Wenedka Ażęca Statarza Prasie (WASP)

Jódzej, 1 oprzyle 2004 o.

Press release

Message from Olwarz Piniatyk, foreign minister of the RTC, to the Haytian ambassador in Warsina regarding the conflict between Monarchists and Republicans on the island:

"Take a good, close look at the Republic of the Two Crowns, my friends. It is one of the oldest and strongest states in Europe. It managed to survive crisis after crisis. And here is one factor that significantly constributed to our success: the fact that we have had an elected king since the XVIth century. I think this may be the solution of your problems too, since it is perfectly democratic and safeguards the monarchy simultaneously. We are of course prepared to provide all the experience and the know-how needed to implement such a system in Haÿti.

Since the RTC has no colonial aspirations at all, our assistance will be completely free of charge."