Sobota, 5 ugustu 2006 o.


"TROCÓRZ!!!"1, the Wucz Florydzie shouted this morning in huge black headers about the arrest of Monika Łewynśka, one of the more prominent officials in the administration of the Zona, and then continued with a fairly detailed description of what happened last night. Some believe she is an Irish spy, other see her arrest as the next step in an anti-Prowana purge, others again suspect a coordinated attack against the Ruthenian minority. Even though her dismissal does not come as a surprise to many, her outright arrest and subsequent incarceration do. [...]

What we, as Wiortać Popłu's editorial board would like to know, above all, is this: how is it possible that a minor newspaper as the Wucz Florydzie could be so well-informed about the details of both the arrestation and the raid of her house and office? The event took place between 4 and 5 in the morning, and the police claims there was no press present. The Wucz is printed between 6 and 6:30 AM, while major Kościółnowy's press conference started only at 9 AM. Is it possible, we therefore ask, that the Wucz was informed IN ADVANCE? How, otherwise, could they have known the exact text of his speech? And, perhaps even more importantly, if this text was already known before the actual arrest took place, what does this say about our government's true intentions with regard to Southeast Florida?

We leave it to our readers to answer these questions for themselves.