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`Yn nediwn seint yn llinghedig, yn nediwn seint yn cor'

Subtitles from The Time Machine

Pode'gw h-uddir-mi?...Pode'gw chompręner-mi?
Can you hear me? Can you understand me?

Pensa'gw ys sent meil? Eo wol uddir am sew gwiadig.
Do you think he feels better? I want to hear about his journey.

Maneth ill llog k'w h-es. Calfath a wenir alch ply chlos.
Stay where you are. Don't come any closer.

Ys es periglusisaf! Ys es rhen di Eloi e-dd ys es rhen di ci. Nu h-iaetharewn i lla afon agur!
He is very dangerous! He is not Eloi and he is not from here. We should throw him in the river now!

Calfath! Nu saben rhen di llo. Ys es rhen di beriglus.
Stop! We don't know him. He is not dangerous.

Ys si sewen rhen di'll llog k'ys wen. Mai h-ys crędd ys es di long a fas lla afon. Eo grędd ys a doled sew dest. Yno pod gwidder ys es doled. Ys es yn sorth di follin erran.
He does not remember from where he comes. But he thinks he is from far down the river. I think he has hurt his head. One can see he is hurt. He is a kind of wandering idiot.

Sa'r sulfent yn sein. Calfath a phuinar, eo ci, ty's segyr. Sa's rhen di Forloc. Eo ci, Aleisandr es ci. Ty gath? Rhen di llo Forloc. Nu sun segyr.
It was only a dream. Don't worry, I'm here, thou art safe. There's no Morlock. I'm here, Alexander's here. Thou see'st? No Morlocks. We are safe.

Texts originally taken from the Langmaker website. The link to the Time Traveller Language website is broken, and possibly no longer maintained.

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