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`Yn nediwn seint yn llinghedig, yn nediwn seint yn cor'

Subtitles from the Phantom Menace

For something strangely different it seemed worthwhile to me to translate some Huttese subtitles from Star Wars I.  Possibly it is no less exciting than the real thing.

1. Ke gos wole'gw? Fab, gwen i ngi!  Agur!  Ke gos af-ty dan?
What do you want? Boy, come in here! Now! What took you so?

2. Eo ystaf munan ill lluf sifil gw...
I was cleaning the bin like you...

1. Calf a weisar!  Gwardd lla foduig.  Eo ai yn gwêner a ffager ci.
Stop fussing! Watch the shop. I have a sale to make here.

1. Llo pheleirin! Ys chrêddent perch nu h-abitan si llong di'll meddbuith, nu saben rhen di negyn.
Foreigners! They believe because we live so far from the centre that we don't know nothing.

2. Ys pharafant bel a fui.
They seemed nice to me

1. Mun llo rhastelleir, affos ty bod gweddir a lla gas.
Clean the racks, then you can go home

3. Gw!! Es-yst wstryn??
You! Is-this yours??

2. Coid...Yst a llo chomyd fonisaf.
Careful...This one has very good connections.

3. Llo chomyd?  Ke g's bens-ty, fengib?
Connections? Whaddaya mean, slave?

2. Sig yn dôn...yn peleirin cylf, yst...Eo edirew a chathar-ty segad i llo chyfid inawant nu phoden imallar anghor.
Like a lord...a big-time foreigner, this...I would hate to see you diced before we can race again.

3. Ill temp proesif, sa sera'll tarfin di dui.  Se dy'r rhen di'n mengib, eo sidderew syrs tui addyn.
Next time will be the end of you. If you weren't a slave, I would sit on you at once.

2. Si, sa serew'n pechad se dy ddef pagar per mui.
Yes, it would be a sin if you have to pay for me.

1. Myl galf affostar tew afig, o-dd eo llo wa pesdder in ill tarfin, anc.
Better stop your friend's betting, or I'm gonna own him in the end, too

3. Ty amblara rhen afodd d'yst, wersyr llo fengib!  Ty's cach.
You will not walk away from this, slave-trash! You're shit.

2. Calf dibener syrs lle, full lifus.
Don't depend on it, slimeball.

There is some play in language here.  Wattoo addresses Anakin with TY, although Anakin replies with GW, reflecting their master-slave relationship.  Anakin and Sebulba use TY towards each other contemptuously.

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