhati v.intr. ipf. swell

opuhly adj. swollen

opuhneny adj. swollen

opuhnuti v.intr. pf. swell

opustašati ipf. lay waste; devastate

opustěti v.intr. pf. become empty

opustiti pf. lower, let down, drop; abandon; loosen

opustošenje n. destruction, desolation, devastation

opustošiti pf. lay waste; devastate

opuščati ipf. lower, let down, drop; abandon; loosen

opuščenje n. abandonment

opuščeny adj. abandoned

opyliti pf. pollinate

opyljati ipf. pollinate

opyljenje n. pollination

opyt m. attempt; experiment

orač m.anim. ploughman

orakul m.anim. oracle

orangutan m.anim. orangutan

oranica f. ploughland, plowland

oranje n. ploughing, plowing

oranža f. orange

oranžerija f. orangery

oranževy adj. orange

orašati ipf. bedew; irrigate; moisten; spatter against; besprinkle

orati (ore) ipf. plough, plow

orden m. order (decoration); order (rel.)

orěh m. nut

orěhovka f. nutcracker (bird)

orěhovy adj. nut; orěhovo maslo peanut butter

orel (orla) m.anim. eagle

orěšarka f. nutcracker

organ m. organ (anatomy); organ (institution); organ (musical instrument)

organičny adj. organic

organizacija f. organisation, organization; Organizacija Sjedinjenyh Narodov United Nations; Organizacija Sěveroatlantičskogo Dogovora North Atlantic Treaty Organization

organizator m.anim. organiser, organizer

organizm m. organism

organizovati ipf./pf. organise, organize

orgija f. orgy

orientacija f. orientation

orientovati se v.refl. ipf. orient, orientate

origami n.indecl. origami

originalno adv. originally

originalnost f. originality

originalny adj. original

oriti ipf. drag down

orkestr m. orchestra

orl-   ➝   orel

orle n. eaglet

orlji adj. aquiline, eagle’s

ornament m. ornament

ornitologičny adj. ornithological

ornitologija f. ornithology

orny adj. arable

orositi pf. bedew; irrigate; moisten; besprinkle; spatter against

ortografičny adj. orthographic

ortografija f. orthography

orudje n. device, instrument, tool; cannon

orudovanje n. apparatus; equipment

orudovany adj. equipped; dobro ~ well-equipped

orudovati (kym/čim) ipf. tool up; equip

oruženje n. weaponry

oružiti ipf. arm

oružje n. weapon, arms

oružjenosec m.anim. squire, weapons-bearer

oružny adj. armed

os f. axis

osa f. wasp

osaditi pf. rein in (horse); ~ se settle

osadok m. deposit, sediment

osadžati ipf. rein in (horse)

osamotiti pf. isolate, seclude, abandon; ~ se isolate oneself

osědati v.intr. ipf. settle down, subside

osedlati pf. saddle

osědly adj. sedentary, settled

osel (osla) m.anim. donkey, ass; jackass

oselenje n. settlement

oseliti se v.refl. pf. settle, take up residence

osesti (osede) v.intr. pf. subside; settle down

Osetija f. Ossetia

osevy adj. axial

osika f. aspen

osiliti pf. overcome, overpower

osiljati ipf. overcome, overpower

osiročeny adj. orphaned

osirotěti v.intr. pf. be orphaned

osirotiti pf. orphan

osivěti v.intr. pf. turn grey, turn gray

oskopiti pf. castrate, emasculate

oskubati pf. pluck, deplume

oskubyvati ipf. pluck, deplume

oskudno adv. sparsely, poorly, scantily

oskudnost f. destitution, scarcity

oskudny adj. sparse, scanty, scarce, meagre, meager, destitute, bare

oskvrnitelj m.anim. defiler

oskvrniti pf. defile, debase, taint, desecrate

oskvrnjati ipf. defile, debase, taint, desecrate

oskvrnjenje n. desecretion

osl-   ➝   osel

oslaběti v.intr. pf. weaken, become weak, slacken, grow feeble

oslabiti pf. weaken; abate

oslabjati ipf. weaken; abate

oslabjenje n. weakening

oslabjeny adj. weakened

osladiti pf. sweeten, add sugar to

oslaviti pf. glorify

osle n. foal (of a donkey)

oslěpiti pf. blind, dazzle

oslěpjati ipf. blind, dazzle

oslěpjenje n. blinding, dazzlement

oslěpnuti v.intr. pf. go blind

oslica f. donkey (female)

osloženiti pf. complicate

osloženjati ipf. complicate

osložnjenje n. complication

osm num.card. eight

osmansky adj. Ottoman

osmažiti pf. fry

osmdeset num.card. eighty

osmdesety num.ord. eightieth

osměliti pf. encourage; ~ se dare, venture

osměljati ipf. encourage; ~ se dare, venture

osmerka num.subst. group of eight

osmero num.coll. eightsome

osmina num.fract. one eighth

osmka num.subst. eight

osmnadset num.card. eighteen

osmnadsetina num.fract. one eighteenth

osmnadsety num.ord. eighteenth

osmoliti pf. tar

osmonog m.anim. octopus

osmsot, osmsto num.card. eight hundred

osmy num.ord. eighth

osmysljeno adv. sensibly

osmysljenost f. sensibility

osmysljeny adj. sensible

osněžiti pf. cover with snow

osnova f. basis, base; stem; warp

osnovanje n. foundation, establishment

osnovatelj m.anim. founder

osnovateljny adj. founding

osnovati pf. found, establish, base; warp; osnovany na based on, founded on

osnovno adv. basically

osnovny adj. basic, fundamental

osnovyvati ipf. found, establish, base

osoba f. person, individual

osoblivo adv. especially, specifically, particularly, in particular

osoblivost f. peculiarity

osoblivy adj. especial, specific, particular, special

osobnik m.anim. individualist

osobno adv. personally

osobnost f. personality

osobny adj. personal; osobna pomsta personal vendetta; osobna potrěba personal need, personal use; osobna vojna personal war;  ~ avtomobil automobile;  ~ kompjuter personal computer; ~ zaimennik personal pronoun

osoliti pf. salt

osot (osta) m. thistle

osovrěmenniti pf. modernise, modernize

osovrěmennjati ipf. modernise, modernize

osovrěmennjenje n. modernisation, modernization

ospa f. smallpox

osparjati ipf. dispute, contest, question

osporiti pf. dispute, contest, question

osramiti pf. disgrace; shame, put to shame, bring shame on

osrědok m. centre, center

ost f. awn

ostaly adj. remaining

ostanky remains, remnants, relics

ostarěti v.intr. pf. grow old

ostati (ostane) v.intr. pf. stay, remain

ostatny adj. remaining

ostatok m. rest, remainder, remnant, relic, leftover

ostavati v.intr. ipf. stay, remain

ostaviti pf. leave, leave behind, abandon; bequeath

ostavjati ipf. leave, leave behind, abandon; bequeath

ostavjenje n. abandonment

ostavjeny adj. left

ostavka f. resignation, retirement

ostražno adv. carefully, cautiously; Ostražno! Look out!, Watch out!

ostražnost f. caution

ostražny adj. careful, cautious; byti ~ look out, watch out

ostrěgati ipf. warn, caution, admonish; ~ se beware of, be wary of

ostrěgti pf. warn, caution, admonish

ostrěženje n. warning, admonition

ostriga f. oyster

ostrigati ipf. shear, cut (hair)

ostrigti pf. shear, cut (hair)

ostriti ipf. sharpen

ostriženje n. haircut

ostrje n. blade

ostro adv. acutely

ostroga f. spur

ostroumje n. wit

Ostrov Man m. Isle of Man; ~ island

ostrovjan, ostrovjanin m.anim. islander

ostrugati pf. plane, shave, scrape, whittle, chip

ostry adj. sharp, acute, keen

ostuditi pf. cool

osud m. condemnation

osuditi pf. condemn, convict, sentence

osudžati ipf. condemn, convict, sentence

osudženje n. condemnation, conviction

osušati ipf. dry, drain

osušiti pf. dry, drain

osvajati ipf. familiarise, familiarize, master; conquer

osvatiti se v.refl. pf. marry

osvečati ipf. sanctify, consecrate

osvěčati ipf. illuminate

osvěčenje n. lighting, illumination

osvědamjati se v.refl. ipf. inquire

osvědomiti se v.refl. pf. inquire

osvědomjeny: dobro ~ adj. knowledgeable

osvetiti pf. sanctify, hallow, consecrate

osvětiti pf. illuminate

osvětliti pf. illuminate, light up

osvětljati ipf. illuminate, light up

osvětljenje n. lighting, illumination

osvěžati ipf. refresh, freshen

osvěžiti pf. refresh, freshen

osvobadžati ipf. liberate, free, release, set free; ~ se break free

osvoboditi pf. liberate, free, release, set free;  ~ se break free; ~ se od rid oneself of

osvobodženje n. liberation, release

osvojiti ipf. familiarise, familiarize, master; conquer

osypky measles

ošalěti v.intr. pf. go crazy, go mad, lose one’s senses, run amuck

oščeniti se v.refl. pf. have puppies

ošibkovy adj. wrong

otcevsky:  ~ adj. fatherly; otcevska ljubov fatherly love

otčim m.anim. stepfather

otčina f. fatherland

otec m.anim. father

otečstvo n. homeland

otegčati ipf. complicate; hamper, impede

otegčiti pf. complicate; hamper, impede

oteliti se v.refl. pf. calve

otěniti pf. cast a shadow

otěnjati ipf. cast a shadow

oteženje n. burden

oteženy adj. burdened

otišati ipf. silence

otišiti pf. silence

otok m. edema, oedema

otrava f. poison, venom

otravitelj m.anim. poisoner

otraviti pf. poison

otravjati ipf. poison

otravjenje n. poisoning

otravny adj. poisonous, venomous

otresati ipf. shake off

otresti pf. shake off

otrězvěti v.intr. pf. sober up

otrězviti pf. sober up

otrězvjati ipf. sober up

otruby bran

otrudniti pf. complicate

otrudnjati ipf. complicate

otrudnjenje n. complication

otupělost f. numbness, stupefaction, dullness, apathy

otupěly adj. numb, dazed, glazed, stupefied, dulled, besotted, apathetic

otupěti v.intr. pf. become blunt, grow dull, pall

otupiti pf. blunt, stupefy, make dull

otupjati ipf. blunt, stupefy, make dull

otvarjati ipf. open

otvor m. hole, opening

otvoriti pf. open

otvorjeny adj. open;  ~ parašut open parachute; ~ tenisny čempionat open tennis championship

otvrděti v.intr. pf. harden, become solid, petrify

ov (ova, ovo) pron.dem. this, these

ovako adv. thus, like this

ovaky adj. this kind of

ovalny adj. oval

ovamo adv. hither, to here

ovca f. sheep

ovčar m.anim. shepherd; ~sky pes sheepdog

ovčarnja f. sheep-fold

ovde adv. here

ovdověly adj. widowed

ovdověti v.intr. pf. be widowed, become a widow, become a widower

ovějati (ověje) pf. winnow

ovějivati ipf. winnow

oven (ovna) m.anim. ram; Oven Aries

ověnčati ipf. wreathe, garland

ověnčiti pf. wreathe, garland

ověriti pf. attest, authenticate

ověrjati ipf. attest, authenticate

ověrjeny adj. attested

oves (ovsa) m. oats

ovinuti pf. enfold, wrap

ovivati ipf. enfold, wrap

ovladnuti pf. seize, take possession of; master, gain proficiency in

ovladyvati ipf. seize, take possession of; master, gain proficiency in

ovoč m. fruit

ovogda, ovogdy adv. then

ovolgnuti v.intr. pf. get humid, get damp

ovoliko adv. this much

ovoliky adj. this big

ovoščiti pf. wax

ovplyvniti pf. affect, influence, lobby

ovplyvnjati ipf. affect, influence, lobby

ovratnik f. collar

ovs-   ➝   oves

ovudy adv. this way

ozdabjati ipf. decorate, adorn

ozdoba f. decoration, adornment, ornament

ozdobiti pf. decorate, adorn

ozdravěti v.intr. pf. recover (from a disease), get better

ozdraviti pf. cure

ozdravjati ipf. cure

ozdravjenje n. therapy

ozebti v.intr. pf. freeze

ozeleniti v.intr. pf. green

ozelenjati v.intr. ipf. green

ozemisko adv. territorially

ozemisky adj. territorial

ozemja f. territory

ozimina f. winter crop

ozimy adj. winter (crops)

ozlobiti pf. anger, annoy, spite

ozlobjenje n. anger

označati ipf. appoint, designate, denote, imply; label, mark, tag; indicate

označenje n. marking, tabel, tag

označeny adj. marked, tagged

označiteljny: ~ zaimennik m. definite pronoun

označiti pf. appoint, designate; label, mark, tag; indicate

oznaka f. sign

oznamenovati pf. celebrate, commemorate; mark

oznamenovyvati ipf. celebrate, commemorate; mark

oznaniti pf. announce

oznanjati ipf. announce

ozon m. ozone; ~ovy sloj ozone layer

ozvěrěti v.intr. pf. go wild, become brutalized

oženiti pf. marry (a woman), marry off (to a woman); ~ se marry (with a woman), get married (with a woman)

oženjeny adj. married

ožiti (ožive) v.intr. pf. come to life

oživati v.intr. ipf. come to life

oživiti pf. revive, animate, bring to life, vivify, resuscitate

oživjeno adv. lively

oživjeny adj. lively

ožoltěti v.intr. pf. turn yellow

ožrěbiti se v.refl. pf. foal

pa conj. and, but

pacient m.anim. patient

pad m. case

padalina f. carrion

padati v.intr. ipf. fall, tumble

padež m. grammatical case

padučnica f. epilepsy

pajac m.anim. jester, buffoon

paket m. bag, package

Pakistan m. Pakistan

pakistansky adj. Pakistani

pakovati ipf. pack

pala f. stick

palac m. palace

palačinka f. pancake

palata f. chamber

palatalizacija f. palatalisation

palatka f. tent

palec m. inch

palestinsky adj. Palestinian

paliti ipf. burn; smoke

palivo n. fuel

paljto n. overcoat

palka f. stick, club (weapon)

palma f. palm

palmeta f. palmette

pamet f. memory

pametati ipf. remember

pametkovy adj. monumental

pametnik m. monument, memorial

pametny adj. monumental, memorable

pamflet m. pamphlet

pan m.anim. gentleman, lord, mister, sir

panaceja f. panacea

Panama f. Panama

panamsky adj. Panamese

pancyr m. shell, coat of armour

pancyrovoz m. armoured car, armored car

pančoha f. stocking

panel: ~ orudj m. toolbar

pani (panje) f. lady, Mrs

panika f. panic

paniker m.anim. fearmonger, scaremonger

panorama f. panorama

panslavist m.anim. Pan-Slavist

panslavističny adj. Pan-Slavist

panslavizm m. Pan-Slavism

pantofle slippers

papa m.anim. pope

papaja f. papaya

papir m. paper

papirny adj. paper

papirus m. papyrus

papka f. file, folder, portfolio

paprat f. fern

paprika f. paprika

Papua Nova Gvineja f. Papua New Guinea

papuče slippers

papugaj m.anim. parrot; dolgohvosty ~ parakeet

para f. couple, pair, twosome; steam; ~ prikladov couple of examples

parada f. parade; paradny kostjum full dress, ceremonial attire

paradigm m. paradigm

paradoks m. paradox

paradoksalny adj. paradoxical

parafija f. parish

paragraf m. paragraph

Paragvaj m. Paraguay

paragvajsky adj. Paraguayan

paralela f. parallel

paralelny adj. parallel

paraliza f. paralysis

paralizovati ipf. paralyse, paralyze

parametr m. parametre, parameter

parapet m. parapet

parašut m. parachute

parašutist m.anim. parachutist

paravan m. screen, windbreak

parazit m.anim. parasite

parazitizm m. parasitism

parazitny adj. parasitic, parasitical

parazitovati v.intr. ipf. parasitise, paratisize

parfum m. perfume

parfumovati ipf. perfume

pariti v.intr. ipf. steam

Pariž m. Paris

parižsky adj. Parisian

park m. park

parkovati ipf./pf. park; ~ se park

parkovišče n. car park, parking lot

parlament m. parliament

parlamentarny adj. parliamentary

parny adj. steam; even; parna mašina steam engine; parno čislo even number

parodija f. parody

parohija f. parish

parola f. password

parovoz m. locomotive

paršivy adj. lousy, mangy

particip m. participle

partija f. party

partitura f. score (music)

partner m.anim. partner

partnerka f. partner (f.)

partnerstvo n. partnership

pas m. belt, girdle

pasažer m.anim. passenger

pasažersky adj. passenger

pasivny adj. passive

pasport m. passport

past f. trap

pasti (pase) ipf. graze, pasture, tend, put out to pasture

pasti (pade) v.intr. pf. fall, tumble; ~ se graze

pastuh m.anim. shepherd, herdsman

pastva f. flock, congregation

pastvišče n. pasture

pastyr m.anim. shepherd, herdsman; pastor

patent m. patent

patriarh m.anim. patriarch

patriarhat m. patriarchate

patriot m.anim. patriot

patriotičny adj. patriotic

patriotizm m. patriotism

patronizovati ipf. patronize

pauza f. pause, break

pauzovati v.intr. ipf. pause

pav m.anim. peacock

pavian m.anim. baboon

pavučina f. spider-web

pavučji: pavučja nit f. spider thread

pavuk m.anim. spider

pazduha f. bosom

pazigrafija f. pasigraphy

pčela f. bee

pčelar m.anim. beekeeper

pčelarstvo n. beekeeping

pčeliny adj. bee’s

pčelji adj. bee’s

pčelnik m. apiary

peč m. stove, oven, furnace

pečenj f. liver

pečet f. stamp, seal

pečetar m.anim. printer

pečetarstvo n. printing

pečetati ipf. print

pečivo n. pastries, breads, baked goods, buns

pedagog m.anim. pedagogue

pedagogičny adj. pedagogic

pedagogika f. pedagogy

pedofil m.anim. paedophile, pedophile

pěga f. freckle

pěgavy adj. freckled

pěhota f. infantry

pekar m.anim. baker

pekarnja f. bakery

peklny adj. infernal

peklo n. hell

pekti ipf. bake, roast (tr.); ~ se bake, roast (tr.)

pelena f. diaper, nappy

pelerina f. cape (garment), poncho, pelerine

pelikan m.anim. pelican

pelun m. wormwood

pemza f. pumice

pěna f. foam

pendžabsky adj. Punjabi

pěnez m. coin

pěnezy money

pěnežny adj. money

penis m. penis

penisovy adj. penis

penj (pnja) m. tree stump, trunk, stub

pensija f. pension

pensijny adj. pension; ~ fond pension fund

pensioner m.anim. pensioner

pepel m. ash, ashes

pepelavy adj. ash-coloured, ash-colored, ashy

pepelisty adj. ash-coloured, ash-colored, ashy

peprec m. pepper

percepcija f. perception

perfekt m. perfect tense

perforator m. hole punch, perforator

pergament m. parchment

periferija f. periphery

periferijny adj. peripheral

period m. period

periodičny adj. periodic

perkusija f. percussion

perla f. pearl

pero n. feather; pen

perovy adj. feather

Persija f. Persia

persijec m.anim. Persian

persijsky adj. Persian

personal m. personnel

personalny adj. personal, individual; ~ zaimennik personal pronoun

personaž m. character, personage

personifikacija f. personification

perspektiva f. perspective

Peru m.indecl. Peru

Peruanec m.anim. Peruvian

Peruansky adj. Peruvian

perun m. lightning

Perun m.anim. Perun

perverzija f. perversion

perverznik m.anim. pervert

perverzno adv. perversely

perverznost f. perversity

perverzny adj. perverse, perverted

pes (psa) m.anim. dog

pěsennik m.anim. songwriter

pesimist m.anim. pessimist

pesimističny adj. pessimistic

pesimizm m. pessimism

pěsnja f. song

pěsočny adj. sandy; sandy; pěsočna burja sandstorm

pěsok m. sand; gruby ~ gravel

pest f. fist

pesticid m. pesticide

pestry adj. diverse, motley

pěšak m.anim. pawn (chess)

pěše adv. on foot

pěšehod, pěšehodec m.anim. pedestrian

pěši adj. pedestrian, on foot

pet num.card. five

peta f. heel

petdeset num.card. fifty

petdesetničsky adj. Pentecostal

petdesety num.ord. fiftieth

peteraky num.diff. five kinds of

peterčeta quintuplets

peterka num.subst. group of five

peterny num.mult. quintuple, fivefold

petero num.coll. fivesome

peticija f. petition

petikutnik m. pentagon

petina num.fract. one fifth

petivugolnik m. pentagon

petka num.subst. five

petnadset num.card. fifteen

petnadsety num.ord. fifteenth

petno n. stain, spot

petok m. Friday

petsot, petsto num.card. five hundred

pety num.ord. fifth

pěvanje n. singing

pěvatelj m.anim. singer

pěvati ipf. sing

phati ipf. push, shove; ~ se do/za strive after

phnuti ipf. push, shove

pianist m.anim. pianist

pianistka f. pianist

pica f. pizza

pidžin m. pidgin

pigment m. pigment

pijanica m./f. drunkard

pijanstvo n. drunkenness

pijany adj. drunken

pijavica f. leech

pijemy adj. drinkable

pikantny adj. piquant, spicy

pikirovanje n. diving

pikirovati v.intr. ipf. dive

pikirovka f. dive

pikirovnica f. diver

pikirovnik m.anim. diver

piknik m. picnic

piky spades (cards)

pila f. saw

pilina f. sawdust

piliti ipf. saw

pilot m.anim. pilot

pilulka f. pill, tablet

pinati ipf. stretch, pull tight

ping-pong m. table tennis, ping pong

pingvin m.anim. penguin

pion m. pawn

pioner m.anim. pioneer

pir m. feast

piramida f. pyramid

piramidovy adj. pyramidal

pirat m.anim. pirate

piratstvo n. piracy

piroman m.anim. pyromaniac

piromaničny adj. pyromaniacal

piromanija f. pyromania

pirotehničny adj. pyrotechnic; ~ sklad pyrotechnic warehouse

pirotehnik m.anim. pyrotechnist

pirotehnika f. pyrotechnics

pirovati v.intr. ipf. feast

pisalny: ~ stol m. desk

pisanje n. writing

pisatelj m.anim. writer

pisati (piše) ipf. write; pišeča mašina typewriter;  ~ nanovo rewrite; pišeči stroj typewriter

pisemny adj. written

piskati v.intr. ipf. squeak, squeal

pisme n. letter (alphabet)

pismennost f. writing system; literacy

pismo n. letter (mail), writing; script, writing system

pistacija f. pistachio

pistolet m. handgun, pistol

pistolnik m.anim. gunman, pistoleer

piš-   ➝   pisati

pišati v.intr. ipf. pee

piščeti (pišče) v.intr. ipf. squeak, squeal

piti (pije) ipf. drink

pitny adj. drinkable; pitna voda drinkable water

pivnica f. cellar; pub, beerhouse

pivo n. beer

pivovar m.anim. brewer

pivovarnja f. brewery

pivovarsky adj. brewer’s

pizda f. cunt

pižama f. pyjamas

plač m. weeping, cry

plač-   ➝   plakati

plačlivy adj. weeping

plagiat m. plagiarism

plakat m. placard, poster

plakati (plače) v.intr. ipf. weep, cry

plama f. stain, spot

plamenj m. flame

plan m. plan

planeta f. planet

planovati ipf. plan

planšet m. plane table

plast m. layer

plastičny adj. plastic

plastik m. plastic

plastikovy adj. plastic

plašč m. mantle, cloak, jacket

plata f. payment, fee

platba f. tax

platbovy adj. tax

platby taxes

platform m. platform

platina f. platinum

platitelj m.anim. payer

platiti ipf. pay

platno n. cloth, canvas

plavanje n. swimming

plavati v.intr. ipf. swim, float, sail

plavny adj. flowing, smooth

plavy adj. blonde, straw-coloured

plaž f. beach

pleme n. tribe

plemenec m.anim. nephew

plemenica f. niece

plen m. booty

pleniti ipf. loot, plunder

pleskanje n. slap

pleskati ipf. slap

plesknuti pf. slap

plěsnj f. fungus

plesti (plete) ipf. braid, knit, plait, weave

pletenka f. braid

plěti (plěje/plěve) ipf. weed

plěva f. chaff

plěvnja f. barn

pljuča f. lung

pljunuti v.intr. pf. spit

pljuš m. plush

pljuševy adj. plush, plushy

pljuvati v.intr. ipf. spit

plod m. foetus; fruit

ploditi ipf. beget, bring forth; spawn

plodnost f. fertility, fecundity

plodny adj. fertile

plosky adj. flat

plošča f. square

plot (plti) f. complexion; flesh, body, skin

plot m. fence

plug m. plough, plow

plus conj. plus

pluskvamperfekt m. pluperfect tense

pluti (plove) v.intr. ipf. sail, navigate

plutonij m. plutonium

plyvti v.intr. ipf. swim, float

pnevmonija f. pneumonia

pnj-   ➝   pen

pnuti pf. stretch, pull tight

po prep. (kogo/čto) for (in pursuit of, to get); for (the Xth time); up to; (kom/čem) after, following; along, alongside; throughout, round, on (along a surface), all over, across; (komu/čemu) according to, per, by, in the manner of; for … each, for … a piece; ~ mojemu skromnomu mněnju in my humble opinion

poběda f. victory

poběditelj m.anim. victor, winner

poběditi v.intr. pf. conquer, triumph

pobědžati v.intr. ipf. conquer, triumph

poběgti v.intr. pf. run

pobiti (pobije) v.intr. pf. hit, beat

pobitje n. beating

pobity adj. beaten, beaten up, battered

poblagodariti pf. thank

poblažlivost f. leniency

poblažlivy adj. indulgent, lenient

pobližno adv. nearby

pobrěžny adj. coastal

pobuditi pf. encourage, prompt, stimulate, urge, impel, induce, arouse, actuate

pobudžati ipf. encourage, prompt, stimulate, urge, impel, induce, arouse, actuate

pobudženje n. stimulation

pobytje n. stay

pocělovati v.intr. pf. kiss

pocělunok m. kiss

pocěluvka f. kiss

počekati v.intr. ipf. wait a bit

početi (počne) pf. begin (tr.), start (tr.), commence; ~ se begin (intr.), start (intr.)

početje n. beginning

početkovo adv. initially

početkovy adj. initial

početkujuči adj. beginning

početkujuči (-ego) m.anim. beginner

početok m. beginning, start; na početku at first

počin m. initiative

počinati ipf. begin (tr.), start (tr.), commence; ~ se begin (intr.), start (intr.)

počrveněti v.intr. pf. blush

počutje n. feeling, sense

počva f. soil

pod prep. (kogo/čto) under (direction), underneath (direction); (kym/čim) under, underneath

podanje n. submission

podanok m. tax

podariti pf. donate

podarok m. present, gift

podati (poda) pf. give, provide, submit

podavatelj m.anim. giver, provider, submitter

podavati ipf. give, provide, submit; ~ paru prikladov give a couple of examples

podbirati ipf. pick up

podbradok m. chin

podbrati (podbere) pf. pick up

podčas prep. (kogo/čego) during, so long as, amid

podčrkati ipf. underline, emphasize

podčrknuti pf. underline, emphasize

poddanje n. surrender

poddany (-ogo) m.anim. subject (of a sovereign)

poddati se (podda) v.refl. pf. surrender, yield, submit

poddavajemost f. susceptibility

poddavajemy adj. susceptible

poddavati ipf. surrender; ~ se surrender, yield, submit

poddržati pf. support, endorse, maintain

poddrživanje n. support, endorsement, maintenance

poddrživati ipf. support, endorse, maintain

podekovati (komu/čemu) v.intr. pf. thank

poděl m. share

poděliti pf. share; ~ se share (f.ex. on Facebook)

poděti se v.refl. pf. disappear, be hidden

poděvati se v.refl. ipf. disappear, be hidden

podfirma f. subsidiary

podfirmovy adj. subsidiary

podglavnica f. pillow

podgled m. preview

podgledati v.intr. ipf. peep, watch secretly, spy, glance at, glimpse, take a look

podgleděti (podgledi) v.intr. pf. peep, watch secretly, spy, glance at, glimpse, take a look

podgovarjati ipf. incite

podgovoriti pf. incite

podgrěti (podgrěje) pf. heat up

podgrěvati ipf. heat up

podgrupa f. subgroup, subset

podhod m. approach

podhoditi v.intr. ipf. suit, be suitable, befit, go with; ~ k approach

podidti: ~ k (komu/čemu) v.intr. pf. approach

podimati ipf. take up, undertake

podium n. stage

podjeti (podojme) pf. take up, undertake

podkategorija f. subcategory

podkazka f. hint

podklad m. background

podkladati ipf. put under

podkopati pf. undermine

podkopyvati ipf. undermine

podkovati pf. shoe (horse)

podkovyvati ipf. shoe (horse)

podkrěpiti pf. corroborate, strengthen

podkrěpjati ipf. corroborate, strengthen

podkup m. bribery, bribe

podkupiti pf. bribe

podkupovati ipf. bribe

podkupstvo n. bribery

podlagati ipf. put under

podle prep. (kogo/čego) beside, near

podlec m.anim. fucker

podležati (podleži) (+ dat.) v.intr. ipf. be subject to, be liable to

podliti (podlije) pf. water, irrigate

podlivati ipf. water, irrigate

podlivka f. sauce, gravy

podloga f. floor; base, foundation

podložiti pf. put under

podložka f. underlay, mat; ~ dlja myši mouse pad, mouse mat

podly adj. mean, nasty

podměniti pf. change a bit

podměnjati ipf. change a bit

podmet m. subject

podmorsky adj. submarine, underwater

podnapisy subtitles

podnebje n. palate; climate

podnebny adj. climatic; podnebne izměny climatic changes

podnos m. tray

podnožišče n. nadir

podnurjati ipf. submerge

podoba f. likeness, semblance, image; manner, way

podobati se v.refl. ipf. please, be liked by

podobno adv. similarly, alike, likewise

podobnost f. similarity, resemblance

podobny adj. similar, alike, look-alike; byti ~ look alike, resemble

pododděl m. subdivision, subsection

podokonnik m. sill, windowsill

podolg prep. (kogo/čego) according to

podošva f. sole

podpaliti pf. set afire

podpaljač m.anim. arsonist

podpaljati ipf. set afire

podpaljenje n. arson

podpazuha f. armpit

podpirati ipf. support, back, back up; podpirany od backed by

podpisati (podpiše) pf. sign, subscribe

podpiska f. subscription

podpisnik m.anim. subscriber

podpisyvati ipf. sign, subscribe

podpor m. backing, support

podporiti pf. support, back, back up

podporka f. prop, stay

podpornik m.anim. supporter

podporny adj. supporting

podrastka f. teenager

podrastok m.anim. teenager

podrazděliti pf. subdivide

podrazděljati ipf. subdivide

podrazděljenje n. subdivision

podrediti pf. subordinate

podredny adj. subordinate

podredžati ipf. subordinate

podrobnost f. detail

podrobny adj. detailed, elaborate

područnik m. textbook

područny adj. handy

podružiti se v.refl. pf. befriend, make friends

podsekretar m.anim. undersecretary

podslušati pf. eavesdrop, wiretap

podslušivanje n. eavesdropping, wiretapping

podslušivatelj m.anim. eavesdropper, wiretapper

podslušivati ipf. eavesdrop, wiretap

podsměhati se v.refl. ipf. jeer

podsměhnuti se v.refl. pf. jeer

podstava f. base, foundation; setup

podstavka: ~ na mylo f. soap dish

podstrěkanje n. abetment, instigation, incitement

podstrěkatelj m.anim. abettor, instigator, agitator

podstrěkati (podstrěče) ipf. incite, instigate, abet, stir up, rouse

podstrěknuti ipf. incite, instigate, abet, stir up, rouse

podstupati: ~ k (komu/čemu) v.intr. ipf. approach

podstupiti: ~ k (komu/čemu) v.intr. pf. approach

podsvědomje n. subconscience

podsvědomo adv. subconsciously

podsvědomost f. subconscious

podsvědomy adj. subconscous

podtalirka f. saucer

podtekst m. subtext, undertone, undercurrent, covert sense, hidden meaning

podtiskanje n. suppression

podtiskati ipf. suppress

podtisknuti pf. suppress

podton m. undertone

podtrimati pf. maintain

podtrimyvanje n. maintenance

podtrimyvati ipf. maintain

poduška f. pillow, cushion; vozilo na vozdušnoj poduškě hovercraft

podvajati ipf. double

podval m. cellar

podvažati ipf. lever, pry open

podvažiti pf. lever, pry open

podvezka f. garter

podvig m. feat, exploit

podvisiti pf. suspend

podvodnica f. submarine

podvodny adj. submarine, underwater, subaquatic; podvodna lod submarine; podvodno těčenje undercurrent

podvojiti ipf. double

podvrganje n. exposure

podvrgati ipf. expose to, subject to

podvrgnuti pf. expose to, subject to

podzemje n. underground, resistance

podzemny adj. underground; podzemna voda groundwater

podzirati ipf. suspect

podzirlivy adj. suspicious

podzrěny adj. suspect

podzrěti (podzri) pf. suspect

podzrěvati ipf. suspect

poema f. poem

poet m.anim. poet

poetičny adj. poetic

poezija f. poetry

pogaršati ipf. deteriorate, make worse

pogladiti pf. smooth; stroke, caress

poglavok m. slap (in the face)

