Relay 10/R (introduction)

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Gevey (*)

Rik Roots

Begraveg glesye dhoir

Rhuuluuzh Jaakran. Cuu dosizhuu bal sedhuu khuakendou. Wangyierafe cotizhe cuu mizen roup puuzate ale cisye mizen dhoir boh begravote. Sneklote ga afke kiy roilan uuje pri'hote kiy ale jolhote ta'kiy. Retaz dhoire yoicathe afkiy: yuu afken cezg velbate ke uuje yuu afken shief fosote loyante yuu afken gvoljint palshote gle'shoitrhuuks. Gletes uulgaarh noi'hanhe pretaneh gziy mizelh? Keebat yem mizen yeetes rha imutlem nezhlathye gle'pletuus mizelh, brois calhoiste na boh dhoetrhase sha'vraacshuus miziy.

Care regarding the infant!

God's teeth! A bad activity occured. A pretty young girl came to our home and she started to care for our infant. She tried to entertain it: she played with it and she sung to it. And then the baby attacked her: it ripped her body and ate her flesh before throwing her remains out of the window. It's obvious to me that we do what now? We must make our tongues quiet about this state of affairs, so the police will not start asking about the matter.

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