Wnierdzej, 20 junie 2008 o.

Jętuń got the job 34 years after his death

Szylwia Jelcina

TUROŃ — An inhabitant of Turoń was granted a job over 34 years after he died. This example of the unprecedented slowness of Venedic bureaucracy was first reported by the local newspaper “Echo Turonie” four days ago.

In 1963, Jętuń Janicy moved from the town of Kuźlin to Turoń, and applied there at the city administration for a job as a school attendant. Because he did not receive any answer to his letter, he started seeking employment elsewhere, and finally found a job at a local drugstore. He died of a heart attack in 1974.

A few days ago, his son Ferdzik received a telegram that was addressed to his father. The city of Turoń kindly informed him that his job application, submitted 45 years earlier, had been examined and accepted by the city administration. He was told to start working on the first day of the next month and was even offered the choice between a few different schools.

After receiving this news, his son decided to pay a visit to the town hall in order to clear up this “anomaly”, as he called it. A representative of the department received him and told him that everything was perfectly in order, as they had replied to the job application he had sent back in 1973 just the day before. Since his father had never withdrawn his candidacy after finding employment elsewhere, it was assumed that he would still be interested in the job.

Afterwards, deparment head Karół Miszczału called the incident “a sad misunderstanding”. “But then, who's to blame? There is of course no way for us to find out, whether all candidates for a job interview are still alive”, he told the local newspaper's reporter.