Jódzej, 22 jąwarze 2009 o.

NAL threatens the RTC

WARSINA — The government is furious about yesterday's remarks of the American Foreign Secretary Rhoberth Bolton. In the House of Deputies, the minister had called the Republic “a criminal state, eager to create a colony of its own decadence and corruption here in the New World.”

“Outrageous”, foreign minister Bościciału commented the incident. “What do those Americans know about us? People who have only heard of Lithuania once or twice in their lives and who think Veneda is the capital of Scandinavia suddenly claim to know everything about our country. They don't have the slightest understanding of our sacred mission in Florida. Of all things, how dare they accuse our country, the cradle of democracy, of snorism? This shameful behaviour cannot go without consequences.”

“Obviously”, the minister said, “the NAL is setting up the rest of the world against us. It is not hard to guess what their motives are: to do with Southeast Florida what they did with Northwest and Northeast Florida before: shameful annexation. We should all make a decisive fist against American imperialism.”

The minister has summoned NAL ambassador Charles Frankenstein to come to his ministry immediately and give an explanation.