Kemr, Land of the Brithenig speakers


`Ill Dragun Rhys dug' ill modd!'

Cambria 2005

1 January Calen Ianeir
25 January Diwrn Saeth Duin
2 February Caneleir di lla Wiryn
8 FebruaryMarth Inid
27 FebruaryDônig di llo Fab
1 March Calen Marth or Diwrn Saeth Dewi
20 MarchDônig di llo Fflur
25 MarchBon Wener
27 MarchDônig Pasc
1 May Calen Mai
15 MayDônig Blanc
16 MayLlyn Blanc
7 AugustCalen Awst
31 October Noeth Calen Yfern
1 November Calen Yfern
11 NovemberDiwrn Ment
24 December Noeth Pylgant
25 December Nadelig
31 December Noeth Calen Ianeir

Noeth Calen Ianeir and Calen Ianeir: New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. A time for the community to get out and celebrate. Joining in the singing is compulsary, so be warned!

Diwrn Saeth Duin: Saint Duin's Day. The patron saint of lovers in the Cambriese Rite. Send a card or a token to a loved one.

Caneleir di lla Wiryn: The Feast of Candles of the Virgin. The Church blesses candles in honour of Our Lady and of womanhood on this day. Parishioners take them home and many people light and display candles, although the Fire Department recommends caution.

Marth Inid: Beginning Tuesday, the start of Caruisaf, or Lent. A rugby test is always scheduled for this day and the nation just stops. For those who don't want to go to the rugby the Kemrese have adopted Mardi Gras celebrations for this day. These are colourful, popular and flamboyant. The Monday before Marth Inid is widely considered as an informal holiday. It is closely associated with Calen Marth as a long weekend

Calen Marth or Diwrn Saeth Dewi: The First of March or Saint David's Day, the Kemrese National Day. The flag is raised and everyone wears a daffodil or a leek. Traditional foods are served and in the evening the king addresses the nation.

Dônig di llo Fab: Sons' Sunday. The third Sunday in Lent. Traditionally a day for visiting family, especially parents. Most people settle for sending a card.

Dônig di llo Fflur: Sunday of the Flowers, Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday.

Bon Wener: Good Friday. Hot cross buns.

Dônig Pasc: Easter Sunday. Caruisaf is over, have an easter egg.

Calen Mai: The First of May. Decorate the house to celebrate the beginning of Spring.

Dônig Blanc and Llyn Blanc: White Sunday and White Monday. A long weekend for music and dancing.

Calen Awst: The First of August, the start of harvesting. On the first sunday in August people climb llo rhoen Terforgaen, include members of the royal family.

Noeth Calen Yfern and Calen Yfern: Winter's Eve and The First of Winter. A time when evil spirits and children in fancy dress are active. Bonfires are lit to keep them away. On the First of Winter the King will put on his best black suit and attend the services of mourning at the Cathedral.

Diwrn Ment: Remembrance Day. Remembering the dead from two Great Wars.

Noeth Pylgant: Cock'scrow Night, Christmas Eve. Those who want to celebrate procede with torches and go singing.

Nadelig: Christmas Day. Eat and enjoy.

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