Relay 10/R (introduction)

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Arσeía (*)

Anselm Huppenbauer

Na on· tadyon· de ψωnis !

Aiya, am· de táyan? Apanye lasya lo· aima· de om· beiname tenge, mi’ on· tadyon andoψωyeva. Aufunant’ an on· tadyon· de casyavo : Ringantye, ginnetye yayato, mi’ veunde o· tadyon· de accauneten, λianna rance, surpẽnetenm ya on· fónon os· cuiéra· de palle. Am na lãme· cá? Unde voidalon, ya dío σia· nĩa on· tásin· de lηlame, nauva o· meduía· de an ceudace pendelon· bó.

Beware of the baby!

O dear, what's happened? Yesterday, a pretty young girl came to our home to watch over the baby. She did what she could to entertain the child: she played with it, sung songs for it, etc. But nevertheless, the baby attacked her, tore her into pieces, devoured her, and it threw the rest out the window. What to do, what to do? I really don't know. And so, for the time being, we keep the affair silent, in order to prevent the police from starting to ask annoying questions.

© Jan van Steenbergen, Anselm Huppenbauer, 20 Sept. 2005