Jódzej, 6 jąwarze 2005 o.

RTC supports Asia

WARSINA (WASP) — The number of casualties of the cunami in Asia has grown well beyond 150,000. Precisely how many of them are citizens of the Republic is unknown: the official number of victims from the Republic has been established at eleven (seven Veneds, two Lithuanians, one Saxon, one Ukrainian), another 150 people are still reported missing.

The government will donate 2½ million talar to the victims of the disaster. "This is a disaster also for us", finance minister Erik vun Söyst said. "We haven't even overcome the costs for restoring Southeast Florida after four furacanos, and now this. We understand this sum is far from sufficient, but it is all we can spare at the moment."

To enlarge the amount of money donated by the RTC, an evening-filling charity show will be broadcast tomorrow evening on TWW1 and LTV1, featuring numerous well-known personalities from our political and cultural life. "We have good hope that our citizens will give generously once again", chairman Frączyszek Czyraz of the hastily founded Foundation for Asia said. "A similar program for Florida resulted in no less than 11¼ million talar. I'm sure we will at least equal that." To give a good example, chancellor Sacz announced to donate a sum of 10,000 talar himself.

Katarzyna Prowana, head of the civil administration of Southeast Florida, and foreign minister Olwarz Piniatyk have left for a goodwill journey through the devastated territories in Asia. They will visit Ceylon, Karnataka, Tenasserim, Monland, the Nicobar & the Andaman Islands, and Aceh. They will also speak with officials from the Scandinavian Realm and the Batavian Kingdom; both were stricken severely by the cunami.