Relay 10/R (introduction)

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Carsten Becker

Tandang, Cimay!

Ahva, elinam mámangaràreng? Tamala, lolayrain nuvenon nusirtang ang masahaiyà nangaea einena nagayam cimayaris. Ang mamiraiyàin ennyárèlei si ang ming miraiyàin, trasyam ganaris, iyòaris: ang mágiaiyàin caivo iyòaris, ang mamalíyàin malinoiearis iyòyam, nn. Nárya cimayin ang macongriyò, mabitogiyò nernan, macungaiyò iyâris nay le macaiyòang hapangon luga silvenoea. Elinam mirayam, elinam mirayam? Ang coroiayin, ancyu. Nay tadayyam aiedauyi, ang hongaynin minelei ecaluy, hangyam mangasaha hatayaris ciunyam prantyam prantanielei ecritisaye.

Attention, baby!

Oh no, what what happened? Yesterday, a beautiful young girl came to our house to look for the baby. She did everything that she could do to entertain the child, it: she played with it, she sang songs for it, etc. But the baby attacked her, tore her apart, devoured her and the remainings it threw through the window. What to do, what to do? I don't know, really. And for now, we keep the affair silent thus, to keep the police away (from) starting asking annoying questions.

© Jan van Steenbergen, Carsten Becker, 21 Sept. 2005