Sobota, 29 jule 2006 o.

Open letter against "Occupation of Florida"

ŁÓDŹ — A group of 49 prominent scientists and artists from the RTC have written an open letter to chancellor Aldendorf, in which they protest against what they call the "unlawful occupation of Southeast Florida". They call for an "immediate withdrawal of all our armed forces from the region". The signees of the letter have formed a pressure group under the name Inicjaciwa Czywiła Kętra Okupaceń Florydzie1.

Among those who signed the "Letter of the 49" are the writer and Nobel Prize winner Wanda Szyszko, science-fiction writer Głurzan Lembały, cineasts Krzysztof Kieśliny and Jóżef Michał Straczynik, pop singer Żyrardzina Izłarzana, chamber musician Maja Nazała, organist Adam Choroszynik, the singers Witold Jędrzej Helin and Jadwiga Szczepanik-Rapina, cardiologist Zbaszczan Rzegiela, sociologist Onute Staniszkienie, and chief editor of the Gazeta Jeleconała Adam Szkutyniek. The list also includes former chancellor Jóżef Olesiny and "the red priest from Kronin", senator Karół Kołąblany.

On a press conference in Łódź, the interim chairman of the Inicjaciwa Czywiła, linguistics professor Żowan Sasomętany said: "It was clear from the very beginning that this experiment could not become anything but a failure. Now we know it for sure!"

"It's clear", he said, "our country is totally unprepared for this. Terrorists, guerrillas, tropical storms... Let's face it, there is no way for us to handle all this. We were supposed to restore order and democracy in Florida, but all we brought there was chaos. In the two and a half years of our presence in Florida, the project has pretty much ruined our treasury and made us the laughing stock of the whole world. We should leave there now to prevent things from getting from bad to worse."

What worries the members of the committee most are recent tendencies towards integrating Southeast Florida in the structures of the Republic. "It's obvious", Sasomętany said, "for the government, Florida is a matter of national pride. What I observe is that the idea of transforming Florida into a democratic state has moved to the background. Instead, they are slowly turning it into some kind of overseas territory. As if that wasn't obvious enough yet, they even deemed it necessary to appoint a governor-general! It is sufficient to look at Mr. Bambaryła's performance to see how crazy that idea is."

The government has not issued an official reaction yet, but vice-chancellor Roman Jokór-Iłór said: "Yes, we have seen the letter. It merely show the utter lack of patriotism of the political left. If we will ever be out of toilet paper, we will at least know where to look for a substitute."

1 Civil Initiative Against the Occupation of Florida.

Anti-Florida motion voted down in Sejm

WARSINA (WASP) — On Friday, the Sejm has voted down a motion issued by Katarzyna Parydżanka and Wójt Olanik for the complete withdrawal of our armed forces from Southeast Florida. 219 MPs voted in favour of the motion, 354 voted against it, 40 abstained. It was supported by the entire left, including the RNDO, the OLD, the WWPS, LSDDP, the SVP, the SDPH, the PKRDK, the UŁ, the DKRS and part of the UD-DS.1

1 See Political Parties in the RTC for an explanation of the parties.