Relay 10/R (introduction)

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Side note

As a side note, I found some really interesting possible constructions in this translation, as well as my love of my "pro-verb" and "interrogative-verb" constructions skyrocketing.

I had to create the following words (rough forms; the dictionary entries will be different):

beware, cautious, caution, wary -- evan (related to náv)

despite, nonetheless, however, even though -- aha

rip, rend, tear -- rere

rip into pieces, shred, dismember, take apart -- regre (from rere'c)

police, guardsman, solider, constable, sheriff, peacekeeper, lawkeeper -- asracho (older asrachoyo, from asralech-aroö)

Etora (*)

Jashan A'al

Pei iönaliza evan adi!

E ba, cel ko-cal? Ane shalan dazo iva astan tathun vana tash onalizach aroä. Fiäyoch li-doca tash onalich staleä -- iso va azina, iso pshímbracha psámbraä, hana dacha crocha ficha. Zhi fetesh aha onaliza soch ko-bateä, regreä, pálina, hana lalocha ranes ot leureuä.

Ba luïshyo, luïshyo? Er e osi. Fet amo caloëch we lweu ára osísh, tash in asrachóä nicha fet (stach) benesh nizhonen (ozh) don osásh.

Be cautious about the baby!

What has happened!? Yesterday a beautiful young girl came to our house in order to take care of (protect) the baby. She tried what she could to entertain the child -- she played with him/her, sang songs to him/her, and many other actions. Despite of (these) things the baby attacked her, dismembered her, ate her, and threw the remnants out the window.

What do we do, what do we do?! I truly don't know. Because [that I don't know] we do not discuss what happened for now, so that lawkeepers will not begin (in regards to) asking questions which bother (us).

© Jan van Steenbergen, Jashan A'al, 20 Sept. 2005