Administrative division

The Republic consists of two federal states: the Kingdom of Veneda (34,573,422 inhabitants in 2005) and the Kingdom of Lithuania (10,377,085 inhabitants).

Furthermore, the Republic is subdivided into 18 provinces ("prowięcze"), five in Lithuania, 13 in Veneda. Four of these together constitute the Autonomous Region of Galicia (RAG), which is part of Veneda. In a referendum held in October 2004, the populations of Galicia and the Lithuanian province of Volhynia (both inhabited primarily by Ruthenes/Ukrainians) expressed their preference for a Galician-Volhynian autonomous entity, which would de facto turn Galicia into a Venedic-Lithuanian condominium. This decision has not yet been put into effect though.

Prowięcze Rzeipybiełczej
All placenames shown on this map are in Wenedyk. It should be noted, however, that the names of most towns and provinces have their equivalent in the other languages of the RTC (Lithuanian, Ruthenian, Belarusian, Saxon, etc.) too.


# Name Capital Population
Part of
1 Przemarz Marzykościół 1,197,902 Veneda
2 Kujawia Męć Bowiny 2,154,209 Veneda
3 Grąweneda Siodawa 3,503,068 Veneda
4 Sątakrucz Łódź 4,039,090 Veneda
5 Ślęża Piniat 1,277,016 Veneda
6 Pieskłoweneda Kordyn 4,273,000 Veneda
7 Prusi Męć Rzegały 2,905,853 Veneda
8 Mazowia Warsina 5,155,248 Veneda
9 Liublin Liublin 2,282,996 Veneda
10 Leonina Czytać Leoniór 3,881,278 Veneda (RAG)
11 Hałycz Tarnopol 1,203,720 Veneda (RAG)
12 Olwarzyn Czytać Stanisławiana 1,433,103 Veneda (RAG)
13 Karpacja Użhorod 1,266,939 Veneda (RAG)
14 Samogicja (Žemaitija) Kowień (Kaunas) 1,972,112 Lithuania
15 Wilnia (Vilnija) Wileń (Vilnius) 3,203,611 Lithuania
16 Suślewia (Palenkė) Grodzień (Gardinas) 1,459,483 Lithuania
17 Polesja (Polesė) Brześć Litwańki (Lietuvos Brasta) 1,467,207 Lithuania
18 Wołynia (Voluinė) Łuck (Luckas) 2,274,672 Lithuania

Furthermore, the Republic has one overseas territory, Venedic West Africa, which encompases almost the whole length of the Gambia river. Apart from that, the Republic is temporarily in charge with the government of South West Florida.