Łyńdzej, 13 sieciębrze 2004 o.

RNDO threatens to leave coalition

WARSINA/WILEŃ/ŁUCK (WASP) — The RNDO1 has threatened to withdraw its support for the central government if the latter will persist in its refusal to take a stance in the conflict between Volhynia and the Lithuanian Crown.

In an interview with the Galician daily "Za Wilnu Hałyczynu" RNDO leader Darko Popczuk said: "This government's embarrassing lack of courage is working heavily on my nerves. Obviously, the chancellor is afraid to lose the support of his Lithuanian coalition partners, and his fear is undoubtedly justified. But if we continue like this, the whole country will eventually go down in flames without the government having an opinion about it. With all due respect for Mr. Sacz, instead of focusing on his Floridian adventure he should pay more attention to what is going on in his own kitchen. The situation in Volhynia is simply too crucial to be dealt with by a chancellor who constantly escapes his responsabilities. If this won't change in the near future, we will no longer be part of this government."

The situation in Volhynia is growing more and more tense. Leading members of the RWU2 and the Provincial Council, including governor Paliczny himself, find themselves increasingly harassed by the Lithuanian authorities. "When I arrived home yesterday evening, I found my home invaded by the OSFIF3", Paliczny said. "They had been following me for over a year, they said, and accussed me all kinds of corruption and fraud. Every box, every drawer had been opened, and even the curtains had been torn off the walls. My furniture is heavily damaged, and lots of books and my entire administration are gone altogether. Can you imagine? THEY accuse ME of corruption! Isn't that a guczpa?"

His brother, the famous pianist Petro Paliczny, experienced problems as well. At approximately the same moment, he entered the stage of the Lithuanian National Philharmony in Wileń, where he was about to give a solo recital with compositions by Chopin, Czurlionis and Skoryk. Instead of the shining, black, 7 feet (SW) long Głurzan-Sztejnweg that is normally used in the concert hall, he found an old, brown, upright piano with two candle-holders that had previously belonged to a pub in the neighbourhood. But although the instrument was terribly out of tune, both pedals were defect and several keys missing, Paliczny played his entire concert, seemingly undisturbed by the whistling audience. Most of the audience felt heavily insulted, although some, assuming that the whole thing was part of some sort of act, were enthousiastic. After the concert, the pianist made a final statement to the audience. Under a rain of rotten eggs and fruits, he said: "If this is how Lithuania treats the Volhynians, that proves only that our referendum is more than justified. No matter how much your government fights us, freedom awaits us! And our third crown will eventually become a fact... Sława Zachidnoi Ukraini!"

1 Ruthenian National-Democratic Organisation.
2 Movement of Volhynian Ukrainians.
3 Oficz Siekiertacie Financzalej i Inteliżęce Fiskalej.