Sobota, 17 sieciębrze 2005 o.

Miracle in Robina Minarza!

ROBINA MINARZA (WASP) — A miracle occurred yesterday in the Bazielka Sąciej Anie, in the Silesian town of Robina Minarza. At 11:45 hours, when several dozens of believers were gathered to pray, suddenly a white dove flew into the church and circled over the crowd for several minutes. After the bird had left again, someone yelled "mierakieł, mierakieł", and soon the whole church was in consternation. The people were sure that God himself had appeared to them.

53 years old Gustawia Pieszcz was there when it happened. "We all felt His presence, and we rejoiced greatly. This was the most beautiful day of my life, for now I know for certain that we are among the chosen ones."

She continues: "After God had revealed himself to us, some of us were deeply confused. They simply could not believe that the Lord would really show himself to us, ordinary sinners. Not everybody is so strong in his faith, you see. So we started praying again and again, even more intensely, asking God to give us another sign."

"And then, suddenly, we all heard this heavenly sound: Mr. Pastrzyk's cell phone went off. Mr. Pastrzyk is our local butcher, you see, and he has little or no family or friends, so who would ever try to call him? Anyway, he, Mr. Pastrzyk, assured us that he had switched off his phone before entering the church. That's what decent people do, anyway. But what's more remarkable: it played a tune different from the one he had programmed; instead of the title music from The Invasion of the Zmorite Horde, it now played the beautiful Ave Maryja by Gunodź."

After this had happened, nobody spoke another word. The people thanked God in their prayers and went home to contemplate.

Not everybody is convinced that this was a true miracle, though. The famous theologist from Liublin University, prof.dr.hab. Jerzy Tomaszekliny: "All nonsense. The church doors were wide open. Any bird could have flown in." He also expressed his doubts about the phone incident: "If they really wanted to know so badly what it was the Lord had to tell them, then why didn't this fellow pick up his phone? After all, the Lord-Creator created us all, including our languages, and therefore we may safely assume that He can speak Wenedyk, too."

These doubts notwithstanding, Robina Minarza is doing well as a result of the alledged miracle. "The first buses have already arrived yesterday evening", Kazimierz Walęć of the local Oficz Turyski says. "All hotels in our little town have been booked for the next two months. People from all Veneda are coming to our sanctuary for comfort or healing. We are currently looking for other means of temporary accommodatation for the pilgrims. I we don't find anything quickly, people will have to sleep on the streets."