pogled m. look, glimpse; sight, view

pogledatelj m.anim. onlooker; ~ vitrin window shopper

pogledati ipf. look at; pogledanje vitrin window-looking, window-shopping

poglubiti pf. deepen

poglubjati ipf. deepen

pogoda f. weather

pogoltnuti pf. swallow; ~ solzy sob

pogon m. propulsion, motive force; pursuit

pogorje n. above

pogorno adv. above

pogoršiti pf. deteriorate, make worse

pogrdlivy adj. disparaging

pogreb m. funeral

pogrěšiti v.intr. pf. err, be mistaken, make a mistake, transgress

pogrěška f. mistake, error

pogruziti pf. immerse

pogružati ipf. immerse

pogynati v.intr. ipf. perish

pogynuti v.intr. pf. perish

pohmelje n. hangover

pohod m. hike; march

pohodka f. walk, stroll

pohodženje n. ancestry; origin, genesis, source

pohristijaniti pf. christianise, christianize

pohristijanjati ipf. christianise, christianize

pohva f. sheath, vagina

pohvala f. congratulation

pohvaliti pf. praise; congratulate

pohvalny adj. praiseworthy, laudable, commendable

pohvaly congratulations

pohybka f. mistake

pohyčanje n. abducting

pohyčati ipf. abduct

pohyčenec m.anim. abductee

pohyčenje n. abduction

pohyčeny adj. abducted

pohytitelj m.anim. abductor

pohytiti pf. abduct

poiskati (poišče) pf. search, seek, look for

poiskyvati ipf. search, look up

pojas m. belt, girdle

pojaviti se v.refl. pf. appear, show up

pojavjati se v.refl. ipf. appear, show up

pojavjenje n. appearance, emergence

pojdti (pojde; pošel) v.intr. pf. go

pojedinok m. duel

pojehati (pojede) v.intr. pf. go (by transport), ride

pojeti (pojme) pf. understand, conceive, comprehend, perceive, grasp

pojetje n. idea, notion, conception

pojezd m. train

pojiti ipf. water, give to drink

pojmanje n. perception, comprehension

pojmati ipf. understand, conceive, comprehend, perceive, grasp

poka conj. while, so far as

pokajanje n. penitence, repentance

pokajati se v.refl. pf. repent

pokarati pf. scold, rebuke, reprimand, reproach

pokarati (pokare) pf. punish

pokarjati ipf. subdue, subjugate

pokazati (pokaže) pf. show

pokazny adj. ostentatious, showy

pokazyvati ipf. show

poker m. poker (cards)

pokladati ipf. lay, put

poklicati v.intr. ipf. call to, appeal to

poklik m. appeal

poklon m. bow (gesture)

pokoj m. peace, quiet

pokojnik m. deceased person, dead person

pokojny adj. deceased, late (deceased)

pokoliko conj. inasmuch as, insomuch as, insofar as

pokoljenje n. generation

pokoriti pf. subdue, subjugate; beat, defeat, conquer

pokorjeny adj. beaten

pokornost f. humility

pokorny adj. humble, meek, submissive

pokositi pf. mow

pokrčati: ~ ramenami ipf. shrug

pokrčiti: ~ ramenami pf. shrug

pokrestiti pf. christen

pokromě adv. besides

pokrovnik m.anim. kin, relation

pokrovnost f. kinship

pokrovny adj. related, akin, cognate

pokryti pf. cover

pokrytje n. cover

pokryv m. roof, cover

pokryva f. blanket, quilt

pokryvalo n. bedspread

pokryvati ipf. cover

pokupka f. purchase

pokus m. experiment

pokusiti pf. attempt; tempt

pokušati ipf. attempt; tempt

pokušenje n. attempt; temptation; ~ na něčije žitje attempt at someone’s life

pol m. half, one half; gender, sex

pol-, polu- prefix half

pola f. coattail, flap

polabsky adj. Polabian

polarizacija f. polarisation, polarization

polarny adj. polar;  ~ razsvět northern lights; polarne světla polar lights, southern lights

poldenj (poldnja) m. noon

poldnik m. meridian

poldočerka f. niece

polěno n. log, large piece of firewood

polet m. flight

poletěti (poleti) v.intr. pf. fly

polěv prep. (kogo/čego) to the left of

polica f. shelf

policija f. police

policijnik m.anim. policeman

policijny adj. police

polirati ipf. polish

politbjuro n. politbureau

politeizm m. polytheism

politi (polije) pf. water

političny adj. political

politik m.anim. politician

politika f. politics, policy

politologija f. political science

polivati ipf. water

polivka f. soup

Poljak m.anim. Pole

poljana f. meadow

poljanka f. glade

polje n. field

poljny adj. field;  ~ klen field maple; ~ konik grasshopper

Poljska f. Poland

poljsky adj. Polish

poljzovati ipf. make use of

polk m. force, regiment

polkovnik m.anim. colonel

polniti ipf. fill

polno adv. quite

polnoč f. midnight

polnolětnost f. majority

polnolětny adj. adult, of age

polnolunje n. full moon

polnomočje n. authority

polnomočnik m.anim. plenipotentiary

polny adj. full

polovica f. half

polovičny adj. halved, half, part

polovina f. half; na polovině dragy halfway, midway

polovnik m.anim. sharecropper

položenje n. position, location, situation, circumstance

položeny adj. situated

položiti pf. lay, put, situate

polsyn m.anim. nephew

polučati ipf. obtain

polučiti pf. obtain

poludnje n. noon

poluostrov m. peninsula

poluostrovny adj. peninsular

polus m. pole

polusamoglaska f. semivowel

poluvojenny adj. paramilitary

polzati v.intr. ipf. crawl, creep, grovel

polzavica f. vine, creeper

polzti v.intr. ipf. crawl, creep, grovel; polzuča rastlina vine, creeper

polž m.anim. snail

pomagati (komu/čemu) v.intr. ipf. help, assist, aid

pomalo adv. slowly

pomaly adj. slow

pomaranča f. orange

pomarančevy adj. orange

pomazati (pomaže) pf. smear

pomelo n. pomelo

poměstiti pf. accommodate, lodge, put up

poměšany adj. mixed

poměščati ipf. accommodate, lodge, put up

pomidor m. tomato

pomilovanje n. pardon, reprieve

pomilovati pf. pardon, reprieve

pomimo prep. (kogo/čego) in spite of, despite

pomiriti pf. reconcile

pomirjenje n. reconciliation

pomněti (pomni) ipf. remember

pomnik m. monument, memorial

pomoč f. help, assistance, aid; s ~ju with the help of

pomočnik m.anim. assistant, helper, aid

pomočnost f. helpfulness

pomočny adj. helpful, auxiliary

pomogti v.intr. pf. help, assist, aid

pomorsky adj. Pomeranian

pomož-   ➝   pomogti

pompa f. pomp, pump

pomrdati v.intr. pf. stir, budge, move, wiggle

pomsta f. backlash

pomyliti pf. mislead, deceive, confuse; ~ se be mistaken, err, be wrong

pomyljeny adj. confused, mistaken, misled

pomylka f. mistake

pomysl m. idea

pomysliti pf. think

ponad prep. (kym/čim) above, beyond

pončik m. doughnut

ponedělok m. Monday

poněkde adv. here and there

poněkogda, poněkogdy adv. sometimes, at times, now and then, occasionally

poněkoj pron.indef. some, several

poněktory pron.indef. some, several

poneže conj. whereas

poni m.anim. pony

poniziti pf. humiliate, humble

poniž, poniže prep. (kogo/čego) below, beneath

ponižajuči adj. humiliating

ponižati ipf. humiliate, humble

poniženje n. humiliation

ponje adv. at least

ponovno adv. again, once more

ponovny adj. another

ponožka f. sock

popaljenina f. burn (injury)

popel m. ash

popelavy adj. ash-coloured, ash-colored, ashy

popelisty adj. ash-coloured, ash-colored, ashy

popiti (popije) pf. sip

popivati ipf. sip

poplava f. flood

poplaviti pf. flood

poplavjati ipf. flood

popluti (poplove) v.intr. pf. sail, navigate

poplyvti v.intr. pf. swim

pop-muzika f. pop music

popoldenj (popoldnja) m. afternoon

popoldenny adj. afternoon; popoldenno spanje afternoon nap

popolno adv. completely, absolutely, thoroughly

popolnost f. completeness

popolny adj. complete, thorough

popoludnje n. afternoon

popolzati v.intr. pf. crawl, creep

popolzti v.intr. pf. crawl, creep

poprav prep. (kogo/čego) to the right of

poprava f. repair

popraviti pf. correct, repair

popravjati ipf. correct, repair, mend, improve, rectify

popravjenje n. correction

popravka f. correction

popravnost f. correctness

popravny adj. correct

poprěčnik m. crossbeam

poprěčny adj. crosswise, transverse

poprědnji, poprědny adj. previous

poprěk adv. athwart, crosswise

poprěk prep. (kogo/čego) across

poprěměnno adv. alternately

poprobovati pf. try, attempt, taste

poprositi pf. ask, require, request

poprsje n. bust

popruga f. saddle-girth

popularnost f. popularity

popularny adj. popular

populizm m. populism

popustiti pf. lessen, slacken, ease off

popuščati ipf. lessen, slacken, ease off

popytka: ~ i dostavka phrase demand & supply

pora: ~ spati phrase bedtime

porabiti pf. enslave

porabovati ipf. enslave

poraditi pf. advise

poradžati ipf. bring forth; beget

poraniti pf. hurt, wound, injure

poranjenje n. injury

porasti (poraste) v.intr. pf. grow

poravniti pf. even

poraziti pf. defeat, beat, strike down, overwhelm, overcome; hit, strike, affect

porazuměti se v.refl. pf. come to an understanding

porazuměvati se v.refl. ipf. come to an understanding

poražati ipf. defeat

poražka f. defeat

porcija f. portion

pored prep. (kogo/čego) beside, next to

poredok m. order, sequence; v poredku alright, okay

porno n. porn

pornografičny adj. pornographic

pornografija f. pornography

porod m. birth

poroditi pf. beget, bring forth

porok m. defect, vice

porota f. jury

porotnica f. juror

porotnik m.anim. juror

porotny adj. jury

port m. port

portal m. portal

porter m. porter

portier m.anim. porter

portmone n.indecl. wallet

portret m. portrait

Portugalec m.anim. Portuguese man

Portugalija f. Portugal

Portugalka f. Portuguese woman

portugalsky adj. Portuguese

porubati pf. chop

poručati se v.refl. ipf. guarantee, warrant, vouch

poručenec m.anim. guarantor

poručenje n. assignment, order, guarantee

poručeny adj. guaranteed

poručitelj m.anim. guarantor

poručiteljstvo n. guarantee

poručiti se v.refl. pf. guarantee, warrant, vouch

poručnik m.anim. lieutenant

porušiti pf. knock down

poryv m. impulse

posada f. crew

poscati se v.refl. pf. piss oneself

posěčati ipf. visit

posěčenje n. visit

posědanje n. possession

posědatelj m.anim. possessor

posědati ipf. own, possess

posědlivy adj. possessive

posědnik m.anim. possessor

posějati (posěje) pf. sow

posěkati pf. chop, hack

posěkti pf. chop, hack

poseljenje n. colony, settlement

posesivny: ~ zaimennik m. possessive pronoun

posesti (posede) pf. gain possession of

posětitelj m.anim. visitor

posětiti pf. visit

poskoro adv. rather

posl-   ➝   posol

poslanec m.anim. messenger, envoy

poslanje n. message, post

poslannik m.anim. ambassador, messenger, envoy

poslati (poslje) pf. send

poslě adv. thereafter, afterwards

poslě prep. (kogo/čego) after

poslědica f. consequence, result, effect, outcome, repercussion, aftermath, backwash

poslědnji, poslědny adj. last

poslědovatelj m.anim. follower, adherent

poslědovateljno adv. consecutively, successively, subsequently

poslědovateljny adj. consecutive, successive, sequential, subsequent

poslědovati pf. follow

poslědstvo n. consequence, result, effect, outcome, repercussion, aftermath, backwash

poslěporodny adj. postpartum

poslětrešenje n. aftershock

poslizgnuti se v.refl. pf. slip

poslušati pf. listen, obey

poslušnost f. obedience

poslušny adj. obedient

posluživati se v.refl. ipf. make use

posmotriti v.intr. pf. look, watch

posmrtno adv. posthumously

posmrtny adj. posthumous

posol (posla) m.anim. ambassador

posoliti pf. salt

posoljeny adj. salted

posovětovati pf. advise, counsel

pospati (pospi) v.intr. pf. take a nap, have some sleep

pospěh m. haste, hurry, rush

pospěšiti v.intr. pf. hasten, hurry, rush

pospěšno adv. hastily, hurriedly, in a hurry

posrany adj. shitty, lousy, crappy

posrěbriti pf. silver-plate

posrěbrjati ipf. silver-plate

posrěbrjeny adj. silver-plated

posrěd prep. (kogo/čego) amidst, among, amongst, in the middle of

posrědkovati v.intr. ipf. mediate

posrědničstvo n. mediation

posrědnik m.anim. mediator, intermediary, go-between, middleman, broker

posrědnje adv. indirectly

posrědnji, posrědny adj. indirect, intermediate; mediocre

posrědstvom prep. (kogo/čego) using, by means of

postanavjati ipf. decide, decree

postanoviti pf. decide, decree

postanovjenje n. decision, decree

postarati se v.refl. pf. do one’s best, try

postarěti v.intr. pf. age, grow old

postaviti pf. set, put down, set up, place, put upright, erect; construct; ~ pytanje ask a question

postavjati ipf. set, put down, set up, place, put upright, erect; construct

postavjenje n. placement; construction

postelina f. bedding, bed-clothes

posteliti pf. spread, lay, make the bed

postelj f. bed

posteljny: ~ klop m.anim. bedbug

postigati ipf. comprehend, grasp

postignuti pf. comprehend, grasp

postlati (postelje) pf. spread, lay, make the bed

postojanno adv. continuously, steadily, constantly, permanently

postojanny adj. continuous, steady, constant, permanent

postojka f. stop (bus etc.)

postrah m. terror

postranny adj. lateral; outside

postrašnik m.anim. terrorist

postrašny adj. terror

postrug m.anim. trout

postup m. progress; gait, pace

postupanje n. behaviour, behavior, conduct

postupati v.intr. ipf. act, behave, proceed; ~ s treat, handle, deal with

postupiti v.intr. pf. act, behave, proceed; ~ s treat, handle, deal with

postupka f. proceeding, procedure

postupno adv. gradually

postupny adj. gradual, stepwise

posuda f. crockery, plates and dishes

posušiti pf. dry

posuvnik m. slider (comp.)

posvečati ipf. dedicate, devote

posvečenje n. dedication

posvečeny adj. dedicated

posvědčati ipf. attest, certify

posvědčiti v.intr. pf. testify; attest, certify

posvetiti pf. dedicate, devote

posylati ipf. send

posylka f. package, parcel

poščediti pf. save, spare

poškoditi v.intr. pf. damage, harm

poškodženje n. damage

poškodženy adj. damaged

pošta f. mail, post

poštar m.anim. postman

poštny adj. postal;  ~ kod postcode, zip code; ~ ured post office

pot m. sweat, perspiration

potapjati ipf. sink

potemněti v.intr. pf. darken, get dark

potencial m. potential

potencialny adj. potential

potěnje n. perspiration

potet m.anim. uncle

potěti (poti) v.intr. ipf. perspire, sweat

potiti se v.refl. ipf. perspire, sweat

potok m. flood (tears etc.), swift stream; brook

potom adv. then, after that, afterwards

potomok m.anim. offspring, descendant, scion

potomstvo n. offspring, descendants, posterity

potop m. flood, deluge

potopiti pf. sink

potrajati v.intr. pf. last, continue, endure, go on

potrěba f. need

potrěbno adv. necessarily

potrěbny adj. necessary, needed

potrěbovati ipf. need, require

potresati ipf. joggle, brandish

potresti pf. shake, quake, jolt, joggle, brandish

potrohu adv. bit by bit

potrvati v.intr. pf. last, continue, endure, go on

potvrditi pf. confirm, attest, authenticate, corroborate; potvrdženy attested

potvrdžati ipf. confirm, attest, authenticate, corroborate

potvrdženje n. confirmation, attestation, authentication, corroboration

poučati ipf. instruct

poučenje n. instruction

poučitelj m.anim. instructor

poučiteljka f. instructor

poučiti pf. instruct

pouka f. lesson, instructive example, practical wisdom, class period

povaga f. respect

považanje n. respect

považati ipf. respect

považeny adj. respectable, esteemed

považiti pf. respect

povědati ipf. say, tell

pověděti (pově) pf. say, tell

povědka f. story; ~ prěd spanjem bedtime story

poveliteljny adj. imperative

pověriti pf. confide; commit, entrust

pověrjati ipf. commit, entrust; confide

pověrje n. popular belief

pověrjennik m.anim. agent; confidant

poveseliti se v.refl. pf. enjoy, have fun

pověsiti pf. hang (tr.)

pověst f. story

povezanost f. involvement

povezka f. bandage

povinen (povinny, povinna, povinno) adj. ought to, should, obliged to, bound to, due; povinno se one should, one ought to, one is obliged to

povinny adj. due, owing

povlaka f. cover, casing, coating, film

povlěkati: ~ za soboju ipf. entail, involve

povlěkti: ~ za soboju pf. entail, involve

povod m. reason, cause, occasion

povodom prep. + gen. on the occasion of

povoljno adv. slowly

povoljny adj. slow

povoz m. cart, carriage

povračati ipf. turn (tr./intr.)

povrat m. turn, turning point, bend, twist

povratiti pf. twist; turn (tr./intr.)

povratny adj. recurrent, relapsing; povratna informacija feedback; povratna svez feedback; povratna tipka backspace key;  ~ bilet round-trip ticket; ~ moment decisive moment

povratok m. return, comeback

povraz m. rope

povrěmenno adv. from time to time

povrh m. surface

povrh prep. (kogo/čego) atop, to the upper side of

povrhnja f. surface

povrhnost f. surface

povrhny adj. superficial

povrnuti pf. turn (tr.)

površina f. surface

povrtati ipf. turn (tr.)

povsednji adj. everyday, commonplace, mundane, ordinary

povstanec m.anim. rebel, insurgent, revolutionary

povstanje n. rebellion, revolt, uprising, insurgence, revolution

povstati v.intr. pf. rebel

povstavati v.intr. ipf. rebel

povtarjati ipf. repeat

povtoriti pf. repeat

povtorno adv. repeatedly

povysiti pf. increase, heighten

povyšati ipf. increase, heighten

povyše adv. above

povyše prep. (kogo/čego) above

povyšenje n. increase

povyši adj. above

poza f. pose

pozad adv. after

pozadje n. background

pozadu adv. backward

pozajeti (pozajme) pf. borrow; pozajeto slovo loanword

pozajmati ipf. borrow

pozastaviti pf. suspend

pozastavjenje n. suspension

pozautra adv. the day after tomorrow

pozdněje adv. afterwards, later

pozdnějši adj. later

pozdno adv. late

pozdny adj. late

pozdrav intj. greetings, regards

pozdraviti pf. greet

pozdravjati ipf. greet

pozemny adj. overland

pozicija f. position

pozirati v.intr. pf. watch, observe, have a look; watch, observe, look at

pozitivny adj. positive; pozitivno čislo positive number

pozlačati ipf. gild

pozlačeny adj. gilded

pozlata f. gilding

pozlatiti pf. gild

poznanec m.anim. acquaintance

poznanje n. recognition

poznati pf. learn about, come to know, become familiar with; recognise, recognize

poznavati ipf. learn about, come to know, become familiar with; recognise, recognize

pozor m. appearance

pozornost f. attention

pozov m. summons

pozovati v.intr. ipf. pose

pozrěti (pozri) pf. have a look; observe

pozvaljati ipf. allow, let, permit;  ~ sobě afford; ne pozvaljaje se it is not allowed; pozvaljaje se it is allowed

pozvanje n. invitation

pozvati (pozove) pf. invite

pozvati se na (kogo/čto) v.refl. ipf. invoke (smb. authority); ~ v sud sue

pozvolimy adj. permittable

pozvoliti pf. allow, let, permit; ~ sobě afford

pozvoniti pf. ring

pozyvati se na (kogo/čto) v.refl. ipf. invoke (smb. authority); ~ v sud sue

požaliti pf. regret

požar m. fire

požarnik m.anim. firefighter, fireman

požarny adj. fire; požarna služba fire service

požarogasnik m. fire extinguisher

požedanje n. demand

požedati pf. thirst, long for, crave, yearn, covet; demand

poželany adj. desirable

poželati pf. wish, desire

požeti (požne) v.intr. pf. harvest

požiralnik m. oesophagus

požiranje n. eating

požirati ipf. eat up, devour

poživjenje n. nutrition

požrěti v.intr. pf. devour

požrtvovati pf. sacrifice

pra- prefix great-, fore-, proto-

prababica f. great-grandmother

praca f. work, labour, labor

pracodavec m.anim. employer

pracovati v.intr. ipf. work

pracovito adv. diligently

pracovitost f. diligence

pracovity adj. diligent

pracovnik m.anim. worker, employee

pradavny adj. ancient

pradědok m.anim. great-grandfather

prag m. doorstep, threshold

Praga f. Prague

prah m. dust, powder

prahososalnik m. vacuum cleaner

praindoevropejsky adj. Proto-Indo-European

prajezyk m. proto-language

praksa f. practice

praktičnik m.anim. practitioner

praktično adv. practically, virtually

praktičnost f. practicality

praktičny adj. practical

praktika f. practice

praktikovati ipf. practice

pralěs m. primeval forest

pralna mašina f. washing machine

praotec m.anim. forefather, progenitor

praroditelj m.anim. grandparent

prase n. piglet

prasetko n. piglet

praslovjansky adj. Proto-Slavic

praščati ipf. forgive; ~ se say goodbye, take one’s leave

prašek m. powder

prašiti ipf. dust

prati (pere) ipf. wash (clothes), launder

prati (pore) ipf. unstitch, unravel; ~ mozg brainwash

pravda f. truth; iměti pravdu be right

pravdivo adv. truthfully

pravdivost f. truthfulness, reality

pravdivy adj. real, true, genuine, truthful

pravdopodobno adv. probably, likely

pravdopodobnost f. probability, feasibility

pravdopodobny adj. probable, likely, feasible, plausible

pravedny adj. righteous

pravica f. rightwing, right hand

pravilno adv. correctly, properly

pravilnost f. correctness

pravilny adj. correct, proper, accurate; regular

pravilo n. rule

praviti ipf. edit

pravnik m.anim. lawyer

pravny adj. legal

pravo n. law, right

pravopis m. orthography

pravopisanje n. spelling

pravopisati ipf. spell correctly

pravopisec m.anim. orthographer

pravopisny adj. orthographic

pravoruky adj. right-handed

Pravoslavje n. Orthodoxy

pravoslavny adj. Orthodox

pravost f. correctness; rectitude

pravosudje n. justice

pravosudnost f. jurisdiction

pravověrny adj. orthodox

pravovugolnik m. rectangle

pravy adj. correct; right

pravzor m. prototype

prazdničny adj. festive, holiday

prazdnik m. holiday

prazdnina f. emptiness, void, vacuum

prazdnovati ipf. celebrate, commemorate

prazdnověrje n. superstition

prazdnověrny adj. superstitious

prazdny adj. empty, idle

prdak m. ass

prděti (prdi) v.intr. ipf. fart

prěadresovati pf. redirect

preambula f. preamble

prěběglik m.anim. deserter, turncoat

prěbudovati pf. rebuild

prěbudovyvati ipf. rebuild

prěbyvanje n. stay, sojourn

prěbyvati v.intr. ipf. stay, reside, remain, linger, abide

precedent m. precedent

prěčesto adv. too often

prěčiti ipf. contradict, deny, negate

prěčnik m. diametre, diameter

prěd m. front

prěd prep. (kogo/čto) before (direction), in front of (direction); (kym/čim) ago; before, prior to, in front of, ahead of;  ~ davnym vrěmenem once upon a time;  ~ davnym časom once upon a time;  ~ hviljeju a moment ago;  ~ nekoliko dnjev a few days ago; ~ vsem above all, most of all, mostly, primarily

prědanje n. tradition, legend

prědati (prěda) pf. hand over, deliver; broadcast; betray

prědavati ipf. hand over, deliver; broadcast; betray

prědavnica f. traitor

prědavničsky adj. treacherous

prědavnik m.anim. traitor

prědavstvo n. treason, betrayal

prědběžny adj. preliminary, temporary, provisional

prědčasny adj. early, premature

prědčutje n. premonition, inkling

prědčuvati ipf. have a premonition, have an inkling

prědgradje n. suburb, suburbia

prědgradny adj. suburban

prědhistoričny adj. prehistoric

prědhistorija f. prehistory

prědhoditi ipf. precede

prědhodnik m.anim. predecessor

prědhodny adj. previous

prědidti (prědide; prědšel) pf. precede

prědigra f. overture

predikat m. predicate

prědimenovany adj. above-named, before-named

prědki ancestors

prědkladati ipf. propose, offer, suggest

prědlagati ipf. propose, offer, suggest

prědlanji adv. the year before last

prědlog m. preposition

prědloženje n. proposal, suggestion, offer

prědložitelj m.anim. proposer

prědložiti pf. propose, offer, suggest

prědložlivy adj. suggestive

prědložnik m. preposition

prědměstje n. suburb, suburbia

prědměstny adj. suburban

prědmet m. article, item; object, thing; topic, subject; object (gram.)

prědminuly adj. before last

prědnje adv. beforehand

prědnji, prědny adj. front, prior

prědnost f. advantage; priority, precedence

prědojdti (prědojde; prědšel) pf. precede

prědok m.anim. ancestor

prědoplatnik m.anim. subscriber

prědpis m. order, regulation

prědpisati pf. prescribe

prědpisyvati ipf. prescribe

prědplačati v.intr. ipf. pay in advance

prědplatiti v.intr. pf. pay in advance

prědpočitanje n. preference

prědpočitati ipf. prefer

prědpoklad m. assumption

prědpokladati ipf. assume, suppose, presume, take for granted

prědpolagati ipf. assume, suppose, presume, take for granted

prědpoloženje n. supposition

prědpoložiteljno adv. presumably, supposedly

prědpoložiti pf. assume, suppose, presume, take for granted

prědposlědnji, prědposlědny adj. penultimate

prědpostavjati ipf. prefer

prědpotopny adj. antediluvian

prědpověd f. forecast, prediction

prědpovědati ipf. forecast, predict

prědpověděti (prědpově) pf. forecast, predict

prědprijemstvo n. enterprise, company

prědprijeti (prědprijme) pf. undertake

prědprijmati ipf. undertake

prědprimetny adj. above-named, before-named

prědrastka f. prefix

prědsědatelj m.anim. president, chairman

prědsědateljstvo n. presidency, chairmanship

prědsědati v.intr. ipf. preside

prědsědnik m.anim. president, chairman

prědskazanje n. forecast, prediction

prědskazati (prědskaže) pf. forecast, predict

prědskazyvati ipf. forecast, predict

prědslovje n. foreword, preface

prědstati v.intr. pf. appear (before a court)

prědstava f. notion, idea (mental picture), image

prědstavati v.intr. ipf. appear (before a court)

prědstavitelj m.anim. spokesman, representative

prědstaviteljstvo n. representation

prědstaviti pf. present, introduce; ~ sobě imagine, envision

prědstavjati ipf. present, introduce, represent; constitute; ~ sobě imagine, envision

prědstavjenje n. introduction, presentation, performance (theater)

prědstoječi adj. forthcoming, approaching, imminent, impending

prědsudje n. prejudice, bias

prědsudny adj. biased, prejudiced

prědsudok m. prejudice

prědšedši adj. previous

prědteča f. precursor, forerunner

prěduprěditi pf. warn, caution, admonish; notify in advance; prevent

prěduprědžati ipf. notify in advance; prevent; warn, caution, admonish

prěduprědženje n. admonition; warning

prědvčera adj. day before yesterday

prědvečer m. eve

prědvěstje n. omen, portent

prědviděti (prědvidi) pf. predict, foresee

prědvidimy adj. predictable

prědvidlivy adj. predictable

prědvidyvati ipf. predict, foresee

prědvrěmenny adj. early, premature

prědvyšati ipf. prefer, like better

prědznak m. omen, portent

predža f. yarn

prědže adv. before, earlier, previously, beforehand

preferovati ipf. prefer

prefiks m. prefix

prěgled m. review, summary, survey

prěgledati ipf. review, overhaul, inspect, examine, check, revise, browse, peruse

prěgleděti (prěgledi) pf. review, overhaul, inspect, examine, check, revise, browse, peruse

prěgledka f. browser

prěgoltnuti: progoltnuti solzy pf. sob

prěgovory negotiations

prěgrada f. barrier, partition wall

prěhladiti se v.refl. pf. get a cold, catch a cold

prěhladžati se v.refl. ipf. get a cold, catch a cold

prěhladženje n. common cold

prěhladženy: byti ~ ipf. have a cold

prěhod m. transition

prěhoditi v.intr. ipf. cross, transcend, cross over, pass over

prěhodny adj. temporary; transitive

prěhytriti pf. outsmart, outfox

prěhytrjati ipf. outsmart, outfox

prěimenovati pf. rename

prěimenovyvati ipf. rename

prěinačati ipf. alter

prěinačenje n. alteration

prěinačeny adj. altered

prěinačiti pf. alter

prějdti (prějde; prěšel) v.intr. pf. cross, transcend, cross over, pass over

prějeti (prějme) pf. take over

prějmati ipf. take over

prěklad m. translation

prěkladatelj m.anim. translator

prěkladati ipf. translate

prěključ m. switch

prěključati ipf. switch

prěključiti pf. switch

prěkrasny adj. magnificent, wonderful

prěkydanje n. interruption

prělěpy adj. magnificent, ravishing, stunning

prělet m. overflight

prěletny adj. migratory (bird)

prěljubstvo n. adultery, fornication

prělom m. turning point, crisis; break; fracture

prěložiti pf. translate

preludija f. prelude

prěmagati ipf. overcome, surmount

prěmeblovati ipf./pf. refurnish

prěměna f. change

prěměniti pf. change; ~ se transform

prěměnjati ipf. change; ~ se transform

prěměnna (-oj) f. variable

prěměnny adj. variable

prěměstiti pf. move (transitive), relocate, shift, transfer; ~ se move (intransitive)

prěměščati ipf. move (transitive), relocate, shift, transfer; ~ se move (intransitive)

prěmeščenje n. movement, relocation

premiera f. premiere

premier-ministr m.anim. prime minister

prěmnogo adv. too

prěmo adv. directly

prěmogti pf. overcome, surmount

prěmokutnik m. rectangle

prěmokutny adj. rectangular

prěmolviti v.intr. pf. deliver a speech

prěmolvjati v.intr. ipf. deliver a speech

prěmotanje n. rewinding

prěmotati pf. rewind

prěmotyvati ipf. rewind

prěmy adj. direct, straight

prěnapeti pf. overstrain, overstress

prěnapinati ipf. overstrain, overstress

prěnesti pf. bring over, transfer; pass down (e.g. a tradition)

prěnočevati v.intr. pf. spend the night

prěnositi ipf. bring over, transfer; pass down (e.g. a tradition)

prěnosny adj. figurative, metaphorical; portable

prěobračati ipf. convert (sbd. to a religion); convert (sth. into sth.), turn (sth. into sth.)

prěobratiti pf. convert (sbd. to a religion); convert (sth. into sth.), turn (sth. into sth.)

