The Page of Brithenig

”Yn nediwn seint yn llinghedig, yn nediwn seint yn cor“


This page is supposed to be, the homepage of Andrew Smith, but sadly it isn't. Because due to server/provider trouble, Andrew's pages haven't been online for quite a while now, and probably won't be in the nearest future. This is A Very Bad Thing, because Andrew happens to be the creator of Brithenig, a constructed language based on the premise that Vulgar Latin took root in Britain the same way it did in France, Spain, etc., thus resulting in a Romance language that went through a similar development as Welsh.

When I discovered the world of conlanging on the Internet, Brithenig was one of the first languages I stumbled upon. It fascinated me immediately, and since that moment it has never ceased to be one of my most favourite conlangs ever created. Brithenig is an absolute masterpiece, and it is one of the very few artistic languages ever to obtain an ISO code (bzt). It has been a major inspiration for my own Wenedyk, as well for as many other languages in the altlang genre. Even though nowadays Brithenig and Wenedyk are often mentioned in one breath, Brithenig is and remains the grandfather of the genre. Besides, both Brithenig and Kemr, the land where it is spoken, are at the very heart of the fascinating world of Ill Bethisad, of which I am a proud member as well. In short, without Brithenig, the world would not be the same.

And that is why I proposed Andrew to host a mirror of the Page of Brithenig. I am proud and grateful that he accepted my offer. I will make sure that this page will stay online until Andrew decides otherwise, and of course, it will always be updated according to Andrew's wishes. Let's hope Brithenig will be back at its original location soon, but in the meantime: enjoy!

The Page of Brithenig

Jan van Steenbergen
5 June 2010