Łyńdzej, 9 ugustu 2004 o.

Trucker drives with over 1/200

WÄREN (WASP) - The Helvetian police has arrested the Venedic truck driver K.Cz., who was so drunk that he zigzagged over the highway. The amount of alcohol in his blood turned out 1/190. A factor of 1/250 can already have deadly consequences.

On his way from Italy, the 35 y.o. Vened, who was carrying a load of medical equipment, had been driving his truck through a tunnel with an extremely high speed, thereby hitting the walls several times. After an pursuit the police managed to stop him, the Helvetian press bureau ANJ informs. "The man's state was really pathetic", one of the policemen who held him up said. "It's a miracle he hasn't caused any serious damage." The reckless driver has been committed to a hospital.

Cayman loitering around in Orsoń

ORSOŃ (WASP) - The assistance of the municipal police in the town of Orsoń had to be invoked yesterday, after several people had spotted a strange-looking beast walking over the Przewija P. Żaklinu. It turned out to be a cayman of 2½ piedź long, a police spokesperson said. The animal was captured with the help of a local reptile-lover. It is unknown where the jaunty cayman comes from; it has found a temporary domicile in the zoo of Siodawa.