Łyńdzej, 26 jąwarze 2009 o.

Bombs destroy hotel in Miami; Bambaryła feared dead

MIAMI (WASP) — A series of heavy explosions has completely annihilated the famous Aldendorf Hotel in Miami. The incident took place early this morning. It is rumoured that at the time of the incident Southeast Florida's governor-general Jużeń Bambaryła was inside the building for a conference meeting with representatives of the local population.

At 4:22 AM this morning, most of Miami was peacefully asleep, when suddenly five heavy explosions were heard with short intervals between them. Those who woke up and looked out of their windows came just in time to see the huge building collapse. The number of casualties is unknown. Because of the season it is estimated that not more than 100-200 people may have been inside, personnel included. During the Summer, a number of 1500 hotel guests is not uncommon. Nothing is known about the fate of those who were inside. A team of rescue workers are trying to dig up survivors from the smoking remains of the hotel, but they said the odds for success are minimal.

It is unknown who is responsible for the assault. Grzegorz Milczany, who is in charge of the sale of land to immigrants from the RTC, was the first to issue a statement on behalf of of the civil administration of Southeast Florida. He said that nobody had claimed responsibility yet, but “in all probability it must be the work of bushist terrorists from the North”. “We have no conclusive evidence at this point”, he said, “but I'm sure that our intelligence will soon discover a direct link to the guerrilla government of Cuatro Palmas”.

One hour later, it was rumoured that governor-general Bambaryła had been inside the hotel at the time of the explosions. The office of the governor-general has not given any details yet, only that Bambaryła had not shown up at work yet; and that the governor-general “might have been scheduled” to have a private conference meeting in the hotel with an unspecified group of individuals, probably representatives of the local population. If it is true that the governor-general has died in the incident, that would have far-reaching consequences for the stability in the whole region.

Hotel Aldendorf, located at the Avenida del Rey Witold IV, was one of the finest hotels in all Florida. Before 2004, it was known under the name “Hotel Jaime”, named after Florida-Caribbea's former presidente Bush. It suffered severely of the Floridian War and had been extensively looted by the Scandinavians. However, during the first year of administration by the RTC it had been fully restored in its old glory. Given the total destruction after the bombing, it is unlikely that it will ever be rebuilt again.