Mardzej, 3 marce 2009 o.

Bościciału regrets misunderstanding with CVSS

WARSINA/MIAMI — A small diplomatic crisis occurred yesterday after a delegation from the Community of Very Small States was reportedly denied a meeting with RTC diplomats in Miami. Inez Aguilar, deputy secretary of the CVSS and head of the delegation, uttered harsh words at the address of the Republic of the Two Crowns to the press.

Foreign minister Bościciału regrets the indicent. On WRW1 he said: „This must have been a terrible misunderstanding. We had not received any information regarding Mrs. Aguilar's arrival, nor did we know what her precise schedule was. Had we known, we would of course have arranged for a welcoming committee, organised a banquet to her honour, and discussed with her any subject she wanted to discuss with us. The government of the Republic finds it most regrettable that the CVSS had failed to inform us about Mrs. Aguilar's arrival, and that therefore the Republic was unable to receive her properly. In any case, we will investigate this matter. We need to find out which officials Mrs. Aguilar has contacted after her arrival. The CVSS can be sure that they will be properly reprimanded for their unelegant behaviour.”

However, at a meeting of the ŻŻŻ in Męć Bowiny, minister of colonies Jaków Puliny expressed a different point of view. „What kind of an organisation is the CVSS anyway?”, he asked himself to an audience of over 300 party members. „They clearly had no business coming to Southeast Florida. Why would we allow a bunch of mini-states from the Pacific to interfere in our internal matters? If that is all they can offer us, they may as well stay on their own tropical islands. Our mission in Florida is hard enough as it is.”

It is unclear which of the two ministers represents the official stance of the Republic. Chancellor Janać hasn't given a personal statement regarding the issue yet. Obviously, the the government is deeply divided regarding Florida, and the chancellor will once again have to work hard to prevent a relatively minor issue like this from causing a rift within the government.