Mrzekierdzej, 7 jąwarze 2009 o.

Swiss-Oberg warns for financial disaster

WARSINA — The president of the Central Bank, prof. Alfred Swiss-Oberg, has warned for the dangerous economic consequences of the Republic's continuous occupation of Southeast Florida. „We cannot carry this burden much longer. If nothing will change, we may have to face bankrupcy sooner than we think.”

„Every talar that leaves the country is lost for the Republic, unless we buy it back”, Swiss-Oberg said. „During the last five years, our expenses have been much higher than we could afford. The government has to understand that we cannot carry on like this.”

Not only the talar, but also the labour market and the entire society have been suffering. According to a report, published last month by the Centrały Oficz Statystycy, nearly 983 thousand Veneds and 315 thousand Lithuanians are currently staying in Florida, either as immigrants or as temporary workforce. It is suspected that the actual number is even a lot higher. As a result, it has become harder and harder for entrepreneurs and institutions in the Republic to find qualified personnel. In several sectors, economic life as virtually come to a halt. [...]