Kemr, Land of the Brithenig speakers


`Ill Dragun Rhys dug' ill modd!'


This is a rough timeline of known events in Kemrese History. It will be open to change and open to suggestions.

50-60Britannia becomes part of the Roman Empire.
200Christianity adopted.
410Edict of Honorius - Britain self-governing.
446'Groans of the Britons' to Aetius.
449-560Settlement of the English kingdoms.
511First ruler of Kemr, Emperor Arthur Dragonshead(?)
516Battle of Mount Badon.
613Battle of Aberddui
633Mercian and Kemrese forces conquer Northumbria
768The Abbot-Patriarch Elfoddew I adopts Roman computation of Easter
820Prince Costentin III of Kemr killed in Viking raids, which continue for the next 200 years. Clan system established during this time.
838Prince Gereint IV defeats and kills Egbert of Wessex
871Vikings overrun Northumbria; Prince Gereint V slain
878King Guthrum unites England under the Danelaw
1066Prince Costentin V killed at Hastings, with the English king Harold
1071-1294Period of border wars between Normans and Chomro.
1140Establishment of Cistercians in Gwent leads to monastic reformation in Kemr
1152The Church in Kemr recognises the authority of Rome
1155Prince Pedr II invades Ireland
1171Gioffri Gwent writes Brutus Principium
1259Founding of the University of Glastein.
1282-1294English occupy Kemr.
1291Expelled English Jews settle in Gwenedd
1315-1322The Agrarian Crisis: civil unrest in the Marches
1349Black Death enters Kemr, population reduced by a third
1378The Great Schism: Kemr adheres to Clement VII of Avignon
1401Prince Ewein leads a series of raids on England.
1406"Prince Eugene's Senate": beginnings of paliamentary rule in Kemr
1453Fall of Constantinople.
Reconquest of Calais by the French
1460Gereint VII crowned as the first king of Kemr.
1518James V Stuart of Scotland becomes James I of England.
1529Enrhig Tewddur, abbot of Saint David, is made toisag of Kemr
1536Kemrese troops support Francis I of France against Holy Roman Empire
1537Enrhig Tewddur publishes his Defense of Catholicism
1541Enrhig Tewddur is dismissed from office
1547William of Salesbury publishes A Dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe or Cambriese, the first English-Brithenig dictionary.
1550English Protestants emigrate from persecution to Holland
1553Iewan Dui is arrested on suspicion of conjury
1567Queen Mary of England and Scotland is forced to abdicate in favour of James II
1578Evangelical (Protestant) Church of Kemr founded
1588Translation of the Bible into Brithenig.
1595Iewan Dui at the University of Castreleon until his death in 1608
1600The Chomro join the Age of Exploration.
1629Oliweir ffeil Gwilelm enters the Senate
1646Oliweir ffeil Gwilelm is made toisag
1649Charles I in Edinburgh; Commonwealth declared in England
1657The English Parliament declares the Lord Protector Thomas Rainsborough as King of England; Kemr enters the War of the Three Kingdoms in favour of Charles I
1661Scottish and Kemrese forces enter London; Thomas Rainsborough executed
1735Strong coal and iron industry develops in the Home Provinces.
1774Tax revolt in Massachusetts Bay spreads among the North American colonies
1804Dissemination of the Brithenig Bible and Massbook by the Methodical Augustinian Order in Kemr and the Comroig colonies.
1805The Black Year: Act of Federation between England, Scotland and Cambria.
1807Death of King Henry VII of England and Scotland, last of the Stuarts.
1822Daniel Ui Conell leads successful campaign for Guiddelig Enfranchisement in Ireland.
1832Abolition of slavery within the Federated Kingdom and colonies
1839Father Darwenhiwn presents his initial report of his circumnavigation of the world to the Kemrese Academy
The Uprising of Casnew marks a turning point for greater suffrage in Kemr
1850Successful Chartist movement triggers social and political reforms.
1866-1918The Liberal Ministry
1905First All Black touring side to the Federated Kingdoms is defeated in Castreleon
1911Gereint XII threatens to withhold Royal Assent to Budget.
1914Austria declares war on Dalmatian Hercegovina, beginning of the First Great War
1917Austria surrenders
1919Castreleon Race Riots: demobilised soldiers destroy the property of black citizens
1920Tikrit Massacre: on Christmas Eve 1000 Kemrese soldiers are killed in the Mesopotamia mandate
1922The Irish Free State founded, end of Kemrese rule in Ireland.
1931Industrial depression, one in five unemployed.
1939The Second Great War: The German Grand Alliance attacks the Republic of Two Crowns in Eastern Europe; Kemr and other allies declare war on the German Empire
1940President of the Nationalist Party imprisoned
1945Cultural rennaisance begins.
1949Allied Forces take Berlin: end of the Second Great War
1950Sunday Trading begins.
1952Civil unrest in Ireland.
Nationalisation of the coal and steel industry
1956Irish Free State becomes the Irish Federation.
1958First Tesla Power Station opened in Kemr
1967Coronation of King Gereint XIII.
1984Beginning of Mine Clossures in Kemr
1988Violent campaign by nationalists against English and other foreign influences and immigration.
1990Crown Prince Costenhin dies of cancer; male succession in jeopardy.
1992Kemr now imports 100% of coal
2000Farmers take 'Aethiwn Druith' against fuel costs.
Floods in Castreleon
2001Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak in Dûnein and around Aberddui
Arson destroys 600 year old synagogue in Sewnt
2002Government announces plans for wireless internet services in Castreleon
2003Anti-war demonstrations burn effigies of the king and the prime minister
Concern over health service shortages raised in Senate
Telefisiwn Comroig commission a new season of Peleirin after a ten-year hiatus
2004Death of King Gereint XIII
Commander Iewan ffeil Griffydd leads Kemrese fleet in Mexican Gulf War
2007Bicentennial floods in Brêchelch isolate Glew

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