Sobota, 31 jąwarze 2009 o.

Bambaryła's Return

MIAMI (WASP) — The governor-general of Southeast Florida, Jużeń Bambaryła, is not dead. It was suspected that he was among the victims of the bombing of the Aldendorf Hotel in Miami five days ago. But much to the surprise of his co-workers, he arrived at his office safe and sound this morning, as if nothing had happened at all.

Bambaryła's return caused lots of consternation in the governor-general's office. Since the governor-general's disappearance last Monday, his deputy Grzegorz Męda had been fulfilling most of his duties, while Bambaryła's replacement was already on the agenda of the Sejm and the Ministry of Colonies. During these five days, several rumours circulated about his whereabouts: that he was dead, that he was attending the huge military exercise in Rzebamarz, that his autogiro had had an accident over rebel territory and the governor-general himself had been captured by guerrilla fighters, even that he had run off with a mistress.

Later this morning, Bambaryła gave a short explanation to the press regarding his disappearance. None of the previously uttered allegiations were true, he declared. Instead, he had been on a highly confidential mission in Kap Kaniawerały on Artezja Island for several days, meeting in private with a delegation from Greece „to discuss matters of the utmost importance”. However, he did not reveal any details and refused to answer questions. It is unknown what the outcome of the meeting was, or what the precise composition of the Greek delegation was. The suggestion that it was the emperor himself he had been talking with, was neither confirmed nor denied by the governor-general.