prěobraziti pf. morph, transform

prěobražati ipf. morph, transform

prěobraženje n. transformation, metamorphosis

prěocěniti pf. overestimate

prěocěnjati ipf. overestimate

prěoděti se v.refl. pf. dress up, change clothes

prěoděvati se v.refl. ipf. dress up, change clothes

preparat m. preparation (substance)

prěpirati se v.refl. ipf. quarrel

prěpisanje n. rewrite

prěpisany adj. rewritten

prěpisati (prěpiše) pf. rewrite, copy

prěpiska f. correspondence, exchange of letters

prěpisyvati ipf. rewrite, copy

prěpluti (prěplove) pf. sail across

prěplyvati ipf. swim across, sail across

prěplyvti pf. swim across

prěpolnjeny adj. over-filled

prěpona f. obstacle

prěporučati ipf. recommend

prěporučiti pf. recommend

prěporuka f. recommendation

prěprava f. crossing

prěpraviti pf. cross

prěpravjati ipf. cross

prěprogramovati pf. re-program, program anew

prěrastati ipf. outgrow

prěrasti (prěraste) pf. outgrow

prěrazkazanje n. paraphrase

prěrazkazati (prěskaže) pf. paraphrase

prěrazkazyvati ipf. paraphrase

prěrěčenje n. slip of the tongue

prěrěkati se v.refl. ipf. make a slip of the tongue

prěrěkti se v.refl. pf. make a slip of the tongue

prěrězati (prěrěže) pf. cut through

prěroditi se v.refl. pf. respawn

prěrodženje n. respawning

prěrvati (prěrve) pf. interrupt

prěryv m. intermission, interruption

prěryvanje n. interruption

prěryvati ipf. interrupt

presa f. press

presa-konferencija f. press conference

presa-reliz m. press release

prěsěčenje n. intersection

prěsědanje n. change (from one vehicle to another)

prěsědati v.intr. ipf. change (from one vehicle to another)

prěsěkati ipf. sever, cut through, transsect

prěsěkti pf. sever, cut through, transsect

prěselenec m.anim. migrant

prěselenica f. migrant

prěseliti pf. migrate; ~ se move (change residence)

prěseljati ipf. migrate; ~ se move (change residence)

prěseljenje n. moving (residence)

prěsesti (prěsede) v.intr. pf. change (from one vehicle to another)

preskva f. peach

prěslědovanje n. persecution

prěslědovany adj. persecuted

prěslědovati ipf. persecute; pursue

prěslěpiti pf. deceive, delude, fool, hoodwink

prěslušati pf. interrogate

prěslušivanje n. interrogation

prěslušivati ipf. interrogate

prěsměriti pf. redirect

prěsměrjati pf. redirect

prěsměrjenje n. redirection

prěsměšnik m.anim. mocking-bird

prěspati (prěspi) v.intr. pf. sleep; spend the night

prěstarati se v.refl. pf. overdo it

prěstati v.intr. pf. stop (doing something), cease

prěstavati v.intr. ipf. stop (doing something), cease

prěstaviti pf. reshuffle; ~ se die, pass away

prěstavjati ipf. reshuffle; ~ se pass away, die

presti (prede) v.intr. ipf. purr; spin (yarn)

prěstigati ipf. outrun, outstrip

prěstignuti pf. outrun, outstrip

prestiž m. prestige

prestižny adj. prestigious

prěstrašeny adj. afraid, scared, frightened, terrified

prěstrašiti pf. frighten, scare, terrify

prěstrělka f. crossfire, shootout

prěstupanje n. transgressing

prěstupati ipf. transgress

prěstupiti pf. transgress

prěstupnik m.anim. violator (law etc.); criminal

prěstupnost f. criminality, crime rate

prěstupny adj. criminal; ~ god leap year

prěstupok m. transgression

prěsunuti pf. shift, move, shove

prěsuvati ipf. shift, move, shove

prěsvezati (prěsveže) pf. reconnect, relink

prěsvezyvati ipf. reconnect, relink

prěškoda f. obstacle

prětečenje n. overflow

prětěkati v.intr. ipf. overflow, flow over

prětekti v.intr. pf. overflow, flow over

pretenciozny adj. pretentious

pretendovati ipf./pf. pretend; ~ na claim

pretenzija f. claim, pretension

prěti (pre) ipf. push, press

prětok: ~ rěky m. discharge (hydrology)

prětolmačiti pf. translate, interpret

prětraviti pf. digest

prětravjati ipf. digest

prětrpěti (prětrpi) pf. suffer

prětvarjati ipf. transform

prětvoriti pf. transform

prěuveličati ipf. exaggerate

prěuveličenje n. exaggeration

prěuveličiti pf. exaggerate

prěvaga f. predominance, preponderance, supremacy

prěvariti pf. digest

prěvarjati ipf. digest

prěvažajuči adj. predominant, prevalent

prěvažati v.intr. ipf. outweigh, predominate

prěvažiti v.intr. pf. outweigh, predominate

prěvažno adv. predominantly

prevencija f. prevention

preventivny adj. preventive

prěvesti (prěvede) pf. translate

prěvezti pf. transport

prěvladnuti pf. predominate, prevail

prěvladyvati ipf. predominate, prevail

prěvladženje n. predominance

prěvod m. translation; transfer

prěvoditelj m.anim. translator

prěvoditi ipf. translate

prěvodženje n. translation

prěvoz m. ferry, shuttle; transport

prěvozhoditi ipf. surpass, exceed

prěvoziti ipf. transport

prěvozojdti (prěvozojde) pf. surpass, exceed

prěvrat m. revolution, upheaval

prěvratnik m.anim. revolutionary

prěvratny adj. revolutionary

prěvysiti pf. surpass, exceed

prěvyšati ipf. surpass, exceed

prěz prep. (kogo/čto) through, across, via

prezentacija f. presentation

prezident m.anim. president

prezidentsky adj. presidential

prezidium m. presidium

prězime n. surname

prězir m. disdain, contempt

prězirati ipf. despise, scorn, hold in contempt

prězměrno adv. too

prěznačati ipf. destine, designate

prěznačenje n. destiny, fate

prěznačiti pf. destine, designate; prěznačeny za intended for, meant for, designated for

prězravo adv. contemptuously

prězravy adj. contemptuous

prězrěnje n. disdain, contempt

prězvati (prězove) pf. nickname

prězvišče n. nickname, moniker

prězyvati ipf. nickname

prěžitelj m.anim. survivor

prěžiti (prěžive) pf. survive; live through; experience

prěžitje n. survival

prěžitok m. relic, vestige

prěživanje n. experience

prěživati ipf. experience; live through

prěživimost f. survivability

prěživimy adj. survivable

prežka f. buckle, clasp

prěžuvati (prěžuje) pf. chew, masticate

pri prep. (kom/čem) during (a rule of a king); by, near

pribiti (pribije) pf. nail, drive in

pribivati ipf. nail, drive in

priblizno, približno adv. approximately

približati se v.refl. ipf. near, approach, come closer, converge

približeny adj. close

približiti se v.refl. pf. near, approach, come closer, converge

pribor m. accessory, equipment, instrument

pribrěžje n. beach

pribyti (pribude) v.intr. pf. arrive

pribyvati v.intr. ipf. arrive

pricěliti pf. aim

pričestje n. participle

pričina f. cause; po pričině because of

pričiniti pf. cause

pričinjati ipf. cause

pridati (prida) pf. add, attach

pridatok m. addition

pridavati ipf. add, attach

pridavnik m. adjective

pridělanje n. assignment

pridělati pf. assign

priděliti pf. allocate, assign

priděljati ipf. allocate, assign

pridrživati se (kogo/čego) v.refl. ipf. abide, adhere to, stick to

pridumati pf. think up

prigadžati se v.refl. ipf. be useful, come in handy

prigledanje n. regard

prigledati ipf. regard

prignuti pf. bend

prigoda f. adventure

prigoditi se v.refl. pf. prove useful, come in handy

prigodny adj. occasional, casual, incidental; suitable, fit

prigotoviti pf. prepare

prigotovjenje n. preparation

prigrad m. suburb

prigraničny adj. being near the border

prigybati ipf. bend

prihod m. arrival

prihoditi v.intr. ipf. come

prijateliti se v.refl. ipf. make friends

prijatelj m.anim. friend, boyfriend

prijateljka f. friend, girlfriend

prijateljskost f. friendliness

prijateljsky adj. friendly; prijateljska igra friendly game; prijateljska strělba friendly fire

prijateljstvo n. friendship

prijati ipf. favour, favor, be beneficial for; please, be pleasant

prijatlivy adj. favourable, favorable

prijaviti se v.refl. pf. log in, log on

prijavjati se v.refl. ipf. log in, log on

prijdti (prijde; prišel) v.intr. pf. come

prijehati (prijede) v.intr. pf. come (by transport), arrive

prijem m. entrance; reception

prijemlivy adj. acceptable

prijemnik m. radio receiver

prijemnost f. pleasure; s ~ju with pleasure

prijemny adj. nice; pleasant

prijeti (prijme) pf. accept, receive; ~ se take root

prijetje n. acceptance, acceptation

prijetno adv. amicably

prijetnost f. pleasure

prijetny adj. pleasant, pretty, amicable

priježdžati v.intr. ipf. come (by transport), arrive

prijmati ipf. accept, receive; prijmajuča krajina host country; ~ se take root

prikaz m. command, order, directive

prikazati (prikaže) pf. command, order

prikazyvati ipf. command, order

priklad m. example, sample

prikladati ipf. attach, append, apply, affix

prikop m. gutter

prilagateljny: prilagateljno ime n. adjective

prilegly adj. adjacent

prilěpiti pf. stick; ~ se cling

prilětati v.intr. ipf. arrive (by flying)

priletěti (prilěti) v.intr. pf. arrive (by flying)

priličny adj. passable, decent, presentable, quite good; pretty, fair

priliv m. tide, high tide, flow (tide)

priloga f. annex, attachment (e-mail), enclosure (letter), supplement (newspaper)

priloženje n. attachment

priložiteljny: priložiteljno ime n. adjective

priložiti pf. attach, append, apply, affix

primamka f. bait

primarny adj. primary

primat m.anim. primate

priměčati ipf. notice

priměniti pf. apply (method, rule); employ

priměnjati ipf. apply (method, rule); employ

priměnjenje n. application (of a method); employment, application (of a method)

priměr m. example

priměrny adj. exemplary, model

primětiti pf. notice

primětka f. remark, notice

primirje n. armistice, truce

primitivny adj. primitive

primorje n. seaside

prinajmenje adv. at least

prinaležati (prinaleži) v.intr. ipf. belong

prinaležnost f. affiliation

princ m.anim. prince

princesa f. princess

princip m. principle

principialny adj. principled

prinesti pf. bring

prinos m. contribution

prinositi ipf. bring

printer m. printer

prinuditi pf. force

prinudžati ipf. force

prinudženy adj. forced; byti ~ have to, be forced to

prioritet m. priority

pripadati v.intr. ipf. fall (on a certain day, to someone’s lot)

pripasti (pripade) v.intr. ipf. fall (on a certain day, to someone’s lot)

pripeti (pripne) pf. pin, clasp, fasten

pripinati ipf. pin, clasp, fasten

pripisati (pripiše) pf. attribute, ascribe

pripisyvati ipf. attribute, ascribe

pripluti (priplove) v.intr. pf. sail into the harbour, arrive by boat

priplyvati v.intr. ipf. sail into the harbour, arrive by water

pripominati ipf. remind; ~ sobě recollect

pripomněti (pripomni) pf. remind; ~ sobě recollect

pripraviti pf. prepare; season, flavour

pripravjati ipf. prepare; season

pripustiti pf. couple (male and female animal); admit, grant admittance

pripuščati ipf. couple (male and female animal); admit, grant admittance

prirastka f. affix

priroda f. nature

prirodničny adj. naturalistic

prirodno adv. naturally

prirodnost f. naturalism

prirodny adj. natural

prirodopis m. natural science

prirodovědstvo n. natural science

prirodoznavstvo n. natural science

priručnik m. handbook, manual

priručny adj. handy

prisega f. oath

prisegati ipf. swear (oath)

prisegnuti pf. swear (oath)

prisežni (-yh) jury

prisežnica f. juror

prisežnik m.anim. juror

prisežny (-ogo) m.anim. juror

prislati (prislje) pf. send to

prislovica f. proverb

prislovje n. proverb

prislovnik m. adverb

prislovok m. adverb

prispěti v.intr. pf. arrive on time

prispěvati v.intr. ipf. arrive on time

prisposobiti pf. customise, customize, adapt, adjust (tr.)

prisposobjati ipf. customise, customize, adapt, adjust (tr.)

prisposobjenja facilities

prisposobjenje n. customisation, customization, adaptation, adjustment

pristanišče n. harbour, harbor, port

pristanj m. pier, wharf

pristojati (pristoji) v.intr. ipf. be fitting, be proper

pristojny adj. decent, seemly

pristrastny adj. partial, biased

pristrigati ipf. trim

pristrigti pf. trim

pristup m. fit (anger etc.); access, admittance

pristupati:  ~ do (kogo/čego) v.intr. ipf. enter into, join, accede; ~ k approach, set about (task)

pristupiti:  ~ do (kogo/čego) v.intr. pf. enter into, join, accede; ~ k approach, set about (task)

pristupjenje n. accession, joining

prisučnost f. presence

prisučny adj. present

prisučstvo n. presence

prisučstvovati: ~ pri (kom/čem) v.intr. ipf. attend, be present at

prisuditi pf. impose (penalty); award

prisudok m. predicate

prisudžati ipf. impose (penalty); award

prisvajati ipf. appropriate, arrogate

prisvojiteljny: ~ zaimennik m. possessive pronoun

prisvojiti pf. appropriate, arrogate

prisvojny adj. possessive

prisylati ipf. send to

prišiti (prišije) pf. sew, stitch

priteganje n. attraction

pritegati ipf. attract

priteglivost f. attraction

priteglivy adj. attractive

pritegnuti pf. attract

pritisk m. pressure; ~ krvi blood pressure

pritiskanje n. pressure

pritiskati ipf. press

pritisknuti pf. press

pritok m. tributary (river); influx

pritomny adj. attending; conscious

pritvarjati ipf. pretend

pritvoriti pf. pretend

pritvorjenje n. pretense

pritvorstvo n. pretense, sham, humbug

priučati ipf. inure, accustom, train; ~ se accustom oneself, train oneself

priučeny adj. accustomed, trained

priučiti pf. inure, accustom, train; ~ se accustom oneself, train oneself

privabiti pf. attract

privabjati ipf. attract

privatnost f. privacy

privatny adj. private

privesti (privede) pf. bring about, evoke, lead to; bring, adduce

privět m. greeting

privětlivy adj. affable, friendly

privezannost f. affection, attachment

privezati (priveže) pf. tie (to smth.)

privezti pf. bring

privezyvati ipf. tie (to smth.)

prividěnje n. ghost, apparition, specter; hallucination

prividno adv. apparently, seemingly

prividny adj. seeming, apparent

privilegija f. privilege

privitanje n. welcome

privitany adj. welcomed

privitati pf. welcome

privlačivati ipf. attract

privlastniti: ~ sobě pf. appropriate, arrogate

privlastnjati: ~ sobě ipf. appropriate, arrogate

privlěkateljnost f. attraction

privlěkateljny adj. attractive, appealing; seksualno ~ sexy

privlěkati ipf. attract

privlěkti pf. attract

privoditi ipf. bring about, evoke, lead to; bring, adduce

privoliti pf. agree, consent

privoljati ipf. agree, consent

privoziti ipf. bring

privrženec m.anim. adherent, supporter

privyčaj m. habit

privykati ipf. accustom, inure; ~ se get used (to)

privykly adj. accustomed

privykneny adj. accustomed

privyknuti pf. accustom, inure; ~ se get used (to)

prizemiti pf. land

prizemjati ipf. land

prizemje n. ground floor

prizemny adj. ground

priznak m. sign, symptom

priznanje n. acknowledgement

priznati pf. admit, acknowledge

priznavati ipf. admit, acknowledge

prizrak m. apparition, specter

prizvanje n. invitation; calling, vocation

prizvati (prizove) pf. invite

prizyvati ipf. invite

priživnik m.anim. parasite

prnik m. gingerbread, honey-cake

pro- prefix pro-

proba f. attempt, test, trial

proběg m. course

proběganje n. course, run

probijati: ~ se v.refl. ipf. break through, force one’s way through sth.

probiti (probije) pf. penetrate, break through, pierce; ~ se break through, force one’s way through sth.

probivati ipf. penetrate, break through, pierce

probkovanje n. sampling

problem m. problem

problematičny adj. problematic

probny adj. test, trial, tentative; probna jezda test drive

probok m. sample

probovati ipf. try, attempt, taste; ~ snova retry

probuditi se v.refl. pf. wake up

probudženy adj. awake

procedura f. procedure

procent m. percent, percentage

proces m. process

procesija f. procession

procitovati pf. quote

proč adv. away, aside, off; ~ iz dragy! Get out of the way!

pročistiti pf. cleanse, clean thoroughly

pročiščati ipf. cleanse, clean thoroughly

pročitati pf. read

prodati (proda) pf. sell

prodavati ipf. sell

prodavec m.anim. salesperson, salesman, shopkeeper, vendor

prodavica f. saleswoman

prodaž f. sale

prodirati: ~ se v.refl. ipf. break through, force one’s way through sth.

prodolžati ipf. lengthen, elongate, prolong, extend; continue, endure, go on, carry on, proceed

prodolženje n. continuation; prolongation, extension, elongation, lengthening

prodolžiti pf. lengthen, elongate, prolong, extend; continue, endure, go on, carry on, proceed

prodreti: ~ se (prodere) v.refl. pf. break through, force one’s way through sth.

producent m.anim. producer

produkcija f. production

produkovati ipf. produce

produkt m. product

produktivny adj. productive

produmati pf. think through

profanacija f. profanation

profanovati ipf. profane

profesija f. profession

profesional m.anim. professional

profesionalizacija f. professionalisation, professionalization

profesionalizovati ipf./pf. professionalise, professionalize

profesionalnost f. professionality

profesionalny adj. professional

profesor m.anim. professor

profil m. profile

proganjanje n. persecution

proganjany adj. persecuted

proganjati ipf. persecute

proglas m. foreword

proglasiti pf. proclaim

proglašati ipf. proclaim

proglašenje n. proclamation

prognoza f. forecast, prognosis

progoltati ipf. swallow

progoltnuti pf. swallow

programa f. program, programme, application (computer)

programist m.anim. programmer

programovati ipf. program

progres m. progress

progresivny adj. progressive

prohlada f. chill, coolness

prohladiti pf. cool down, chill, refrigerate; ~ se cool off

prohladnost f. coolness

prohladny adj. chilly, cool

prohod m. passage, passageway

prohoditi ipf. go through; ~ se walk, stroll

prohodka f. walk, stroll

prohodny adj. transitional

proigranec m.anim. loser

proigrati pf. lose (game)

proigryvati ipf. lose (game)

proizhoditi: ~ iz ipf. originate from

proizhodženje n. descent, origin

proiztěkati v.intr. ipf. result (from), spring (from)

proiztekti v.intr. pf. result (from), spring (from)

proizvesti (proizvede) pf. generate, produce, manufacture

proizvod m. product (math.)

proizvoditelj m.anim. manufacturer

proizvoditi ipf. generate, produce, manufacture

proizvodstvo n. production, manufacture

proizvoljny adj. arbitrary, high-handed

projaviti pf. manifest

projavjati ipf. manifest

projavjenje n. manifestation

projdti (projde; prošel) pf. go through

projehati (projede) v.intr. pf. drive through

projekcija f. projection

projekt m. project

projektant m.anim. designer

projektovanje n. designing

projektovati ipf. design

projeti (projme) pf. penetrate (e.g. cold)

proježdžati v.intr. ipf. drive through

projmati ipf. pierce (e.g. cold)

prokleti (proklne) v.intr. pf. swear; curse

prokletje n. curse

prokleto adv. damn

prokletstvo n. curse, swear word

prokontrolovati pf. supervise

prokrijumčariti pf. smuggle

prokuratura f. prosecutor

prokuror m.anim. prosecutor

prolamyvati ipf. break through

proletariat m. proletariat

proletarsky adj. proletarian

proleženina f. bedsore

proliti (prolije) pf. spill over

prolivati ipf. spill over

prolom m. breach

prolomiti pf. break through

promysl m. industry

promyslnik m.anim. industrialist

promyslny adj. industrial

promyti: ~ mozg (komu/čemu) pf. brainwash

promyvati: ~ mozg (komu/čemu) ipf. brainwash

pronevěriti pf. embezzle, misappropriate

pronevěrjati ipf. embezzle, misappropriate

pronevěrjenje n. embezzlement

pronikanje n. pervasion

pronikati v.intr. ipf. pervade, penetrate

proniklivy adj. pervading, insightful, perceptive

proniknuti v.intr. pf. pervade, penetrate

propadati v.intr. ipf. perish (fall through); be forfeit; decay

propaganda f. propaganda

propagovati ipf. propagate, advocate

propast f. abyss, precipice; decline, downfall; ruin

propasti (propade) v.intr. pf. perish (fall through); be forfeit; decay

propeler m. propeller

propiti pf. spend on alcohol

propivati ipf. spend on alcohol

proponovati ipf. propose

proporcija f. proportion

proporcionalno adv. proportionally

proporcionalny adj. proportional

propověd f. sermon, homily, preaching

propozicija f. proposal

propust m. admission, admittance; culvert; omission

propustiti pf. let through, miss out, omit

propuščati ipf. let through, miss out, omit

proročsky adj. prophetic

prorok m.anim. prophet

prosak m.anim. beggar

prosba f. request, appeal

prosim intj. please, you are welcome

prositi ipf. ask, require, beg

proslaviti pf. celebrate

proslavjeny adj. famous

proso n. millet; perlovo ~ pearl millet

prospati (prospi) pf. oversleep, sleep through

prostak m.anim. boor, lout; simpleton

prostata f. prostate

prostějši adj. easier, simpler

prostirati ipf. set (table); stretch out

prostiti pf. forgive; ~ se say goodbye, take one’s leave

prostitutka f. prostitute

prosto adv. just, simply, easily

prostor m. space

prostost f. simplicity

prostranny adj. spatial; spacious; extensive, vast; prostranna tipka spacebar; ~ klaviš spacebar

prostranstvo n. space

prostrěti (prostre) pf. set (table); stretch out

prostrina f. bed sheet

prostuditi se v.refl. pf. catch a cold

prostudžati se v.refl. ipf. catch a cold

prosty adj. simple, easy, plain

prosvěčanje n. enlightenment; radioscopy; translucence

prosvěčati ipf. enlighten

prosvět m. glimpse, chink, gleam

prosvěta f. education

prosvětiti pf. enlighten

proščalny adj. farewell

proščanje n. farewell, goodbye, parting, valedictory

proščati ipf. farewell, bid farewell

prošedšest f. past

prošedši adj. past

prošlogodišnji, prošlogodišny adj. last year’s

prošloročny adj. last year’s

prošlost f. past

prošly adj. last, past; v prošlom godu last year

prošu intj. please, you are welcome

protagonist m.anim. protagonist

protega f. draft (of air)

protegati se v.refl. ipf. stretch oneself

protegnuti se v.refl. pf. stretch oneself

protein m. protein

protěkati v.intr. ipf. flow through

protekti v.intr. pf. flow through

protest m. protest

protestant m.anim. protestant; protester

protestantsky adj. protestant

protestovati v.intr. ipf. protest

protetičny adj. prosthetic

proteza f. prosthesis

proteženje n. stretch of time

protežny adj. long-drawn-out (sound)

protiv prep. (komu/čemu) against, contra, versus; jedin ~ drugomu against each other

protivdějstvo n. resistance

protivdělati v.intr. pf. counteract

protivdělyvati v.intr. ipf. counteract

protiviti se (komu/čemu) v.refl. ipf. oppose

protivlegly adj. opposite, facing

protivnik m.anim. opponent

protivno adv. on the contrary, au contraire

protivnost f. opposition, contradistinction; v ~i k unlike, in opposition to

protivny adj. contrary

protivpoloženy adj. opposite, facing

protivpožarny adj. fireproof

protivraketny: protivraketna obrana f. missile defense

protivrěčiti v.intr. ipf. contradict, deny, negate

protivrěčnost f. inconsistency, contradiction

protivrěčny adj. inconsistent, contradictory

protokol m. protocol

proton m. proton

prototip m. prototype

prototipičny adj. prototypical

protreti (protre) pf. rub

prověriti pf. verify, check

prověrjati ipf. verify, check

provesti (provede) pf. spend (time); conduct, perform

provětriti pf. air out

provětrjati ipf. air out

Providěnje n. Providence (rel.)

providěnje n. prescience, prevision

provincialny adj. provincial

provincija f. province

provod m. wire, wiring; lead (elec.)

provoditi v.intr. ipf. behave; spend (time); conduct, perform

provodnik m. conductor (phys.)

provodnik m.anim. guide; conductor (train); ~ želěznice train conductor

provodžati ipf. perform

provodženje n. performance; behaviour, behavior

provokacija f. provocation

provokatorsky adj. inflammatory

provokovati ipf. provoke

provrčati ipf. bore through

provrgati ipf. overturn, subvert

provrgnuti pf. overturn, subvert

provrtiti pf. bore through

proza f. prose

prozračno adv. transparently

prozračnost f. transparency

prozračny adj. transparent

proživati v.intr. ipf. spend life

prs f. breast

prskati v.intr. ipf. burst

prsknuti v.intr. pf. burst

prst m. finger, toe, digit

prstenj m. ring

pruga f. stripe, streak

Prusija f. Prussia

prut m. rod

pružina f. spring

pružiti ipf. stretch, pull tight

pružny adj. elastic

prvak m.anim. champion

prvenstvo n. championship

prvěstok m. element

prvo adv. firstly

prvobraz m. prototype

prvobytny adj. original, primal, primary, primeval

prvonačelno adv. originally, initially

prvonačelnost f. originality

prvonačelny adj. original, initial

prvoredny adj. first-rate, excellent

prvorodstvo n. primogeniture

prvotny adj. original, primal, primary, primeval

prvovzor m. prototype

prvy num.ord. first; Prva Světova Vojna World War I; ~ raz first time

pryšč m. pimple

ps-   ➝   pes

psalm m. psalm

psaltyr m. psalter

psevdo- prefix pseudo-

psevdonauka f. pseudoscience

psevdonim m. pseudonym

psica f. bitch

psihiatričny adj. psychiatric

psihičny adj. psychic

psiholog m.anim. psychologist

psihologičny adj. psychological

psihologija f. psychology

psihopat m.anim. psychopath

psihopatičny adj. psychopathic

pšenica f. wheat

ptače n. birdie, fledgling

ptačji adj. bird

ptak m.anim. bird, fowl

ptica f. bird, fowl

ptičji adj. bird

ptička f. birdie, fledgling

pubertet m. puberty

publičny adj. public; ~ dom brothel

publika f. audience

publikacija f. publication

publikovati ipf. publish

puč m. coup, putsch

puding m. pudding

puditi ipf. chase away, drive away

puh m. fluff

puhnuti v.intr. ipf. swell

puhovy adj. fluffy

puhyr m. blister

pukati v.intr. ipf. burst, crack

puknuti v.intr. pf. burst, crack

pulover m. sweater, pullover

pult m. desk, counter, service point, music stand

puma f. cougar

punkt m. point

pup m. bud

pupok m. navel

purizm m. purism

purpur m. purple

purpurny adj. purple

pustěti v.intr. ipf. become empty

pustina f. wilderness

pustiti pf. let, let go, release, set in motion

pustošiti ipf. devastate, lay waste

pusty adj. empty, blank, hollow; desolate, deserted

pustynja f. desert

pustynnik m.anim. hermit

puščati ipf. let, let go, release, set in motion

pušiti ipf. smoke

puška f. gun

put m./f. path, pathway, footpath, track, trail, route; journey

putnik m.anim. traveller, wanderer, voyager

putovanje n. journey, trip, voyage, travelling, wandering

putovatelj m.anim. traveller, wanderer, voyager

putovateljka f. voyager

putovati v.intr. ipf. travel, wander

putujuči (-ego) m.anim. traveller

pyl m. dust

pyliti v.intr. ipf. dust

pylok m. pollen

pyšnost f. pomp

pyšny adj. pompous

pytalnik m. question mark

pytalny: ~ znak m. question mark

pytanje n. question

pytateljny: ~ zaimennik m. interrogative pronoun

pytati ipf. ask

pytlivy adj. curious; inquisitive

rab m.anim. slave

rabarbara f. rhubarb

rabat m. discount, rebate

rabimy adj. doable

rabin m.anim. rabbi

rabiti ipf. do, make

rabota f. job, work, employment; davati rabotu hire, employ; dati rabotu hire, employ

rabotati v.intr. ipf. work

rabotči adj. labour, labor

rabotnica f. worker, employee, labourer, laborer

rabotničsky adj. labour, labor

rabotničstvo n. workforce

rabotnik m.anim. worker, employee, labourer, laborer

rabotny adj. work, working; rabotna sila manpower

rabotodatelj m.anim. employer

rabsky adj. slavish

rabstvo n. serfdom, slavery

rabynja f. slave

racionalizacija f. rationalisation

racionalizovati ipf./pf. rationalize, rationalise

racionalno adv. rationally

racionalny adj. rational

rad (rada, rado) adj. glad

rada f. advice, tip (suggestion)

radar m. radar

radca m.anim. counsellor, advisor, adviser

raděje adv. rather

radi prep. (kogo/čego) for the sake of, on account of

radiacija f. radiation

radij m. radium

radikalny adj. radical

radio n. radio

radioaktivny adj. radioactive

radiolog m.anim. radiologist

radiologija f. radiology

radiotelevizijna korporacija f. broadcasting corporation

radiovy adj. radio

raditi ipf. advise

radničstvo n. advising

radost f. pleasure, joy, gladness

radostno adv. gladly

radostny adj. glad

radovati ipf. please, gladden, make happy; ~ se rejoice, be glad, be happy

rady adj. glad

rafinerija f. refinery

rafinovany adj. refined, sophisticated

rahunok m. check, bill

raj m. paradise

rajsky adj. paradise

rak m. cancer

rak m.anim. crayfish; Rak Cancer; ~ pustynnik hermit crab

raketa f. rocket, missile

ralo n. plough, plow

rama, ramka f. frame

rame n. shoulder

ramenny adj. humeral

ramka: v ~h prep. (kogo/čego) within, as a part of, within the framework of, in the context of

rana f. wound

ranec m. backpack

ranečnik m.anim. backpacker

raněje adv. earlier

rang m. level; tier

ranimost f. vulnerability

ranimy adj. vulnerable

raniti ipf. wound, hurt, injure

ranji adj. early

rano adv. early

ranši adj. earlier

rany adj. early

raport m. report

rasa f. race

rasist m.anim. racist

rasističny adj. racist

rasizm m. racism

rasovy adj. racial; rasovo stereotipovanje racial profiling; rasovo uniženje racial insult, racial slur

rast m. height, stature; increase, growth

rasti (raste) v.intr. ipf. grow, increase

rastlina f. plant

rastlinovod m.anim. breeder (of plants)

rastlinožerec m.anim. herbivore

rastlinožerny adj. herbivorous

rastly adj. tall

rastok m. sprig, sprout

ratifikacija f. ratification

ratifikovati ipf. ratify

ratuš m. city hall, town hall

raund m. round

ravěsničky adj. peer; ravěsnička sět peer to peer network

ravěsnik m.anim. coeval

ravnako adv. equally

ravnanje n. alignment (troops)

ravnina f. plain

ravniti ipf. even; ~ se correspond

ravno adv. equally, exactly; ~ kako as well as

ravnoběžny adj. parallel

ravnodenstvo n. equinox

ravnodušnost f. indifference, apathy

ravnodušny adj. indifferent, unconcerned, apathic

ravnohalo n. pendulum

ravnoliko adv. equally much, in an equal amount

ravnoměrno adv. steadily, evenly

ravnoměrnost f. equability

ravnoměrny adj. even, uniform, steady, equable

ravnonogy isopoda

ravnopravnost f. equality, coequality

ravnopravny adj. equal, coequal

ravnost f. equality, evenness, parity

ravnovaga f. balance, equilibrium

ravnověsje n. balance, equilibrium

ravnoznačnik m. synonym

ravnoznačny adj. equivalent, tantamount

ravny adj. equal; even, flat, level, smooth; straight

raz adv. once, one time

raz m. time

razběgati se v.refl. ipf. run in all directions, disperse

razběgati se v.refl. pf. start running a lot

razběgti se v.refl. pf. run in all directions, disperse

razběsniti pf. enrage, infuriate

razběsnjati ipf. enrage, infuriate

razbirati ipf. take apart, disassemble, take into pieces; understand

razbiti (razbije) pf. break into pieces, crash, smash up

razbity adj. broken

razbivati ipf. break into pieces, crash, smash up

razboj m. robbery

razbojnica f. robber, bandit, brigand, highwayman

razbojnik m.anim. robber, bandit, brigand, highwayman

razbojny adj. robber’s, brigandish; ~ napad armed assault

razbolěti se (razboli) v.refl. pf. become ill, fall sick

razbolěvati se v.refl. ipf. become ill, fall sick

razbor m. analysis, review, critique

razbrati (razbere) pf. take apart, disassemble, take into pieces; understand

razbuditi pf. wake, awaken

razcvěsti (razcvěte) v.intr. pf. flourish

razcvět m. flowering

razcvětati v.intr. ipf. flourish

razčesati (razčeše) pf. comb, brush (hair)

razčistiti pf. clear

razčiščati ipf. clear

razčuliti pf. affect deeply, touch, move emotionally

razčuljati ipf. affect deeply, touch, move emotionally

razdati (razda) pf. hand round, give out, distribute

razdavati ipf. hand round, give out, distribute

razděl m. section, division, separation

razděliti pf. separate, sever, divide

razděljati ipf. separate, sever, divide

razdělnik m.anim. separatist

razděti pf. undress; ~ se get undressed

razděvati ipf. undress; ~ se get undressed

razdiranje n. laceration

razdirati ipf. tear apart, rip apart, rend asunder, tear up, lacerate

razdniti se v.refl. pf. dawn

razdolbati ipf. enlarge by hollowing

razdolbti pf. enlarge by hollowing

razdor m. discord, dissension

razdražlivost f. irritability

razdražlivy adj. fractious, irritable, quarrelsome

razdražniti pf. exasperate, irritate, annoy

razdražnjati ipf. exasperate, irritate, annoy

razdražnjenje n. exasperation, irritation

razdražnjeno adv. peevishly

razdražnjeny adj. irritated, annoyed, peevish

razdreti (razdere) pf. tear apart, rip apart, rend asunder, tear up, lacerate

razdrety adj. torn apart

razdrobiti pf. shatter, crumble

razdrobjati ipf. shatter, crumble

razdrobjenje n. partition

razduti (razdme) pf. fan, blow up, overblow

razduvati ipf. fan, blow up, overblow

razdvajati ipf. divide in two

razdvojenje n. bifurcation

razdvojiti pf. divide in two

razgadati pf. unriddle, solve, fathom out

razgadyvati ipf. unriddle, solve, fathom out

razganjati ipf. disperse, dispel

razgarjati se v.refl. ipf. flare up, be ablaze

razgladiti pf. smooth out

razgladžati ipf. smooth out

razglasiti ipf. divulge, publicize

razglašati ipf. divulge, publicize

razgled m. consideration

razgledati ipf. consider, examine; ~ se look around

razgleděti (razgledi) pf. consider, examine; ~ se look around

razgnati (razgone) pf. disperse, dispel

razgněvany adj. vexed, angry

razgněvati pf. anger, make angry

razgon m. dispersal

razgorěti se v.refl. pf. flare up, be ablaze

razgovarjati v.intr. ipf. talk, converse

razgovor m. conversation, interview

razgovoriti se v.refl. pf. become talkative, get talking

razgovornik m. phrasebook

razgovorny adj. colloquial; ~ jezyk colloquial language

razgrabiti pf. rake aside; pillage, plunder, ransack

razgrabjati ipf. rake aside; pillage, plunder, ransack

razgraditi pf. partition

razgradžati pf. partition

razgraničati ipf. delimit

razgraničiti pf. delimit

razgrěti (razgrěje) pf. warm up, heat up

razgrěvanje n. warming-up

razgrěvati ipf. warm up, heat up

razgrom m. rout, defeat, debacle

razgromiti pf. rout, defeat

razgryzati ipf. crack

razgryzti pf. crack

razhod m. expense, expenditure

razhoditi se v.refl. ipf. go apart, part, disperse, diverge

razhodny adj. expenses, expenditure

razidti se (razide; razšel) v.refl. pf. go apart, part, disperse

razigrati pf. play out, act out; ~ se begin to play

razigryvati ipf. play out, act out; ~ se begin to play

raziskati pf. research

raziskyvanje n. research; ~ dolgoživosti longevity research

raziskyvatelj m.anim. researcher

raziskyvati ipf. research

raziteljny adj. striking, unusual

raziti ipf. hit, strike

razjariti pf. enrage, infuriate

razjarjati ipf. enrage, infuriate

razjasniti pf. brighten, lighten

razjasnjati ipf. brighten, lighten

razjebany adj. fucked up

razjebati (razjebe) pf. fuck up

razjebyvati ipf. fuck up

razjediniti pf. disunite

razjedinjati ipf. disunite

razjehati se (razjede) v.refl. pf. split up

razježdžati se v.refl. ipf. split up

razkajanje n. repentance, penitence

razkajati se v.refl. pf. repent

razkalati ipf. split, cleave

razkaz m. story, tale, narrative, account

razkazati (razkaže) pf. tell, narrate, relate, recount

razkaznik m. imperative

razkazyvati ipf. tell, narrate, relate, recount

razklad m. layout; schedule, timetable

razkladati ipf. break apart, decompose; arrange

razklati (razkolje) pf. split, cleave

razklejati ipf. unglue

razklejiti pf. unglue

razkodovati ipf. decode, decrypt

razkol m. rift, schism

razkopati pf. dig up (a street)

