Wnierdzej, 14 jule 2006 o.

Prowana dismissed!

WARSINA (WASP) — Effective immediately, chancellor Aldendorf has dismissed Katarzyna Prowana from all her capacities as head of the Civic Administration of the Republic's occupation zone in Southeast Florida. In a speech to the Sejm, the chancellor motivated this decision as follows:

"We have gone through two difficult years in Florida. From the first day on, we had to face various enemies. Some, like the remnants of the Bush administration and various cells of Silva Gonzalez supporters, were to be expected. The unparalleled terrors of mother nature, washing away thousands of square miles of fertile land, have severely tested our endurance. Yet, we could handle them as well. But that even some of our best allies would turn against us, secretly undermining our authority among the Floridian population, is something nobody would have been able to anticipate."

"Our former allies accuse us of footdragging. Unacceptable as these charges may be, all I can say is that there is some truth in them. It has become ultimately clear by now that we are not going to teach democracy to the Floridians in just a few years, as Mrs. Prowana had hoped for. She has constantly sought the cooperation of various local elements in a desperate effort to let them rule the country by our side. However, the very same elements have used any possible occasion to stab us in the back. Despite her best intentions, Mrs. Prowana's efforts have failed. It is time now for us to change our policies in Florida, and Mrs. Prowana is obviously not the right person to carry out the historic task God has charged us with."

General Stasys Lozoraitis, commander of the Republic's armed forces in Florida, will temporarily take over Mrs. Prowana's job. It is expected that a definitive successor will be appointed during the next week.

To the sociologist Prof. Onute Staniszkiene, Mrs. Prowana's dismissal does not come as a surprise: "In fact, I'm rather surprised that it hasn't come earlier. We all know how she expressed herself about the few days when Aldendorf himself was in charge in Florida. Aldendorf has a good reason to be mad at her!" She is worried about the future of Florida: "It is obvious that the current government is only going to make things worse. They are slowly going to turn Florida into a colony. We don't have the resources for that. Simply put, we cannot afford such luxury. And we definitely cannot afford turning the rest of the world against us."