Sobota, 5 ugustu 2006 o.

Short news

WARSINA — Chancellor Aldendorf has cancelled an official state visit to the North American League, which was scheduled for August 9-12. According to his spokesman, the chancellor is unable to travel as a result of a severe Castilian fiever. Insiders however claim Aldendorf is growingly upset about the negative image usually given of him by the North American press, which includes the frequent and deliberate misspelling of his name as "Aldendork". A new date for the visit has not been settled yet, but the same spokesman said anytime after September would be possible.

WARSINA — Foreign minister Piniatyk has summoned the ambassador of Louisianne to his office. The minister demands a formal explanation regarding a meeting the ambassador had earlier this week with Dr. Żowan Sasomętany, the initiator of the Inicjaciwa Czywiła. This meeting was very ill-taken by the government. "It is against all good manners of behaviour if the official representative of a befriended nation maintains contacts with a person who openly indulges in anti-government activities and challenges its authority", the minister said.

MIAMI — Southeast Florida will have municipal elections on November 5, governor-general Jużeń Bambaryła announced yesterday. He assured the population that he will do anything that lies within his possibilities to make sure that the elections will be free and democratic.