razkopyvati ipf. dig up (a street)

razkoš f. luxury, magnificence, splendour, sumptuousness; bliss, delight, pleasure

razkošny adj. luxurious, magnificent, splendid, sumptuous; sensual, blisful, delightful

razkovati pf. unchain, unshoe (a horse)

razkovyvati ipf. unchain, unshoe (a horse)

razkrajati ipf. cut up

razkričati se (razkriči) v.refl. pf. start shouting

razkrojiti pf. cut up

razkrošiti pf. crumble

razkručati ipf. uncoil, untwist; ~ se get going, gather speed

razkrutiti pf. uncoil, untwist; ~ se get going, gather speed

razkryti pf. reveal, disclose, unveil, bare, uncover

razkrytje n. disclosure

razkryvati ipf. reveal, disclose, unveil, bare, uncover

razkydati pf. throw around, scatter

razkydyvati ipf. throw around, scatter

razlad m. disorder, discord, dissonance, disorganisation, disorganization

razladiti pf. derange, disorganise, disorganize, detune, untune

razladžati ipf. derange, disorganise, disorganize, detune, untune

razlagati ipf. break apart, decompose; arrange

razlajati se v.refl. pf. start barking

razlamyvati ipf. break up

razlegati se v.refl. ipf. resound

razlegti se v.refl. pf. resound

razlěniti se v.refl. pf. get lazy

razlětati se v.refl. ipf. fly asunder

razletěti se (razleti) v.refl. pf. fly asunder

različati ipf. differentiate;  ~ se differ; različajuči čislovnik differential numeral

različenje n. differentiation

različiti pf. differentiate

različje n. difference; v različji od unlike, in contrast to

različnost f. difference, variety

različny adj. different, varied, various, diverse

razlika f. difference

razlikovati se v.refl. ipf. differ

razliti (razlije) pf. spill

razlitje n. spillage

razliv m. flood

razlivati ipf. spill

razlog m. reason

razlom m. break-up

razlomiti pf. break up

razloženje: ~ klaviatury n. keyboard layout

razložiti pf. break apart, decompose; arrange

razlučati ipf. separate

razlučenje n. parting, separation

razlučiti pf. separate

razlučnik m.anim. rival (in love)

razluka f. parting, separation

razmah m. sweep, swing; ~ krila wing span

razmazati (razmaže) pf. spread, smear, smudge

razmazyvati ipf. spread, smear, smudge

razmekčati ipf. soften up, mollify

razmekčiti pf. soften up, mollify

razměna f. exchange

razměniti pf. exchange

razměnjati ipf. exchange

razměr m. size, dimension

razměriti pf. measure off

razměrjati ipf. measure off

razmesti (razmete) pf. sweep clear

razměstiti pf. place, situate, deploy, arrange, distribute

razměšany adj. mixed up; puzzled

razměšati pf. mix up; puzzle

razměščati ipf. place, situate, deploy, arrange, distribute

razměščenje n. situation

razměšivati ipf. mix up; puzzle

razmětati ipf. sweep clear

razmetati pf. scatter

razmeti (razmne) pf. crumple

razmetyvati ipf. scatter

razminovati se v.refl. ipf. miss each other, cross each other, walk past each other

razminuti se v.refl. pf. miss each other, cross each other, walk past each other

razmlatiti pf. thresh into pieces

razmlěti (razmelje) pf. grind

razmnažanje n. reproduction

razmnažati ipf. multiply, duplicate, replicate, manifold; ~ se reproduce, proliferate, breed

razmnoženje n. reproduction, multiplication

razmnožiti pf. multiply, duplicate, replicate, manifold; ~ se reproduce, proliferate, breed

razmokati v.intr. ipf. get soaked, go soggy

razmoknuti v.intr. pf. get soaked, go soggy

razmontovati pf. disassemble, dismantle

razmotati pf. unwind

razmraziti pf. defrost, thaw out

razmražati ipf. defrost, thaw out

razmysliti pf. contemplate, ponder, wonder, meditate

razmysljanje n. contemplation, thinking, deliberation, reflection

razmysljati ipf. contemplate, ponder, wonder, meditate

razmysljenje n. contemplation, meditation

razmyti pf. wash out

razmyvati ipf. wash out

raznesti pf. carry around, disseminate; ~ se resound

raznica f. difference

razniti se v.refl. ipf. differ

raznorodnost f. heterogeneity, diversity, variety

raznorodny adj. heterogeneous, diverse

raznos m. delivery (e.g. newspapers)

raznositi ipf. carry around, disseminate; ~ se resound

razny adj. different, various

razočarovanje n. disappointment, disenchantment, frustration

razočarovany adj. disappointed, disenchanted, frustrated

razočarovati pf. disappoint, disenchant, frustrate

razočarovyvati ipf. disappoint, disenchant, frustrate

razojdti se v.refl. pf. go apart, part, disperse, diverge

razom adv. at once, simultaneously, at one stroke; together

razorati pf. plough up, plow up

razoriti pf. destroy, ravage, demolish, bring to ruin

razorjati ipf. destroy, ravage, demolish, bring to ruin

razorjenje n. destruction, devastation, demolition, ruination

razoružati ipf. disarm

razoruženje n. disarmament

razoružiti pf. disarm

razpad m. decay, disintegration, dissolution, discomposition, breakup

razpadati se v.refl. ipf. decay

razpakovati pf. unpack, unwrap

razpakovyvati ipf. unpack, unwrap

razpaliti pf. kindle, inflame, heat up, excite; ~ se catch fire

razpaljati ipf. kindle, inflame, heat up, excite; ~ se catch fire

razparjati ipf. rip open, rip up

razpasti se (razpade) v.refl. pf. decay

razpěniti v.intr. pf. foam, froth, lather

razpeti (razpne) pf. span, stretch; unfasten, unbutton, unclasp; ~ na križ crucify

razpetje n. span (arms, wings); crucifixion

razpinati (razpne) ipf. span, stretch; unfasten, unbutton, unclasp; ~ na križ crucify

razplesti (razplete) pf. untwine, unweave, unbraid, unplait

razpletati ipf. untwine, unweave, unbraid, unplait

razplyvati se v.refl. ipf. become blurred

razplyvti se v.refl. pf. become blurred

razpoloženje n. mood, frame of mind; position

razpor m. rift, slit, section

razporediti pf. arrange, dispose

razporedžati pf. arrange, dispose

razporedženje n. disposition; order, command

razpoznanje n. diagnosis

razpoznati pf. diagnose; identify, distinguish, discern, tell apart

razpoznavanje n. identification

razpoznavati ipf. diagnose; identify, distinguish, discern, tell apart

razprašati ipf. disperse, scatter, pulverise, pulverize

razprašiti pf. disperse, scatter, pulverise, pulverize

razprati (razpore) pf. rip open, rip up, unravel, unstitch

razprava f. debate, discussion; discourse, dissertation; trial, hearing

razprja f. quarrel, dispute

razprodati (razproda) ipf. sell out

razprodavati ipf. sell out

razprostirati ipf. spread out; ~ se extend, range

razprostraniti pf. diffuse, disseminate, spread; ~ se extend, spread

razprostranjati ipf. diffuse, disseminate, spread; ~ se extend, spread

razprostranjenje n. circulation, dissemination

razprostranjeny adj. widespread

razprostrěti (razprostre) pf. spread out

razpuklina f. burst, crack

razpustiti pf. dissolve, dismiss (class), disband (army); melt; spoil, overindulge

razpuščati ipf. dissolve, dismiss (class), disband (army); melt; spoil, overindulge

razpuščenje n. dissolution

razputje n. crossroads

razpytati pf. interrogate, question

razpytyvanje n. interrogation

razpytyvati ipf. interrogate, question

razrabotati pf. work out, draw up, elaborate

razrabotyvati ipf. work out, draw up, elaborate

razradovati pf. liven up

razrastanje n. overgrowth

razrastati se v.refl. ipf. branch out, expand, run wild

razrasti se (razraste) v.refl. pf. branch out, expand, run wild

razrazniti pf. distinguish

razraznjati ipf. distinguish

razred m. category, class

razrěšati ipf. resolve, settle

razrěšenje n. solution

razrěšiti pf. resolve, settle

razrěz m. cut, slit, incision

razrězati (razrěže) pf. cut up, slit, dissect, carve up

razrubati pf. chop up, mince, cleave

razrubyvati ipf. chop up, mince, cleave

razruměniti se v.refl. pf. blush

razrušati ipf. break down, destroy, wreck, demolish

razrušenje n. destruction

razrušitelj m. destroyer

razrušiti pf. break down, destroy, wreck, demolish

razrušnost f. destructiveness

razrvati (razrve) pf. tear to pieces, tear apart, lacerate, disrupt

razryti pf. dig up, plough up

razryv m. rupture

razryvati ipf. dig up, plough up, root up; tear to pieces, tear apart, lacerate, disrupt

razsada f. plant

razsaditi pf. plant out

razsadnik m. nursery-garden, seed-bed

razsadžati ipf. plant out

razsčitati pf. calculate, compute

razsčityvati ipf. calculate, compute

razsedlati pf. unsaddle

razsedlyvati ipf. unsaddle

razsějati (razsěje) ipf. disperse, scatter

razsějivati ipf. disperse, scatter

razselina f. crevice, fissure

razslati (razslje) pf. send round

razslěditi pf. investigate

razslědovanje n. investigation

razslědovati ipf. investigate

razsmatrjati pf. examine, consider

razsmějati se v.refl. pf. burst out laughing

razsměliti pf. discourage

razsměljati ipf. discourage

razsměšati ipf. make laugh

razsměšiti pf. make laugh

razsmotriti pf. examine, consider

razsrditi pf. anger, make angry

razstati se v.refl. pf. part with sbd., take leave of

razstavati se v.refl. ipf. part with sbd., take leave of

razstaviti pf. arrange, distribute, dispose; disassemble, dismantle, decompose

razstavjati ipf. arrange, distribute, dispose; disassemble, dismantle, decompose

razstavjenje n. disassembly

razsteliti pf. spread, lay, make the bed

razstlati (razstelje) pf. spread, lay, make the bed

razstojanje n. distance

razstrajati ipf. disturb, upset, put out of tune, disorganise, disorganize

razstrěl m. execution, fusillade

razstrěliti pf. shoot dead, execute (by a firing squad)

razstrěljati ipf. shoot dead, execute (by a firing squad)

razstroj m. disorder, disorganisation, disorganization, disturbance, upset

razstrojiti pf. disturb, upset, put out of tune, disorganise, disorganize

razstrojstvo n. disorder (mental)

razsuditi v.intr. pf. pass judgment, reason

razsudny adj. clever, reasonable, sensible

razsudok m. cleverness, sensibility; reason (intelligence)

razsudžati v.intr. ipf. pass judgment, reason

razsudženje n. sentence, decision

razsvět m. dawn

razsvětliti se v.refl. pf. lighten up

razsvětljati se v.refl. ipf. lighten up

razsvirěpěti v.intr. pf. turn savage

razsylati ipf. send round

razsylka f. distribution, dispatch

razsyp m. mineral deposit

razsypany adj. strewn across

razsypati pf. scatter

razsypyvati ipf. scatter

razščep m. split, fissure, cleft

razščepiti pf. split, cleave

razščepjati ipf. split, cleave

razšifrovati ipf. decypher

razširiti pf. extend, widen, amplify; ~ se widen out

razširjati ipf. extend, widen, amplify

razširjenje n. extension, expansion, extension, widening

razširjeny adj. widened, widespread

razšnurovati pf. unlace

razšnurovyvati ipf. unlace

raztajati pf. melt, thaw

raztapjati ipf. melt, dissolve, fuse

raztegati ipf. distend, elongate, strain, stretch out; ~ se stretch

raztegnuti pf. distend, elongate, strain, stretch out; ~ se stretch

raztěkati se v.refl. ipf. spill

raztekti se v.refl. pf. spill

raztirati ipf. rub up, grind

raztolkati ipf. smash down, crush into pieces

raztolkti pf. smash down, crush into pieces

raztolstěti v.intr. pf. put on weight

raztopiti pf. melt, dissolve; fuse

raztoptati pf. trample, crush (underfoot)

raztoptyvati ipf. trample, crush (underfoot)

raztračati ipf. squander, waste, dissipate

raztrata f. squandering, waste; embezzlement

raztratiti pf. squander, waste, dissipate

raztrěskati ipf. smash, shatter

raztrěsknuti pf. smash, shatter

raztreti (raztre) pf. rub up, grind

raztrgati ipf. tear up

raztrgnuti pf. tear up

raztrojiti pf. split in three

raztrubiti pf. trumpet

raztvarjati ipf. dissolve (in a liquid)

raztvor m. solution (liquid)

raztvoriti pf. dissolve (in a liquid)

razum m. reason, mind, intelligence

razumějemo adv. understandably

razumějemost f. understandability

razumějemy adj. understandable

razuměnje n. comprehension, understanding

razuměti ipf. understand; razuměje se obviously, of course, it goes without saying

razumlivo adv. understandably

razumlivost f. understandability, intelligibility, comprehensibility

razumlivy adj. understandable, intelligible, comprehensible

razumnica f. clever girl

razumnik m.anim. clever fellow

razumno adv. reasonably, sensibly; intelligently

razumnost f. sensibility

razumny adj. sensible, reasonable; intelligent

razumovati v.intr. ipf. reason

razuti se (razuje) v.refl. pf. take off one’s shoes

razuvati se v.refl. ipf. take off one’s shoes

razvaliny ruins

razvaliti pf. demolish, pull down, ruin; mess up, spoil, taint; ~ se collapse, fall apart; sprawl out

razvaljati ipf. demolish, pull down, ruin; mess up, spoil, taint; ~ se collapse, fall apart; sprawl out

razvažanje n. musing, consideration, pondering

razvažati ipf. consider, ponder, reflect

razvažiti pf. consider, ponder, reflect

razvědati pf. explore, scout, reconnoitre, reconnoiter, check out

razvědka f. secret service, intelligence service

razvědyvati pf. explore, scout, reconnoitre, reconnoiter, check out

razveseliti ipf. amuse, cheer up

razveseljati ipf. amuse, cheer up

razvesti pf. breed, grow

razvesti (razvede) pf. dissolve; ~ se divorce

razvezanje n. solution, dissolution

razvezati (razveže) pf. untie, unbind, unlace; abrogate (agreement), dissolve (marriage); solve

razvezti pf. distribute, deliver

razvezyvati ipf. untie, unbind, unlace; abrogate (agreement), dissolve (marriage); solve

razviti (razvije) pf. develop (tr.), evolve (tr.); unfold; ~ se develop (intr.), evolve (intr.)

razvitje n. development, evolution

razvivajuči adj. developing

razvivanje n. development

razvivati ipf. develop (tr.), evolve (tr.); unfold; ~ se develop (intr.), evolve (intr.)

razvod m. divorce

razvoditi ipf. dissolve; breed, grow; ~ se divorce

razvodje n. watershed

razvodny adj. divorce

razvoj m. development, evolution

razvoziti pf. distribute, deliver

razvrat m. debauchery; licentiousness

razvratnica f. slag, whore, slut

razvratnik m.anim. debauchee, satyr, pervert

razvratnost f. lecherousness

razvratny adj. perverse, lecherous, lewd

ražen (razna) m. spit, skewer

razžegti (razžže) pf. incite, kindle

razžigati ipf. incite, kindle

razžuvati pf. chew up

rdest m. pondweed

rdža f. rust

rdžavy adj. rusty

reagovati v.intr. ipf. react

reakcija f. reaction

reaktor m. reactor

realist m.anim. realist

realističny adj. realistic

realizacija f. realisation, realization

realizm m. realism

realizovati ipf. realise, realize

realnost f. reality

realny adj. real, actual (real)

rebro n. rib

recept m. prescription, recipe

recesija f. recession

rěč f. speech; word

rěčenje n. sentence

rěčnik m. dictionary

red m. rank (mil.); order, arrangement, sequence; row, queue; order (rel.)

redagovati ipf. edit

redakcija f. board of editors, editorial office

redakcijny adj. editorial

redaktor m.anim. editor

redaktovati ipf. edit

rědko adv. rarely, seldom

rědkost f. rarity, curiosity

redkovka f. radish

rědky adj. rare

redny adj. regular

redok m. verse, line (of text)

redovnost f. regularity

redovny adj. regular

redovy (-ogo) m.anim. private (rank)

redukcija f. reduction

redukovati ipf. reduce

referencija f. reference

referendum m. referendum

refleksivny: ~ zaimennik m. reflexive pronoun

reforma f. reform

reformacija f. reformation

reformovati ipf. reform

refren m. refrain

refundacija f. refund, reimbursement

region m. region

regionalny adj. regional

registracija f. registration

registrovati ipf. register

regresija f. regression

regularizacija f. regularization

regularno adv. regularly

regularnost f. regularity

regularny adj. regular

regulator: ~ ritma srdca m. pacemaker

regulovati ipf. regulate

rěka f. river

reklama f. advertisement, advertizement, ad

reklamacija f. reclamation

reklamnik m.anim. advertiser, advertizer

reklamny adj. advertising, advertizing

reklamodatelj m.anim. advertiser, advertizer

reklamovanje n. advertising, advertizing

reklamovati ipf. advertise, advertize

rekomendacija f. recommendation

rekomendovati ipf./pf. recommend

rekonstrukcija f. reconstruction

rekonstruovati ipf. restore, reconstruct

rekord m. record

rekreacija f. recreation

rěkti ipf. speak, say

rektor m.anim. rector, headmaster, principal (school)

rekviem m. requiem

relativny: ~ zaimennik m. relative pronoun

religija f. religion

religiozny adj. religious

relikt m. relict

relikvija f. relic

remenj m. belt

remeslnik m.anim. craftsman

remeslo n. craft

remont m. repair, refit, maintenance

remontovati ipf. repair

renegat m.anim. renegade

renesansa f. Renaissance

rentgenovy:  ~ luč m. x-ray; ~ snimok x-ray

reorganizacija f. reorganisation, reorganization

reorganizovati ipf./pf. reorganise, reorganize

repa f. beet

rěpka f. rapeseed; olejna ~ rapeseed

represija f. repression

reprezentovati ipf. represent

reprodukovati ipf. reproduce

republika f. republic

republikanec m.anim. republican

republikansky adj. republican

reputacija f. reputation

resa f. eyelash

respekt m. respect

restavracija f. restoration

restavrovati ipf./pf. restore (architecture)

restoran m. restaurant

resurs m. resource

rěšajuči adj. decisive

rěšati ipf. decide, determine; solve

rěšenje n. decision; solution

rěšeny adj. decided

rěšiteljno adv. decisively, resolutely, categorically

rěšiteljnost f. resolution (decisiveness), decisiveness

rěšiteljny adj. decisive, resolute, categorical

rěšiti pf. decide, determine; solve

rešta f. rest, remnant

retoromansky adj. Rhaeto-Romance

revenj m. rhubarb

reverans m. curtsey, curtsy

revidovati ipf. revise

revizija f. revision

revmatičny adj. rheumatic

revmatizm m. rheumatism

revnivost f. jealousy

revnivy adj. jealous

revolucija f. revolution

revolucijnizm m. revolutionism

revolucijnost f. revolutionism

revolucijny adj. revolutionary; revolucijna borba revolutionary struggle; revolucijna gvardija revolutionary guard

revolucioner m.anim. revolutionary, revolutionist

rězati (rěže) ipf. cut

rezerva f. reserve

rezervacija f. reservation, booking

rezervat m. reservation (tract of land), preserve, sanctuary

rezervovati ipf. reserve, book

rezjume n.indecl. summary

rěznik: ~ drěv m.anim. tree cutter

rezolucija f. resolution

rezultat m. result

rezumovati ipf. summarise, summarize

režim m. mode; regime

režiser m.anim. film director

Rim m. Rome

rimskokatoličsky adj. Roman Catholic

rimsky adj. Roman; Rimska imperija Roman Empire

rit f. ass

ritm m. rhythm

ritmičny adj. rhythmic, rhythmical

ritual m. ritual

ritualny adj. ritual

rizično adv. perilously

rizičny adj. risky, perilous

rizik m. risk, peril

rizikovati ipf. risk

robot m. robot

ročnica f. anniversary

ročno adv. yearly

ročny adj. yearly

rod m. grammatical gender; genus; kin, relatives, clan; kind, sort

rodimy adj. native

rodina f. family

roditelj m.anim. parent

roditeljnik, roditeljny padež m. genitive

roditeljsky adj. parental

roditi ipf. give birth, bring forth (crops); ~ se be born

rodny adj. native; rodna nazva surname

rodobijstvo n. genocide

rodopis m. genealogy

rodopisec m.anim. genealogist

rodoslovje n. genealogy

rodstveny adj. kindred

rodstvo n. kinship, ancestry

rodženje n. birth; Rodženje Christmas

rodženy adj. born

rog m. horn

roj m. swarm, cluster (e.g. bees)

rojiti se v.refl. ipf. swarm

rok m. year

rokada f. castling (chess)

rokenrol m. rock’n’roll

rokirovati v.intr. ipf./pf. castle (chess)

rok-muzika f. rock music

rolja f. role

roman m. novel

romansky adj. Romance

romanš m. Romansh

romantičny adj. romantic

Romantizm m. Romanticism

romb m. rhombus

roptanje n. grumble, murmur

roptati v.intr. ipf. grumble, murmur

rosa f. dew

Rosija f. Russia

Rosijska Federacija f. Russian Federation

rosijsky adj. Russia’s

rotacija f. rotation

rov m. moat, trench, ditch

roza f. rose

rozga f. rod

rozovy adj. pink

roževy adj. rose

rtut f. mercury

rubati ipf. chop, fell

rubin m. ruby

rublj m. ruble [₽]

ručiti se v.refl. pf. guarantee, warrant, vouch

ručka f. haft; little hand

ručnik m. towel

ručno adv. manually, by hand

ručny adj. hand, manual

ruda f. ore

rudimentarny adj. rudimentary

rudy adj. red-haired

ruh m. movement, traffic

ruina f. ruin

ruinovati ipf. ruin

rujenj m. October

ruka f. arm, hand; iz drugoj ruky used, secondhand;  ~ v rukě hand in hand; ruky do gory! hands up!

rukav m. sleeve; branch (river)

rukavica f. glove

rukavice gloves

rukodělstvo n. handicraft

rukojet f. handle, haft

rukopis m. manuscript

rukopleskanje n. applause

rukopleskati v.intr. ipf. applaud, clap

rukoplesknuti v.intr. pf. applaud, clap

rukopoloženje n. ordination (priest)

rukovati ipf. handle, manipulate, operate, manage

rukovoditelj m.anim. manager

rukovoditi ipf. manage, guide, control

rukovodstvo n. management, leadership, guidance, command

rukzak m. backpack

ruletka f. roulette

rum m. rum

ruměnec m. blush

ruměněti v.intr. ipf. blush

Rumunija f. Romania

rumunsky adj. Romanian

runo n. fleece (sheep)

Rus m.anim. Russian

rusifikacija f. Russification

rusifikovati ipf./pf. Russify

rusinsky adj. Rusyn

russky adj. Russian

rusy adj. fair-haired

rušiti ipf. knock down

rutensky adj. Ruthenian

rutina f. routine, rut

rutinny adj. routine

rvati (rve) ipf. tear; pluck; ~ se long, tear, yearn

ryba f. fish

rybak m.anim. fisher

rybar m.anim. angler, fisherman

rybnik m. pond

rybolovstvo n. fishery

Ryby Pisces

rycar m.anim. knight

rydati v.intr. ipf. sob

rydži adj. red-haired

rygati v.intr. ipf. belch, burp

rygnuti v.intr. pf. belch, burp

rylo n. snout

ryma f. rhyme

rymovati ipf. rhyme; ~ se rhyme

rys m.anim. lynx

rysovanka f. drawing

rysovati ipf. draw

ryti v.intr. ipf. dig, burrow, root

ryž m. rice

s, so prep. (kym/čim) using, by means of; with, together with

sablja f. sabre, saber

sabljevanje n. fencing

sad m. garden

saditi ipf. plant, seat

sadovnik m.anim. gardener

sadža f. soot

Sahara f. Sahara

sajt m. site, website

sako n. lounge jacket, suit coat

sakralny adj. sacral

sakristija f. sacristy

saksofon m. saxophone

Saksonija f. Saxony

sala f. hall

salata f. salad

salo n. fat, grease, lard

salon m. salon

Salvador m. El Salvador

salvadorsky adj. Salvadoran

sam pron.pers. self, alone, only

samec m.anim. male

samica f. female

samit m. summit

samo adv. just, merely, only

samo- prefix self-, auto-

Samoa: Amerikanska ~ f. American Samoa

samoanaliza f. introspection

samobytny adj. distinctive, original

samodostatočnost f. self-sufficiency

samodostatočny adj. self-sufficient

samodržec m.anim. autocrat

samoglaska f. vowel

samogon m. home-brewed liquor, wildcat whiskey, moonshine

samohvalstvo n. boasting, boastfulness, swagger

samokat m. kick scooter

samokritika f. self-criticism

samolet m. airplane

samoljubec m.anim. conceited person

samoljubny adj. conceited

samoobsluga f. self-service; supermarket

samoocěna f. pride, self-assessment

samoposmatrjanje n. introspection

samorazumno adv. evidently, obviously

samorazumny adj. evident, obvious

samorod m. nugget

samostojno adv. independently

samostojnost f. independence

samostojny adj. independent

samosud m. lynch-law, mob rule

samota f. seclusion, solitude

samotnost f. loneliness

samotny adj. lonely, solitary

samoubijny adj. suicidal

samoubijstvo n. suicide

samoubiti v.intr. pf. commit suicide

samouk m.anim. autodidact

samovar m. samovar

samovlada f. autocracy

samovlastje n. autocracy

samovoljny adj. voluntary; wilful, unauthorized

samozvanec m.anim. impostor, pretender

samy adj. same, the very

sankcija f. sanction

sanskrit, sanskrt m. Sanskrit

sarafan m. pinafore, sarafan

Sarajevo n. Sarajevo

saranča f. locust

sarkastičny adj. sarcastic

sarkazm m. sarcasm

sarkofag m. sarcophagus

satelit m. satellite

satira f. satire

satiričny adj. satirical

Saturn m. Saturn

Saudijec m.anim. Saudi

Saudovska Arabija f. Saudi Arabia

sauna f. sauna

saundtrek m. soundtrack

sběgati se v.refl. ipf. coincide, converge

sběgti se v.refl. pf. coincide

sbiranje n. gathering

sbirati ipf. gather, assemble, collect, pick up; ~ se prepare

sbirka f. collection, set

sbližanje n. rapprochement

sbližati se v.refl. ipf. near

sbližiti se v.refl. ipf. near

sbogom! intj. goodbye!

sbor m. meeting

sborka f. assembly

sbornik m. collection, anthology

sborny čislovnik m. collective numeral

sbože n. harvest

sbudovati pf. build

scati (sci) v.intr. ipf. piss

scena f. scene, stage

scenarij m. scenario, script (film), screenplay

sčet m. check, bill

sčisliti pf. count

sčitati pf. count

sčityvati ipf. count

sdanlivo adv. seemingly

sdanlivy adj. seeming

sdavati se v.refl. ipf. seem

sde adv. here

sdeformovati pf. deform

sdělati pf. do, make

sdešnji, sdešny adj. local, from here

sdirati ipf. rip off, tear off

sdohnuti v.intr. pf. die (animals)

sdrěmnuti v.intr. pf. nod off

sdreti (sdere) pf. rip off, tear off

sdyhati v.intr. ipf. die (animals)

se pron.refl. oneself

sebe- prefix self-, auto-

sebe (se, sobě/si, soboju) pron.refl. oneself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves

seběčnjak m.anim. selfish person

seběčno adv. selfishly

seběčnost f. selfishness

seběčny adj. selfish

sebeljubje n. selfishness

sebesmrtiti v.intr. ipf. commit suicide

sěča f. battle; slaughter

sěčenj m. January

sědališče n. seat

sědati v.intr. ipf. sit down, take a seat

sěděnje n. sitting

sěděti (sědi) v.intr. ipf. sit, be seated

sědiljnja f. sitting-room

sedlati ipf. saddle

sedlo n. saddle

sedm num.card. seven

sedmdeset num.card. seventy

sedmdesety num.ord. seventieth

sedmerka num.subst. group of seven

sedmero num.coll. sevensome

sedmica f. week

sedmično adv. weekly

sedmičny adj. weekly

sedmina num.fract. one seventh

sedmka num.subst. seven

sedmnadset num.card. seventeen

sedmnadsetina num.fract. one seventeenth

sedmnadsety num.ord. seventeenth

sedmsot, sedmsto num.card. seven hundred

sedmy num.ord. seventh

sědnuti v.intr. pf. sit down, take a seat

sědy adj. gray, grey

segati v.intr. ipf. reach, reach out for

segda, segdy adv. now

segdašnji, segdašny adj. current, present

segment m. segment

segnuti v.intr. pf. reach, reach out for

segodenny adj. today’s

segregacija f. segregation

sej (sa, se) pron.dem. this; sego dnja today

sějati (sěje) ipf. sow

sejčas adv. now

sejčasno adv. immediately, at once, right now; presently, currently

sejčasnost f. immediacy

sejčasny adj. immediate; present, current

sěkati ipf. cut, chop, hack

sekcija f. section

sěknuti pf. chop, hack

sekret m. secret

sekretar m.anim. secretary

sekretariat m. secretariat

sekretarka f. secretary

sekretny adj. secret

seks m. sex

seksi adj. sexy

seksist m.anim. sexist

seksizm m. sexism

seksualnost f. sexuality

seksualny adj. sexual

sekta f. sect

sěkti ipf. cut, chop, hack

sektor m. sector

sěkuča f. secant (math.)

