Mardzej, 29 ugustu 2006 o.

World in shock after double assassination

LYONS-SUR-MIZOURI, Louisianne (WASP) — The world is in shock after the brutal assassination yesterday evening of Louisianne's first-president Jean-François Young and the Japanese empress Aico. While the two were making a tour from the aerodome to the Japanese quarters of the city, the limousine was suddenly taken under fire at 12:20 local time. Both the president and the empress were fatally wounded. Although they made it to the hospital alive, they both died of their injuries twenty minutes after the assault.

Leaders from all over the world have uttered their condoleances and expressed their gravest concerns over what happened. Chancellor Aldendorf, who was on an official state visit in Latvia, immediately decided to interrupt his visit and return to Warsina for an emergency meeting with the government. Before he left, he held a short press conference with his Latvian colleague, Alksnis. “This is a great tragedy”, Aldendorf said. “The leaders of two befriended nations have been brutally murdered. It is hard to believe that this kind of things still happen in the 21th century. We deeply regret this course of events. On behalf of the people of Republic of the Two Crowns, I wish to express my deepest feelings of compassion for the families of these two great leaders, as well as for their entire nations.”

In a message conveyed by the ambassadors in Louisianne and Japan, Kranc and Wodyczka, king Witold IV expressed similar feelings. “The world has lost two of its greatest leaders”, the king wrote. “A great hero of our times, and a young woman with the future still ahead of her, have died prematurely at the hands of a murderer. It is a truly awful thing what happened. My thoughts are with the mourning families of the deceased and with the people of Louisianne and Japan. I want them to know that I mourn with them.”

In an evening-filling program on TWW1 yesterday evening, the leaders of all major parties in the Sejm expressed similar emotions. Prof. Onute Staniszkiene of the WiLASz warned for the possible consequences of the assassination. “This only shows how fragile peace can be. Louisianne was well on its way to become a regional superpower instead of a banana republic. I’m sure there are plenty of people in Tejas, Alta California and the NAL who are secretly very satisfied about this. I also think our government should take this as a warning. We should really pay much attention, because otherwise our Florida adventure might turn into a complete disaster.”

Nothing is known yet about the identity of the shooters, nor about his motives for the assault.