These are the pages of the Republic of the Two Crowns, a large state in Central Europe. It is part of the alternate timeline of Ill Bethisad, where it exists as a contemporary counterpart of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Pieskła mapa Erdecze

This curious country is comprised of the Kingdom of Veneda and the Kingdom of Lithuania; the autonomical region of Galicia is part of Veneda. The official languages of the Republic are Wenedyk and Lithuanian, though other languages, in particular Low German and Ukrainian, are often used in everyday business too.

The Republic has acted as a kind of buffer state between Russia and the West for most of the 20th century. More recently, since the fall of the SNOR regime in Russia, the Republic has taken on more of a mediatory role, serving as a go-between in East-West relations. A common neutral meeting place for talks between European countries is Wileń in Lithuania. The Republic recognises Baltic Paganism, Roman Catholicism, Russian Orthodoxy and Greek Catholicism as official religions.

The Republic, the Kingdoms of Estonia and Latvia, the Free City of Danzig, Nassland, the principality of Skuodia and a number of Scandinavian and German states together form an international union called the Baltic League, which is a descendant of the old Hanseatic League. The League has traditionally been one of commerce and trade, though mutual defense has also been an important aspect of its activities.

"RTC" the accepted abbreviation of Republic of the Two Crowns, both in news media and public affairs. The equivalent in Wenedyk is "RDK", which more often is written "Erdeka". Sometimes the RTC is referred to as "Veneda-Lithuania" or simply "The Republic".

"A monarchy as idiotic as this ought not to exist at all."

— Jaroslav Hašek, in: The Good Soldier Švejk