sekunda f. second

sekundarny adj. secundary

sekvencija f. sequence

sěkyra f. axe

selfi m.indecl. selfie

seliko adv. this much

selikrat adv. this many times

seliky adj. this big

seliti se v.refl. ipf. settle, take up residence

seljan, seljanin m.anim. villager, peasant, farmer

seljanka f. peasant

selo n. village

selsky adj. rural

semafor m. traffic light

semantičny adj. semantic

semantika f. semantics

sěme n. seed; semen

sěmejstvo n. family, household

sěmja f. family

senat m. senate

senator m.anim. senator

sěno n. hay

sentimentalny adj. sentimental

senzor m. sensor

separatist m.anim. separatist

separatističny adj. separatist

separatizm m. separatism

septembr m. September

sěra f. sulfur

serenada f. serenade

serial m. series (TV)

serija f. series

seriozno adv. seriously, earnestly

seriozny adj. serious, earnest

serpentin m. serpentine

server m. server

servis m. service

sěry adj. gray, grey

seržant m.anim. sergeant

sestersky adj. sisterly; sesterska ljubov sisterly love

sesti (sede) v.intr. ipf. sit down, take a seat

sestra f. sister; ~ bliznečka twin sister

sestrinstvo n. sisterhood

sět f. net, network

sětevy adj. network

sětka f. net

sěver m. north

sěverno adv. northwards

sěvernoamerikansky adj. North American

sěvernoevropejsky adj. Northern European

sěvernoillinojssky: Sěvernoillinojssky Universitet m. Northern Illinois University

sěvernoirlandsky adj. North-Irish; sěvernoirlandski protestantisti i katolicisti North Ireland protestants and catholics

sěvernokorejsky adj. North Korean

sěvernomorsky adj. North Sea

sěvernoslovinsky adj. Slovincian

sěverny adj. northern, north; Sěverna Amerika North America; Sěverna Dakota North Dakota; Sěverna Irlandija Northern Ireland; Sěverna Karolina North Carolina; Sěverna Koreja North Korea; sěverna polsfera northern hemisphere; Sěverny Flot Northern Fleet;  ~ magnetpolus North magnetic pole;  ~ polus North Pole;  ~ jelenj reindeer; Sěverne Marijanske Ostrovi Northern Mariana Islands; Sěverno morje North Sea

sěveroatlantičsky: Sěveroatlantičsky Alians m. North Atlantic Treaty Organization

sěveroiztočny adj. northeast

sěveroiztok m. northeast

sěveropolarny: ~ razsvět m. northern lights

sěverovozhod m. northeast

sěverovozhodny adj. northeast

sěverozapad m. northwest

sěverozapadny adj. northwestern

sezon m. season

sezonny adj. seasonal

seženj f. fathom

sfera f. sphere

sferičny adj. spheric

sgnesti (sgnete) pf. mash, crush

sgnuti pf. fold

sgodno: ~ s prep. (kym/čim) according to, conform

sgrěšiti v.intr. pf. sin

sgybati ipf. fold

shema f. scheme

shematičny adj. schematic; ~ plan blueprint

shizma f. schism

shoditi v.intr. ipf. come down, descend, go down; ~ se come together, meet up, gather

shodka f. meeting, gathering

shodnost f. similarity, resemblance

shodny adj. similar

shovati (shovaje) pf. hide

shraniti pf. preserve

shranjati ipf. preserve

shranjenje n. preservation, conservation

shudnuti v.intr. pf. lose weight

shvatiti pf. grab, grasp, seize

si pron.refl. to oneself

Siberija f. Siberia

sidr m. cider

signal m. signal, sign, cue

signalizovati ipf. signal

sikati v.intr. ipf. pee

sila f. force, might, strength; ~ volje willpower

silaba f. syllable

silabičny adj. syllabic

silicij m. silicon

siliti se v.refl. ipf. strive, try

silno adv. strongly; very

silny adj. strong

simbol m. symbol, token

simboličny adj. symbolic

simbolika f. symbolics, symbolism

simbolizm m. symbolism

simbolizovati ipf. symbolise, symbolize

simetričnost f. symmetry

simetričny adj. symmetrical

simfonija f. symphony

simpatičny adj. sympathetic

simpatija f. sympathy

simpatizant m.anim. sympathizer

simptom m. symptom

simulacija f. simulation

simulovati ipf./pf. simulate

sinhronizacija f. synchronisation, synchronization

sinhronizovati ipf./pf. synchronise, synchronize

sinica f. titmouse

sinji adj. blue; ~ ekran smrti blue screen of death

sinonim m. synonym

sintaksa f. syntax

sintetičny adj. synthetic

sinteza f. synthesis

sintezator m. synthesizer

sinusit m. sinusitis

sionizm m. Zionism

sirena f. mermaid; siren

Sirija f. Syria

sirijsky adj. Syrian

Sirin m.anim. Sirin

sirota f. orphan

sirotěti v.intr. ipf. be orphaned

sirotišče n. orphanage

sistema f. system

sistematičny adj. systematic

situacija f. situation

sivěti v.intr. ipf. turn grey, turn gray

sivy adj. gray, grey

sjedeny adj. eaten

sjediniti pf. unite (together); connect; ~ se join

sjedinjati ipf. unite (together); connect; ~ se join

Sjedinjene Štaty Ameriky United States of America

sjedinjenje n. connection, unification

sjedinjenost f. unity

sjedinjeny adj. united

sjem m. crowd, assembly

sjesti (sje) pf. eat

sjeti (sojme) pf. take off

sjezd m. congress, session; slope, descent

skakanje n. jumping

skakati v.intr. ipf. jump

skala f. rock

skamenělost f. fossil

skameněly adj. fossilized, fossilised

skandal m. scandal

skandij m. scandium

Skandinavija f. Scandinavia

skandinavsky adj. Scandinavian

skarb m. treasure

skarbnica f. treasure chest

skarbnik m.anim. treasurer

skaredno adv. ugly

skaredny adj. ugly

skarga f. complaint

skaržiti se v.refl. ipf. complain

skazati (skaže) pf. say, tell

skazka f. children’s story

skeč m. sketch (performance)

skelet m. skeleton

skenovati ipf. scan

skeptičny adj. sceptic

skica f. sketch, draft, outline

skipetr m. scepter

sklad m. store, storage, storehouse, warehouse, depot

skladati ipf. fold, compound;  ~ se pool money, take a collection; ~ se iz consist of

skladišče n. storehouse, warehouse, depot

skladovati ipf. store, save

sklanjati ipf. decline (grammar), inflect; ~ se k be inclined, be prone to, yield to

sklejiti pf. glue

skljanka f. glass (receptacle)

sklon m. forward-slash; slope, incline

skloniti pf. decline (grammar), inflect; ~ se k be inclined, be prone to, yield to

sklonjenje n. declension, inflection

sklonnost f. bias, inclination, tendency, leaning

sklonny adj. inclined, prone, susceptible

skočiti v.intr. pf. jump

skok m. jump

skolzavka f. slide

skombinovati pf. combine

skompensovati pf. compensate

skomplikovati pf. complicate

skončiti pf. end; ~ se come to an end

skonfiskovati pf. confiscate

skonstruovati: skonstruovany jezyk m. constructed language, conlang

skopiti ipf. castrate, emasculate

Skopje n. Skopje

skorěje adv. sooner, rather; almost; ~ abo/ili pozdněje sooner or later

skorlupa f. skin

skoro adv. soon; almost, nearly; quickly, fastly, rapidly

skorpion m.anim. scorpion; Skorpion Scorpio

skory adj. quic, fast, rapid

skot m. cattle, livestock

skotnik m.anim. cattleman, herdsman, cattle-farm worker

skovranok m.anim. lark

skračati ipf. shorten, abbreviate

skračenje n. shortening, abbreviation

skračeny adj. shortened

skratiti pf. shorten, abbreviate

skrb f. grief, sorrow

skrběti (skrbi) v.intr. ipf. grieve

skrinja f. chest; ~ s orudjami toolbox

skripač m.anim. violinist

skripačka f. violinist

skripati v.intr. ipf. creak, crunch, scrunch

skripka f. violin

skripnuti v.intr. pf. creak, crunch, scrunch

skriviti pf. bend, twist, curve

skrob m. starch

skromno adv. humbly, modestly

skromnost f. humility, modesty

skromny adj. humble, modest

skroz adv. through

skrupulozny adj. scrupulous

skryti pf. hide; ~ se hide oneself

skryto adv. stealthily, furtively, surreptitiously, covertly

skryty adj. clandestine, covert, secret

skryvati ipf. hide; ~ se hide oneself

skubnuti v.intr. pf. pluck, pick, jerk, twitch

skubti v.intr. ipf. pluck, pick, jerk, twitch

skuhati pf. cook

skulptura f. sculpture

skunks m.anim. skunk

skupec m.anim. tightwad, miser

skupina f. group

skupost f. parsimony

skupy adj. meagre, paltry, scant, sparing; parsimonious

skuter m. motor scooter

skvorec m.anim. starling

skvoter m.anim. squatter

skvrčati (skvrči) v.intr. ipf. sizzle

slabec m.anim. wimp

slaběti v.intr. ipf. weaken, become weak, slacken, grow feeble

slabo adv. weakly

slabost f. weakness, disadvantage, drawback

slaboumny adj. feeble-minded

slaby adj. weak, feeble

slad m. malt

sladiti ipf. sweeten, add sugar to

sladko adv. sweetly

sladkost f. sweetness

sladky adj. sweet

sladnica f. sweetheart

sladnik m.anim. sweetheart

sladoled m. ice cream

slajd m. slide (photography), diapositive

slama f. straw

slamka f. drinking straw

slany adj. salty

slati (slje) ipf. send

slava f. fame, glory; reputation

slavej m.anim. nightingale

Slavija f. Slavia

slavist m.anim. Slavist

slavistika f. Slavistics

slaviti ipf. celebrate, glorify

slavjenje n. celebration, glorification

slavno adv. gloriously

slavny adj. famous, great, glorious

slěd m. trace, track

slěditi ipf. follow; observe, watch

slědny adj. next, following

slědovateljno adv. consequently, therefore, as a result

slědovati ipf. follow

slědstvo n. investigation

slědujuči adj. following, next

slegka adv. slightly, lightly, rather, somewhat, a bit

sleng m. slang

slěpec m.anim. blind man

slěpica f. blind woman

slěpnuti v.intr. ipf. go blind

slěpy adj. blind

slězena f. spleen

Slezk m. Silesia

slezsky adj. Silesian

slězti: slězi iz mene! intj. go away!, bugger off!, fuck off!, piss off!, get lost!, beat it!

slgati (slže) v.intr. pf. lie

slimak m.anim. snail

slina f. saliva, spittle, sputum, drivel, drool, slobber

sliti se (slije) v.refl. pf. merge

sliva f. plum

slivanje n. merger, confluence; amalgamation

slivati se v.refl. ipf. merge

slivovica f. slivovitz, plum brandy

sliz m./f. slime, mucus

slizgalka f. slide

slizgati v.intr. ipf. slide, slip

slizgnuti v.intr. pf. slide, slip

slizky adj. slippery, slimy

sljuda f. mica (mineral)

slog m. syllable

slogan m. slogan

sloj m. layer

slomiti pf. break

slomjeny adj. broken

slon m.anim. elephant

Slovačka f. Slovak woman

slovačsky adj. Slovak

Slovak m.anim. Slovak

Slovakija f. Slovakia

slovenačsky adj. Slovenian

Slovenec m.anim. Slovene man

Slovenija f. Slovenia

Slovenka f. Slovene woman

slovensky adj. Slovenian

slovesnost f. lore

slovesny adj. verbal

Slovjan, Slovjanin m.anim. Slav

slovjanizacija f. Slavicisation, Slavicization

slovjanizovati ipf./pf. slavicise, slavicize

Slovjanka f. Slav

Slovjanska f. Slavia

slovjansky adj. Slavic, Slavonic

slovjanstvo n. Slavdom, Slavic world

slovničstvo n. vocabulary

slovnik m. dictionary, vocabulary

slovny adj. verbal

slovo (slova/slovese) n. word

slovosbor m. vocabulary

složenost f. complexity, complication, difficulty

složeny adj. complex, complicated, composite, compound; složeno slovo compound word

složiti pf. fold, compound; ~ se pool money, take a collection

slučaj m. case, event, instance, occurence, accident; na vsaky  ~ in any case; just in case; v vsakom  ~u in each case; po ~u on the occasion of

slučajno adv. accidentally, coincidentally, haphazardly

slučajnost f. coincidence, chance (random occurrence), coincidence

slučajny adj. random, accidental, coincidental, haphazard

slučati ipf. join, combine, couple; ~ se happen

slučiti pf. join, combine, couple; ~ se happen

slučka f. event, happening

sluga m.anim. servant

sluh m. hearing

slum m. slum

slušalky headphones

slušatelj m.anim. listener

slušati ipf. listen, obey

služba f. service

služebnik m.anim. employee

služebny adj. official; služebno putovanje business trip

služiti v.intr. ipf. serve

slynuti v.intr. ipf. be renowned

slyšati (slyši) ipf. hear

slyšenje n. hearing

slyti (slyne) v.intr. ipf. be renowned

smalec m. lard

smaragd m. emerald

smatrjati v.intr. ipf. watch, look

smažiti ipf. fry

smečkati pf. mash, crumple

směh m. laugh, laughter

smějanje se v.refl. n. laughing

smějati se (směje) v.refl. ipf. laugh

smekčati ipf. soften

smekčiti pf. soften

smělost f. courage

směly adj. bold, daring

směna f. shift (factory)

smenšati ipf. reduce

smenšenje n. reduction

smenšiti pf. reduce

směr m. direction, trend; course

směrnica f. directive, guideline

směs m. mixture, blend, mix

směsta adv. immediately, right away, at once

směšany adj. mixed, blended; perplexed

směšati pf. mix, blend; perplex

směšivati ipf. mix, blend

směšnost f. humour, humor

směšny adj. funny, ridiculous, hilarious

smet f. piece of garbage, piece of junk, piece of trash; ~i garbage, trash, refuse, rubbish, debris

smetana f. cream

smetenje n. commotion, confusion, disarray, tumult

směti ipf. dare

smlatiti pf. thrash, thresh, hammer

smlěti (smelje) pf. grind

smogti be able, manage

smokva f. fig

smola f. tar

smoliti ipf. tar

smotriti v.intr. ipf. look, watch

smrad m. stink, stench, fetor

smrditi v.intr. ipf. stink

smrěk m. spruce

smrf m.anim. smurf

smrkač m.anim. brat, snotty-nose, whippersnapper

smrkati v.intr. ipf. sniffle; ~ se blow one’s nose

smrščeny adj. wrinkled

smrščiti pf. wrinkle;  ~ brvi frown; ~ se frown

smrt f. death

smrteljny adj. mortal, deadly, lethal, fatal

smrtelny: smrtelna hvoroba f. killer disease

smrteopasny adj. deadly, life-threatening, mortally dangerous

smrtny adj. mortal, deadly, lethal, fatal, death; smrtna kaznj capital punishment, death penalty

smrtonosny adj. deadly, lethal

sms m. sms

smučati ipf. make turbid; trouble, disturb, puzzle

smučeny adj. confused; puzzled, troubled

smutiti pf. make turbid, obfuscate, muddy up; trouble, disturb, puzzle

smutno adv. sadly

smutny adj. sad, sorrowful

smutok m. sadness

smyček m. bow (for stringed instruments)

smykati ipf. close (ranks)

smysl m. sense; ~y senses

smyslny adj. sensual, sensible

sn-   ➝   son

snabděti (snabdi) pf. supply

snabděvati ipf. supply

snaha f. daughter-in-law

snědanje n. breakfast

snědati v.intr. ipf. eat breakfast

sněg m. snow

sněgurka f. snow maiden

snesti pf. bring down

snetvarjati ipf. deform

snetvoriti pf. deform

sněženj m. December

sněžinka f. snowflake

sněžiti v.intr. ipf. snow

sněžnoběly adj. snow-white

sněžny: ~ člověk m. snowman

snimok m. photo, shot (photography)

sniti ipf. dream

sniziti pf. reduce (price), lower

snizu adv. from below, from the bottom

snižati ipf. reduce (price), lower

sniženje n. price reduction

snižka f. decrease

snositi ipf. bring down

snosny adj. bearable, endurable, passable, fair, passable

snova adv. again; ~ i snova again and again

snovati ipf. warp

snudženy adj. bored

sobě, si pron.refl. to oneself, to oneself

sobranje n. meething, gathering, assemly

sobrati (sbere) pf. gather, collect, assemble, pick up; ~ se get prepared

sobstvenik m.anim. owner, proprietor

sobstvenost f. ownership, property

sobstveny adj. own

sobytje n. event

socialist m.anim. socialist

socialističny adj. socialistic

socializm m. socialism

socialny adj. social

sociolog m.anim. sociologist

sociologičny adj. sociological

sociologija f. sociology

sočevica f. lentil; lens; kontaktna ~ contact lens

sočuvstvovati v.intr. ipf. sympathize, commiserate, feel compassion

soda f. soda

Sodružstvo narodov n. Commonwealth of Nations

Sodružstvo Nezavisnyh Držav n. Commonwealth of Independent States

sodržanje n. content, table of contents

sodržanost f. restraint

sodržati pf. contain, hold back, inhibit

sodrživati ipf. hold back, inhibit; contain

sodržnik m. container

Sofija f. Sofia

softver m. software

soglasiti, suglasiti: soglasiti se, suglasiti se v.refl. ipf. agree, consent, concur; ne soglasiti se, ne suglasiti se disagree, dissent

soglasje, suglasje n. agreement, concordance

soglaska, suglaska f. consonant

soglasno, suglasno prep. (komu/čemu) according to

soglasnost, suglasnost f. agreement, concordance

soglasny: byti ~ ipf. agree

soglasny, suglasny adj. concordant

soglašati, suglašati: ne soglašati se, ne suglašati se v.refl. ipf. disagree, dissent; soglašati se, suglašati se agree, consent, concur

soglašenje, suglašenje n. agreement, understanding, covenant, accord

sohnuti v.intr. ipf. dry (intr.), become dry, wither; pine away

soja f. soya

sojdti (sojde; sošel) v.intr. pf. descend, come down, go down; ~ se come together, meet up, gather

sojuz m. union

sojuznik m.anim. ally

sok m. juice

sokoiztiskivačka f. juice squeezer, juicer

sokol m.anim. falcon

sokovnik m. juice squeezer, juicer

solarny adj. solar

solidarnost f. solidarity

solidarny adj. solidary, sympathetic

solidny adj. solid

soliti ipf. salt

solj f. salt

soljeny adj. salt

soljnica f. salt cellar

solnce n. sun

solncevrat m. solstice

solnečny adj. sunny; solnečna sistema Solar system

solo n. solo

solza f. tear

solzotvorny: ~ gaz m. tear gas

somknuti pf. close (ranks)

son (sna) m. dream, sleep

sonata f. sonata

sonda f. probe, catheter, sonde

sondovati ipf./pf. probe

sonet m. sonnet

soobčati ipf. communicate, report; ~ se intercommunicate

soobčenje n. communicate

soobčiti pf. communicate, report

soočati, suočati: soočati se s, suočati se s v.refl. ipf. face, deal with

soočiti, suočiti: soočiti se s, suočiti se s v.refl. ipf. face, deal with

sopelj (soplja) m. snot

sopran m. soprano

sort m. kind, sort

sortovati ipf./pf. sort

sosati ipf. suck

sosavec m.anim. mammal

sosiska f. Vienna sausage, Frankfurt sausage

soska f. nipple

sosna f. pine

sostav m. composition, structure

sostaviti pf. put together, assemble, compile, arrange, make up, draw up (document)

sostavjati ipf. put together, assemble, compile, arrange, make up, draw up (document)

sostavjenje n. assemblage

sostavny adj. constituent, component, compound; sostavna čest component, ingredient

sostojati: ~ se iz (sostoji) v.refl. ipf. consist of, be composed of

sotina num.fract. one hundredth

sotka, sotnja f. hundred (noun)

sotkati pf. weave

sotny num.ord. hundredth

součestje n. complicity

součestnica f. accomplice, accessory (crime)

součestničstvo n. complicity

součestnik m.anim. accomplice, accessory (crime)

sova f. owl

sovět m. advice, counsel, council, tip (suggestion)

sovětničstvo n. advising

sovětnik m.anim. counsellor, advisor, adviser

sovětovati ipf. advise, counsel

sovětsky adj. Soviet; Sovětsky Sojuz Soviet Union; Sovětsky Svez Soviet Union

sovka f. night moth

sovladnuti pf. cope with; overcome, surmount

sovladyvati ipf. cope with; overcome, surmount

sovpadenje n. coincidence

sovrěmennik m.anim. contemporary

sovrěmennost f. modernity

sovrěmenny adj. modern, contemporary

sovršati ipf. accomplish, complete

sovršenost f. perfection

sovršeny adj. perfect; ~ vid perfective aspect

sovršiti pf. accomplish, complete

sovsěm adv. altogether, completely, wholly, at all

sozdati pf. create

sozdavati ipf. create

sozvati (sozove) pf. convoke, call together

sozyvati ipf. convoke, call together

sožegti (sožže) pf. burn up

sožrati (sožre) pf. gobble down

spad m. drop, decline; slope

spadati v.intr. ipf. fall down

spakovati pf. pack; ~ se get packed

spaliti pf. burn

spaljnja f. bedroom

spanje n. sleep

spasati ipf. save, rescue

spasenje n. salvation, redemption

spasitelj m.anim. saviour, savior

spasti pf. save, rescue

spasti (spade) v.intr. pf. fall down

spati (spi) v.intr. ipf. sleep

specialist m.anim. specialist

specialno adv. especially

specialnost f. speciality

specialny adj. special

specifičny adj. specific

specifika f. specifics

spektr m. spectrum

spekulacija f. speculation

spekulativny adj. speculative

spekulovati v.intr. ipf. speculate

sperma f. sperm

spermatozoid m. spermatozoid

spěšiti v.intr. ipf. hasten, hurry, rush

spěšny adj. urgent, immediate

spěvanje n. singing

spěvati pf. sing

spirati se v.refl. ipf. quarrel

spis m. list

spisati (spiše) pf. list

spisok m. list

spisyvati ipf. list

splesti (splete) pf. braid, knit, plait, weave

sploditi pf. beget, spawn, bring forth

spod m. bottom

spodnica f. skirt

spokojno adv. quietly, easy

spokojny adj. quiet, calm, easy, peaceful

spokojstvo n. rest, peace, quiet

spokrovnjeny adj. related

společenstvo n. society

společnost f. community

společny adj. common, social, mutual

spolny adj. common, mutual, shared, joint

spolupracovati v.intr. ipf. work together

spolurabotyvati v.intr. ipf. work together

spomaliti pf. slow down, decelerate

spomaljati ipf. slow down, decelerate

spomaljenje n. slowdown

spominati ipf. mention

spomněti (spomni) pf. mention

spona f. clamp, buckle

sponka f. paperclip

sponsor m.anim. sponsor

spontanično adv. spontaneously

spontaničny adj. spontaneous

spor m. dispute, conflict, controversy

sporadičny adj. sporadic

sporazuměvanje n. communication

sporiti v.intr. ipf. fight, quarrel

sporlivy adj. acrimonious

sporno adv. controversially

sporny adj. controversial, arguable

sport m. sport

sportivny adj. sport, sporting

sportnik m.anim. sportsperson

sposob m. manner, way, method

sposobnost f. ability, aptitude, capability, capacity

sposobny adj. able, capable

spotěti (poti) v.intr. pf. perspire, sweat

spotiti se v.refl. pf. perspire, sweat

spotknuti se v.refl. pf. stumble

spotrěbitelj m.anim. consumer

spotrěbiti pf. consume

spotrěbjenje n. consumption

spotrěbovati ipf. consume

spotykati se (spotyče) v.refl. ipf. stumble

spozdniti se v.refl. pf. come too late, be too late

spozdnjati se v.refl. ipf. come too late, be too late

spozdnjenje n. late arrival, lateness (e.g. train)

spoznati pf. acquaint

spoznavati ipf. acquaint

sprašati ipf. ask

spravědlivost f. justice

spravědlivy adj. just, equitable, fair, righteous

sprědu adv. in front

spregati ipf. conjugate

spresti (sprede) pf. spin (yarn)

sprěti se (spre) v.refl. pf. quarrel

spreženje n. conjugation

sprijateliti se v.refl. pf. befriend, make friends

sprositi pf. ask

sprotiviti se (komu/čemu) v.refl. pf. oppose

sprotivjenje n. opposition

sprovadžati ipf. accompany, coach

sprovoditi pf. accompany, coach

spuhnuti v.intr. pf. swell

spust f. trigger

spust m. drainage; slope

spustiti pf. lower, drop; release, unleash, launch (ship); ~ se come down; ejaculate

spuščati ipf. lower, drop; release, unleash, launch (ship); ~ se come down; ejaculate

spuščenje n. ejaculation

sputnik m. satellite

spytati pf. ask

sraka f. magpie

sram m. shame, dishonour, dishonor

sramežlivy adj. shy, timid, bashful, shamefaced

sramiti ipf. disgrace; shame, put to shame, bring shame on

sramny adj. shameful, disgraceful, infamous; ashamed

sramota f. shame, dishonour, dishonor

sramotny adj. shameful, disgraceful, infamous

srast m. scar

srastanje n. coalescence

srastati se v.refl. ipf. grow together, coalesce

srasti se (sraste) v.refl. pf. grow together, coalesce

srati v.intr. ipf. shit

sravnimy adj. comparable

sravniteljny adj. comparative

sravniti pf. compare

sravnjati ipf. compare

sravnjenje n. comparison

srazumělost f. intelligibility

srazuměti pf. understand

Srb m.anim. Serb

Srbija f. Serbia

srbohrvatsky adj. Serbo-Croat

srbolužičan, srbolužičanin m.anim. Sorb

srbolužičsky adj. Sorbian

srbskohrvatsky adj. Serbo-Croatian

srbsky adj. Serbian

srdca hearts (cards)

srdce n. heart

srdcevina f. pith; core

srdečno adv. sincerely, cordially, heartily

srdečnososudny adj. cardiovascular

srdečnost f. sincerity

srdečny adj. cardiac, heart; cordial, hearty; ~ napad heart attack

srditi ipf. anger, make angry

srdity adj. angry

srdnost f. anger

srěbristy adj. silver-coloured

srěbrny adj. silver

srěbro n. silver

srěd prep. (kogo/čego) among, amongs, amid

srěda f. Wednesday

srědina f. average; middle, middle-ground

srědišče n. centre, center

srědnija f. average

srědnjevěčje n. Middle Ages

srědnjevěčny adj. medieval

srědnji, srědny adj. average; central, middle, medium; srědnji rod neuter

srědoběžny adj. centrifugal

srědotěčny adj. centripetal

srědstva media; srědstvo medium, means; remedy

Srědzemsko morje n. Mediterranean Sea

srna f. roe (deer)

srodnica f. kin, relative, relation

srodnik m.anim. kin, relative, relation

srodny adj. akin, cognate, related; srodno slovo cognate

srodstvo n. affinity, kinship, similarity

srp m. sickle

srpenj m. August

srst f. fur

srubati pf. chop apart, chop down

srubyvati ipf. chop apart, chop down

sručny adj. able, dexterous, skilful, skillful, skilled

sruinovati pf. ruin

ssědati se v.refl. ipf. curdle

ssesti se (ssede) v.refl. pf. curdle

ssora f. brawl



stabilizovati ipf./pf. stabilise, stabilize

stabilnost f. stability

stabilny adj. stable

stačiti v.intr. ipf. suffice

stadija f. stage, phase

stado n. flock, herd

staja f. cowshed

stalinizm m. stalinism

stalj f. steel

stalost f. permanence, stability; continuity

stalovy adj. steel

staly adj. permanent, stable, constant; continuous

stan m. condition; state

stancija f. station

standard m. standard

standardizacija f. standardization

standardizovati ipf. standardize

standardny adj. standard

stanok m. loom

stanovišče n. standpoint, attitude, position

stanoviti ipf. establish

stanuti v.intr. pf. stop (intr.), halt, take a position, stand

stapjati pf. merge

staranno adv. carefully, assiduously

staranny adj. careful, painstaking, assiduous

starati se v.refl. ipf. try, do one’s best

starec m.anim. elder; starci elderly

starějši, starši adj. older, elder, elderly, senior

starěnje n. ageing, aging

starěti v.intr. ipf. age, grow old

starinny adj. aged, antique, obsolete; starinna infrastruktura aged infrastructure

starocrkovnoslovjansky adj. Old Church Slavonic

starodavny adj. ancient

starohebrejsky adj. Ancient Hebrew

staromodny adj. old-fashioned

staroslovjansky adj. Old Slavonic

starost f. old age

start m. start

startovati ipf./pf. start

stary adj. old; Stary Svět Old World

stati (stane) become; ~ se happen

statičny adj. static

statija f. article

statističny adj. statistic

statistika f. statistics

statnost f. happening

statny adj. stately, sturdy, well-built, well-proportioned

statuja f. statue

status m. status

statut m. statute

stavati v.aux.ipf. become

staviti ipf. put, place;  ~ na něčto bet on something; ~ pytanje ask a question

stavjati ipf. put, place

stavka f. stake (gambling); rate

steblo n. stem, stalk, blade

stečenje n. confluence, concurrence, coincidence

steklěny adj. glass, glassy

steklnik m. greenhouse

steklny: steklěna čaša f. glass (receptacle)

steklo n. glass (material)

stekti v.intr. pf. flow

steliti ipf. spread, lay, make the bed

stěna f. wall

stěnj m. shadow

stereotip m. stereotype

sterilizacija f. sterilisation, sterilization

sterilizovati ipf./pf. sterilise, sterilize

sterilny adj. sterile (germless)

stežka f. footpath, path, pathway, track, trail, way

stigati ipf. befall (misfortune etc.); pursue, prosecute

stignuti pf. befall (misfortune etc.); overtake

stih m. verse

stihija f. element (nature), elementary forces

stil, stilj m. style

stimul m. stimulus, incentive

stimulacija f. stimulation

stimulovati ipf. stimulate

stiskati ipf. clench, squeeze, compress

stisknuti pf. clench, squeeze, compress

stlati (stelje) ipf. spread, lay, make the bed

sto num.card. hundred

stodola f. barn

stog m. stack, pile, haystack

Stoj! intj. Stop!

stojati (stoji) v.intr. ipf. stand; cost

stojišče n. standing place; taxi stand; booth

stojka f. handstand (gymn.); prop, support

stokratno adv. a hundred times

stol m. table; chair

stolětje n. century

stolica f. capital city

stoličny adj. capital (city)

stoljar m.anim. carpenter

stolka f. chair

stolny: ~ tenis m. table tennis, ping pong

stolp m. pillar, column, post, pole

ston m. moan

stonanje n. moaning

stonati v.intr. ipf. moan

stonožka f. centipede

stop intj. stop

stopa f. foot

stopiti pf. merge

stopjenje n. merger

storočnik m.anim. centinarian

stotina num.fract. one hundredth

stoty num.ord. hundredth

stradati v.intr. ipf. suffer

strah m. fear, fright, horror

strahlivec m.anim. coward

strahlivo adv. fearfully, cowardly

strahlivost f. cowardice

strahlivy adj. fearful, cowardly

strahovanje n. insurance

strahovati ipf. insure; ~ se be worried

strajk m. strike

strana f. party (agreement, lawsuit); side; land, region; ~ světa cardinal direction, cardinal point

stranica f. page

straniti: ~ se od v.refl. ipf. shun, avoid

strannik m.anim. adherent, supporter, partisan

stranny adj. strange, weird, odd

strast f. passion

strastny adj. passionate

strašeny adj. fearing

strašiti ipf. frighten, scare; ~ se fear

strašno adv. damn; fearfully, terribly

strašny adj. scary, fearful, terrible, horrible

strategičny adj. strategic

strategija f. strategy

straus m.anim. ostrich

straž m.anim. watchman, guard

straža f. police custody, guard (activity), watch (activity), guard (body of men)

strčiti v.intr. ipf. protrude, stick out

strěčati ipf. meet, encounter

strěgti ipf. guard, protect; ~ se be aware, be careful

strěha f. roof

strekoza f. dragonfly

strěla f. arrow

strělba f. gun fire, shootout

strělec m.anim. marksman, shooter, rifleman; Strělec Sagittarius

strělišče n. shooting range

strěliti v.intr. ipf. shoot, fire

strěljati v.intr. ipf. shoot, fire

strělka f. hand (clock); po strělkě časovnika clockwise; v směru strělky časovnika clockwise

strělnik m.anim. rifleman

strěločnik m.anim. pointsman

streme n. stirrup

stres m. stress (psychology)

stresenje n. tremour, tremor; ~ mozga brain concussion

stresovy adj. stressful

strěsti (strěte) pf. meet, encounter

strěšna krytina f. roof tile

strětenje n. meeting, encounter, appointment (for a meeting)

strigti ipf. shear, cut (hair)

strimati pf. hold back, inhibit

strimyvati ipf. hold back, inhibit

strižik m.anim. wren

strogo adv. strictly, severely

strogost f. strictness, severity, austerity, rigour, rigor

strogy adj. strict, severe, tough, austere, rigourous, rigorous

stroj m. order, arrangement, system

strojiti ipf. form (troops), draw up (troops); arrange

strop m. ceiling, upper bound

strugati ipf. plane, shave, scrape, whittle, chip

struja f. stream, current

struktura f. structure

struna f. string

strunny:  ~ instrument m. string instrument; ~ kvartet string quartet

stružka f. shavings, chips, filings

stryjec m.anim. uncle

stryjenka f. aunt (father’s sister)

student m.anim. student

studeny adj. cold, cool, chilly, frigid, frosty

studija f. study

studio n. studio

studiovati ipf. study

studiti ipf. cool

studnja f. water well, draw-well

stukati v.intr. ipf. knock, rap, tap; ~ do/na/v dveri knock on/at the door

stuknuti v.intr. pf. knock, rap, tap

stul m. chair, seat

stupati v.intr. ipf. step

stupenišče n. stairs

stupenj (stupnja) m. degree, stair; stage (of development)

stupiti v.intr. ipf. step

stupnica f. scale (music)

stupnjevanje n. degrees of comparison

stvar m. thing, matter

stvarjati ipf. create, make, form

stvarno adv. really

stvarnost f. reality

stvor m. creature

stvoriti pf. create, make, form

stvorjenje n. creation

stvrditi pf. assert, claim, contend

styčenj m. January

styd m. shame

styk m. junction

subjektivizm m. subjectivism

subjektivnost f. subjectivity

subjektivny adj. subjective

sublimacija f. sublimation

subota f. Saturday

substancija f. substance

subtilnost f. subtlety

subtilny adj. subtle

subtitry subtitles

sučasnik m.anim. contemporary

sučasnost f. contemporaneity

sučasny adj. contemporary

suči adj. being, present, current

sučstveno adv. essentially, fundamentally

sučstveny adj. crucial, essential, fundamental, paramount

sud m. court, judgment; krvonosny ~ blood vessel

sudba f. fate, fortune, destiny

suditelj m.anim. judge

suditi ipf. judge, try (in court); predestine, foreordain

sudja m.anim. judge

sudny adj. court, legal;  ~ denj Judgement Day; ~ pozov lawsuit

sudženje n. sentence

sufiks m. suffix

suhar m. cracker, biscuit, zwieback, dried crust

suharmonizovati v.intr. pf. harmonise, harmonize

suhoplod m. dried fruit

suhy adj. dry

sujevěrje n. superstition

suka f. bitch

suknja f. dress

sultan m.anim. sultan

sultanat m. sultanate

suma f. sum; v sumě in total

suměstimost f. compatibility

suměstimy adj. compatible

sumněnje n. doubt; conscience

sumněvati se v.refl. ipf. doubt

sumniteljny adj. questionable

sumnlivo adv. doubtfully

sumnlivy adj. doubtful

sumrak m. twilight, dusk

sumrkati se v.refl. ipf. grow dark, darken, twilight

sumrknuti se v.refl. pf. grow dark, darken, twilight

sunuti pf. thrust, shove

sup m.anim. vulture

supa f. soup

super- prefix super-

superdržava f. superpower (state)

superheroj m.anim. superhero

supermarket m. supermarket

superničstvo n. rivalry, competition

supernik m.anim. rival, competitor

supostaviti pf. juxtapose

supostavjati ipf. juxtapose

suprotiv prep. (kogo/čego) contrary to

suprovadžati ipf. accompany, coach

suprovoditi pf. accompany, coach

suprovodženje n. coaching

suprug m.anim. husband

supruga f. wife

suprugi husband and wife

supružstvo n. marriage

suputnik m.anim. travelling companion, fellow traveller

surabota f. cooperation, collaboration

surabotati v.intr. ipf. work together, cooperate

surabotničstvo n. cooperation

surabotnik m.anim. co-worker

surazměrnost f. symmetry

surazměrny adj. symmetrical

surfist m.anim. surfer

surfovanje n. surfing

surfovati v.intr. ipf. surf

Surinam m. Suriname

surinamsky adj. Surinamese

surovy adj. harsh, raw, severe

surpriz m. surprise

surrealizm m. surrealism

susěd m.anim. neighbour, neighbor

susědny adj. adjacent; neighbouring, neighboring; susědno do next to

susědstvo n. neighbourhood, neighborhood

susrědotočati ipf. concentrate; ~ se concentrate

susrědotočiti pf. concentrate; ~ se concentrate

sustav m. system

sustradanje n. compassion

sustrěča f. meeting, encounter, appointment (for a meeting)

