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Etymological glossary

L. = Latin

ad < L. ad
arryp're < L. arripare
damen < L. tamen
de depho're < L. devorare
dekel're dempuz < L. tempus
deyk're < L. deicere
domuz < L. domus
dra're < L. trahere
ed < L. et
'ery < L. heri
ekz < L. ex
gokuz < L. iocus
guphenyz (f. -a) < L. iuvenis
kand're < L. cantare
kandyk'lum < L. canticum + dim. canticulum
kedera < L. cetera
kezdyo < L. quaestio
kollud're < L. colludare
konlak're < L. con + lacerare
kum < L. cum
kyd < L. quid
negodyo < L. negotio
non < L. non
nozder/nozdra < L. noster/nostra
pazz're < L. passsare
per < L. per
phek're < L. facere
phenezdra < L. finistra
pheruz < L. verusas; adv. phere
podezza < L. potesse
polydya < L. politia
pon're < L. ponere
pro < L. pro
pulker (f. pulkra) < L. pulcher
pulla < L. puella
pur < L. puer
relykya < L. reliquiae
ylla < L. illa
ymped're < L. impetare
ynodyare < L. inodiare
ynphanz < L. infans
yre < L. ire
yz < L. is
ylla < L. illa
yzde < L. iste
za'pre < L. sapire
zed < L. sed


John Leland

Ring Q

Kaphe Ynfandem

Zanky, kyd pazzada ylla? 'Ery arrypad ad domum pulkrum nozdrum pulla guphenya ud kandare pro ynphande. Ylla phakybad kydkyd ylla pozybyd dra'ed, kolludand ylla kum pur: Phekybad gokum kum yllum, kandabad kandellez ad 'um, ed kedera. Zed damen yzde ynphanz yllam ympedaphyd konlak're yllam. dephor're yllam, dunk ylle relykyaz ekz phenezdra deyek're. Kyd phak're. kyd phak're? Non zapyd ezd pheruz. Dunk per 'ok demp're dekel're ylle negodyonem dam ad kyd non yrre polydya) ponend kezdyonez ynodyandyz.

Beware of Baby

Saints! What happened to her? Yesterday there arrived at our very nice house a young girl (who came) in order to sing to the child. She was doing whatever she could, she was playing with him, making a joke with him, singing little songs to him and so on. But however (i.e. nonetheless?) that child asked to tear her up, to eat her, and to throw her remains out the window. What to do? What to do? She (?) really did not know. Then (?) for the time being in order that the police not ask unpleasant questions.

Grammar notes

High Court Meridonian (Merdonyan) in conhistorical terms is Latin modified for use at the court of Telepylos (Del'pyloz) which was originally Greek-speaking. Latin declensions and conjugations were retained (though often written carelessly) It amounts to little but a series of odd spelling conventions for Latin, as follows:

L. > Meridonian

  • c and qu > k
  • f > ph
  • i as vowel > y
  • i as initial consonant > g (this is rare, but I have used it here)
  • s = z
  • t = d
  • x = kz
  • au, ou, eu, eiu, etc. > u

Final syllables were stressed, so Latin endings survived, but the previous sylable was often omitted and indicated by an apostrophe.


  • infinitive -'re
  • present participle -nd
  • perfect participle -d
  • 3rdperson present indicative -d
  • !st personpl.indicative -muz
  • 3rd sing.inperf.-abaphyd
  • 3rd perf.ind.usually -yd


  • nominative pl. -z
  • genitive 1st declension -e; 2nd -y
  • acc.sing. -m
  • ablative and dative 1st declension -a, 2nd -o
  • adjective follows noun form

© Jan van Steenbergen, John Leland, 24 Aug. 2004