Jódzej, 14 sieciębrze 2006 o.

Spectacular escape from ODS headquarters in Łódź

ŁÓDŹ — Yesterday afternoon, around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a spectular escape took place from the ODS1 headquarters on Owięta Witoldu III Absolutu in Łódź. Two alledged terrorists, who had been taken prisoner earlier that day, managed to escape the interrogation room and exit the building. Although the police had the building surrounded by then, the two managed to escape the scene via a stairway to a roof-garden. Their trace was lost while they crossed various roofs before they disappeared into the city. Although they used various unspecified kinds of violence, nobody got seriously hurt.

Nothing is known about the identity of the two terrorists, nor about the precise nature of their crimes. According to Roman Kościołany, head of the ODS, the two – a man and a woman – are extremely dangerous and armed. He said the police will do everything to track them down as quickly as possible.

It is not known whether the incident was related to a mysterious car chase in Łódź that took place a few hours earlier that day between the city center and the aerodrome.

1 Oficz Dziefięce Statu, “Office for the Defense of the State”, the RTC's secret service.