sustrěčati ipf. meet, encounter

sustrěsti (sustrěte) pf. meet, encounter

sušiti ipf. dry

sut v.aux.ipf. there are

sut   ➝   byti

sutener m.anim. pimp

suteren m. basement

sutruditi v.intr. ipf. collaborate

sutrudničsky adj. collaborative

sutrudničstvo n. collaboration

suvati ipf. thrust, shove

suvenir m. souvenir

suverenitet m. sovereignty

suverenny adj. sovereign

suvisly adj. coherent

suvladženje n. condominium

suzafon m. sousaphone

suznačny adj. synonymous

suzvězdje n. constellation

sužalost f. condolence

svabiti pf. lure

svahili m.indecl. Swahili

svariti pf. cook, boil (tr.); weld

svarjati ipf. weld

svat m.anim. matchmaker

svat- prefix marriage (relating to); inlaw

svatba f. marriage, wedding; po svatbě povezany affine

svatbeny adj. wedding; married; svatbena obručka wedding ring; svatbena zabava wedding party;  ~ konvoj wedding convoy;  ~ kostjum wedding-dress;  ~ oděv wedding-dress; svatbeni suprugi married couple

svatiti se v.refl. ipf. marry

Svazilend m. Swaziland

svěča f. candle

svečennik m.anim. priest

svečeny adj. sacred

svědčiti v.intr. ipf. testify

svědočstvo n. certificate, testimony

svědok m.anim. witness

svědomje n. conscience

svědomo adv. consciously

svědomost f. consciousness, awareness

svědomy adj. conscious

svekr m.anim. father-in-law (husband’s father)

svekr- prefix inlaw

svekrov f. mother-in-law (husband’s mother)

svěriti se v.refl. pf. confide

svěrjati se v.refl. ipf. confide

svěst f. conscience

svěstny adj. conscientious

svět m. world

Svět m. Earth

světilka f. lamp

světilnik m. lighthouse

svetišče n. sanctuary, shrine

svetiti ipf. hallow

světlny:  ~ god m. light-year; ~ rok light-year

světlo n. light;  ~ luny moonlight; ~ měseca moonlight

světlofor m. traffic light

světluška f. firefly

světly adj. luminous, bright

světoběžnik m.anim. globetrotter

svetočny adj. festive, holiday

světogled m. world view

svetogrdženje n. sacrilege

svetok m. feast, holiday

svetr m. sweater, pullover

světsky adj. worldly, secular; Světska trgova organizacija World Trade Organization; Světska zdravstvena organizacija World Health Organization

svety adj. saint, sacret, holy; ~ hranitelj saint patron

svez m./f. connection, link, relationship, bond; union, association; v ~i s in connection with

svezany adj. connected, related

svezati (sveže) pf. connect, link, bind, knot, rope, tie; ~ šnurom tie with rope

svezok m. knot, tie, binding; relationship, connection; bunch (keys); sheaf (papers)

svezyvati ipf. connect, link, bind, knot, rope, tie; ~ šnurom tie with rope

svěži adj. fresh

svila f. silk

svinec m. lead

svinja f. pig

svinovod m.anim. pig farmer

svinsky adj. piggish

svirěpost f. ferocity; atrocity, cruelty

svirěpy adj. fierce, ferocious, savage; atrocious, cruel, truculent

svist m. whistle (sound)

svistati v.intr. ipf. whistle

svistnuti v.intr. pf. whistle

svistok m. whistle

svitanje n. dawn

sviti (svije) pf. twine; twist; wind; wreathe; weave

svitok m. scroll, roll (of paper)

svoboda f. freedom, liberty

svobodno adv. freely

svobodnomyslitelj m.anim. freethinker

svobodnomysljny adj. liberal

svobodny adj. free; svobodna volja free will

svod m. code (laws); arch, vault

svodnik m.anim. procurer

svoj pron.poss. one’s own

svojak m.anim. brother-in-law

svojevlastny adj. wilful

svojevoljny adj. wilful

svojevrěmenno adv. timely, on time

svojevrěmennost f. timeliness

svojevrěmenny adj. timely, due

svojnost f. possession

svojsko adv. peculiarly

svojsky adj. peculiar

svojstvo n. characteristic, property; peculiarity

svorenj m. bolt

svratno adv. reverse

svratny adj. reverse; reflexive

svrběti (svrbi) ipf. itch; svrbeči itchy, itching

svrček m.anim. cricket

svrdlo n. drill

svrgati ipf. overthrow, depose

svrgnuti pf. overthrow, depose

svrh- prefix super

svrhny adj. super

svrhu adv. from above, from the top

syn m.anim. son

sypati ipf. pour (dry substance), strew

syr m. cheese

syrovy adj. cheese

sytiti ipf. satiate, saturate

syty adj. replete, satiated

szadu adv. from behind

šablon m. template

šafa f. cupboard, closet

šafran m. saffron

šah: ~ i mat m. checkmate

šahovnica f. chessboard

šahy chess

šal m. shawl

šal, šalik m. scarf

šalěti v.intr. ipf. go crazy, go mad, run amuck; lose one’s senses

šampansko (šampanskogo) n. champagne

šampion m.anim. champion

šampionat m. championship

šampon m. shampoo

šans m. chance

šantaž m. blackmail

šantažovati ipf. blackmail

šapka f. hat, cap

šarlatan m.anim. charlatan

šarlatanstvo n. charlatanism

šarm m. charm

šator m. tent

ščediti ipf. save, spare

ščedro adv. bountifully, generously, munificently

ščedrost f. bounty, generosity, munificence

ščedry adj. bountiful, generous, munificent

ščekotati (ščekoče) ipf. tickle

ščene n. puppy

ščeniti se v.refl. ipf. have puppies

ščestje n. happiness, fortune, luck; na ~ fortunately, by luck, luckily

ščestlivo adv. happily, fortunately

ščestlivy adj. happy, fortunate

ščestno adv. happily, luckily

ščestnost f. happiness, luckiness

ščestny adj. lucky, happy; Ščestnogo dnja rodženja! Happy Birthday!; Ščestnogo Novogo Goda! Happy New Year!; Ščestnogo Velikdnja! Happy Easter!; Ščestnyh svetkov! Happy Holidays!

ščetina f. bristle, stubble

ščetka f. brush

ščigol (ščigla) m.anim. goldfinch

ščipati (ščipe) ipf. pinch

ščipnuti pf. pinch

ščit m. shield

ščititi ipf. shield

ščitny: ščitna žlěza f. thyroid

ščrba f. chip, fragment

ščur m.anim. rat

šef m.anim. boss, chief; ~ policije chief of police

šel   ➝   idti

šelf: kontinentalny ~ m. continental shelf

šepot m. whisper

šeptati (šepče) pf. whisper

šeršenj m.anim. hornet

šest num.card. six

šestdeset num.card. sixty

šestdesety num.ord. sixtieth

šesteraky num.diff. six kinds of

šesterčeta sextuplets

šesterka num.subst. group of six

šesterny num.mult. sextuple, sixfold

šestero num.coll. sixsome

šestikutnik m. hexagon

šestina num.fract. one sixth

šestinožka f. insect

šestivugolnik m. hexagon

šestka num.subst. six

šestnadset num.card. sixteen

šestnadsety num.ord. sixteenth

šestsot, šeststo num.card. six hundred

šesty num.ord. sixth

šev m. stitch

šifrovanje n. encryption

šifrovany adj. encrypted

šifrovati ipf. encode; encrypt

šija f. neck

šikarny adj. chic

šimpanz m.anim. chimpanzee

šina f. splint

šipka f. rose-hip

širina f. width, latitude

širiti ipf. widen, expand, spread

široko adv. widely

širokost f. width

široky adj. wide

širši adj. broader, wider

šiti (šije) ipf. sew, stitch

šizofreničny adj. schizophrene

šizofrenija f. schizophreny

škaf m. cupboard, closet

škala, skala f. scale (between A and B)

škarpetka f. sock

škoda f. damage

škoditi v.intr. ipf. damage, harm

škodlivy adj. harmful

škodnik m.anim. pest (insect)

škola f. school

školiti ipf. educate

školnik m.anim. pupil

školny adj. school; školna tabla blackboard

Škot m.anim. Scot

Škotka f. Scot

Škotska f. Scotland

škotsky adj. Scottish

škripanje n. scratch

škripěti v.intr. ipf. scratch, creak, squeak

šl-   ➝   idti

šlěm m. helmet

šlepati ipf. slap

šlepnuti pf. slap

šlifovati ipf. grind, polish

šljahetnost f. nobility

šljahetny adj. noble, aristocratic

šljahta f. nobility, aristocracy

šljahtič m.anim. nobleman, aristocrat

šljahtička f. noblewoman, aristocrat

šlupa f. peel

šminka f. lipstick

šnur m. rope

šnurka f. twine

šofer m.anim. driver; ~sko dozvoljenje driving license, driver’s license

šok m. shock

šokovany adj. shocked

šokovati ipf. shock

šokujuči adj. shocking

šolk m. silk

šovinist m.anim. chauvinist

šovinističny adj. chauvinistic

šovinizm m. chauvinism

špala f. sleeper, railroad tie

špinat m. spinach

špion m.anim. spy

špionaž m. espionage

šruba f. screw

štanga f. bar, rod

štat m. state

što   ➝   čto

što-   ➝   čto-

štopiti pf. darn, stop

štopovati ipf. darn, stop

štučny adj. artificial

šuba f. fur coat

šum m. noise

šumny adj. noisy

šunka f. ham

Švecija f. Sweden

švedsky adj. Swedish

Švejcarija f. Switzerland

švejcarsky adj. Swiss

ta   ➝   toj

tabak m. tobacco

tabela f. table (data), spreadsheet

tabletka f. tablet, pill

tabor m. camp

tabu m.indecl. taboo

tadžičsky, tadžiksky adj. Tajik

Tadžikistan m. Tajikistan

tajati ipf. melt, thaw, unfreeze

tajemny adj. mysterious

tajenje n. concealment, suppression

tajenstveny adj. mysterious

tajenstvo n. mystery

tajfun m. typhoon

tajiti ipf. suppress, conceal

Tajland m. Thailand

tajna f. secret

tajnica f. secretary

tajnik m.anim. secretary

tajnišče n. secret place

tajnopis m. cryptography

tajnopisec m.anim. cryptographer

tajnost f. secrecy

tajny adj. secret; tajna služba secret service; tajna vojna secret war; ~ batalion secret battalion

tajsky adj. Thai

Tajvan m. Taiwan

tak, tako adv. so, thus, like that

tako:  ~ rěčeny adj. so-called;  ~ zvany so-called;  ~ mnogo that much;  ~ ... onako this way ... another way;  ~ kako as if;  ~ skoro kako as soon as;  ~ že so, so as, so that; ~ kazati so to speak

takovy adj. such kind of

takože adv. also, too, as well; a ~ as well as

taksi m.indecl. taxi

taksometr m. taximetre, taximeter

taksonomičny adj. taxonomic

taksonomija f. taxonomy

taktika f. tactics

takto adv. thus

taky adj. such, that kind of

talent m. talent

talija f. waist

talirka f. plate

talisman m. talisman

tam adv. there

tamburin m. tambourine

tamo adv. thither, to there

tamtoj (tamta, tamto) pron.dem. that, those

tancevati v.intr. ipf. dance

tanec m. dance

tank m. tank

Tanzanija f. Tanzania

tarantula f. tarantula

tasma f. tape, band, ribbon

tata m.anim. dad

tatuaž m. tattoo

tatuovati ipf./pf. tattoo

te pron.dem. those

te pron.pers. you (, thee

teatr m. theatre, theater

teatralny adj. theatrical

tebe pron.pers. you (, thee

tečenje n. flow; leak; v tečenju during

tečno adv. fluently

tečnost f. fluency

tečny adj. fluent

tegati ipf. pull, draw

teglivy adj. viscous

tegnuti ipf. pull, draw

tehničny adj. technical

tehnik m.anim. technician

tehnika f. technics, technique

tehnologičny adj. technological

tehnologija f. technology

tekila f. tequila

Teksas m. Texas

tekst m. text

tekstilj m. textile

tekti v.intr. ipf. flow, leak

tektivo n. fluid

tekuči adj. flowing, fluid, liquid, leaking; current, ongoing

tekutina f. liquid, fluid

tele n. calf

telefon m. telephone, phone

telefonovati v.intr. ipf. telephone, phone

telegrama f. telegram

telekomunikacija f. telecommunication

teleskop m. telescope

tělesny adj. body

teletko n. calf

televiděnje n. television, TV

televizija f. television, TV; televizijny program television program

teliti se v.refl. ipf. calve

tělo (těla/tělese) n. body; ~ samoleta fuselage

tělohranitelj m.anim. bodyguard

tema f. theme

tematičny adj. thematic

tematika f. subject area, subject matter

temněti v.intr. ipf. get dark, darken

temnica f. dungeon

temnolavandovy adj. purple

temnost f. darkness

temnota f. darkness; ignorance

temny adj. dark

temperatura f. temperature

tendencija f. trend

tenis m. tennis

teniska f. T-shirt

těnj m./f. shadow

tenky adj. thin

tenor m.anim. tenor

teolog m.anim. theologist

teologija f. theology

teoretično adv. theoretically

teoretičny adj. theoretical

teorija f. theory

teplica f. greenhouse

teplo n. heat, warmth

teploměr m. thermometer

teplota f. temperature

teplovaty adj. lukewarm

teply adj. warm

terapevt m.anim. therapist

terapija f. therapy; ~ materskoj klětki stem cell therapy

terier m.anim. terrier

teritorialno adv. territorially

teritorialny adj. territorial

teritorija f. territory

termin m. term; ~ dostojenstva term of office

termit m.anim. termite

termodinamika f. thermodynamics

ternover m. turnover

teror m. terror

terorist m.anim. terrorist

terorističny adj. terrorist

terorizm m. terrorism

tesati (teše) ipf. hew

těsnina f. ravine, pass (mountain)

těsno adv. tightly, narrowly, closely

těsny adj. tight, narrow, close

test m. test

test m.anim. father-in-law (wife’s father)

testament m. testament (will)

těsto n. dough

těstokrug m. doughnut

testovati ipf. test

tešča f. mother-in-law (wife’s mother)

těšiti: ~ se iz v.refl. ipf. enjoy, take pleasure in

tetenka f. aunt (mother’s sister)

tetiva f. chord (mat.)

tetka f. aunt

teznitelj m.anim. prosecutor

težba f. complaint, lawsuit

težina f. weight; ~ sněga weight of snow

težko adv. difficultly; gravely, seriously (illness, crime), hard (work), arduously; heavily; severely (punishment)

težkost f. difficulty; heaviness

težky adj. difficult, hard (difficult), burdensome; grave, serious (illness, crime), hard (work), arduous; heavy, weighty; painful, distressing, trying; severe (punishment), tough

težnica f. complainant, plaintiff

težnik m.anim. complainant, plaintiff

thor m.anim. polecat

ti pron.pers. to you (sg.), to thee

tigr m.anim. tiger

tiho adv. quietly, silently

tihy adj. quiet, silent; Tihy okean Pacific Ocean

timpany timpani

tinejdžer m.anim. teenager

tinktura f. tincture

tip m. type, kind

tipično adv. typically

tipičnost f. typicality

tipičny adj. typical

tipka f. button; key

tipkati ipf. type

tipkovnica f. keyboard

tipografija f. typography

tipologičny adj. typological

tipologija f. typology

tir m. truck, lorry

tiran m.anim. tyrant

tiranija f. tyranny

tiskar m.anim. printer

tiskarstvo n. printing

tiskati ipf. squeeze, press

tisknuti ipf. squeeze, press

tišina f. silence

titan m. titanium

tjulenj m.anim. seal (animal)

tjurma f. prison, jail

tjutjun m. tobacco

tkanina f. cloth, fabric

tkanj f. tissue (anat.)

tkati ipf. weave

tknuti ipf. touch; stick, jab, poke; ~ se relate to, concern

tlěnje n. smouldering

tlěti v.intr. ipf. smoulder

tlo n. floor, ground; background

tma f. darkness

to   ➝   toj

toalet m. toilet; ~ny papir toilet paper

tobě pron.pers. to you (sg.), to thee

točiti ipf. turn (on a lathe); sharpen, grind, whet; tap, draw off, pour out; turn, rotate, spin; ~ se take place, happen, be in progress

točka f. point, dot, period (dot), full stop;  ~ s komoju semicolon;  ~ s zapetoju semicolon; ~ zrěnja point of view

točno adv. exactly, precisely, accurately, punctually

točnost f. precision, accuracy, punctuality

točny adj. exact, precise, accurate, punctual

tofi n.indecl. toffee

togda, togdy adv. then

toj (ta, to) pron.dem. this, that;  ~ … tam that ... there; ~ … tu this ... here

tojže (taže, tože) pron.dem. the same

tok m. course (of events); flow (river); current

tokar m.anim. turner, lathe operator

tokratno adv. this time, that time

tolerancija f. tolerance

tolerantny adj. tolerant

toliko adv. that much; only; ~ kako as much as, as many as

tolikrat adv. that many times, so many times

toliky adj. that big

toljko   ➝   toliko

tolkti v.intr. ipf. pound

tolmač m.anim. interpreter

tolmačenje n. translation

tolmačiti ipf. translate, interpret

tolpa f. crowd

tolstost f. fatness, obesity, corpulence

tolsty adj. fat, obese, corpulent; tolsto pismo boldface

tomat m. tomato

tomu adv. ago; therefore; ~ že because

ton m. tone

tona f. ton

tongue: jezykolomka f. tongue twister

tonky adj. thin

tonuti v.intr. ipf. drown; sink

topinambur m. Jerusalem artichoke

topišče n. melting point

topiti ipf. melt

topolja f. poplar

toptati v.intr. ipf. stamp (one’s feet), trample

torba f. bag, sack; ~ do spanja sleeping bag

torf m. peat, turf

tornado n. tornado

tors m. torso

tort m. cake, tart

totalitarizm m. totalitarianism

totalitarny adj. totalitarian

totalny adj. total

totožny adj. identical

tovar m. goods

tovariš m.anim. comrade

tovariška f. comrade

tovarna f. factory

tož adv. also, too

tradicija f. tradition

tradicijny adj. traditional

tradicionalist m.anim. traditionalist

tragedija f. tragedy

tragičny adj. tragic

trajati v.intr. ipf. continue, go on

trajny adj. durable, lasting, solid

Trakija f. Thrace

trakijsky adj. Thracian

traktat m. treatise

traktor m. tractor

tramvaj m. tram

transkripcija f. transcription

transliteracija f. transliteration

transliterovati ipf. transliterate

transparant m. banner

transplantacija f. transplant

transport m. transport, transportation

trasa f. route, itinerary

trata f. expenditure

tratiti ipf. waste, squander; spend, expend; lose; Ne trati vrěmene! Don’t waste time!

trava f. grass

travenj m. May

travimy adj. digestible

travjenje n. digestion

travma f. trauma

travmatizovati ipf./pf. traumatise, traumatize

travnik m. lawn

travojed m.anim. herbivore

travojedny adj. herbivorous

trbuh m. abdomen

trbušny adj. abdominal

trěba adv. it is needed, it is necessary, one should;  ~ by bylo it should be done; ne  ~ it is not necessary; Ne  ~ No need!; ~ priznati admittedly

trěbovanje n. requirement

trěbovati v.aux.ipf. must, have to

trefy clubs (cards)

trener m.anim. trainer, coach

trening m. training

treningovy adj. training

trenovati ipf. train, coach

trepetati v.intr. ipf. quiver

tresenje n. trembling

trěsk m. crack, snap, slam, bang, crash

tresti ipf. shake, quake, jolt; ~ se tremble, shiver, shudder

treti (tre) ipf. polish, rub

tretina num.fract. one third; dvě tretiny two thirds

tretje adv. thirdly

tretji num.ord. third

trevoga f. alert, anxiety, disquiet

trevožiti ipf. worry; ~ se worry, be worried

trevožny adj. anxious, disturbed, troubled

trězvěti v.intr. ipf. sober up

trězvy adj. sober

trg m. business; market

trgati ipf. pick, pluck; pull, tear, tug, jerk

trgnuti ipf. pick, pluck

trgnuti pf. pull, tear, tug, jerk

trgovanje n. trading, business, dealings

trgovati v.intr. ipf. trade, deal, merchandize, do business

trgovec m.anim. merchant, trader, monger

trgovišče n. market place

trgovja f. commerce, marketing

trgovnik m.anim. business person

trgovy adj. trade, commercial, business

tri num.card. three

trideset, trideseti num.card. thirty

tridesety num.ord. thirtieth

trik m. trick, jungle (trick)

trikratno adv. thrice, three times

trikutnik m. triangle

trikutny adj. triangular

trilětny adj. three-year-old

trimati ipf. keep, hold; ~ se nečego cling to something, hold onto something

trinadset num.card. thirteen

trinadsety num.ord. thirteenth

trista, tristo num.card. three hundred

triumfalny adj. triumphant; ~ luk triumphal arch

trivialny adj. trivial

trivugolnik m. triangle

trivyměrny adj. three-dimensional

trizubec m. trident

trn m. thorn

trofej m. trophy

troha f. a bit, a little

trohy, trohu adv. a bit, a little

Troja f. Troy

trojaky num.diff. three kinds of

trojansky: ~ konj m.anim. Trojan horse

trojce: ~ toliko adv. three times as much, thrice as much

trojčeta triplets

troje num.coll. threesome

trojka num.subst. three, threesome, group of three

trojny num.mult. triple, threefold

trojskok m. triple jump

trolejbus m. trolleybus

trolj m.anim. troll

trombon m. trombone

tron m. throne

tropičny adj. tropical; ~ ciklon tropical cyclone

trotuar m. sidewalk, trottoir

trpěti (trpi) v.intr. ipf. suffer; bear

trpimost f. tolerance

trpimy adj. tolerant

trplivost f. patience

trplivy adj. patient

truba f. pipe; trumpet; trubka poživjenja feeding tube

trubiti ipf. toot, trumpet

trubkozub m.anim. aardvark

truboprovod m. piping

trud m. labour, labor, work, toil, effort

truditi v.intr. ipf. work

trudnik m.anim. worker

trudnost f. difficulty

trudny adj. difficult

trudoljubivo adv. diligently

trudoljubivost f. diligence, industriousness

trudoljubivy adj. diligent, industrious

trudoljubje n. diligence, industriousness

trup m. dead body, corpse, cadaver

trutenj m.anim. drone

trvaly adj. durable, lasting, solid

trvanje n. duration

trvati v.intr. ipf. last, continue, endure, go on

tu adv. here; ~ i tam here and there

tuba f. tuba

tuberkuloza f. tuberculosis

tude adv. there

tudy adv. that way

tugy adj. tough, stout, robust, sturdy

tuk m. body fat

tulipan m. tulip

tulov m. torso, trunk

tunec m.anim. tuna

tunel m. tunnel

Tunizija f. Tunesia

tupěti v.intr. ipf. pall, grow dull, become blunt

tupy adj. dull, blunt

Turcija f. Turkey

turečsky adj. Turkish

turist m.anim. tourist

turističny adj. touristic

turizm m. tourism

Turkmenistan m. Turkmenistan

turkmensky adj. Turkmen

turkysovy adj. turquoise

turnir m. tournament

tuš m. ink

tut adv. here

tutčas adv. now

tutčasno adv. immediately, at once, right now

tutčasnost adv. immediacy

tutčasny adj. immediate; present, current

tutdenj adv. today

tutdenny adj. today’s

tutoj (tuta, tuto) pron.dem. this, these

tutovo drěvo n. mulberry (tree)

tuzemec m.anim. native

tužiti v.intr. ipf. grieve; ~ se exert oneself

tvarog m. quark (dairy product)

tvid m. tweed

tvoj pron.poss. your (sg.), thy

tvor m. creation, work

tvorba f. artwork

tvorčestvo n. creative work, creativity

tvorčji adj. creative

tvorec m.anim. creator

tvoritelj m.anim. creator

tvoriteljnik, tvoriteljny padež m. instrumental (case)

tvoriti ipf. create, form

tvorivo n. material, substance

tvorjenje n. creating

tvrděti v.intr. ipf. harden, petrify, become solid

tvrditi ipf. allege, state, affirm, assert, claim, contend; harden

tvrdnja f. claim

tvrdnuti v.intr. pf. harden

tvrdo adv. firmly

tvrdoglavy adj. stubborn, headstrong

tvrdost f. hardness

tvrdy adj. hard, firm

tvrdža f. citadel, fortress, fort, stronghold

tvrdženje n. statement, claim, assertion

ty (tebe/te, tobě/ti, toboju) pron.pers. you (sg.), thou

tyčkoskok m. pole vault

tydenj (tydnja) m. week

tydnjevo adv. weekly

tydnjevy adj. week; tydnjeva gazeta weekly; ~ žurnal weekly magazine

tykalo n. antenna, feeler

tykati (tyče) ipf. touch; stick, jab, poke; ~ se relate (to), concern

tykva f. pumpkin

tyl m. back

tym: ~ ne menje adv. nevertheless, nonetheless

tymijan m. thyme

tyseč num.card. thousand

tysečlětje n. millennium

tysečlětny adj. millennial

tysečny num.ord. thousandth

tysečročje n. millennium

u prep. (kogo/čego) at, at the place of

ubědimy adj. persuadable

uběditi pf. convince, persuade

ubědlivy adj. persuasive

ubědžajuči adj. convincing

ubědžati ipf. convince, persuade

ubědženje n. conviction, persuasion

ubědženost f. persuasion

ubědženy adj. convinced

uběgati v.intr. ipf. run away

uběgti v.intr. pf. run away

uběžišče n. refuge, sanctuary

ubijca m.anim. murderer, killer, assassin

ubijstvo n. murder, assassination

ubiti (ubije) pf. kill, assassinate

ubivati ipf. kill, assassinate

ubo conj. therefore

ubogy adj. miserable, wretched, shabby

ubrus m. tablecloth; serviette, napkin; towel

učarovany adj. spellbound

učarovati pf. cast a spell

učarovyvati ipf. cast a spell

učebnik m. textbook

učebny adj. instructional, educational, didactic

učenica f. schoolgirl, student

učeničsky adj. student

učenik m.anim. schoolboy, pupil, apprentice, disciple, student, school child

učenje n. learning, teaching

učeny (-ogo) m.anim. scholar

učestje n. participation

učestnica f. participant

učestničstvo n. participation

učestnik m.anim. participant

učestvovati v.intr. ipf. participate

učet m. account

učilišče n. school, learning centre, learning center

učinitelj m.anim. perpetrator

učiniti pf. do, perpetrate

učinok m. effect, impact

učitelj m.anim. teacher

učiti ipf. teach; ~ se learn, study

učtivy adj. polite, courteous, respectful

udača f. success, good luck

udačlivy adj. successful, lucky, fortunate

udačnik m.anim. lucky person, succesful person

udačno adv. successfully

udačny adj. successful

udaliti pf. enlarge the distance to; take away, remove

udaljati ipf. enlarge the distance to; take away, remove

udaljenje n. removal

udaljenost f. distance

udar m. kick, punch, strike, stroke

udariti pf. hit, kick, beat, strike, punch, stroke

udarjati ipf. hit, kick, beat, strike, punch, stroke

udarjenje n. emphasis, stress (pronunciation)

udati se (uda) v.refl. pf. succeed, be a success, be successful, turn out well

udav m.anim. boa

udavati se v.refl. ipf. succeed, be a success, be successful, turn out well

udaviti pf. strangle

uděl m. participation, portion

uděliti pf. grant, allot, devote, pay (attention)

uděljati ipf. grant, allot, devote, pay (attention)

udiviteljno adv. surprisingly, amazingly, remarkably

udiviteljny adj. surprising, amazing, remarkable

udiviti pf. surprise, amaze, astonish

udivjajuči adj. surprising, amazing

udivjati ipf. surprise, amaze, astonish

udivjenje n. surprise

udivjeny adj. surprised, amazed, astonished

udobno adv. easy, comfortably, conveniently

udobnost f. comfort, convenience

udobny adj. comfortable, convenient

udobstvo n. comfort, convenience

udoskonaliti pf. perfect

udržati pf. restrain, contain; ~ se od refrain from, abstain from

udrživati ipf. restrain, contain; ~ se od refrain from, abstain from

udušeny adj. suffocated

udušiti pf. strangle

udvojeny adj. doubled

udvojiti pf. double, redouble, duplicate, geminate

ugadati pf. guess

ugadyvanje n. guessing

ugadyvati ipf. guess

ugasnuti v.intr. pf. fade

ugašati v.intr. ipf. fade

ugledati ipf. catch sight of

ugleděti (ugledi) pf. catch sight of

uglubšati ipf. deepen

uglubšiti pf. deepen

ugodny adj. acceptable, agreeable, convenient, favourable

ugovor m. agreement, arrangement, convention

ugryzti pf. bite

uhadžati: ~ za (kym/čim) v.intr. ipf. court

uho (uha/ušese; pl. uši) n. ear

uho, uško [@] n. at sign [@]

uhoditi v.intr. ipf. go away

uhovrtka f. earwig

uj, ujec m.anim. uncle (maternal)

ujdti (ujde; ušel) v.intr. pf. go away

ujediniti pf. unify

ujedinjati ipf. unify

ujehati (ujede) v.intr. pf. go away

ujenka f. aunt (wife of mother’s brother)

ujeti (ujme) pf. reduce, decrease

uježdžati v.intr. ipf. go away

Ujgur m.anim. Uyghur

ujgursky adj. Uyghur

ujmati ipf. reduce, decrease

ukaz m. edict, decree

ukazanje n. indication

ukazatelj m. pointer, road sign, indicator

ukazateljny: ~ zaimennik m. demonstrative pronoun

ukazati (ukaže) pf. point out, show, indicate, demonstrate

ukazyvati ipf. point out, show, indicate, demonstrate

uklati (ukolje) pf. sting, prick

ukončeny adj. finished, completed

ukradženje n. stealing, theft

Ukrajina f. Ukraine

Ukrajinec m.anim. Ukrainian

ukrajinsky adj. Ukrainian

ukrasiti pf. decorate, adorn

ukrasti (ukrade) pf. steal

ukrašati ipf. decorate, adorn

ukrašenje n. decoration, adornment, ornament

ukrěpiti pf. strengthen, make stronger

ukrěpjati ipf. strengthen, make stronger

ukrotiti pf. tame

ukryti pf. conceal, hide

ukryty adj. concealed, hidden

ukryvanje n. concealment

ukryvatelj m.anim. concealer

ukryvati ipf. conceal, hide

ukusiti pf. bite

ulagadžati ipf. soften, placate

ulagoditi pf. soften, placate

ulažiti pf. invest

ulegšati ipf. facilitate, make easier

ulegšiti pf. facilitate, make easier

ulěpšati ipf. improve, enhance

ulěpšenje n. improvement

ulěpšiti pf. improve, enhance

ulětati v.intr. ipf. fly away

uletěti (uleti) v.intr. pf. fly away

ulica f. street; ulična lampa street lamp

ulja f. bee-hive

ulomok m. excerpt, fragment; fraction

ultrafioletovy adj. ultraviolet; ultrafioletovo světlo ultraviolet light

ulučati ipf. seize (opportunity)

ulučiti pf. seize (opportunity)

ulučšati ipf. enhance, improve

ulučšenje n. enhancement, improvement

ulučšiti pf. enhance, improve

um m. mind

umarjajuči adj. tiring, exhausting

umarjati ipf. exhaust, tire, fatigue, starve (tr.)

uměnje n. skill, know-how, capability

umenšati ipf. reduce, make smaller, small (make), abate

umenšiti pf. reduce, make smaller, small (make), abate

uměriti pf. moderate, temper

uměrjati ipf. moderate, temper

uměrjeny adj. moderate, temperate

uměstiti pf. place, locate

uměstno adv. appropriately, properly, apropos

uměstny adj. appropriate, relevant, apt, pertinent, proper, to the point, felicitous, in place

uměščati ipf. place, locate

uměščenje n. location

uměti v.aux.ipf. can, be able to, know how to

umětnica f. artist

umětničsko adv. artistically

umětničsky adj. artistic

umětnik m.anim. artist

umětnost f. art

umětny adj. artificial; umětna inteligencija artificial intelligence

umirati v.intr. ipf. die

umnik m.anim. intellectual

umno adv. intellectually

umnost f. intellectuality

umny adj. intellectual; intelligent; skilful, skillful

umoliti pf. beg, plead, beseech, implore

umoljati ipf. beg, plead, beseech, implore

umoriti pf. exhaust, tire, fatigue, starve (tr.); ~ se get tired

umorjenje n. exhaustion, tiredness

umorjenost f. exhaustion, tiredness

umorjeny adj. exhaused, tired

umožniti pf. enable, make possible

umožnjati ipf. enable, make possible

umrěly adj. deceased, late (deceased)

umreti (umre) v.intr. pf. die

umrtviti pf. kill, mortify (flesh)

umrtvjati ipf. kill, mortify (flesh)

umysl m. design; intention

umyslno adv. intentionally, deliberately

umyslny adj. intentional, deliberate

umyti pf. wash

umyvalnik m. sink (bathroom), washbowl, wash basin, wash stand

umyvati ipf. wash

unarodniti pf. nationalise, nationalize

unarodnjati ipf. nationalise, nationalize

unarodnjenje n. nationalisation, nationalization

unemožniti pf. prevent, make impossible

unemožnjati ipf. prevent, make impossible

uneviniti pf. acquit

unevinjati ipf. acquit

uniforma f. uniform

unija f. union

unikalnost f. uniqueness

unikalny adj. unique

Unikod m. Unicode

uniščenje n. destruction, annihilation

uniščiti pf. destroy, annihilate

universalny adj. universal

universitet m. university

uniziti pf. humiliate, humble

unižajuči adj. humiliating

unižati ipf. humiliate, humble

uniženje n. humiliation

unižnost f. humility

uosobjenje n. embodiment, personification, incarnation

upad m. fall

upadok m. decline, decay, decadence

upakovati pf. pack

upakovyvati ipf. pack

upasti (upade) v.intr. pf. fall, tumble

upekti pf. bake

uperiti pf. feather

upiti se (upije) v.refl. pf. get drunk

upity adj. drunken

upivati se v.refl. ipf. get drunk

upodabnjati ipf. liken, make similar, assimilate; ~ se become similar, blend in

upodobniti pf. liken, make similar, assimilate; ~ se become similar, blend in

upokarnjati ipf. humble

upokorniti pf. humble

upolnomočeny adj. plenipotentiary

upolnomočevati ipf. authorise, authorize, empower

upolnomočiti pf. authorise, authorize, empower

uporny adj. stubborn, obstinate

upotrěba f. usage, use; vtoroj upotrěby used, secondhand

upotrěbimy adj. useful

upotrěbitelj m.anim. user

upotrěbiti pf. use, employ

upotrěbjati ipf. use, employ

upotrěbjenje n. usage, use

uprava f. administration, management

upravitelj m.anim. administrator

upraviti pf. administer, rule, govern, manage, operate; adjust

upravjati ipf. administer, rule, govern, manage, operate; adjust

upravjenje n. administration, management

uprež f. harness (horse)

upyr m.anim. vampire

uragan m. hurricane

Ural m. Ural

uralsky adj. Uralic

uran m. uranium

Uran m. Uranus

uravenj (uravnja) m./f. level

uravniti pf. equalize, even, level, straighten

uravnjati ipf. equalize, even, level, straighten

uraza f. insult

uraziti pf. insult, offend

urazlivy adj. insulting, offensive

uražati ipf. insult, offend

uraženy adj. insulted, offended

ured m. office, bureau, agency

urediti pf. arrange, put in order, organise, organize

urednik m.anim. functionary, official

uredžati ipf. arrange, put in order, organise, organize

urěkati ipf. bewitch, cast a spell over

urěkti pf. bewitch, cast a spell over

urězati (urěže) pf. cut off, sever

urězyvati ipf. cut off, sever

urna f. urn

urod m. monster, freak

uroditi pf. bring forth (crops); give birth; ~ se be born

urodlivy adj. ugly, hideous, monstrous, deformed

urodžaj m. harvest

urodženje n. birth

urok m. charm, spell

Urugvaj m. Uruguay

urugvajsky adj. Uruguayan

urvati (urve) pf. snatch, pluck, cull

uryvati ipf. snatch, pluck, cull

usesti (usede) v.intr. pf. sit down

usiliti pf. reinforce, strengthen

usiljati ipf. reinforce

usilje n. effort

usiljenje n. reinforcement, strengthening

usilovati v.intr. ipf. strive, seek, aspire, endeavour, endeavor

uskoriti pf. accelerate

uskorjati ipf. accelerate

uslovje n. condition, circumstance, term, proviso, stipulation

uslovny adj. conditional, contingent

usložniti pf. complicate

usložnjati ipf. complicate

usluga f. service

uslyšati (uslyši) pf. hear

usměh m. smile

usměhati se v.refl. ipf. smile

usměhnuti se v.refl. pf. smile

usmrčati ipf. kill

usmrtiti pf. kill

usnuti (usne) v.intr. pf. fall asleep

usohnuti v.intr. pf. dry up

uspěh m. success; dlja ~a! good luck!

