Mardzej, 31 jąwarze 2006 o.

Convention Center Collapse in Piniat

PINIAT — A pigeon exposition was destroyed Saturday last as the roof of a Venedic convention center collapsed in the city of Piniat, near the Bohemian border. Among the missing was leader of the Oficz Dziefięce Statu1, Roman Kościołany. Original death tolls were feared in the hundreds, but have been revised to 65 in the four days following the tragic collapse.

Mr. Kościołany was found safe in a neighborhood bar-bistro where he had retired for dinner. Investigations are being coordinated between the local police and the ODS, as this event could be perceived as an attempt on the life of Mr. Kościołany. It is more likely that the structure foundered under the weight of snow, which is heavily blanketing all of Northern Europe this Winter.

1 Office for the Defense of the State.