Jódzej, 12 ocębrze 2006 o.

Janać presents new Venedic government

WARSINA (WASP) — In a press conference, broadcast live on radio and television yesterday, ŻŻŻ leader Kazimierz Janać presented Veneda's new government.

“Negotations took place in a friendly and optimistic athmosphere. It was clear who had won the elections and who therefore had to take the lead. I took that responsibility upon my shoulders”, Janać said. “Today, I am proud to announce to you that the formation of a new government has succeeded. In less than six weeks, ladies and gentlemen. In less than six weeks. Together, we will rebuild Veneda and work steadily for our common goal of the Third Republic.”

“The new coalition will consist of six parties: the ŻŻŻ (83 seats), the DN/NG (40 seats), the BR (19 seats), the WPP (14 seats), and the Lista Liberała (12 seats). Thus, it will have the support of a solid majority in the Sejm: 191 out of 374 seats. Three smaller parties, the KRN (4 seats), the BNSP (3 seats), and the UPR (2 seats), as well as some of the 19 non-aligned Sejm members, will continuously provide us with the majority necessary to do our work”, the new prime minister pointed out.