Jódzej, 5 fiebrarze 2009 o.

RTC celebrates 60th anniversary

„The Second Rzejpybiełka has its disadvantages, but it is still our country, an independent state of Veneds and Lithuanians”, chancellor Leoń Janać said at the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of the Two Crowns. Yesterday, this day was celebrated in the entire country.

The Fourth of February is an important day for every citizen of the RTC. Yesterday, on the Day of the Republic, all cities and towns memorated the day, when 60 years ago Veneda and Lithuania were reunited, after having been separated for over three decades. On that very day, the old Republic of Both Nations, as it was previously called, was reborn as the Republic of the Two Crowns.

All kinds of festive activities took place. In Warsina, Veneda's megastar Dodo gave a concert in the open air with her band „Wierżeń” on the Płaca Rzeże Głurzanu for an audience of thousands of people. The turbofolk band „Sięć” gave a concert in Siodawa, Prynica performed in Męć Bowiny, and Iza B8 in Kronin. Kordyn had a huge jass concert, while the inhabitants of Męć Rzegały danced to the music of a whole range of venedisco artists. On the other hand, flowers were laid under statues and other memorials, all kinds of parades and manifestations took place in the streets. Everything under the slogan: „God, pride, honour and fatherland”.

The „Zeppelin Erdecze” photographed above Łódź

The Day of the Republic was also the day of the first flight of the Zeppelin Erdecze, built especially for the occasion by airship manufacturer Hindenburg Wenedki S.A. To symbolise the unity of the country, it flew from Warsina, over Łódź, Kordyn, Czytać Leoniór, Łuck, Wileń, Kowień, Męć Rzegały, Męć Bowiny, and from there back to Warsina.

Before the Grave of the Unknown Soldier, the king and his wife, the chancellor, the prime ministers of Veneda and Lithuania, the marshalls of all six chambers of parliament, as well as the leaders of over two dozens of other states gathered to pay their respect to those who fell in the Second Great War. Among those present were king Lembit II (Estonia), queen Valentina (Latvia), prince Timotieje II (Skuodia), presidents Borys Hryńko (Ukraine), Uladzimir Kotau (Belarus) and Florján Vljavlján (Slevania), chancellors Åke Ovesen Høgh-Guldberg (Scandinavia), Franc Fišär (Bohemia) and Tibor Ionescu (Oltenia), and Danzig's Upper Mayor Holger Bolle. The Holy Roman Empire was represented by foreign minister Franz von Schreck. After laying a wreath at the memorial, together they watched a parade of the Republican Guard.

Subsquently, chancellor Janać delivered a long speech to his audience of ministers, Sejm deputies, foreign guests and journalists, in which he paid attention to several events from the history of the Republic. „The Republic of the Two Crowns has become a success thanks to the patriottism of both Veneds and Lithuanians”, he said. „That does not imply nationalism. Nationalism, and chauvinism in particular, is built on hatred. Patriottism is built on love.”

He added: „The Republic of the Two Crowns needs to be repaired. Not all the bad things from the past have disappeared. But our country is developing rapidly. Seventy years ago, Veneda is was small, powerless state. Twenty years ago, we were a big, but still powerless state. Nowadays, we are an important player in international politics. Maybe we have not achieved everything we were hoping for, but at least we have made a leap in the right direction.”

The chancellor did his best not to discuss present-day politics. All he said was that even in a democracy conflict should remain within certain borders. „Those borders have been crossed many times during recent years”, he said.

Despite appearances, the celebrations were not as politically neutral as the chancellor had promised. At the evening gala in the Teatr Grędzi the several important RTC leaders of the previous years were missing. Several former chancellors, notably Jan Sacz and Jerzy Boż-Papica, had not been invited by Janać. „Absurd”, vice-marshall of the Sejm Bartłomiej Czeliny commented, „it's like not inviting Paweł Żakliny to the 10th anniversary of the Republic.”

Also not invited were representatives of the political left, in particular those parties that neither in the Republic government nor in that of Veneda form a coalition with Janać's own ŻŻŻ. „This appears to the founding ceremony of the Third Republic of the Janać brothers rather than the anniversary of the Second”, said WWPS leader Katarzyna Parydżanka. „it is as if the opposition has no part at all in the Republic.” „It's all members of the ŻŻŻ, the DN and Sułodziefięca over there”, Onorat Jakrzycz of the PKRDK said, „whatever anniversary it is they are celebrating there, it appears to be Janać's own Rzejprzywata rather than anybody's Rzejpybiełka.”

Several of the foreign guests did not visit the gala either, clearly to the disappointment of the chancellor.

Before the evening gala, chancellor Janać and defense minister Mielć officially appointed nine new generals in the Royal Palace. Furthermore, several people were decorated with the Order of the Two Crowns, among whom former chancellor Marek Aldendorf, bank president Alfred Swiss-Oberg, Nostra Galicja chairman Jędrzej Jekła-Sasiny, and governor-general Jużeń Bambaryła of Southeast Florida.