Sobota, 5 ugustu 2006 o.

Monika Łewynśka arrested

MIAMI — Monika Łewynśka, who used to be in charge of the Housing Committee of the Republic's Zone of Occupation, has been taken into custody. In a raid that took place between 4 and 5 in the morning, she and her family were arrested by the Gwardza Rzejpybiełkana, an elite corps formed shortly after the Republic took over the occupation of Southeast Florida from Scandinavia, with the purpose of restoring and maintaining order in the Zona.

"Mrs. Łewynśka has long been an offense in the eyes of both the Floridian population and the rest of the world", major Olesądr Kościółnowy of the the Gwardza Rzejpybiełkana said. "Her immoral behaviour with the stagiair Gwilem Klętoń already made it into the world press. But even though the distasteful relations she – a married woman – maintained with the young man were a thorn in the eyes of many, she was not relieved from office. Even her overall incompetence in dealing with the immense housing problems causes by several furacanos never stood in the way of her continuously carrying out her duties. We don't know why, but Mrs. Prowana protected her from the beginning till the end.

According to Kościółnowy, Prowana's dismissal three weeks ago was not the reason for the steps currently being taken against Łewynśka. "Six days ago, the ODS1 presented us with a confidential report regarding Łewynśka's recent activities. From February 2005 onwards, she has regularly been spotted with a man whom the ODS identifies as a high-ranking official of G-2, the Irish secret service. In other words, there are some extremely good reasons for assuming that Łewynśka, is in fact an Irish agent herself. That would also explain why she has been working against the Republic's best interests so avidly."

In a reaction, RNDO leader and Chairman of the Galician High Council Darko Popczuk firmly denounced Łewynśka's arrest. "This event once again proves the utter disregard of this government for the Ruthenian nation. Obviously, Monika Łewynśka is innocent. Sooner or later, they are going to regret this", he said.

If Łewynśka will be found guilty of espionnage, she can be sentenced to 20 years inprisonment with forced labour.

1 Oficz Dziefięce Statu (the RTC's secret service)