Sobota, 24 jąwarze 2009 o.

RTC will not recognise Four Palms

WARSINA (WASP) — The Sejm voted down a motion to recognise the Commonwealth of Four Palms yesterday. The motion was submitted by deputies Katarzyna Parydżanka (WWPS) and Jaków Syriusz-Bowiny (UD-DS), who defended their text as follows: “The fact that the people of this region have decided to take their fate in their own hands should be welcomed. It is proof that the Republic of the Two Crowns has done its job properly. Our task was to build up a civil society in Florida and help the Floridians in developing a democracy. The Commonwealth of Four Palms proves that we have achieved these goals, which is something we can be really proud of. At this point, the Republic of the Two Crowns should cooperate with the people of this region, welcome their initiative and be the first country in the world to actually recognise their new state. Once we have done that, we will of course be continuously supporting the people of Four Palms and guiding them further towards democracy.”

A majority of the deputies disagreed with this point of view. Deputy Jaków Moliny (ŻŻŻ) argued: “First of all, we don't even know for sure that such a state exists at all. Until now, it seems to be nothing but a rumour. Before there will be anything to recognise, we should first have some conclusive evidence that the Commonwealth of Four Palms is real. After that, we can proceed and debate this matter. For now, we have more important things to do.”

Deputy Krzysztof Bach (DN) said: “Even if we take the existence of these Four Palms for granted, we don't have the slightest clue as to who is behind all this. Their proclamation of independence appears to be the work of a group of anonymous, armed terrorists. A state like that is doomed to become a rogue state from the beginning. Let's face it: the Floridians are far from ready for self-government.”

Deputy Ramon Fałkonik (BR): “At this point an independent statelet on our territory would be extremely dangerous, not only for us, but also, and primarily, for the people of Florida themselves. Without our military presence in the region, tanks from the NAL would be rolling in within a week. Since we have committed ourselves to protecting the Floridians against foreign aggression, we should not abandon them prematurely.”

The motion was voted down with 292 votes against and 239 votes in favour. Interestingly, five deputees from the ŻŻŻ and nine from the BR supported the motion.