uspěhlivy adj. successful

uspěšnica f. successful person

uspěšnik m.anim. successful person

uspěšno adv. successfully

uspěšny adj. successful

uspěti v.intr. pf. succeed, manage (to do sth.), make it, be successful

uspěvati v.intr. ipf. succeed, manage (to do sth.), make it, be successful

uspokajati ipf. calm, appease, pacify, sooth, allay

uspokojenje n. appeasement

uspokojeny adj. appeased

uspokojiti pf. calm, appease, pacify, sooth, allay

usposabnjati ipf. enable

usposobniti pf. enable

uspravědliviti pf. justify

uspravědlivjenje n. justification

usrdny adj. diligent, zealous

usta mouth

ustaliti pf. fix, consolidate, stabilise, stabilize

ustaljati ipf. fix, consolidate, stabilise, stabilize

ustaljeny adj. fixed

ustalost f. tiredness

ustaly adj. tired

ustanavjati ipf. establish, ascertain, institute, set up

ustanovitelj m.anim. founder

ustanoviti pf. establish, ascertain, institute, set up

ustanovjeny adj. established, fixed

ustati v.intr. ipf. stop, cease

ustati v.intr. pf. get tired

ustav m. charter (of an organization), bylaws; constitution

ustavati v.intr. ipf. stop, cease; be tired, get tired

ustaviti pf. set

ustavjati ipf. set

ustavjenje n. setting

ustavny adj. constitutional

ustje n. river mouth

ustny adj. oral, verbal, spoken

ustrajati ipf. arrange; organise, organize

ustrica f. oyster

ustroj m. system

ustrojitelj m.anim. organiser, organizer

ustrojiti pf. arrange; organise, organize

ustrojstvo n. organisation, organization, system, construction, structure, mechanism, arrangement

ustupati ipf. resign, give up, submit (give up), succumb, surrender

ustupati (komu/čemu) ipf. cede, yield, give in, give way, defer

ustupiti v.intr. pf. resign, give up, submit (give up), succumb, surrender

ustupiti (komu/čemu) pf. cede, yield, give in, give way, defer

ustupjenje n. cession, resignation

ustupka f. concession

ustupny adj. yielding

usyhati v.intr. ipf. dry up

uši ears

utěkati v.intr. ipf. flow away, flow out, leak out; run away

utekti v.intr. pf. flow away, flow out, leak out; run away

utekučiniti pf. liquefy

utekučinjati ipf. liquefy

utělesniti pf. incarnate, embody

utělesnjati ipf. incarnate, embody

utes m. cliff

utěšati ipf. console, comfort

utěšenje n. consolation, comfort, solace

utěšiti pf. console, comfort

utežati ipf. complicate

utežiti pf. complicate

utirak m. cloth, wipe

utirati ipf. wipe

utišati ipf. silence, quiet down, hush

utišiti pf. silence, quiet down, hush

utočniti pf. specify, pinpoint, clarify, straighten out

utočnjati ipf. specify, pinpoint, clarify, straighten out

utočnjenje n. specification

utomljeny adj. tired, fatigued, weary

utonuti v.intr. pf. sink

utopičny adj. utopian

utopija f. utopia

utopist m.anim. utopian

utopizm m. utopianism

utračati ipf. lose;  ~ se get lost;  ~ udobnomožnost lose an opportunity;  ~ vrěme lose time;  ~ vse lose everything; ~ čas lose time

utračeny adj. lost, missing

utrata f. loss

utratiti pf. lose; ~ se get lost

utreti (utre) pf. wipe

utrišnji, utrišny adj. morning

utro n. morning

utrom adv. in the morning

utrpěti (utrpi) pf. suffer, endure

utrudniti pf. complicate

utrudnjati ipf. complicate

utvrditi pf. approve, allege

utvrdžati ipf. approve, allege

utvrdženje n. approval

uvadnjati ipf. hydrate

uvaga f. attention

uvaljnjati ipf. discharge, dismiss, fire (terminate employment); release, set free;  ~ se break free; ~ se od rid oneself of

uvažanje n. discretion, esteem

uvažati ipf. honour, pay respect, pay tribute, hold in esteem; consider

uvažiti pf. honour, pay respect, pay tribute

uvažny adj. reverent, solemn

uvědamjati ipf. inform, notify

uvedati v.intr. ipf. wilt, wither

uvednuti v.intr. pf. wilt, wither

uvědomiti pf. inform, notify

uvědomjenje n. information, notification

uvědomjeny adj. informed

uvěkověčiti pf. immortalise, immortalize

uveličati ipf. enlarge, magnify, amplify

uveličenje n. enlargement

uveličiti pf. enlarge, magnify, amplify

uvěriti pf. believe; assure, convince

uvěrjati ipf. assure, convince

uvěrjeno adv. indeed, surely

uvěrjenost f. assurance, confidence

uvěrjeny adj. sure, confident

uvertura f. overture

uviděti (uvidi) pf. see

uvodniti pf. hydrate

uvoljniti pf. discharge, dismiss, fire (terminate employment); release, set free;  ~ se break free; ~ se od rid oneself of

uvularny adj. uvular

uzbečsky, uzbeksky adj. Uzbek

Uzbek m.anim. Uzbek

Uzbekistan m. Uzbekistan

uzda f. bridle

uzdravitelj m.anim. healer

uzdraviti pf. heal

uzdravjati ipf. heal

uznanje n. recognition

uznati pf. recognise, recognize

uznavati ipf. recognise, recognize

uzrěti (uzri) pf. see, watch, behold, look

už, uže adv. already; už ne not anymore

užas m. terror, horror, dread

užasati ipf. terrify, horrify

užasneny adj. terrified, horrified

užasno adv. horribly, dreadfully

užasnuti pf. terrify, horrify

užasny adj. terrible, horrible, dreadful

užiti (užive) pf. use, enjoy

uživanje n. usage

uživati ipf. use, enjoy

v, vo prep. (kogo/čto) into; (kom/čem) in, within

vabik m. decoy

vabiti ipf. lure

vaflja f. wafer

vaga f. scales; weight; Vagy Libra

vagati se v.refl. ipf. hesitate

vagina f. vagina

vagon m. carriage, wagon

vagonetka f. trolley, cart

vakancija f. vacancy

vakantny adj. vacant

vakcina f. vaccine

vakuum m. vacuum

val m. rampart, bank; shaft (in machinery)

vala f. wave; dolžina valy wavelength

valec m. road-roller

valenky felt boots

valentnost f. valence

valeriana f. valerian

valerianka f. valerian tincture

valet m.anim. jack (cards)

valisty: ~ papugajek m.anim. budgerigar, budgie

valiti ipf. bring down, knock down

valjati ipf. drag; felt, roll; knead; ~ se lie about, loll about

valjcevati v.intr. ipf./pf. roll (with a road-roller)

valkirija f. valkyrie

vals m. waltz

valsovati v.intr. ipf. waltz

valtorna f. French horn

valtornist m.anim. horn player

valuta f. currency

vam pron.pers. to you (pl.)

vampir m.anim. vampire

vanadij m. vanadium

vandal m.anim. vandal

vandalizm m. vandalism

vanilin m. vanillin

vanilja f. vanilla

vanna f. bath

vanta f. shroud (ship)

vapno n. lime

variacija f. variation

variant m. variant

variete n.indecl. variety show

variovati v.intr. ipf./pf. vary

variti ipf. cook, boil (tr.), brew

Varjag m.anim. Varangian

varjenje n. digestion

varlivy adj. digestible

Varšava f. Warsaw

Varšava: Varšavsky Dogovor m. Warsaw Pact

varvar m.anim. barbarian

varvarizm m. barbarism

varvarsky adj. barbarous, barbaric

vas pron.pers. you (pl.)

vasal m.anim. vassal; ~na država vassal state

vaš pron.poss. your (pl.)

vat m. watt

vata f. cotton wool

vaterlinija f. water line

Vatikan m. Vatican

vavilonsky adj. Babylonian

vaza f. vase

vazektomija f. vasectomy

vazelin m. vaseline

važenje n. weighing

važiti ipf. weigh, balance

važka f. dragonfly

važno adv. importantly

važnost f. importance; iměti ~ matter

važny adj. important

včasno adv. timely, on time

včasnost f. timeliness

včasny adj. timely, due

včera adv. yesterday

včerašnji, včerašny adj. yesterday’s

včleniti pf. enroll, recruit, incorporate

včlenjati ipf. enroll, recruit, incorporate

vdečno adv. thankfully, gratefully

vdečnost f. thankfulness, gratitude

vdečny adj. thankful, grateful

vděti: ~ nit v iglu pf. thread a needle

vděvati: ~ nit v iglu ipf. thread a needle

vdohnuti pf. breathe in

vdol adv. down, downwards, underneath

vdova f. widow

vdovec m.anim. widower

vdyhati ipf. breathe in

vebmaster m.anim. webmaster

veb-sajt, vebsajt m. website

veb-stranica f. webpage

věč f. thing, matter

veče adv. more

věče meeting, gathering; ~ ili menje more or less

večer m. evening

večerja f. dinner, supper

večerjati v.intr. ipf. eat dinner, eat supper

večerny adj. evening

večerom adv. in the evening

večinstvo n. majority

věčno adv. forever, eternally

věčnost f. perpetuity

věčny adj. perpetual, eternal

večši adj. bigger, greater, larger

věda f. knowledge

věděnje n. knowing

věděti (vě) ipf. know

vedly adj. withered, faded, flabby, flaccid, limp, sluggish

vědma f. witch, hag

vědmak m.anim. witch (male), warlock

vednenje n. wilting, withering

vedneny adj. wilted, withered

vědnost f. knowledge

vednuti v.intr. ipf. wilt, wither

vědomost f. information

vědomy adj. known

vědro n. bucket, pail

vegetacija f. vegatation

vegetarianec m.anim. vegetarian

vegetarianka f. vegetarian

vegetariansky adj. vegetarian

vegetativny adj. vegetative

vějati (věje) v.intr. ipf. blow (wind)

věk m. age; century

věko n. eyelid; lid

veksel m. promissory note

vektor m. vector

velarny adj. velar

velblud m.anim. camel

velebny adj. reverent, solemn; majestic

velen m. vellum

velěti ipf. order

veličejši adj. bigger

veličina f. size

veličje n. grandeur

veličstveny adj. majestic

veličstvo n. majesty

Velika Britanija f. Great Brittain

velikan m.anim. giant

Velikdenj (Velikdnja) m. Easter

velikodušno adv. generously

velikodušnost f. bounty, generosity

velikodušny adj. bountiful, generous, magnanimous

velikolěpny adj. magnificent

velikost f. greatness

velikosvetski adj. high-society

veliky adj. big, large, great, capital (letter); Velika Noč Easter;  ~ grad city;  ~ palec thumb; Veliky Petok Good Friday; ~ šlem grand slam

velje adv. a lot, much; very

veljryb m.anim. whale

velmi adv. very;  ~ rano very early, very early on; Velmi Važna Osoba VIP

velmoža m.anim. magnate, dignitary

velosiped m. bicycle, bike; jezditi na  ~u bicycle, bike; ležeči ~ recumbent bicycle

velosipedist m.anim. cyclist

Vels m. Wales

velssky adj. Welsh

velur m. velour

vely adj. grand

velžnost f. humidity

velžny adj. humid

vena f. vein

vendeta f. vendetta

věnec m. wreath, garland

Venera f. Venus

veneričny adj. veneric

Venezuela f. Venezuela

venezuelsky adj. Venezuelan

venozny adj. venous

ventilacija f. ventilation

ventilator m. ventilator, fan

ventilj m. valve

ventilovati ipf./pf. ventilate

vepr m.anim. wild pig

věra f. belief, faith, trust

veranda f. veranda

verbalny adj. verbal

verbena f. verbena, vervain

verbovati ipf./pf. recruit, enlist

verdikt m. verdict

věreči (-ego) m.anim. believer

verf m. shipyard

verifikacija f. verification

verifikovajemy adj. verifiable

verifikovati ipf. verify

veriga f. chain; verigy chains, fetters

věritelj m.anim. creditor

věriti ipf. believe

vermišelj f. vermicelli

vermut m. vermouth

věrnik m.anim. believer

vernisaž m. vernissage

věrny adj. faithful; true, genuine

věrodostojnost f. credibility, reliability, trustworthiness

věrodostojny adj. credible, reliable, trustworthy, plausible

věrogodnost f. credibility, reliability, trustworthiness

věrogodny adj. credible, reliable, trustworthy, plausible

věrojetno adv. probably

věrojetnost f. probability

věrojetny adj. probable, likely, plausible

věrolomnik m.anim. traitor

věrolomnost f. perfidity, disloyalty

věrolomny adj. perfidious, disloyal, deceitful, insiduous

věrozakon m. religion

věrozakonny adj. religious

versija, verzija f. version

versta f. verst

verš m. verse

vertikalny adj. vertical

ves (vsi) f. village

ves (vsa, vse) pron.indef. all, entire

vesde adv. everywhere

veseliti ipf. liven up; ~ se enjoy, have fun

veseljanje n. entertainment

veselje n. cheering, merriment, fun, gaiety

veselost f. enjoyment, joy

vesely adj. joyful, cheerful, fun, merry; Veselogo Rodženja! Merry Christmas!; Veselyh Svetkov! Merry Christmas!

věsiti ipf. hang (tr.)

veslo n. oar, paddle

vesna f. spring, springtime

věst f. news

věsti news

vesti (vede) ipf. lead

vestibulj m. vestibule

věstnik m. journal, bulletin

věstnik m.anim. news anchor; herald, messenger

věšalka f. hanger, rack, towel rack

věšati ipf. hang (tr.)

veteran m.anim. veteran

veterinar m.anim. veterinarian, vet

veterinarny adj. veterinary

vethy adj. dilapidated, decrepit, shabby, worn-out

větka f. branch

veto n. veto

větr m. wind

větrak m. fan

větrec m. breeze

větrik m. breeze

větrilo n. sail

větriti ipf. air, ventilate

větrnica f. windmill

větrnoplatnica f. sailboat

větrny adj. windy;  ~ mlyn windmill; větrno platno sail

větva f. branch, twig

veverica f. squirrel

vez m. elm

vezalo n. binding, rope, tie, cord

vezati (veže) ipf. bind, connect, tie; ~ šnurom tie with rope

vezenj m.anim. prisoner

vezenje n. prison, jail

vezir m.anim. vizier

vezka f. binding, knot, tie

veznuti v.intr. ipf. get stuck, get caught

vezti ipf. transport, carry (by vehicle); ~ se drive (e.g. by car)

věža f. tower; castle (chess), rook (chess)

vgledati se v.refl. ipf. peer, gaze, stare, look carefully

vgleděti se (vgledi) v.refl. pf. peer, gaze, stare, look carefully

vgoru adv. up, upwards

vhod m. entrance

vhoditi v.intr. ipf. enter

vhodny: vhodna karta f. boarding ticket, boarding pass

vhodženje n. entering, boarding

viadukt m. viaduct

vibracija f. vibration

vibrafon m. vibraphone

vibrator m. vibrator

vibrovati v.intr. ipf./pf. vibrate

vid m. aspect (gram.); look, vision; species; eyesight

viděnje n. vision (supernatural experience)

viděny adj. seen

video n. video

viděti (vidi) v.aux.ipf. see; do viděnja! see you!, goodbye!, bye!

vidimo adv. visibly

vidimy adj. visible

vidnokrug m. horizon

vidny adj. prominent, eminent, distinguished

Viena f. Vienna

Vietnam m. Vietnam

vietnamsky adj. Vietnamese

vigvam m. wigwam

vihor (vihra) m. eddy; whirlwind; stormwind

vika f. vetch

vikarij m.anim. vicar

vikend m. weekend

vikendovy adj. weekend

viki f.indecl. wiki

viking m.anim. viking

Vikipedija f. Wikipedia

vikont m.anim. viscount

vikontesa f. viscountess

vikunja f. vicuna

vila f. villa

vilica f. fork

vily pitchfork

vina f. guilt

vinegret m. vinaigrette

viniteljnik, viniteljny padež m. accusative

viniti: ~ za ipf. accuse of, blame for

vinjetka f. vignette

vinnik m.anim. guilty

vinnost f. culpability, guiltiness

vinny adj. guilty

vino n. wine

vinobranje n. vintage

vinograd, vinogradnik m. vineyard

vinogradny adj. vinicultural

vinogradstvo n. viniculture

vinovaty adj. guilty

vinovnik m.anim. perpetrator

vint m. screw

vintovka f. rifle, gun

viola f. viola

violina f. violin

violinist m.anim. violinist

violončelist m.anim. violoncellist

violončelo n. violoncello

viraž m. bend

Virdžinija f. Virginia

virolog m.anim. virologist

virologija f. virology

virtualny adj. virtual

virtuoz m.anim. virtuoso

virus m. virus

visělica f. gallows

visěti (visi) v.intr. ipf. hang (intr.); viseči zamok padlock

viski m./f. whisky, whiskey

viskoza f. viscose

Visla f. Vistula

visokosny: ~ god m. leap year

vist m. whist

višnja f. cherry (sour)

višnjevy adj. cherry

Vitaj! intj. Welcome!

Vitajte! intj. Welcome!

vitalist m.anim. vitalist

vitalističny adj. vitalist

vitalizm m. vitalism

vitamin m. vitamin

vitanje n. welcome

vitati ipf. welcome

vitez m.anim. knight, Slavic warrior, hero

vitezstvo n. victory

viti (vije) ipf. twine; twist; wind; wreathe; weave;  ~ se wriggle, curl; ~ gnězdo build a nest

Vitlejem m. Betlehem

vitraž m. stained glass

vitrina f. shop window, display case

vivisekcija f. vivisection

viza f. visa; tranzitna ~ transit visa

vizavi prep. (kogo/čego) vis-à-vis

vizažist m.anim. make-up artist

vizažistka f. make-up artist

vizija f. vision

vizita f. visit

vizualny adj. visual

vjehati (vjede) v.intr. pf. enter, drive in

vježdžati v.intr. ipf. enter, drive in

vklad m. contribution, investment

vkladati ipf. contribute, put in, insert, invest

vključajuči prep. (kogo/čto) including

vključati ipf. switch on, turn on; include, incorporate, involve

vključenje n. inclusion

vključiteljny adj. inclusive

vključiti pf. turn on; include, incorporate, involve

vključno adv. including

vkupě adv. together

vkus m. taste, palate (taste), flavour, flavor

vkusiti pf. taste

vkusny adj. tasty

vkušati ipf. taste

vlačiti ipf. harrow (field); drag

vlada f. government, reign; rule, sway

vladar m.anim. ruler

vladarka f. ruler

vladati, vladěti (kym/čim) v.intr. ipf. govern, control, manage, be in control of; own, possess; reign, rule; wield, master, be skillful at, be able to use; be proficient in; dominate, be prevalent; prevail; be master of, be in possession of

vladec m.anim. ruler, sovereign

vladny adj. governmental

vladyka m.anim. Orthodox bishop

vlaga f. moisture

vlaganje n. investment

vlagatelj m.anim. investor

vlagati ipf. contribute, put in, insert, invest

vlak m. train

vlakno n. texture, fibre, fiber

vlamyvatelj m.anim. burglar

vlamyvati se v.refl. ipf. break in, burgle, hack (into)

vlas m. hair

vlasaty adj. hairy, hirsute

vlast f. authority; power, rule, sway

vlastnica f. owner

vlastničstvo n. property (something owned); ownership

vlastnik m.anim. owner, possessor; lord

vlastniti ipf. own, possess

vlastnost f. possession

vlastny adj. own; proper; vlastno ime proper name

vlažiti pf. moisten, moisturise, moisturize

vlažnost f. dampness, humidity, moistness

vlažny adj. damp, humid, moist

vlěkti ipf. draw, drag

vlěvo adv. to the left

vlězti v.intr. pf. climb

vliv m. influence

vlivati v.intr. ipf. influence

vlivny adj. influential

vlomiti se v.refl. pf. break in, burgle, hack (into)

vlomjenje n. burglary, break-in

vložiti pf. contribute, put in, insert, invest

vměsati pf. involve (somebody in a project), mix into; vměšati se interfere, intervene

vměsivati ipf. involve (somebody in a project), mix into; vměšivati se interfere, intervene

vměstiti pf. accommodate (hotel)

vměsto prep. (kogo/čego) instead of

vměstu adv. together

vměšanje n. intervention, interference

vměščati ipf. accommodate (hotel)

vně adv. outside

vně prep. (kogo/čego) outside of

vnesti pf. bring in

vněšnji, vněšny adj. external

vnězemny adj. extraterrestrial

vnikati v.intr. ipf. arise, emerge

vniknuti v.intr. pf. arise, emerge

vnimanje n. attention

vniz adv. down

vnositi ipf. bring in

vnuče n. grandchild

vnučka f. granddaughter

vnuk m.anim. grandson

vnutri adv. inside

vnutri prep. (kogo/čego) inside, within

vnutrišnji, vnutrišny adj. internal, interior, domestic, inner

vnutrnost f. internal; ~i intestines, bowels

vnutrny adj. internal, interior, domestic, inner; vnutrna valuta domestic currency;  ~ produkt domestic product; ~ spor domestic altercation

voda f. water

vodevilj m. vaudeville

vodič m. conductor (phys.)

voditelj m.anim. leader

voditeljsky: voditeljska doska f. leaderboard

voditeljstvo n. leadership; pod ~m under the command of, under the leadership of

voditi ipf. lead; ~ k lead to

vodka f. vodka

vodle prep. (kogo/čego) beside, near

vodny:  ~ znak m. watermark; vodno polo water polo

vodobojaznj f. hydrophobia

vododěl m. watershed

vodojem m. reservoir

Vodolěj m.anim. Aquarius

vodoodporny adj. waterproof

vodopad m. waterfall

vodopoj m. watering place, water trough

vodorast f. alga

vodoravny adj. horizontal

vodorod m. hydrogen

vodoskok m. fountain

vodotok m. water stream

vodovod m. water supply, conduit, aqueduct

vodozemny adj. amphibious

vodstvo n. leadership; pod ~m under the command of, under the leadership of

vodž m.anim. leader, chieftain

vodža f. rein

vodženje n. behaviour, behavior

vojdti (vojde; všel) v.intr. pf. enter

vojenny adj. military; war; vojenna aviacija airforce; vojenne igry war games; vojenno-morske sily navy; vojenno-vozdušne sily airforce; ~ stan martial law

vojevati v.intr. ipf. fight, combat

vojevničji adj. militant

vojevnik m.anim. fighter, warrior

vojevoda m.anim. voivode

vojin m.anim. soldier, warrior

vojinsky adj. martial

vojna f. war; ~ ljudij people’s war

vojsko n. army, force (army)

vokabula f. vocable

vokalist m.anim. vocalist

vokaliza f. vocalise

vokalny adj. vocal

vokativ m. vocative

vokrug adv. around

vol m.anim. ox

volan m. shuttlecock

volapuk m. Volapük

volčji: volčje lyko n. mezereum

volejbol m. volleyball

volěti (voli) ipf. prefer, like better

volfram m. tungsten

volga f. oriole

Volga f. Volga

volgkost f. dampness, humidity, moistness

volgky adj. damp, humid, moist

volgnuti v.intr. ipf. get humid, get damp

volgota f. moisture

voliera f. aviary

volja f. will; dobra ~ good will

voljny adj. free;  ~ čas leisure, spare time; voljno vrěme leisure, spare time

volk m.anim. wolf

volkodav m.anim. wolfhound

volkolak m.anim. werewolf

volna f. wool; wave; dolžina volny wavelength

volnisty: ~ papugajek m.anim. budgerigar, budgie

volt m. volt

voltmetr m. voltmeter

voluntarist m.anim. voluntarist

voluntarizm m.anim. voluntarism

von adv. out, away

vonj f. smell; stench, odour, odor, fetor

vonjati v.intr. ipf. smell; stink, reek

voobče adv. in general, generally

voobražati sobě ipf. imagine, envision

voobraženje n. imagination

vooruženy adj. armed

vooružiti pf. arm

vophati pf. push in, squeeze in

vopločati ipf. incarnate, embody

voplotiti pf. incarnate, embody

vopros m. question

voprosnik m. questionnaire

vosk m. wax

voš (vši) f. louse

voščiti ipf. wax

vot intj. behold, look!, there!, that is

voz m. car; vehicle

vozbity: vozbita smetana f. whipped cream; vozbito těsto batter

vozbogačati ipf. enrich

vozbogatiti pf. enrich

vozbraniti pf. forbid

vozbranjati ipf. forbid

vozbranjeny adj. forbidden

vozbudimy adj. excitable

vozbuditi pf. excite, stimulate, stir up

vozbudlivo adv. excitedly

vozbudlivy adj. excited; exciting

vozbudžati ipf. excite, stimulate, stir up

vozbudženje n. excitement, stimulation

vozbudženy adj. excited

vozdati: ~ čest (vozda) pf. pay honour, pay honor

vozdavati: ~ čest ipf. pay honour, pay honor

vozdohnuti v.intr. pf. sigh

vozdolž prep. (kogo/čego) along, alongside

vozdržati se v.refl. pf. refrain

vozdrživati se v.refl. ipf. refrain

vozduh m. air

vozduholod f. dirigible, airship

vozduhonosimy adj. airborne; vozduhonosima hvoroba airborne disease; vozduhonosima infekcja airborne infection;  ~ bolez airborne disease; vozduhonosimo zabolevanje airborne disease

vozduhoplavstvo n. aeronautics

vozdušny adj. air, airborne; vozdušna divizija airborne division; ~ prostor airspace

vozdvigati ipf. uplift, raise

vozdvignuti pf. uplift, raise

vozdyh m. moan

vozdyhati v.intr. ipf. sigh

vozgled m. look, glance, view

vozhod m. east; Blizky Vozhod Middle East; Daleky Vozhod Far East; Srědnji Vozhod Middle East; ~ solnca sunrise

vozhoditi v.intr. ipf. go uphill

vozhodno adv. eastwards

vozhodnoevropejsky adj. Eastern European

vozhodnoslovjansky adj. East Slavic

vozhodny adj. eastern, east; Vozhodna Evropa Eastern Europe

vozidti (vozide; vozšel) v.intr. pf. go uphill

vozilo n. vehicle

vozimati ipf. lift, raise

vozišče n. car park

voziti ipf. carry (by vehicle), transport; ~ se drive (e.g. by car)

vozjeti (vozojme) pf. lift, raise

vozklicalnik m. exclamation mark

vozklicalny adj. exclamatory; ~ znak exclamation mark

vozklicanje n. exclamation

vozklicati ipf. exclaim

vozklik m. exclamation, cry, outcry

vozkliknuti pf. exclaim

vozkresati v.intr. ipf. be resurrected, rise from the dead

vozkresiti pf. resurrect, raise from the dead

vozkresnuti v.intr. pf. be resurrected, rise from the dead

vozkrešati ipf. resurrect, raise from the dead

vozkypyvati v.intr. ipf. boil up

vozlětati v.intr. ipf. fly up

vozletěti (vozleti) v.intr. pf. fly up

vozm-   ➝   vzeti

Voznesenje n. Ascension

voznesti pf. raise

voznikati v.intr. ipf. arise, emerge; originate

vozniknenje n. emergence

vozniknuti v.intr. pf. arise; emerge

voznositi ipf. raise

vozny adj. car

vozok m. cart, trolley

vozpametati ipf. recall

vozpitanje n. upbringing, raising, rearing

vozpitati pf. bring up, nurture, raise, rear

vozpominati ipf. commemorate, recollect

vozpomněnje n. recollection

vozpomněti (vozpomni) pf. commemorate, recall, recollect

vozprijetje n. perception

vozrast m. age; height, stature

vozrastati v.intr. ipf. become an adult

vozrasti (vozraste) v.intr. pf. become an adult

vozrastka f. adult, grown-up

vozrastla (vozrastloj) f. adult, grown-up

vozrastlost f. adulthood, maturity

vozrastly adj. adult, grown-up

vozrastly (-ogo) m.anim. adult, grown-up

vozrastok m.anim. adult, grown-up

vozroditi pf. resurrect

vozrodženje n. rebirth; renaissance; resurrection

vozsiliti pf. amplify (sound)

vozsilovač m. amplifier

vozsilovati ipf. amplify (sound)

vozskakati v.intr. ipf. jump up

vozskočiti v.intr. pf. jump up

vozstanje n. uprising, rebellion

voztresati ipf. shake up

voztresti pf. shake up

vozveličati pf. extol, glorify

vozveličivati ipf. extol, glorify

vozvesti (vozvede) pf. lift

vozvod m. platoon

vozvoditi ipf. lift

vozvračati ipf. return (give back), give back

vozvračenje n. refund, reimbursement, return

vozvratiti pf. return (give back), give back

vozvratny adj. relapsing, recurrent

vozvršati ipf. perfect

vozvršenje n. perfecting

vozvršiti pf. perfect

vozvysiti pf. raise, elevate; extol, exalt

vozvyšati ipf. raise, elevate; extol, exalt

vozvyšenje n. elevation

vozvyšenost f. elevation, hill

vozvyšeny adj. elevated, lofty, sublime

vozzvanje n. appeal, proclamation

vpad m. invasion, raid

vpadati v.intr. ipf. invade, raid

vpaly adj. hollow (e.g. cheeks)

vpasti (vpade) v.intr. pf. invade, raid

vpečetlivy adj. impressive

vpečetljenje n. impression

vpihati ipf. push in, squeeze in

vpis m. record, entry, registration

vpisati (vpiše) pf. enter (data)

vpisyvati ipf. enter (data)

vpiti (vpije) pf. absorb

vpivanje n. absorption

vpivati ipf. absorb

vplesti (vplete) pf. weave into

vpletati ipf. weave into

vplyv m. influence

vplyvati v.intr. ipf. influence

vplyvny adj. influential

vplyvti v.intr. pf. influence

vpolno adv. completely

vpravo adv. to the right

vprěd adv. forward; idti ~ advance

vpregati ipf. harness

vpregti pf. harness

vprvo adv. for the first time

vrabec m.anim. sparrow

vračara f. fortune teller

vračati ipf. return (give back), give back;  ~ se go back, come back, return (intr.); ~ v otčinu repatriate

vračka f. fortune teller

vrag m.anim. foe

vran m.anim. raven

vrana f. crow

vrata f. gate; door

vratar m.anim. janitor; porter

vratič m. tansy

vratiti pf. return (give back), give back; undo;  ~ se go back, come back, return (intr.); ~ v otčinu repatriate

vratnik m.anim. doorman

vraženje n. impression

vražiti v.intr. ipf. tell fortunes

vražka f. fortune teller

vrba f. willow

vrčati v.intr. ipf. growl, grumble

vrěča f. bag, sack

vrěd m. ulcer

vrědny adj. harmful, nasty

vrěme n. tense; time; weather; v tom samom  ~nu at the same time;  ~ goda season;  ~ roka season; v ~nu during

vrěmenny adj. temporary

vrěs m. heather

vresenj m. September

vrěsk m. shriek, screech, squeal, yell

vrěščati v.intr. ipf. squeal, screech, squeak

vrěteno n. spindle

vrěti (vri) v.intr. ipf. boil (intr.)

vrgati ipf. throw

vrgnuti pf. throw

vrh m. top, peak, summit, apex, tip (extremity); na ~u upstairs

vrhnik m.anim. boss

vrhny adj. top, upper;  ~ načelnik top commander, commander-in-chief;  ~ voditelj top commander, commander-in-chief; ~ vodž top commander, commander-in-chief

vrhovje n. upper reaches

vrhovny adj. supreme

vrnuti pf. return (give back), give back; ~ se go back, come back, return (intr.)

