Łyńdzej, 1 dzieczębrze 2008 o.

Little support for RTC among Floridians

MIAMI — A vast majority of the Floridian population would rather see the RTC leave than stay around. That is the conclusion of a poll, commissioned by the Sejm and conducted by the Centrum Zamnacenie Opinienie Pybiełczej (CZOP).

Approximately 5000 inhabitants of all regions of Southeast Florida were asked the question: „What would in your opinion be the best solution for the future of Southeast Florida?”, and given the choice between the following possible answers:

☐ Integral part of the Republic of the Two Crowns
☐ Personal union with the Republic of the Two Crowns
☐ Part of another state, namely:
      ☐ the NAL-SLC
      ☐ Ireland
      ☐ Castille-Leon
      ☐ the Scandinavian Realm
      ☐ other, namely: ...............
☐ Independent state of Southeast Florida
☐ Every province becomes an independent state
☐ Part of the South Florida Confederation
☐ Part of an independent unitary state of South Florida
☐ Part of a restored Florida-Caribbea
☐ Otherwise, namely: ...............
☐ None of the above
☐ No opinion

14,9 % of the respondents declared their satisfaction with the current status quo, and want a Southeast Florida that is fully integrated with the Republic of the Two Crowns. Another 10,3 % would not cut off all ties with the RTC either, but instead of simply becoming an overseas territory, they want a Commonwealth-like construction with the elected king of the RTC as the monarch of an otherwise independent Southeast Florida. It should be remembered that approximately 15 % of the population of Southeast Florida are Veneds and Lithuanians, who have moved there after the Florida War. The support for any type of integration with the RTC among the native population of Southeast Florida is therefore minimal.

1,9 % of the Floridians expressed the desire to become part of another state than the RTC. The vast majority of them wants to be part of the NAL-SLC, which should come as no surprise since many inhabitants of especially the Northern provinces have family members in the NAL-occupied zone. A smaller number of people prefer Ireland, Castille-Leon, Louisianne, or the FK. Surprisingly, several respondents filled in „Henua”, an oddity that the CZOP finds itself unable to explain.

A vast majority of the Floridians does not want to stay under the wings of any foreign power and supports total independence: 20,1 % in the form of a unified, independent South Florida, which would include both Southeast Florida and Irish-occupied Southwest Florida; 15,1 % in the form of an independent Southeast Florida; and 18,6 % in the form of a number of smaller, independent statelets. 12,4 % of the Floridians would like to be part of a South Floridian Confederation as proposed in the Irish Peacekeeper Plan. At last, 3,9 % of the Floridians favour the restoration of old Florida-Caribbea.

Of particular interest are the huge differences between the provinces. In the Northern provinces the support for the RTC appears to be minimal: in Baja Pałmia only 5,8 % of the respondents wish to be part of the RTC, while 1,1 % of favour the idea of a personal union. At the other end of the zone, in the Capital City of Miami, the figures for same as 21,0 % and 23,4 %. The further South one moves, the bigger the support for the RTC is, it seems. 29,3 % of the native population of the capital declare themselves supporters of a personal union with the RTC, 1,3 % would not even mind to become an RTC province.

Remarkable is also how relatively the small the support is for the so-called „germanisation schemes”. Baja Pałmia is again the odd man out here: 50,9 % expresses its support for full independence of the provinces, while 21,1 % wants to become part of the a South Floridian Confederation. In Rzebamarz, the figures are 19,9 % and 22,3 %. In the remaining provinces, however, the support for both solutions is much smaller: 5,2 % and 7,9 %.

The differences with a similar poll conducted last month by the Wucz Florydzie are striking. According to the latter, no less than 89 % of the Floridians want to remain part of the RTC (78 % in Baja Pałmia, 96 % in Miami), while 5 % declare themselves in favour of a restored Florida-Caribbea, 3 % of independence, 2 % of annexation by another state, and only 1 % of a South Floridian Confederation. However, it is unknown how precisely this poll has been conducted. According to the CZOS report, it should therefore be taken „with truckload of salt”.