Ill Bethisad: the Brithenig Universe

ill bethisad

This is only the beginning.

Brithenig is the language that I created. Kemr is the nation where the Chomro, the fictitious Brithenig speakers, live. Ill Bethisad is a world that formed around Kemr.

It's a world that moves at a different pace to our own. Not everyone owns a car. Flying by airship is favoured over flying by aircraft, see above. Metric measures and decimal currency never replaced the popularity of pounds. Only now, at the dawn of the new millennium are the demizens of this timeline venturing beyond the confines of their world.

The maps are different. International sports events and politics are still important. Different people sailed over to there and founded new nations. Some of them came here to live with us. They have trading consortiums in our country. Participating in the global concert of nations is important for everyone. There are flags, and maps, and even some sporting news.

And for fun people who participate in Ill Bethisad like creating new languages!

Unfortunately I have not always supported what other people were doing in creating Ill Bethisad and I withdrew my participation in this project for a period between 2001-2003. In my absense Ill Bethisad has continued to grow with over 30 people making a contribution to this shared world. So on behalf of the Chomro I have returned to this project as the contributing member for the Brithenig speakers of Kemr.

The alternative history and constructed cultures group Conculture is largely dedicated as a forum for the discussion of Ill Bethisad. Officially it is an offshoot of the Conlang list dedicated to the discussion of the cultural aspects of invented languages. Any created culture is allowed to discussed there.

There are a number of webpages dedicated to different aspects of Ill Bethisad. As a stepping-off point the Cultures of Ill Bethisad maintained by Padraic Brown is the clearing house for all links. From there the browser can even catch up with the latest news from that world.

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