Mrzekierdzej, 18 ugustu 2004 o.

Support for Florida

WARSINA (WASP) — Finance minister Erik vun Söyst has announced that the RTC will donate a sum of 3½ million talar for the restoration of the damages inflicted upon Southeast Florida by Furacana #3. "It is nothing but our duty to help Florida as well as we can, not only because of our temporary responsability over there, but also from a sheer human point of view." He added: "Our government has asked the Scandinavian Realm to double this sum, and I'm confident they will honour our request; after all, it's their mess we are cleaning up there."

"The damage is enormous," Monika Lewynśka, head of the housing committee in Southeast Florida, says. "Indeed, the number of casualties turns out much smaller than we had first been told, and let's be grateful for that. But the material damage is incredible, and we will need all the help we can get to rebuild everything."

A special, evening-filling charity program will be broadcast next Monday on TWW1 and LTV1 in order to raise even larger funds for Florida. "Every citizen of the RTC will be able to see for himself what has happened in Florida," chairman Frączyszek Czyraz of the newly founded Foundation for Florida said. "We all feel this strong, historical bond with our compatriots across the ocean. It is terrible what has happened to them. I'm extremely happy with the government's generous donation, but I am also convinced that the citizens of our country can easily multiply it. And I am confident that they will."

In the meantime, the Sejm has established as special committee to investigate the possibilities of a coordinated action with the Irish and American Occupation Zones. "Basically, we are ready to cooperate with our neighbours at any time. However, our relationship with them is troubled, to say the least", committee chairman Paweł Bościciału said. "They seem unable to stop uttering false accusations at our address. And what is worse, they constantly interfere with our business. The Irish have even gone so far as to establish a 'Provisional Government of Peninsular Florida' in a direct attempt to bring our Zone under their jurisdiction. Not even to mention the fact that they constantly launch Bushist raids against Miami. And rumour has it that the NAL plans an outright invasion of our territory. Now, it won't be easy to treat such people like partners, is it? But nevertheless, we will continue our efforts at building peace in the region."