"Mszatka" (the News)

Jódzej, 25 marcie 2004 o., 13:00



"It is 13:00 hours, here is the latest news at WRW1.

The war with Florida seems to have come almost to an end. The armed forces of the Coalition have successfully secured most of the Floridian mainland, including all major cities and the entire sea shore. Cuba, the last stronghold of resistance against the coalition, is still defending itself, but it expected that Cuba will fall within a few days, too. Unconfirmed sources claim that the Floridian ex-president Bush has left the country in an airship, after his efforts to reclaim power by building up a resistance in Cuba have failed. His destination is unknown.

The RTC will not leave the coalition. Earlier reports about the supposed misbehaviour of Scandinavian individuals in Florida have proven gravely exaggerated, and foreign minister Piniatyk has taken the explanations of ambassador Østerbjerg of the SR for satisfactory. "The Floridian population is being treated respectfully", Piniatyk said, "and the Scandinavian government cannot be held responsible for the actions of individuals. We have been assured that those who made themselves guilty of excesses will be punished properly. Therefore, the government sees absolutely no reason to return from its decision to join forces with the Coalition."

Now that the war is almost over, questions have been raised about the necessity of the Republic's presence in Florida. Several members of the opposition have demanded a retreat of our armed forces. "Florida has lost the war, and I can't think of any reason why our troops should be going there", KRN leader Wójt Kramar. "The RTC has no business there anyway." However, defense minister Mielć said: "Our ships will continue their course to the Caribbean. With Cuba still firmly in the claws of Florida's former government, Florida continues to be a threat to world peace. The risk of further terrorist actions is far from imaginary. Unlike some of our opponents suggest, the war is not over yet. At this time, it would be a mistake to abort our mission."

Chancellor Sacz has called upon the Baltic League to arrange another emergency meeting within two days. "Given the latest developments, Baltic League resolution no. 1664 condemning the acts of Florida has become obsolete. Before any misunderstandigs arise, we should once more coordinate our policies." Until now, the RTC and Danzig are the only non-Scandinavian League members who effectively declared war on Florida-Caribbea, although the Latvian government has yesterday ratified the resolution and pledged its full support to the Coalition. The government of Nashina on the other hand has explicitly stated that it will not enter the war as long as Nashic territory is not under attack, and that adheres solely to the diplomatic path as proposed by Russia.

In the meantime, the coalition is busy discussing the future status of Florida-Caribbea. The various Coalition governments seem to lean towards the establishment of an international consortium, supported by the League of Nations and consisting of representatives of democratic nations from both inside and outside the Coalition, that should take over the administration of Florida until the country is ripe for a democratic, self-elected government. It is said that the RTC will play a major role in this consortium, whose main mandate will be the rebuilding of the devastated country. Frequently mentioned names in this context are those of Katarzyna Prowana, long-time ambassador of the RTC to Florida-Caribbea, general Marek Aldendorf from the Republican Airforce, and professor Onute Staniszkiene from the WiLASz, an important advisor of the foreign minister, as possible commissioners.

Further news. It has now been officially revealed that Latvia's former prime minister and current opposition leader Osvalds Talmanis has been arrested by members of the Latvian state police. Talmanis disappeared four days ago, along with seventeen other leading members of the Latvian opposition, including several former members of his government. It is unknown on what charges Talmanis, a vehement opponent of the government of ex-junta leader Alksnis, was arrested; minister of justice Petersons has refused to give any further explanation.

And now the weather. [...]"