"Mszatka" (the News)

Łyńdzej, 29 marcie 2004 o., 20:00



"It is 8:00 PM, here is the news at WRW1.

Foreign minister Piniatyk is furious with his Scandinavian colleague Bernstorff, who yesterday criticised the RTC's Floridian policy in harsh words. In an interview with WRW1 earlier his morning, the minister said:

"Mr. Bernstorff says the RTC intends to annex Florida. If Mr. Bernstorff would have cared to ask me personally, I would have explained him what everybody knows already: that we have no such intent. Our job in Florida is to return order, to prepare the country for freedom and democracy, and to leave once our mission has been accomplished. That, and nothing else, is the goal of our presence in Florida. Mr. Bernstorff's words are a direct insult to our efforts."

"Mr. Bernstorff says we are imposing our culture in Southeast Florida. I would certainly like to know where he got that information. We do not rob musea, we do not steal Florida's gold, we do not harass people. Unlike some of our allies, we treat the population with respect. After all, they were victims of Florida's dictatorial regime even more than we were."

"But what is even more insulting is that Mr. Bernstorff accuses us of abusing his goodwill. May I remind Mr. Bernstorff that it was the Scandinavians who first invaded Florida and then elected to leave? And that subsequently we were called in to clean up their mess? Now, if Scandinavia does not want to take its responsibility because the costs are too high, that's fine! But we áre prepared to take ours, and we would prefer to do it without this kind of narrow-minded criticism from the sideline."

"Our long-term objective is to help Florida flourish again as a free, democratic, independent state. This is in the best interest of not only the Floridians themselves, but also of the countries surrounding it. Unlike the Scandinavians, who plan to sell Florida to Castille-Leon, we are not motivated by self-interest."

"And now, as a gesture of gratitude for our support to Scandinavia's war effort, Mr. Bernstorff demands we leave Florida. He even dares to abuse the Øresund Tax, once the cradle of our flourishing Baltic League, as a means to blackmail us. Needless to say that this is unacceptable to us."

Minister Piniatyk has filed an official protest to the Scandinavian ambassador Østerbjerg. Later today the Sejm will convene in an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis in the relationship with Scandinavia.

Further news. The commander-in-chief of the Republic's armed forces in Southeast Florida, general Aldendorf, has unexpectedly been recalled to Warsina for reasons unknown. He will be temporarily replaced by colonel Stasys Lozoraitis.

Several of the newly founded drafting bureaus for emigration to Florida have closed their doors after an urgent request from interior minister Branik. The minister argues that he understands that they are private enterprises that are not subject to decisions on the part of the government, but that this may change when state security is involved. It is not known what will happen to the remaining bureaus, but the minister explicitly does not exclude the possibility of interference by the state police.