Wnierdzej, 6 marce 2009 o.

Government under heavy attack; coalition is crumbling

WARSINA — The government of chancellor Janać is under heavy attack. Since a few days, the conflict between the ministers Bościciału and Puliny has reached its peak, almost assuming the character of an open war. Many deputies, not only from the opposition but also from the coalition and even from Janać's own ŻŻŻ, blame the chancellor for a lack of leadership. „Even now that we are facing the serious danger of a new war in Florida, our government refuses to speak with one voice. This situation cannot last any longer. If the chancellor is unable to keep his coalition together, this government should go. Let the people decide who will rule this country next”, WWPS leader Katarzyna Parydżanka said.

Yesterday evening minister Bościciału announced that he would send a diplomatic mission to Four Palms. „No matter whether they are an aspiring state or just a rebellious province, there is no point in denying that these people are demanding independence from our zone of occupation, and that the international community is supporting them in that”, the minister declared. „We clearly cannot risk a war over Four Palms. Therefore, I want to open a dialogue with them and discuss the future relations between their country, the rest of Southeast Florida and the Republic.”

Minister Puliny on the other hand denies that such a mission will represent the RTC at all: „Obviously, my esteemed colleague is speaking for himself. Our government has not recognised Four Palms, nor does it have any such intention. You can't possibly send a mission to something that does not exist. Rebels should be bombed, not be treated as partners.”

It is a public secret that the two ministers cannot get along with each other, and that they have radically different views regarding Southeast Florida. According to an unconfirmed source, Bościciału has given the chancellor an ultimatum: either he or Puliny leaves the government. In the past, when Puliny was still a Sejm deputy, Bościciału repeated called him a „madman” and an „irresponsible nitwit”.

„How can we expect our government to handle the crisis efficiently with two major ministers constantly rolling over the street, fighting?”, Parydżanka asked. „Instead of pursuing a course, they keep issuing contradictory statements. It looks like there is no Florida policy at all.”

Should Bościciału withdraw from government, his party, the Blok Rzejpybiełkany, will in all probability do the same, thus causing the government to lose its majority in the Sejm. However, minister Puliny is a close associate and personal friend of Leoń and Kazimierz Janać; he and Justice minister Zbaszczan Kosta are considered the face of the younger generation of ŻŻŻ politicians and the most likely candidates for the succession of the Janać brothers. It is therefore unlikely that the chancellor will easily give in to Bościciału's demands.

Much will depend on how the other coalition partners will respond. It is a public secret that the two largest coalition partners of the ŻŻŻ, Demokracja Noconała and Sułodziefięca, are dissatisfied about the way they have been treated by the ŻŻŻ over the years. Repeated efforts to spread discord in their ranks have caused much tension within the coalition, notably various proposals to several of their deputies to join the ŻŻŻ in return for money or high-ranking positions.

Today and tomorrow the Sejm will discuss the crisis in what may easily become the beginning of the end of the Janać administration.