vrodženy adj. innate, inborn, inherent

vrša f. fish-trap

vrštat m. workbench

vrtěti (vrti) v.intr. ipf. wag; whirl; drill, bore

vrtka f. propeller

vrtolet m. helicopter

vrubati pf. carve

vrubyvati ipf. carve

vručati ipf. deliver, hand over

vručiti pf. deliver, hand over

vrvka f. cord, string

vs-   ➝   ves

vsaditi pf. implant

vsadok m. implant

vsadžati ipf. implant

vsako adv. in every way

vsakodenno, vsakodnevno adv. daily

vsakodenny, vsakodnevny adj. daily

vsakogodišnje adv. annually

vsakogodišnji, vsakogodišny adj. annual

vsakoročno adv. annually

vsakoročny adj. annual

vsaky adj. every kind of; each, every

vsamo adv. to everywhere

vse pron.indef. all, everything;  ~ bolje more and more, increasingly;  ~ jedno all the same;  ~ lěpje better and better; ~ ravno all the same

vsečto pron.indef. everything

vsegda, vsegdy adv. always

vsěgo adv. in total

vsejed m.anim. omnivore

vsejedny adj. omnivorous

vsekako adv. in every way

vsekaky adj. every kind of

vsekde adv. everywhere

vsekratno adv. each time, every time

vsekto pron.indef. everybody, everyone

vseliko adv. every amount of

vseliky adj. any, of every size

vsemir m. universe

vsemoguči adj. almighty, omnipotent

vseprisučny adj. omnipresent, ubiquitous

vseslovjansky adj. Pan-Slavic, all-Slavic

vsestranny adj. versatile

vsesvět m. universe

vsesvětny adj. universal, worldwide

vsesvětovy adj. universal; Vsesvětova pavučina [VSP] World Wide Web, WWW

vsešto   ➝   vsečto

vsevěduči adj. omniscient

vseznajuči adj. omniscient

vsežerec m.anim. omnivore

vsežerny adj. omnivorous

vsi pron.indef. everybody, everyone

vskočiti v.intr. pf. jump up

vslěd prep. (kogo/čego) following, because of, as a result of, based on

vslědno adv. consecutively

vslědny adj. consecutive, following

vsosati pf. suck in

vsrěd adv. in the middle

vsrěd prep. (kogo/čego) amid, among

vstati v.intr. pf. stand up, get up, rise; revolt

vstavati v.intr. ipf. stand up, get up, rise; revolte

vstaviti pf. paste

vstavjati ipf. paste

vstavka f. insertion

vstupati v.intr. ipf. enter into, join up

vstupiti v.intr. pf. enter into, join up

vstupjenje n. entry

vsudy adv. every way

vš-   ➝   voš

vtegati ipf. involve, pull in, draw in, retract (claws)

vtegnuti pf. involve, pull in, draw in, retract (claws)

vtěljenje n. incarnation, embodiment

vtičnica f. socket (electricity), power plug

vtiskati ipf. imprint, push in

vtisknuti pf. imprint, push in

vtogda, vtogdy adv. then

vtornik m. Tuesday

vtorny adj. secondary

vtoro adv. secondly

vtorok m. Tuesday

vtory num.ord. second; Vtora Světova Vojna World War II

vtrgati v.intr. ipf. invade

vtrgnuti v.intr. pf. invade

vualj f. veil

vuglaty adj. angular

vuglerod m. carbon

vuglovodan m. carbohydrate

vugol (vugla) m. corner, angle

vugolj (vuglja) m. coal; drěvny ~ charcoal

vugoljny adj. coal

vugor m.anim. eel

Vugrec m.anim. Hungarian

Vugrija f. Hungary

vugrsky adj. Hungarian

vulgarizacija f. vulgarisation, vulgarization

vulgarizm m. vulgarism

vulgarnost f. vulgarity

vulgarny adj. vulgar

vulkan m. volcano

vulkaničny adj. volcanic

vulkanizacija f. vulcanisation, vulcanization

vulkanizovati ipf./pf. vulcanise, vulcanize

vusy moustache, whiskers

vutraba f. liver

vutraby intestines

vuzel (vuzla) m. knot; knot (nautical mile); bundle, junction (railroad etc.); limfatičny ~ lymph node

vuzkokolejka f. narrow gauge

vuzkokolejna draga f. narrow gauge

vuzky adj. narrow

vuž m.anim. grass-snake

vvedenje n. introduction

vvesti (vvede) pf. introduce, inaugurate

vvezti pf. bring in (by transport); import

vvod m. introduction, preface

vvoditi ipf. introduce, inaugurate

vvodny adj. introductory, prefatory

vvoz m. import

vvoziti ipf. bring in (by transport); import

vvrgati ipf. throw (in jail); plunge

vvrgnuti pf. throw (in jail); plunge

vvrh adv. up, upwards

vy- prefix out of

vy (vas, vam, vami) pron.pers. you (pl.)

vy-   ➝   iz-

vyboj m. pothole

vydra f. otter

vygoda f. comfort; benefit

vygodno adv. comfortable

vygodny adj. comfortable

vyjdti (vyjde; vyšel) v.intr. pf. exit, quit

vyjmati ipf. take out

vyme n. udder

vypad m. lunge

vypis m. excerpt, extract

vyrok m. sentence (law)

vyryti pf. dig, root, burrow

vysluženec m.anim. veteran

vysluženica f. veteran

vysmrkati se v.refl. pf. blow one’s nose

Vysočstvo n. Highness

vysoko adv. highly

vysokogorsky adj. alpine

vysokoparny adj. high-flown, pompous

vysokoskok m. high jump

vysoky adj. high, tall

vysota f. height

vysotoměr m. altimeter

vyspati se (vyspi) v.refl. pf. have a good sleep, sleep well

vysši adj. higher

vyše adv. higher, up, above; more;  ~ veliky bigger; ~ pozdno later

vyšina f. height

vyšnost f. superiority

vyšny adj. superior

vyti v.intr. ipf. howl, wail

vytrpěti (vytrpi) pf. retrain

vyvěska f. signboard

vyvlastniti pf. expropriate

vyvlastnjati ipf. expropriate

vyznavati ipf. confess (a religion), profess (a religion)

vyžerati ipf. eat away, corrode, erode

vyžrěti pf. eat away, corrode, erode

vzad adv. backwards, back; idti ~ back up

vzadny adj. backward; ~ sklon backslash

vzadu adv. behind

vzajemno adv. mutually

vzajemnost f. mutuality, reciprocity

vzajemny adj. mutual, reciprocal

vzajemodějanje n. interaction, interplay

vzajemodějati (vzajemoděje) v.intr. ipf. interact

vzajemodějstvo n. interaction, interplay

vzajemodějstvovati v.intr. ipf. interact

vzeti (vozme) pf. take

vzor m. model, pattern

vzorny adj. model, exemplary, ideal

vžiti se (vžive) v.refl. pf. get used (to), get accustomed (to), familiarize oneself with

vživati se v.refl. ipf. get used (to), get accustomed (to), familiarize oneself with

ykanje n. ykanye (making an audible difference between I and Y in Interslavic)

za prep. (kogo/čego) during, in times of; (kogo/čto) because of, due to; behind (direction); in exchange for, per; in favour of, in favor of; for; (kym/čim) behind, after;  ~ vsaku cěnu by all means; ~ živo during one’s lifetime; alive

zabava f. amusement, fun; party

zabavitelj m.anim. entertainer

zabaviti pf. amuse, entertain

zabavjati ipf. amuse, entertain

zabavjenje n. amusement, entertainment

zabavnik m.anim. entertainer

zabavny adj. funny

zabezpamečati ipf. forget

zabezpametiti pf. forget

zabijaka m.anim. bully

zabirati ipf. take away; zabiraj se! go away!, bugger off!, fuck off!, piss off!, get lost!, beat it!

zablokovati pf. block, obstruct

zabluda f. error, mistake, typo

zabluditi v.intr. pf. go astray, lose oneself, get lost

zabludny adj. mistaken, wrong, erroneous

zabludžati v.intr. ipf. go astray, lose oneself, get lost

zabobonnost f. superstition

zabobonny adj. superstitious

zabolěti (zaboli) v.intr. pf. become ill

zabolevanje n. disease

zabolevany adj. diseased

zabrana f. ban

zabraniti pf. forbid, ban

zabranjati ipf. forbid, ban

zabrati (zabere) pf. take away

zabyti (zabude) pf. forget

zabyvati ipf. forget

začarovany adj. bewitched

začarovati pf. bewitch, perform magic

začasny adj. temporary

začeti (začne) pf. begin (tr.), start (tr.), embark

začetje n. conception (beginning of pregnancy)

začetok m. beginning, start

začinati ipf. begin (tr.), start (tr.), embark

začrveniti se v.refl. pf. blush

začrvenjati se v.refl. ipf. blush

začto adv. why, for what

začtokoli adv. for any reason

začto-libo adv. for any reason

začto-nebud adv. for any reason; whyever

zad m. back

zadanje n. task, assignment, exercise

zadarmo adv. free-of-charge

zadati (zada) pf. inflict

zadavati ipf. inflict

zadnica f. ass, bottom, bum, buttocks

zadnik m.anim. asshole

zadnjepodnebny adj. post-palatal, velar

zadnjeprohodny adj. anal

zadnji, zadny adj. back, rear; zadnja strana backside; zadnji dvor backyard; zadnji prohod anus

zadovaljati ipf. satisfy, please

zadovoliti pf. satisfy, please

zadovoljeny adj. satisfied, pleased

zadovoljstvo n. satisfaction

zadrěmati v.intr. ipf. nod off

zadržati pf. hold back, check; arrest, detain; retain; delay

zadržati (drži) v.intr. pf. shudder, shiver, tremble;  ~ dyh hold one’s breath; ~ se brake, stop

zadrživati ipf. hold back, check; arrest, detain; retain; delay;  ~ dyh hold one’s breath; ~ se brake, stop

zadržnik m. brake

zaduha f. asthma

zadušny: zadušna mša f. requiem mass

zagadati pf. guess

zagadka f. puzzle, riddle, mystery; problem

zagadočny adj. puzzling, mysterious

zagadyvati ipf. guess

zagladiti pf. iron, smooth out

zagladžati pf. iron, smooth out

zaglavje n. title, heading, header

zagorěti v.intr. pf. blaze up, flame up

zagospodariti pf. gain authority over, begin to rule

zagovor m. conspiracy

zagovornik m.anim. conspirator

zagrabnik m.anim. invader

zagranica f. abroad

zagraničnik m.anim. foreigner

zagraničny adj. foreign

Zagreb m. Zagreb

zagrobny adj. gloomy, sepulchral, beyond the grave; zagrobno žitje afterlife

zagroziti pf. threaten

zahod: ~ solnca m. sunset

zahoditi v.intr. ipf. set (disappear behind the horizon)

zahvačajuči adj. delightful, ravishing, gorgeous, enchanting, marvellous

zahvačati ipf. capture

zahvat m. capture, rapture, takeover; delight; seizure, attack, fit

zahvatiti pf. capture

zahvorovati v.intr. ipf. become ill

zaime, zaimennik m. pronoun

zainteresovany adj. interested

zainteresovati pf. interest; ~ se take an interest, become interested

zaisto adv. really, indeed

zajavjenje n. application (formal request)

zajdti (zajde; zašel) v.intr. pf. set (disappear behind the horizon)

zajebancija f. clusterfuck

zajec m.anim. coward; hare

zaječlivo adv. cowardly

zaječlivost f. cowardice

zaječlivy adj. cowardly

zajedlivost f. acrimony

zajedno adv. together

zajem m. loan; davati  ~ lend; dati ~ lend

zajeti (zajme) pf. occupy; ~ se be concerned with, be occupied, be engaged

zajetje n. occupation, job

zajety adj. busy, occupied

zajezd m. stop, visit

zajikati se v.refl. ipf. stammer

zajmati ipf. occupy; ~ se be concerned with, be occupied, be engaged

zajmlivy adj. interesting

zajmodatelj m.anim. lender

zajmoprijmatelj m.anim. borrower

zakašljati v.intr. pf. cough

zakaz m. ban

zakazati (zakaže) pf. forbid, ban

zakaznik m.anim. customer

zakazyvati ipf. forbid, ban

zaklad m. basis; wager, bet

zakladati ipf. establish, set up; pawn, hock

zaklati (zakolje) pf. stab, thrust, slaughter

zakleti (zaklne) pf. charm, conjure, bewitch, incant

zaklety adj. enchanted; ~ vrag sworn enemy

zaklinanje n. incantation, spell

zaklinati ipf. charm, conjure, bewitch, incant

zakliniti pf. wedge

zaklinovati ipf. wedge

zaključati v.intr. ipf. conclude, infer; sign (agreement), conclude (agreement); close

zaključenje n. conclusion

zaključiljnja f. penitentiary, prison

zaključilnik m.anim. prisoner

zaključiti ipf. close

zaključiti v.intr. pf. conclude, infer; sign (agreement), conclude (agreement)

zakon m. law, statute

zakončenje n. ending

zakončiti pf. end, complete, finish

zakonny adj. justifiable, rightful

zakonodatelj m.anim. legislator

zakonodateljny adj. legislative

zakonodateljstvo n. legislation

zakonoměrny adj. law-governed, legitimate, rightful, naturally determined

zakopati pf. bury, entomb

zakopyvati ipf. bury, entomb

zakoreněly adj. rooted, deep-rooted, inveterate

zakoreniti se v.refl. pf. take root

zakrvavjeny adj. bloodstained

zakryti pf. conceal, cover up; shut

zakryvati ipf. conceal, cover up; shut

zakulisny adj. backstage; zakulisne mahinacije backstage dealings; zakulisne ombany backstage dealings

zakupka f. purchase

zakuska f. snack

zakutok m. nook

zaliv m. bay, gulf

zaljubiti se v.refl. pf. fall in love

zaljubjeny adj. in love, enamoured

zalog m. pawn, pledge, security

založenje n. establishment, set-up

založiljnja f. pawn shop

založiti pf. pawn, hock; establish, set up

založnik m.anim. hostage

založny adj. pawn

zalp m. salvo

zamedliti pf. slow down

zamedljati ipf. slow down

zamedljenje n. slowdown

zaměn: v  ~ adv. instead, in return; v ~ za instead of, in return for

zaměna f. replacement; substitute

zaměniti pf. replace

zaměnjati ipf. replace

zaměnlivy adj. interchangeable

zamesti (zamete) pf. sweep

zaměsto prep. (kogo/čego) instead of

zaměšanje n. confusion; commotion

zaměšati pf. confuse

zaměšivajuči adj. confusing

zaměšivati ipf. confuse

zamětati ipf. sweep

zamglati pf. fog, fog up

zamirati v.intr. pf. die away, fade away, come to a standstill

zamkneny adj. closed, reticent

zamknuti pf. enclose, lock, shut off

zamnogo adv. too

zamok m. castle (chess), rook (chess); castle; lock

zamolknuti v.intr. pf. stop speaking, fall silent

zamorsky adj. overseas

zamotany adj. puzzled

zamraziti pf. freeze

zamražati ipf. freeze

zamreti (zamre) v.intr. pf. die away, fade away, come to a standstill

zamrzati v.intr. ipf. freeze to death, ice over, be frost-bitten, congeal

zamrznuti v.intr. pf. freeze to death, ice over, be frost-bitten, congeal

zamša f. suede

zamševy adj. suede

zamykati ipf. enclose, lock, shut off

zamysl m. intention, plan, design, scheme

zamysliti pf. devise

zamysljati ipf. devise

zamysljeny adj. pensive, thoughtful

zanečiščenje n. pollution; ~ vozduha air pollution

zaněčto adv. for some reason

zanedbati pf. neglect

zanedbyvati ipf. neglect

zanepokojeny adj. worried, disquieted

zanepokojiti pf. worry

zaničto adv. for no reason

zanuriti pf. immerse

zanurjati ipf. immerse

zaostalost f. retardation, backwardness

zaostaly adj. retarded, backward

zapad m. west

zapadati v.intr. ipf. sink down, go down

zapadnik m.anim. westerner

zapadno adv. westwards

zapadnoevropejsky adj. Western European

zapadnoslovjansky adj. West Slavic, Western Slavic

zapadny adj. western; Zapadna Evropa Western Europe

zapah m. smell, odour, odor, fragrance

zapakovati pf. pack

zapakovyvati ipf. pack

zapal m. inflammation; ~ apendeka appendicitis

zapaliti pf. light

zapaljati ipf. light

zapalka f. match (for making fire), spunk

zapalnička f. lighter

zapalnik m. firing pin

zapametati pf. memorize

zapametyvati ipf. memorize

zapas m. reserve, supply

zapasti (zapade) v.intr. pf. sink down, go down

zapestje n. wrist

zapeta (zapetoj) f. comma

zaphati: ~ v něčto pf. stuff into

zapihati: ~ v něčto ipf. stuff into

zapis m. article; recording; notation

zapisanje n. registration

zapisati (zapiše) pf. note; record, save (on a computer), write down; ~ se register

zapiska f. note

zapisnik m. notebook

zapisyvati ipf. note; record, save (on a computer), write down; ~ se register

zaplakati v.intr. pf. start crying

zaplata f. patch

zaplatiti pf. pay

zaplěniti pf. confiscate

zaplěnjati ipf. confiscate

započeti (započne) pf. initiate, commence, kick off, originate, start up

započinati ipf. initiate, commence, kick off, originate, start up

zapoj m. bout

zapolniti pf. fill

zapolnjati ipf. fill

zapona f. buckle, clasp

zaponka f. cufflink, collar stud

zapor m. bolt; constipation

zapověd f. commandment

zapozdněly adj. belated

zapoznati pf. acquaint

zapoznavati ipf. acquaint

zaprašiti pf. dust

zapravdu adv. actually

zapraviti pf. season, flavour

zapravjati ipf. season, flavour

zaprěčiti pf. contradict, deny, negate

zapregati ipf. harness

zapregti pf. harness

zaprojektovati pf. design

zapropastiti se v.refl. pf. disappear completely

zapustiti pf. neglect

zapuščati ipf. neglect

zapuščeny adj. neglected, unattended, abondoned

zapytanje n. question

zapytati pf. ask

zapytyvati ipf. ask

zarabotati pf. earn

zarabotyvati ipf. earn

zaradi prep. (kogo/čego) for the sake of, on account of

zarastati v.intr. ipf. begin to grow, overgrow

zarasti (zaraste) v.intr. pf. begin to grow, overgrow

zaraza f. infection, contagion

zaraziti pf. infect, contaminate

zarazny adj. infectious

zaražati ipf. infect, contaminate

zaraženje n. infection, contamination

zardžavěly adj. rusty

zaregistrovati pf. register

zarěkati se v.refl. ipf. pledge, vow

zarěkti se v.refl. pf. pledge, vow

zarezervovati pf. reserve, book

zaroditelj m.anim. originator

zaroditi se v.refl. pf. originate, emerge, arise, be conceived

zarodok m. bud

zarodok m.anim. embryo, fetus; germ

zarok m. pledge, vow

zaručati ipf. betroth; ~ se get engaged

zaručenje n. engagement

zaručiti pf. betroth; ~ se get engaged

zarydati v.intr. pf. sob

zasada f. principle

zasaditi pf. plant

zasadžati ipf. plant

zasědanje n. meeting, session

zasějati (zasěje) pf. sow

zaslanjati ipf. shelter, cover, shade, shield (from light etc.)

zaslon m. safety screen, shelter, shutter, cover

zasloniti pf. shelter, cover, shade, shield (from light etc.)

zasluga f. merit, service

zasluženy adj. worthy

zaslužiti pf. deserve

zasluživati ipf. deserve

zasmějati se (kogo/čego) v.refl. pf. laugh, start laughing

zasměška f. joke

zasnuti v.intr. pf. fall asleep

zaspanec m.anim. sleepyhead

zaspanica f. sleepyhead

zaspany adj. sleepy

zaspati (zaspi) v.intr. pf. fall asleep; ~ se oversleep

zasramiti pf. embarrass

zasramjati ipf. embarrass

zasramjeny adj. embarrassed

zasrati v.intr. pf. shit

zastarěly adj. obsolete, outdated

zastariti v.intr. pf. age

zastarjati v.intr. ipf. age

zastati pf. find (sbd. at home); catch (in the act)

zastav m. pledge, pawn, deposit, security

zastava f. banner; flag; standard

zastavati ipf. find (sbd. at home); catch (in the act)

zastaviti pf. block, obstruct, cram; pawn, hock

zastavjati ipf. block, obstruct, cram; pawn, hock

zastoj m. inactivity, stagnation, standstill; traffic jam

zastrašanje n. intimidation

zastrašati ipf. intimidate

zastrašiti pf. intimidate

zastrěliti pf. fire, shoot

zastrěljati ipf. fire, shoot

zastupati ipf. represent (act as a representative of); replace

zastupiti pf. represent (act as a representative of); replace

zastupnik m.anim. deputy

zasuvka f. drawer

zasvěčati v.intr. ipf. brighten, light up

zasvětiti v.intr. pf. brighten, light up

zaščita f. shield

zaščititi pf. shield

zaščitnik m.anim. defender

zašijka f. collar

zašiti (zašije) pf. sew, stitch

zašto   ➝   za čto

zatemniti pf. obscure, darken, make dark

zatemnjati ipf. obscure, darken, make dark

zatišje n. lull, standstill

zatknuti pf. plug, stop up; ~ se be stuck

zatměvati ipf. eclipse, obscure

zatmiti pf. eclipse, obscure

zatmjenje n. eclipse

zato adv. therefore, that’s why; ~ že, zatože because, insomuch

zatom adv. therefore, thus

zatopiti pf. flood, inundate

zatopjenje n. flood, inundation

zator m. traffic jam

zatračenec m.anim. scoundrel, reprobate

zatresti pf. shake, quake, jolt

zatrimati pf. detain

zatrimyvati ipf. detain

zatuhly adj. musty, mouldy, stale, stuffy, fusty

zatvarjati ipf. close, shut

zatvor m. bolt (on a door); prison, jail

zatvoriti pf. close, shut

zatvorjeny adj. closed, shut

zatvorka f. bracket, parenthesis

zatyčka f. plug, stopper

zatykati (zatyče) ipf. plug, stop up; ~ se get stuck

zatylok m. occiput, nape

zaustaviti pf. stop, bring to a standstill; ~ se brake, stop

zaustavjati ipf. stop, bring to a standstill; ~ se brake, stop

zautra adv. tomorrow

zautraka f. breakfast

zautrakati v.intr. ipf. eat breakfast, have breakfrast

zautrišnji, zautrišny adj. tomorrow’s

zauvažati ipf. notice

zauvažiti pf. notice

zavaliti pf. bring down

zavčera adv. day before yesterday

zavěčanje n. testament (will), will (testament)

zavěčati ipf./pf. bequeath, leave by will

zavedenje n. institution, establishment, implementation

zavědyvati ipf. manage, be in charge of

zavěsa f. curtain

zavět m. testament (Bible)

zavětrny adj. leeward

zavezati (zaveže) pf. make a knot, tie a knot

zavezyvati ipf. make a knot, tie a knot

zaviděti (zavidi) v.intr. ipf. envy

zavidny adj. enviable

zavisěti: ~ od (zavisi) v.intr. ipf. depend on

zavisnost f. dependence

zavisny adj. dependent

zavist f. envy

zavistny adj. envious

zavitok m. curl

zavladnuti pf. seize, take possession of

zavladyvati ipf. seize, take possession of

zavod m. factory

zavojevati pf. conquer

zavojevyvati ipf. conquer

zavračati v.intr. ipf. reverse

zavračenje n. reversal

zavratiti v.intr. pf. reverse

zavratny adj. dizzy, girdy

završati ipf. conclude, end, finish, complete

završiti pf. conclude, end, finish, complete

zavrtěti v.intr. pf. twirl, spin

zavyti v.intr. pf. howl, wail

zavzety adj. persistent, keen, avid, ardent, committed, determined, inveterate, preoccupied

zazor m. air gap, clearance; shame, disgrace

zažartovati v.intr. pf. joke

zažegti (zažže) pf. ignite, light, kindle, inflame; set fire to; switch on (the lights), turn on (the light)

zažigati ipf. ignite; set fire to; switch on (the lights), turn on (the light)

zdar! intj. hello!, good day!

zdrav! intj. hello!, goodbye!

zdravěti v.intr. ipf. get better, recover (from a disease)

zdravje n. health

zdravoohranjenje n. health care

zdravotničstvo n. health care

zdravy adj. healthy

zeba f. chaffinch, finch

zebra f. zebra

zebti v.intr. ipf. freeze, be very cold, shiver

zebu m.anim. zebu

zefir m. zephyr

zějati v.intr. ipf. gape

zelenina f. vegetable, vegetables

zeleninar m.anim. greengrocer

zelenj f. verdure

zeleny adj. green; zelena salata lettuce

zemisty adj. earth

zemja f. earth, soil, ground, land; Zemja Earth

zemjak m.anim. compatriot, fellow-countryman

zemjanka f. dugout

zemjany adj. earth

zemjedělec m.anim. farmer

zemjedělišče n. farm

zemjedělstvo n. agriculture

zemjelavina f. earthslide

zemjeměr m.anim. surveyor

zemjepis m. geography

zemjepisec m.anim. geographer

zemjetresenje n. earthquake

zemnovodny adj. amphibious

zemny adj. overland, earth, land; ~ orěh peanut, earthnut

zemsky adj. terrestrial

zenica f. pupil (eye)

zenit m. zenith

zet m.anim. son-in-law

zěvati v.intr. ipf. yawn

zěvnuti v.intr. pf. yawn

zigzag m. zigzag

zima f. winter; cold

zimnějši adj. colder

zimnost f. coldness

zimny adj. cold

zimorodok m.anim. kingfisher

zimovy adj. winter; ~ solncevrat winter solstice

zip m. zipper, zip fastener; ~ u nogavic fly (trousers)

zirkati v.intr. ipf. glance, peep, peek

zirknuti v.intr. pf. glance, peep, peek

zlatar m.anim. goldsmith

zlatisty adj. gold-coloured, aureate

zlatiti ipf. gild

zlato n. gold

zlaty adj. golden; zlata rybka goldfish

zlo adv. badly

zlo (zla) n. evil, wrong, harm

zloba f. malice, wickedness

zlobiti ipf. anger, annoy, spite

zlobnica f. wicked woman

zlobnik m.anim. wicked man

zlobno adv. wickedly

zlobny adj. wicked

zločin m. crime, felony

zločinec m.anim. criminal

zločinnik m.anim. criminal, villain

zločinstvo n. crime, felony

zlodějatelj m.anim. swindler

zlomysljno adv. wickedly

zlomysljnost f. wickedness

zlomysljny adj. wicked

zlonaměrny adj. ill-intentioned, evil-minded

zloradno adv. gloatingly

zloradny adj. gloating

zloradost f. gloating delight, malicious joy

zloradovati se v.refl. ipf. gloat

zlost f. maliciousness

zlostlivy adj. mean, nasty, malicious

zlostny adj. mean, nasty, malicious

zloty (-ogo) m. zloty

zloupotrěbiti pf. abuse, misuse

zloupotrěbjati ipf. abuse, misuse

zlověst f. omen

zlověstno adv. ominously

zlověstny adj. ominous;  ~ priznak ominous sign; ~ znak omen, ominous sign

zlověšči adj. ominous

zlovoljny adj. malevolent

zly adj. bad, evil, wrong; malicious

zmija f. snake, viper; gremuča ~ rattlesnake

zmiji adj. snake, viperous

značek m. badge; mark

značenje n. meaning, significance; iměti  ~ matter; ne imaje značenja doesn’t matter

značimost f. significance, notability

značimy adj. significant, notable

značiti ipf. mean, signify

značka f. tag

značno adv. substantially

značnost f. significance, pertinence

značny adj. significant, substantial, considerable

znahar m.anim. quack doctor

znajema (znajemoj) f. acquaintance (person)

znajemy adj. known, familiar, acquainted

znajemy (-ogo) m.anim. acquaintance

znak m. sign, mark, token; omen; signal; ~ citovanja quotation mark

znalec m.anim. expert, connoisseur

znalost f. knowledge

zname n. banner; flag

znamenitost f. celebrity

znamenity adj. famous, notable, illustrious

znamenje n. omen, portent; sign

znamenovati ipf. mark; signify

znanec m.anim. acquaintance

znanje n. knowledge, know-how

znany adj. known

znati ipf. know

znatny adj. distinguished, outstanding

zodiak m. zodiac

zodiakalny adj. zodiacal

zolva f. sister-in-law

zona f. zone

zonalny adj. zonal

zoolog m.anim. zoologist

zoologičny adj. zoologic, zoological; ~ park zoo

zorja f. dawn

zov m. call

zov-   ➝   zvati

zrazy meat pies

zrcalo n. mirror

zrělost f. ripeness, maturity

zrěly adj. ripe, mature

zrěnje n. eyesight, sight, vision

zrěti (zri) v.intr. ipf. see, watch, behold, look

zrěti (zrěje) v.intr. ipf. age, mature, ripen

zritelj m.anim. spectator, onlooker, viewer

zrno n. grain; zrneno-žitne kultury cereal

zuav m.anim. zouave

zub m. tooth

zubec m. cog, tooth (on a gear)

zubny: zubna pasta f. toothpaste; zubna ščetka toothbrush; ~ lěkar dentist

zubr m.anim. European bison, wisent

zubrovka f. bison grass

zvanje n. title, rank

zvateljnik, zvateljny padež m. vocative

zvati (zove) ipf. call, name; invite, summon

zvěr m.anim. beast; animal

zvěrěti v.intr. ipf. go wild, become brutalized

zvěrsky adj. beastly

zvěrstvo n. atrocity

zvězda f. star

zvězdar m.anim. astrologer

zvězdarstvo n. astrology

zvězdny adj. stellar, astral

zvězdoznavec m.anim. astronomer

zvězdoznavstvo n. astronomy

zvon m. bell, chime; ~y chimes

zvonica f. belfry

zvoniti v.intr. ipf. ring, chime

zvonok m. doorbell

zvučati (zvuči) v.intr. ipf. sound

zvučnik m. loudspeaker

zvučny adj. voiced (consonant); sonorous

zvuk m. sound

zvukored m. scale (music)

zvukozapis m. sound recording

žaba f. frog

žabra f. gill

žaden (žadna, žadno) pron.indef. no, none, not any, naught

žaliti ipf. pity, regret, be sorry; ~ se complain

žalj adv. unfortunately

žalj m. regret; iměti ~ regret

žaljenje n. complaining

žaloba f. complaint

žalost f. pity; na ~ unfortunately

žalostny adj. sorry, sad, pitiful

žalovanje n. pity

žalovati se v.refl. ipf. complain

žar m. heat

žargon m. jargon

žariti ipf. heat to a glow

žarky adj. hot

žarovka f. light-bulb

Žar-ptica f. Firebird

žart m. joke

žartovati v.intr. ipf. joke

že conj. that; da by in order that, in order to, so that

žebrak m.anim. beggar

žedajuči adj. craving

žedati ipf. thirst, long for, crave, yearn, covet; demand

žednost f. longing, craving, yearning, coveting

žedny adj. longing for, yearny, coveting; thirsty

žedža f. thirst, longing, craving, yearning, coveting

žegti (žže) ipf. burn

želanje n. wish, desire

želati ipf. wish, desire

želatin m. gelatine

žele n.indecl. jelly

želěznica f. railway, railroad; train; jehati želězniceju travel by train, go by train

želězničnik m.anim. train conductor

želězničny adj. railway, railroad; želěznična stancija train station; želěznična strělka railroad switch; ~ voz train

želězny adj. iron

želězo n. iron

želězobeton m. ferroconcrete

želo n. sting, prick

želud m. acorn

želudok m. stomach

žena f. woman; wife

ženiti se v.refl. ipf. marry (with a woman), get married (with a woman)

žensky adj. female, feminine; ~ rod feminine

žerav m.anim. crane

žestoky adj. brutal, badass, pungent

žeti (žne) ipf. harvest, reap

žetva f. harvest

žezlo n. scepter

žgaga f. heartburn

Žid m.anim. Jew

židovsky adj. Jewish

žila f. vein

žilet m. waistcoat, vest

žilišče n. abode, domicile, dwelling place, lodging, living quarters

žilny adj. venous

žirafa f. giraffe

žitelj m.anim. inhabitant, resident

žiti (žive) v.intr. ipf. live; reside, dwell

žitje n. life

žitjeopasny adj. mortally dangerous, life-threatening

žitjesposobny adj. viable

žito n. grain; rye

žitost f. liveliness, vitality

živ-   ➝   žiti

živo adv. lively; na ~ life (e.g. broadcast); alive

živobytje n. living, livelihood

živopis m. painting, pictorial art.

živopisec m.anim. painter

živost f. liveliness, vitality

život m. life

životno (-ogo) n. animal

životnovod m.anim. breeder (of animals)

životopis m. biography

živuči adj. living, alive

živy adj. lively, alive, living, animate, live;  ~ TV-pokaz live TV-show; živo srěbro mercury

žlěb m. trough

žlěza f. gland

žmuriti: ~ oči ipf. squint, scare off, screw up one’s eyes

žmurky blind man’s buff

žn-   ➝   žeti

žolč f. gall, bile

žoltěti v.intr. ipf. turn yellow

žolty adj. yellow

žolv f. turtle

žopa f. ass

žovialnost f. joviality

žovialny adj. jovial

žravy adj. gluttonous

žrěbe n. foal

žrěbec m.anim. stallion

žrěbetko n. foal

žrěbiti se v.refl. ipf. foal

žrec m.anim. priest (pagan), druid

žrěnje n. eating

žrěti (žre) ipf. devour, gobble, eat greedily

žrica f. priestess (pagan)

žrlo n. crater, muzzle (gun); source

žrtva f. prey; victim, sacrifice

žrtveny adj. sacrificial; žrtvena koza sacrificial goat;  ~ byk sacrificial bull; ~ kozel scapegoat

žrtvovati ipf. sacrifice

žuk m.anim. bug

žukovy adj. bug

žuravina f. cranberry

žuri m.indecl. jury (contest)

žurnal m. magazine, journal

žurnalist m.anim. journalist

žurnalistika f. journalism

žuvačka f. chewing gum

žuvalny: žuvalna gumka f. chewing gum

žuvati (žuje) v.intr. ipf. chew, masticate

žužati v.intr. ipf. buzz

žuželka f. insect, bug