Mrzekierdzej, 24 marcie 2004 o.

Scandinavian misbehaviour in F-C; Piniatyk demands explanation

WARSINA (WASP) — The war with Florida-Caribbea seems to have come to an end before our military even had the time to get there. The Cruzan Islands have been liberated by the Scandinavians, the Floridian junta of general Silva-Gonzales has been captured, and currently the Coalition is firmly in control of most of the country. However, alarming news is coming in about the misbehaviour of Scandinavian troops in Florida: a curfew has been imposed on the population, Florida's entire gold and silver reserve has been confisquated by Scandinavia, and Scandinavian soldiers are reportedly mass-destroying Floridian monuments, musea and other cultural treasures. The high king of Dumnonia (Kemr) even deemed it necessary to address the Coalition in person and ask them to refrain from what he called "wanton destruction".

This places the RTC, only one day upon entering the war at the side of the Scandinavian Realm, in an awkward position. "This is no behaviour for a civilised country", foreign minister Piniatyk said. "We understand the Scandinavians' anger and grief about the tragedy on the Cruzan Islands very well, and we sympathise deeply. But no tragedy can justify the battering of innocent civilians or the destruction of works of art. Soon they are going to tell us that Scandinavian soldiers are also plundering shops, raping women and killing children. I very much would like not to believe these stories, and I certainly hope that they are at least gravely exaggerated. But if all this is true, we must seriously reconsider our support for Scandinavia in this war." Piniatyk has summoned the Scandinavian ambassador, Mrs. Annika Østerbjerg, to his office and demanded an explanation.