Mardzej, 23 marcie 2004 o.

RTC joins the War

WARSINA (WASP) — The Republic of the Two Crowns has declared war on Florida-Caribbea. Yesterday evening, at 22:50 hours, all programs on radio and television were interrupted for a live transmission of chancellor Jan Sacz, who spoke directly to the nation.

"As we know by now, my fellow countrymen, the regime of Florida-Caribbea has set off an atomic bomb in Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the Cruzan Islands. Thousands of harmless, innocent civilians – men, women and children – were murdered in the largest act of terrorism since the beginning of human history, and all this for no other reason than to intimidate Scandinavia and the North American League."

"We have always successfully pursued a neutral course", Sacz continued. "But in this case we should not hesitate, my fellow countrymen, because our own safety is at stake as well as the safety of our allies. Do no underestimate Florida-Caribbea, for it is not a simple banana republic; it is a bandit state capable of destroying more than we all can concieve. Therefore, the government has decided to join forces with the coalition of democratic nations. I have just informed my Scandinavian colleague Høgh-Guldberg of this decision, and assure him our full support in the war, both morally and militarily. In other words, the Republic is now officially at war with Florida-Caribbea!"

He then handed over the microphone to defense minister Edmund Mielć, who said: "To be precise, we have sent eight frigates to the Caribbean, as well as twenty-four airships and sixteen Spretu fighters from our Air Force and Navy, under the joint command of general Marek Aldendorf. Of course we can disclose neither the exact place nor the scheduled time of arrival; all I can tell you now is that they will join the forces of Scandinavia, Ireland and the NAL soon. We hope of course that we will not get involved into any direct fightings, but the Floridians must know that we are there, that we are prepared to fight when necessary, and most of all, that we are determined not to rest until the regime of Silva-Gonzales is wiped out."