Mrzekierdzej, 7 jule 2004 o.

101 days in Southeast Florida

MIAMI (WASP) — At a meeting with the press yesterday, exactly 101 days after the RTC took over the administration of Southeast Florida from the Scandinavians, Katarzyna Prowana, head of the civil administration of the occupation zone, has made up the balance.

Although small groups of Bushists and Silvaists are still trying to build up a resistance against the Republic's temporary rule, the fightings have almost stopped. "Today, the streets of Florida are quiet. Ordinary people have resumed their lifes, and virtually everybody who participated in the violence that characterised the first weeks after the war has been tracked down and either arrested or killed. Our soldiers are doing a terrific job," she said. Altogether, 3778 people were arrested, most of whom are still in custody. Among the detainees are many former coryphees from the Bush regime, like Antonio de Villaredes y Cambrón de Manzanilla, vice-president under Jaime Bush; Bush's favourite cousin Jorge Bush jr.; general Alonzo Lopez, a.k.a. as "Chemical Alonzo", the person in charge of Florida-Caribbea's programme for chemical and nuclear warfare; Pedro Gutierrez Zepeda, the judge who sentenced Nobel Prize winner Rivera to death; Juanito Carate, junta leader Silva-Gonzales' personal bodyguard; eight ministers; 37 members of the Cortes; and 119 high-ranking military officers.

"No statue of presidente Bush or any other representant of his regime has been left in its place, and all towns, streets, places, parks and schools named after them have been renamed. All books written by Bush and his colleagues have been collected from bookshops and libraries, and burnt to ashes. All political and non-political organisations that played a role under his regime have effectively been dismantled and banned forever. In all modesty I can say is that we are making excellent progress with the de-Bushification of Southeast Florida." Prowana continued: "I must admit that our job is made considerably easier by the extremely friendly attitude of the population. Yes, my friends, according to the polls no less than 83 % strongly favour us. The remaining 17 %, mainly adherents of Bush and Silva, will of course be reeducated properly."

Referring to the diplomatic incident with Scandinavia during the earliest days of the occupation zone, Mrs. Prowana said: "My predecessor, general Aldendorf, has made some capital mistakes, which spoiled our good relations with the Scandinavian Realm. All I can say is that I deeply regret this unfortunate incident. Of course, we should not judge the man too harshly; he did his work with the best intentions, and we must not forget that he was a soldier after all, not a politician."

It is unknown how long the RTC will maintain its presence in Southeast Florida. Talks have started with members of the former opposition and other democratically oriented Floridians, but although the ultimate goal is the restoration of democracy and a complete transfer of power to the Floridians themselves, Mrs. Prowana does not expect such a transfer of power can take place soon. "We want a free and democratic Florida, and we will do all that lies within our possibilities to realise that ideal. Therefore, we simply cannot allow foreign powers to take profit from its current weakness, and the example of the northern provinces shows that our presence here is not in vain, and will be required for quite a while."