Mrzekierdzej, 19 jule 2006 o.

Florida's new boss

WARSINA (WASP) — Retired army general Jużeń Bambaryła is the new head of the Civic Administration of the Republic's occupation zone in Southeast Florida, chancellor Aldendorf has informed the press. Bambaryła succeeds Katarzyna Prowana, who was unexpectedly dismissed by the government last week.

Jużeń Bambaryła is not well known to the public. Born in 1936, he spent his entire professional carreer in the army. He was promoted general in 1978. Being a man of common descent himself, a feature he shares with his fellow general Aldendorf, Bambaryła greatly contributed to the cultural breakthrough in the higher echelons in the Republican army, traditionally a stronghold of the aristocracy. Bambaryła and Aldendorf have been close from the early 1980s onwards, and nowadays Bambaryła is considered one of Aldendorf's most trusted associates.

Unlike his predecessor Prowana, general Bambaryła will carry the title "governor-general of South Florida". Most analysts see this as a confirmation that the Aldendorf government plans to transform the occupation zone into a colony. The title evokes clear reminiscences of Venedic West Africa, which is also ruled by a governor-general.

When the chancellor announced his decision to the press this morning, Bambaryła's airship had already taken off to Florida, thus anticipating the official confirmation of his appointment by the Sejm, probably next Friday.

It is expected that Bambaryła will respond directly to chancellor Aldendorf, and not to the minister of Floridian Affairs, Paweł Bościciału.