Łyńdzej, 26 jąwarze 2004 o.

Royal condoleances for Kemr

WARSINA — The death this morning of king Gereint XIII of Kemr at the age of 74 has evoked emotional reactions all over the world, also in the RTC. In a special broadcoast that interrupted the regular programs of all national radio stations, king Witold IV expressed his deepest grief and conveyed his condoleances to the deceased king's family, as well as to the entire Kemrese people.

King Witold said: "Gereint ffeil Padern was much more to me than just a colleague. He was also a friend. We have known each other since 1949. I had been a fighter pilot under Federated command during the last years of the war, and we first met when I was decorated by his father, king Costenhin. Later he would join the military too, and all I've been told about him is that he was a fine comrade and an excellent soldier! Anyway, it was the beginning of a long friendship. We shared many common interests, we both made our carreers in the army, and ultimately we would both become king. Of course, we had been joking about that possibility since our first acquaintance, although none of use really held it for possible. But it happened nevertheless, and from that moment on we have always been working together to give content to the long history of friendship between our peoples, dating back as far as to the glorious days of the Roman Empire."

He continued: "Today, my thoughts are with lady Catren and prince Pedr. I wish them good strengh in coping with their unspeakable loss. I have lost a good friend, which is terrible enough, but they have also lost a faithful husband and a wonderful and inspiring grandfather."

The king, 77 years old himself, concluded his emotional statement thus: "You know, I'm not the youngest either. Although I am still in good health, I know that I will follow my friend within a few years too. All I can say is: so long, dear friend, we will meet in Heaven soon enough!"

As a gesture of respect towards the departed king's family, all flags in the RTC will be lowered tomorrow. Our country will send a heavy delegation to the funeral, next Friday, to pay honour to king Gereint: king Witold, chancellor Jan Sacz, and foreign minister Olwarz Piniatyk will attend the ceremony.