25. srpna LP 2004

CZESKEJ MALJN (Cheshskij Malin), Volynie — During the meeting of all the Volynian Czech representatives, support for the forthcoming referendum was discussed. Sokol chief, or vrchnj naaczelnjk, Olek Pugman stated, that "all Sokols do support a creation of Slavonic independent and autonomous entity within RTC". In his speech, he politely spoke about human and minority rights in the RTC, but in the same breath he accused it "of suppression of Slavs". The Chairman of the prominent nationalistic party Czeskaa Cesta (or Czech Way), Stanislaw Kros, put the strongest accent on separating all Slavs from the "supervision of Teutons and their minions".

More than half a million Czechs are eager to show how Slavic they are, to get closer to the gravy train in a new administration. It will remain to be seen how the official Lithuanian authorities will react.